Coaster Home Furnishings Monterey 3-piece L-Shape Computer Desk Set, Cappuccino and Clear

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Brand Coaster Home Furnishings
Shape L-Shape
Desk design Computer Desk
Product Dimensions 43.25″D x 24″W x 30″H
Color Cappuccino and Clear
Style Contemporary
  • Includes: One (1) L-shape desk
  • Clear tempered glass desktop
  • Wood legs in cappuccino with steel frame powder coated in black
  • One (1) keyboard drawer with full extension glides
  • Built-in computer / CPU stand
  • Materials: Steel, MDF, glass, and engineered veneer
  • Weight Limit: 300 pounds (tops), 80 pounds (computer stand), 45 pounds (keyboard tray)
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Measurement: 67.50″ width x 67.50″ depth x 30.00″ height
  • Included Components: 3Pc Desk Set
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This contemporary, three-piece computer desk is an effortless blend of glamour and functionality. Its base is composed of gracefully curved metal lines for a smooth, sleek silhouette. Finished in gorgeous shades of cappuccino and glossy black, it boasts a truly elegant look. A clear tempered glass top adds a pleasing touch of shine. This desk features a built-in CPU stand and keyboard drawer for your convenience.

From the manufacturer

COA Brand

About Coaster

Coaster Company of America is a furniture importer and distributor in North America with over 40 years of experience in the industry. With dedication to quality and respect for their customers’ tastes and needs, Coaster Company presents furniture and home goods for the bedroom, living room, and dining room that complement any style.

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Additional information

Weight 100.54 kg
Dimensions 43.25 × 24 × 30 cm

Coaster Home Furnishings



Desk design

Computer Desk


Cappuccino and Clear



Top Material Type

Engineered Wood

Room Type


Mounting Type


Furniture Finish



68 W x 67 D x 30 H

Included Components

3pc Desk Set

Assembly Required


Model Name


Item Weight

100.5 pounds, 100.54 Pounds

Product Dimensions

43.25 x 24 x 30 inches, 43.25D x 24W x 30H

Country of Origin


Item model number


Assembled Height

30 inches

Assembled Width

67.52 inches



Date First Available

October 2 2003


Coaster Home Furnishings

10 reviews for Coaster Home Furnishings Monterey 3-piece L-Shape Computer Desk Set, Cappuccino and Clear

  1. Taylor Garvin

    They refunded the entire purchase price:Update: 10/31/13Seller agreed to a full refund of the desk. They actually called to say how sorry they were for the problem. I do appreciate that kind of customer service. That’s the reason I like using Amazon…………………………………..Do not buy this table online or from Home and Living. The glass top will always break during shipping and Home and Living is a pain to deal with. Home and Living offered a replacement part, but will not do a full refund. They have asked me to sift through BROKEN GLASS and find the parts that aren’t broken. Amazon should not allow Home and Living to do business on their site. This is also my fault for not reading the reviews more clearly. If I did I would’ve realized that most of these five star reviews are fake.And here is the email I got. My favorite is that they will give PARTIAL REFUNDS on parts they do not have.We sincerely apologize that the Coaster L-Shape Home Office Computer Desk, Cappuccino Finish Base, Glass Top arrived damaged and any inconvenience this may have caused you.We would very much like to assist you with your order issue and provide you with an amicable resolution.Home and Living’s Damage standard policy is to provide replacement parts free of additional charge.In order to assist you with this matter we require that you please provide the following:Photographs of the damaged parts, part numbers, and part descriptions that require replacement.Once we receive your response with photographs, and details, replacement parts will be ordered from the manufacturer.This typically takes 4-7 business days. Once we receive your part, we will immediately ship it out to you, and will email you with your tracking information.In some instances where damage is not replaceable by parts replacement, we would be happy to discuss a partial refund option, as well as provide a complimentary repair/touch up kit.If you prefer the option of receiving a discount, please inform us what amount you would like to request.Please make sure you provide photographs for this scenario as well.Please also be advised of these additional details:If your order was delivered via freight delivery appointment please advise if you marked the damages on the waybill at the time of delivery.Unfortunately, we are not able to send a full replacement item, in order for a replacement item to be shipped, this order needs to be closed out and new order needs to be placed.We truly appreciate your time, cooperation, and patronage.I look forward to hearing from you and resolving your issue in a timely manner.If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

