Continental Sleep Fully Assembled Split Low Profile Wood Traditional Box Spring/Foundation for Mattress Set, Queen, Beige

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  • Wood
  • Fully assembled: the box spring is ready to use
  • 5-inch box spring
  • Box spring comes split to easily pass through narrow hallways & doors
  • This box spring is good for all mattresses
  • Strong & sturdy box spring
  • Fast & easy shipping
  • Made in USA
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Continental Sleep is the proud manufacturer of the finest quality Mattress & Box Springs, with the highest standards in durability, quality, comfort & beauty. All of our parts are made in USA to ensure that you get only the best! This item is part of our Beautiful Rest Foam Encased Collection, it has the following features: Wood foundation, continental box, meets federal standards 1632 and 1633 fire code. Available in all sizes .

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Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 80 × 60 × 4 cm
Product Dimensions

80 x 60 x 4 inches

Item Weight

50 pounds



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Item Thickness

5 Inches

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Box Spring


Continental Sleep

10 reviews for Continental Sleep Fully Assembled Split Low Profile Wood Traditional Box Spring/Foundation for Mattress Set, Queen, Beige

  1. MyPenName

    Excellent, sturdy and affordableI bought this in Full size. It is excellent quality and an affordable price when compared to other options of the same size and thickness. Most other options at this price range were either low profile (only 6 inches thick) or were the ones you have to assemble yourself. Neither of those categories were appealing to me.This is a very solidly made box spring, with a perfect height of 8 inches. It is a little cheaper than the 10 or 12 inch high boxsprings, but still gives you adequate height so that your bed/mattress isn’t so low. I liked the idea of the black cover on it because after time, the beige or tan colored ones always show marks of some sort. With this black cover on it, no worries of it showing age or dirt, etc. The bottom cover is a steel grey color. The fabric cover is thick enough to not rip or tear during moving and normal use – it seems great quality and durable.I bought this for my 17 yr old daughter, along with some other bedding items to spruce up her bed a little. The mattress she is using is Signature Sleep Essential 6-Inch Full Mattress, Black. Since that is a rather thin mattress, at only 6 inches, I definitely wanted a boxspring that was more than 6 inches, otherwise it would just be too low. This one worked out perfectly and the end result is a nice height on top of the bed frame.The boxspring was delivered a week sooner than scheduled and the delivery people were great. When they call you to set up delivery, be sure to ask if there are any sooner available dates. In my area, the delivery company was under the impression that the customer picks the date and specifically wants that date. He actually seemed happy that I was willing to accept the sooner delivery date. I am sure they prefer to not have to have all these items in their trucks or warehouses any longer than necessary. I was glad to have it sooner too.So, to conclude, this is a great boxspring, well made, great price and delivered fast!In case you’re interested in the other bedding that I bought or are searching around for items yourself – I wasn’t too thrilled with that Sleep Essential mattress when I purchased it, which was expected since it is a cheap mattress, only 6 inches, and comes rolled up. It was a quick fix though for an unintended last minute purchase a few months ago that the budget wasn’t prepared for – so I was being cheap.Recently I bought these low cost additions which greatly improved the mattress - Hospitology Heavenly Microfiber Goose Down Alternative Overstuffed Mattress Pad/Topper, 54-Inch by 75-Inch, Full/Double Sleep Better Peaceful Dreams Conventional 5-Zone Foam Mattress Topper, Full.With these 2 items the mattress is much more acceptable, very comfortable, the height is increased, and the total cost including the mattress was still much cheaper than buying a better quality mattress to start. And just to put the finishing touches on this now comfy bed, I ordered her 2 of these Pinzon Gel Top Memory Foam Cooling Pillow. They are exquisitely comfy and very affordable for memory foam pillows!So, if you’re in the same position I was in and are looking for the low cost route, I definitely recommend any/all of these items. The end result is feeling like you have a fancy, plush, super comfy bed, at a much lower price.

  2. Kent Coleman

    Perfect purchaseExactly what we needed for a downstairs guest room. Traditional box spring was too bulky. Fantastic price and very good quality.

  3. katherine

    Great pricei wasn’t looking to pay $200 for a box spring and the I didn’t really feel like assembling a box spring together either, like some I’ve seen on Amazon. Although the ones you built are better quality and made for luxury mattress. This box spring was perfect all I did was take it out of the box and plastic paper and set it on the bed frame. The quality of the bed frame so far is ok I don’t need anything fancy for a box spring because that’s not what I’m sleeping on. It has a support of a box spring and it serves it’s purpose. What’s also greate about this product is that it has a schedule delivery date because it’s a huge item and delivery was fast. I was suppose to arrive April 21 but the shipping company called me and asked if I wanted it sooner and recieved it 3!days earlier then expected. It fits the heavy metal frame pretty good. Overall I’m satisfied and so is my bank.

