Continental Sleep 2-Inch Wood Bunkie Board/Slats,Mattress Bed Support,Fits Standard King Size (2 Halves Included)

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Size King
Color Grey
Material Fabric
Style Split
Brand Continental Sleep
  • Wood
  • Made in US
  • IMPROVES YOUR NIGHTS REST : By adding firm support to any kind of bed for better back support, deeper sleep, fatigue reduction, spine position and blood flow
  • SUPER STRONG : Stitch bond fabric material that can support heavy weight, can use two side-by-side to fit the Standard Mattress, color-grey color may vary
  • DOESNT MOVE AROUNG : Under your mattress, as your bunky board gives you consistent support which equals a great nights rest and less back stiffness
  • BOARDS EXTEND THE LIFE OF ANY MATTRESS : Simply sliding it underneath, making your mattress feel firm, supportive, fresh and new
  • WORKS GREAT WITH : Bunk bed, platform beds, daybeds with supporting slat system
  • ITEM INCLUDES : 1) Bunkie Board(Bed Frame Not Included).
  • Wooden bunky board
  • 2 inches high
  • Bunky board has cloth cover
  • Excellent use for a bunk bed, platform beds, daybeds with supporting slat system
  • Meets federal standards 1632 and 1633 fire code
  • Provides a solid surface foundation and additional support
  • Bunky adds support to mattress without adding height
  • Made in USA
  • Color may vary
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The Continental sleep 2-inch Bunky Board , King provides a solid surface foundation for any platform beds, bunks and daybeds. It adds support to the mattress and will keep mattress stay in good shape thus extending the life of your mattress. It will give a firm bottom support for the mattress and raises the mattress up for about 2 inches. When a mattress is placed directly on slats or metal spring, the mattress will have the tendency to rip or sink. These can be avoided with the use of a bunky board. Using a bunky board doubles the mattress’ life expectancy. This bunky board is a good alternative in lieu of a box spring that may be too high for day beds. It will give the bed a lift without adding much height. This bunky board is strong enough to be used directly on bed frame in lieu of a box spring. It will give the mattress a lift which is quite low but will definitely hold up the mattress. It is wrapped in a stitch bonded nonwoven fabric. It meets federal standards 1632 and 1633 fire code. This Continental Sleep Bunky Board will give you enduring comfort and durability for an excellent sleep.

The split design will give you the convenience and easy mobility since the 2 piece varieties are very light weight utilizing 2 smaller pieces making them easier to carry and maneuver through the cramped quarters of an apartment our house.continuously aims to be the most reliable direct mattress manufacturer in the industry.

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 79 × 39 × 4 cm
Product Dimensions

79 x 39 x 4 inches

Item Weight

20 pounds



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10 years.

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Made in US


Comfort Bedding

8 reviews for Continental Sleep 2-Inch Wood Bunkie Board/Slats,Mattress Bed Support,Fits Standard King Size (2 Halves Included)

  1. Gail

    Works for meNeeded to raise the mattress a bit and this works nicely. Only thing was there was some sticky glue-like substance between the boards that I could not totally get off. If this was used to keep them together until delivery, I’d suggest not doing that because you might be getting them back from others. Since this was underneath, I put a cloth patch over the spots to protect my mattress and that worked fine.

  2. Mary Mary

    Just as described!Product was easy to install and priced affordably.

  3. Yanira

    Bases en paneles para cama king defectuosos!Perdí mi dinero, los compré y no los abrí porque trabajo en la calle y estaba en planes de mudanza, cuando me mudé y los abrí están descuadrados completamente, no caen en la base de la cama y estaban en su empaque original que nada los golpeó, vinieron defectuosos y no puedo reclamar por el tiempo. Tremenda porquería!