  2. SwagBrah

    Looks great I love it!The Coolness:So I found this desk at a furniture store for 399 cash 499 if you do payments and on top of that they wanted right about 150 bucks shipping. Google goggles saved my butt cause when I took a picture of it, goggles found this amazon listing for this price and I thought it was an instant buy…so I bought it. Couldn’t beat the prime free 4 day shipping man.The Packaging:Boy did this bad boy come boxed up to make sure nothing was broke. My poor knife got a work out. None of my parts were broken or scratched in anyway so I am very pleased with how this was shipped.The Looks:This is one NOICE looking L Desk. It has tons of room for you to do anything you need to and I seriously love the little area for you to put your computer case in. I don’t see how other reviews say the legs look cheap when they look pretty expensive to me…then again 300 bucks is kinda expensive…but not…w/e.The Lame:First off, I just want to say this was a pain in the ass to put together mainly because the pictures lack what i’d say are arrows showing just where to put what. All I have to say, is set everything aside and make SURE it looks just like the pictures or else you’ll be doing some backtracking. Lets face it though, it is not impossible to put together like some reviews make it out to be so just be aware that you might run into a snag here and there but hey…nothing puts itself together amirite. I fixed this baby up in a few hours after work mess ups and all.Overall:OH heck yea I’d buy it again assuming I fell in a parallel universe where I didn’t have this desk but still had the money to re-buy it. 5 stars baby I’m very happy with this one. Just a suggestion though, I recommend getting a mouse pad. Your mouse might have some problems on the keyboard attachment and hell it flat out won’t work on the glass…well mine didn’t so yea…MOUSE PAD….I wonder how many finger prints I’m going to leave on this….aww well idc it looks swag brah.

  3. Stryder

    Good Computer Desk TopI bought this for my mother to help her organize things. It arrived with a couple of shattered window panes. Amazon was awesome about sending out a whole new table. I ended up with spare parts, of course, therefore I decided to add a whole extra section onto one end which made the desk a bit longer. It’s a good desk, better than buying some Walmart trash made with particle wood. There are no drawers, obviously, but it’s a computer desk. It looks nice and it’s sturdy enough. I’d buy it again.

  4. paulav

    The desk is absolutely beautiful. It is perfect for my home office vs …The desk is absolutely beautiful. It is perfect for my home office vs a solid all wood desk. Has modernized my space. I only gave 4 stars because of the following: 1) the instructions were useless, matter of fact incorrect and an Amazon contracted vendor put the desk together. The instructions contain graphics only, which is not bad if the graphics were correct. The vendor had a number of recommendations but I did not write them down. The overall message is take your time, inspect all of the pieces before you begin assembly–all of which is standard practice. And 2) The glass top is only about 1/4 inch. I was hesitant to put both my MAC desktop and printer on the same table. Had visions of coming into the room and seeing the glass top cracked from the weight and the computer and printer broken and in a pile of glass on the floor. I may be over cautious, yet I have placed the printer on a separate small table until I order a small file cabinet. Lastly, I love the roomy keyboard tray. I have a full-sized keyboard and mouse pad and there is still adequate space on the tray. Very good purchase. I hope it lasts. I had my last desk for 21 years and it was good as new when I gave it away today.

  5. NisNas

    My experienceI ordered the desk for my home office space. I spent days trying to locate the correct. desk. Then I located this one.This may not be the best review but it is not anything that I didn’t write to visiondecor about. PRICE: the prices was reasonable in comparison with the other sites that carried this desk. I was not pleased in that the shipping took took long. I think I ordered on the 9 and actually received on the 20th. I though the initial arrival date was the 14th that didn’t happen. COLOR: the color is nice dark brown wood it actually matches well with the inexpensive IKEA dark-brown file cabinet I have. The desk feels sturdy for a home quality item , feels stable and doesn’t tip. For me the desk is the right size. It doesn’t overtake the room. ASSEMBLY: When you assemble the desk you should determine what side you want the computer side (return) on. It is actually the opposite of the picture shown. The computer return sits to the Right. PACKAGING: The packaging of the item is great. Unless you need to return an item. The desk is encased with a foam packing so it comes very secure. I was afraid the glass would break but it was all good.The only problem is it will be difficult to repack due to this special packaging. The integrity and security of the assembled desk is good and it looks amazing. HOWEVER, the issue is the curved legs. The dark colored laminate was peeling and starting to buckle on 2 of the 4 legs ( the legs that support the inner portion). This is not a shipping issue but a issue with how it is manufactured I am sure. Normally I would return the desk but to wait almost 2 more weeks was not an option. SO I have to reglue the laminate to the legs or have them replace them legs. I did go to the visiondecor customer service line and they were helpful. So I don’t think they will “keep you hanging” I just don’t have the time to reassemble a new desk, repack and mail items just to busy for that. Would i purchase from them again, maybe but I would try and ask more questions upfront. I hope this review is helpful. With the exception of the “peeling legs” the desk is fashionable & functional for now and I would buy it.