  4. MaryKate

    So far so goodSo far so good. When I bought this there were only 3 reviews, and one was only one star. This boxspring was about $100, and with Amazon Prime, it was shipped and delivered for free. I live in an apartment and my car is too small to move a boxspring, so this was awesome. I bought a mattress at ikea (they’re sold rolled up, easily fits in almost any car) and then this showed up and viola, new full size bed. I will update this if anything goes awry with this. The color is much lighter than the photo, the box spring is light gray. It seems to be pretty good quality, and the color actually looks nice.

  5. JR

    BAD!Good price, but poor build quality. Firstly, the person who delivered it (from some company I have never heard of which Amazon uses to deliver bigger items) was very rude. That wasn’t the problem. I got this into my room, it smelled like fresh wood, which was a good sign to me. I placed it on my bed frame and was good to go.Fast forward 2 weeks, I was sitting on the edge of the bed when I fell to the ground. The wood at the base of the box spring broke. Fortunately it wasn’t a bad fall, and I was able to catch myself most of the way, but if I were more elderly or disabled, it could have seriously injured somebody. If the wood would have torn trough the fabric, which it didn’t, it could have easily caused a puncture wound to somebody.That is why I am warning people not to purchase this box spring. I have been injured before from freak accidents like this, so I am cautious more than others. Amazon was nice enough to offer me a 20% refund, which isn’t much, considering I have to dispose of this and replace it. Right now it is stabilized at the foot of the bed with books stacked under it. Until I get something else.Please do not waste your money on this.. I know the price is good but it’s a bad product! I was the guinea pig obviously as there are no reviews for this. Well here is the first one, avoid at all costs!

  6. Brittany

    I was skeptical about ordering these because they are literally the cheapest box springs I could find…The box springs shipped VERY fast which was extremely convenient for me. The price is cheap. They arrived wrapped in plastic individually and in a big box together. I was skeptical about ordering these because they are literally the cheapest box springs I could find and there’s only 1 bad review. So far they seem perfectly fine. If they break or I notice something I will update this review.No complaints at all so far!Update: I’ve been using these box springs for almost a year now and they’re holding up perfectly. They perform exactly as you’d expect. No issues whatsoever.

  7. T. Hines

    Best Mattress In the House.I bought this for my 7 year old’s bed. We’ve had it for almost a year now without issue. One day she asked me to sleep with her and I obliged–and it was more comfortable in my own bed. It was heaven! Her brother is now asking for this mattress because it’s more comfortable than his, he says. She’s got the best mattress in the house. I paid $105 for this full size–and now it’s $175! Talk about inflation! smh

  8. dyanne

    Regretting this purchase….Feel like some bait and switch going on here because the fabrics were not the same on this or on the following mattress I purchased at the same time: any rate, this (set of two split box) came each wrapped in heavy clear plastic and fully assembled in a fairly beaten up plain cardboard box. Height is not 5″ it is barely 4″. If you notice from the description, which should be about a 5″ low profile split queen box, you’ll see that it doesn’t really describe the box spring. Probably because there isn’t much to talk about, as this is arguably the cheapest box spring set ever constructed. Super flimsy top and bottom dust fabrics, a hollow interior, cardboard top under cheap top fabric and over only about two or three wood cross pieces and very thin lightweight wood perimeter along the top and bottom. Perimeter fabric is sort of thin quilted lighter grey color with no foam, nothing, just the fabric. Worried that this set will buckle under the weight of two adults but wanted to find something that would be a smaller profile to ship. Definitely feel like I overpaid at $154. Probably contains $20 of materials. Tops.

  9. gettingdown2business

    Great bargain in a pinch!I had to buy a split box spring when my regular queen size box spring wouldn’t fit up the stairs in my new apartment. This was the cheapest option I could find on the internet and so I took a chance on it. It’s definitely not made from high-quality materials but it shipped very quickly and I’ve been sleeping on it with my girlfriend for several months without issue. I’m very happy with this purchase.

  10. Alberto Calderon

    Served their purpose.Seemed sturdy enough. Can’t really tend how they are put together, but they have served their purpose. They arrived without any damage and were not too heavy.One was used for a bed and the person is over 300 pds. Only time will tell if it will hold up.

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