  4. Peter Suslock

    Essential mattress Support – Good ValueWe have a new mattress which has been resting on a metal platform frame that sits within the frame of a huge four poster bed. My first mistake was thinking that a foundation wasn’t needed as these types of frames claim you don’t need one – wrong. It took a little research but I’ve learned that If the slats be they metal or wood are more than 3 inches apart (6 inches on the one we have) the mattress doesn’t have enough support. It won’t lay well, the sides will sag as will the center and, most any manufacturers warranty will be void this was specifically pointed out when I spoke to Tempu-rpedic.This is especially true for Memory foam or latex. In our case we have a Loom and Leaf memory foam mattress ( the only one with with medical grade cooling gel). A new line by Saatva which replaced our Saatva Inner spring, the mattress is a marvel and frankly I had no clue as the injustice I was doing to it by not providing proper foundation support. At the suggestion of L&L if I wasn’t going to purchases a split foundation from them I was urged to get a Bunkie Board ASAP. I came across these on Amazon and the rest is history.I wasn’t expecting much, after all there isn’t much to them. No springs or inner support structure, they’re only 3 inches tall so how much better could these things make the mattress feel? there answer is quite a lot. So much so that’s the feel of the bed is more supportive, a little more firm and the sloping sides vanished immediately.For the price you can’t beat these – as an example the ones sold by Crate & Barrel are $179 and not well reviewed. If you need support for your mattress and want the optimum in comfort you’ll be doing both your mattress and yourself a favor. They arrive with each Board sealed in plastic in an absolutely huge cardboard box. Shipping weight is about 40 pounds so it’s not that they’re heavy to deal with just awkward because of the box size.They’re fairly well made, not exactly “eye candy” but then no one sees them. The boards are filled with poly fill of some sort sandwiched between each one so they have a bit of give, Ivory fabric covers on the tops, black material on the underside. Effortless to install you just slip them under your mattress and your good to go.I had originally had given these 5 stars however after a week or so the have begun to creak, it’s quite noticeable but only when getting on or off the bed. To be fair our mattress is incredibly heavy and we chose not to purchase the foundations that were designed for this mattress. I thought our mattress was heavy but there’s a king size Tempurpedic that weighs in at a whopping 850 Pounds! that’s lifting 215 LBS per corner to make your bed! and it has an equally outrageous price tag but of course, to each his or her own.

  5. David

    perfect for my mattressThe mattress supports came earlier than I expected and I was pleased with that! Easy to put under my mattress and it helped support entire body not just one point or another.

  6. Thorvald

    Thin, Good Quality, Needs Support Under ItThese answered some very specific needs for a house where a one-piece queen size box spring wouldn’t fit up the stairs, an existing bed headboard that wouldn’t accommodate a thicker box spring plus one of the new, thicker mattresses, and a mother who did not want a tall bed setup she couldn’t get in and out of easily.This comes in two light-weight pieces, which made it very easy to handle and get up the stairs. The thickness is only an inch or two, which makes it possible to get a taller mattress (9-11 inches) without increasing the overall height of the bed from what used to be typical. Quality seemed very good, but this is NOT meant to be a replacement for a box spring on an unsupported bed frame. With a standard metal bed frame you’ll need at least three solid cross pieces underneath this, but more is better. You’re really getting more of a mattress platform here than a bed support system. You must have a good, solid bed frame beneath it that is capable of supporting the entire mattress by itself.In our case, after the unwelcome surprise that the bed frame had no cross supports, disassembled the existing box spring and used only the wooden slat portion (removing all the springs and wire mesh and fabric) so we had effectively created a thin wooden slat platform (ones you can buy are also available on Amazon, some of which come rolled up for easy transport). On top of this we put this bed platform, screwed it down so there wouldd be no shifting and had a nice-looking, smooth, yet strong and solid THIN mattress support.Then we added the quite heavy new GhostBed memory foam mattress (

  7. Amazon Customer

    Help lift soft mattressI like how this supports my mattress. Wish I had added it when my mattress was new. This is a great layer between a basic metal frame and a memory foam mattress. Adds a needed support to a soft mattress. I’m happy with my purchase. You may need two people to maneuver and unbox for the king size.

  8. A.R.

    Works great on slat board antique bedsUse this on an antique bed instead of a box springs and it works great. Without it the box springs makes the bed/mattress too high.

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