  6. Me

    Plastic suction cups?? Seriously?There are a few things that bug me about this desk. The biggest are the plastic suction cups that are used to hold the glass tops in place. They are beyond tacky and far from secure. In fact, I have strategically placed everything on my desk to purposefully cover them so I don’t have to look at them. Tackiness aside, they’re not even securely held in place. A small bump here and there probably won’t do much, but I can easily just lift the glass off the desk if there’s not much on top of it. The extremely annoying part of it all is that for ONE of the SIXTEEN anchor points, they decided to use a nice looking screw hole that is glued to the glass (see pictures). I would be totally content if these were used instead of suction cups, but no–they decided to use ONLY a single one for the corner section.Another issue (which is related to the suction cups) is that the glass is not always level. I have a computer monitor and some speakers at one end of the desk (very common) and due to the weight of these things, their end is slightly lower than the end where I sit and rest my arms to type. Not a huge deal, but annoying for the OCD and kind of shows how cheaply made this desk is. Plus, the glass is slightly wider than the desk so it runs off a tiny bit.Third and final issue for me is that they decided to slap on a massive sticker on the inside leg (pretty noticeable depending on your layout). It was at least 2x3in big and took me a solid 10 minutes of meticulous handicraft to get it peeled off without any residue. It’s possible, but painstaking.I don’t believe this desk to be a good deal. It’s too cheap compared to its price tag (around $280 at the moment), especially considering the problems I have with it. It actually showed some promise as I was putting it together. But as soon as I had to finish it off with the glass, I became very disappointed.Oh, and be prepared for your home to be covered in millions of tiny statically charged styrofoam pieces after opening the box it comes in.

  7. cutter

    Best I could find. Assembly is challenging.Best I could find. I searched on Amazon, EBay, and Walmart and this is the only one that met my needs: accommodates a full tower pc, large keyboard tray to accommodate a mouse/pad and keyboard (most others won’t). Some buyers complained about the plastic cups under the glass. All the glass tops use these. They are not meant to suction the glass down but keep it from sliding, rattling, and breaking. I do wish it had a raised monitor shelf but purchased one for $20. The reason for 4 stars is that the instructions are abysmal. The pictures are misleading and not very detailed at all. The picture for item shows the cpu mount on the same section as the keyboard. It is not. The cpu mount is on the other section. Impossible to have both in the same. Putting it together is a bit of trial and “dam that ain’t right”. Other than that, it is a nice big and sturdy computer desk that looks great.

  8. M. Shevlin

    Nice deskThese people took a lesson from Ikea and left off all written instruction, relying only on drawings to guide you in installation. If you are patient, it is not all that hard. The desk assembles (per the directions) opposite from the photograph in the advert. Going by the directions, your keyboard tray and CPU shelf will be on your right-hand side. It is possible to put it to your left if you use logic and think things through. One assembly tip – put it together with one screw on each side support bar (there are 2 per side) until you are certain all are in the proper position – this will save you having to remove both should you get them confused – which is easy to do as they are not marked well and the drawings are a bit confusing. The glass tops are clear. It is impossible to keep the glass clean. It is creating static electricity and gathering dust on the bottom and finger prints on top are unavoidable. I just purchased two cans of glass frosting and will apply this to the bottom of the glass so the dust attraction will be unnoticeable and finger prints will be camouflaged. The desk we replaced had frosted glass and it was much better than the clear glass. Over all we are very pleased. Only time will tell how the wood holds up.

  9. Just Me

    Very nice deskI’ve been using this desk for some time now and finally got around do writing a review. I had another L-shaped desk that I really didn’t want to get rid of, but it was falling apart after moving around the world and it was time to retire it. I’ve noticed that the glass does seem to scratch somewhat easy, but nothing too bad. The only thing negative that I can find with this desk is that it doesn’t have a drawer under the right side writing area. My old desk had one and it was very handy, but now I’ve got to keep odds and ends in my filing cabinet, which just makes it more cluttered.All in all I’d buy this desk again because it looks nice and it holds up. I’m not sure if I just got lucky or whether it was the glass, but when I moved this last time it was leaning up against my garage door when my wife opened it. The glass fell to the pavement and didn’t shatter!!!! I’m thinking I just got extremely lucky!

  10. Amazon Customer

    The Perfect DeskI am very hard on my desks, and finally decided a durable glass top would be the best way to go, but I wanted wooden accents rather than metal. I have a fairly traditional house but use my desk for extended hours working from home so really needed extreme durability. This desk fit the bill perfectly.The desk shipped with expert foam packaging and protection.Assembly was fairly simple, and took me about 2 hours total to get everything just so.The espresso finish looks very much like wood, even has some texture to it to give the appearance of natural wood lines. It has held up beautifully, and after about a year of owning this desk there is no marring on the wood finish, (which is pretty much a miracle given the way I abuse my desks). There are some faint score marks on the glass top but they are very light and I’m sure a natural result of the 10 hours a day I use it. Unless you are looking for them, they are not noticeable.I use an espresso file cabinet with three drawers (one pencil size, two file size) and put it underneath the desk with enough clearance to even slide a laptop or several books on top of.I use this desk in my master bedroom in a fairly small house, and while it does take up quite a bit of space it doesn’t overpower the room.I would definitely buy this again in a heartbeat.

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