Crosley Furniture Alexandria 48-inch TV Stand – Black

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Mounting Type Floor Standing
Brand Crosley Furniture
Material Wood
TV Size 50 Inches
Color Black
Compatible Devices Televisions
  • With a width of 47 3/4-inches, this cabinet is perfect for most 50-inch TV’s
  • Designed for longevity with wood veneer construction
  • The hand rubbed, multi-step finish is perfect for blending with any décor
  • The beautiful raised panel doors reveal plenty of storage space and wire management
  • Brushed Nickel finish hardware adds a touch of style to this already beautiful cabinet
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Constructed of wood veneers, this Crosley Furniture cabinet is designed for longevity. The rich, hand rubbed, multi-step black finish is perfect for blending with the family of furniture that is already part of your home. Brushed nickel hardware adds a touch of style to this already beautiful cabinet. There is plenty of storage space and wire management behind the beautiful raised panel doors to hide electronic components, gaming consoles, DVDs and other items that you would prefer to be out of sight. The 47 3/4-inch width means that this cabinet is perfect for most 50-inch TV’s. Style, function and quality make this cabinet a wise choice for your home furnishings needs and is sure to be a part of your home for years to come.

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Weight 98 kg
Dimensions 18 × 47.75 × 28 cm
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18 x 47.75 x 28 inches

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98 Pounds





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Crosley Furniture Alexandria 48-inch TV Stand


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10 reviews for Crosley Furniture Alexandria 48-inch TV Stand – Black


    Serves my purpose very wellIt fits in very well with my new decor. I actually also ordered a technician to assemble it for me and he did a great job. Also helped me set up my TV and DVD player after he had finished.

  2. Courtney

    Well made, sturdy, beautifulGorgeous piece of furniture. Well made. I love it!

  3. Amazon Customer

    How to Asembleeasy, peasy.

  4. Ken N.

    Very well designed product.Overall item was OK. Looks and feels solid (WGT=120 lbs). Assembly instructions need some editing. Step 2 Part C MUST be installed so that magnet mounting and door hing whole are facing the bottom of the unit. I did not find this out until Step 7! Cam bolts must be about 1 1/8″ above the hole they occupy or the cam lock will not engage and my break the point off if twisted too hard. Small blemishes appeared on several pieces that I assume were caused in the manufacturing finishing process. Would buy again.

  5. Robert Bidinotto

    A first-rate piece of quality furnitureI spend a lot of time comparing online product descriptions and customer reviews, and I did so when selecting the Crosley LaFayette 48-inch TV stand in classic cherry color. Despite my initial misgivings due to some of the negative reviews posted here, I’m glad I went ahead and hit that “buy” button, because I simply could not be happier with this purchase.First of all, the assembled TV stand is absolutely gorgeous, and it matches well with cherry bookcases we have in our den. It has a solid, substantial feel to it. All the doors and interior shelves align perfectly for a high-quality, finished look.Second, every part fit together for me smoothly, snugly, seamlessly, and (most often) easily. I had none of the problems reported by others about poorly drilled, mismatched, or unaligned holes. In fact, the measurements are so precise that the four legs don’t wobble a bit on our hardwood floor, and there is no “daylight” visible in seams where pieces join. The locking cams were sometimes a bit tight, but they all screwed in with a little effort. In just a few cases, I had some difficulty putting in wood screws (as you often do in any such assembly); a little WD-40 solved that issue quickly. Only one piece had a slight flaw: A separately attached little wooden block was loose, as if the glue didn’t quite take. During assembly, though, the looseness of that small block made no difference, because it was pressed snugly against another piece of the unit.Third, the “hardware” all came intelligently packaged, clearly labeled and numbered in separate compartments of a single plastic form — not just tossed together in little plastic bags with twist-ties. There were a few extras parts thrown in, too, which came in handy when I accidentally broke one due to my own ineptness.Fourth, I found the assembly instructions to be simple, clear, systematic, and accurate. I managed to open the packaging, separate all the well-labeled pieces, then put the whole thing together myself, without assistance, in a little over three hours, taking my time.Fifth and finally, the unit’s pieces and parts were shipped together inside a large cardboard packing carton, with a second insulating carton inside, each part shielded from the others (and outside damage) with abundant styrofoam blocks and sheets. Though the exterior carton showed a few tears, not a single part inside was scratched or damaged in any way. (For some reason, the short legs of the unit, visible in the product photo, were shipped separately and arrived a day earlier, with their own sheet of instructions.)My wife and I both love the unit. It’s the perfect perch for our new 43″ Samsung TV, and a handsome addition to our den. The interior has multiple shelves, five of which have adjustable heights. I immediately spaced the bottom two spaces in the side compartments at heights to hold DVDs. This left a smaller opening above the DVDs, which proved to be the perfect size to hold rows of CDs.We couldn’t be happier or more impressed with the appearance and workmanship, or with the shipping speed and packaging. For the price, the Crosley LaFayette 48″ TV stand is an outstanding bargain, and in cherry, it looks beautiful.

  6. Anonymous4763

    Love Crosley – Built to a Price Point – Manufacturer and Amazon Seller Experience PositiveI admire the value proposition of Crosley products. You have to know they are all made in China or in Asia generally. I own three pieces of Crosley Lafayette furniture. This is one of them. First, these pieces are made out of a medium density fiberboard with the top and bottom piece made out of solid wood. I consider them a hybrid piece of wood furniture. For example, the doors are made out of MDF with a digital representation of a wood grain stickered on but where you put your radio or TV is made out of a finished piece of solid wood. The base is also solid. If you go into this purchase knowing that it is a value proposition, you will not be disappointed. You cannot buy solid wood counterparts to these pieces for any less than 5-10 times as much as Amazon and Crosley price them. They are a mass produced value oriented product. Having said that, they have a rich look and suit my purpose which is to make an impression in an office and not heavily use or abuse them. Sadly, when I retire, I doubt they will survive the move and I suspect they may wind up where every other MDF piece of furniture winds up, but I will try my best to preserve them and see that they go to a good home after I am through with them. Update: I damaged the MDF door in installation and advised them of that. I consider the MDF somewhat fragile and advised them it was not clear it would be so. They did offer to take the entire piece back for a refund, but it would have been labor and cost prohibitive to ship it back. They discounted the piece in relation to the door. I advised I would try to get the door replaced by the Crosley factory and they did in fact send me a new right hand door but I do not wish to risk damaging the whole piece by removing the damaged door off, so I think it will have to remain as assembled and discounted.

  7. Stephanie

    Overall I’m pleased, but should not have had to deal with so many manufacturing defects.So, the final product was well worth the money spent and I absolutely love it, however there are two things that did irk me about this purchase.1) The feet don’t actually come with the furniture (any of the pieces for sale by this brand/seller, not just this one). They’re shipped separately in a separate box on a separate date.My mother I both ordered similar but different tv cabinets from the same brand and seller on Amazon and both of us received our feet the day after the cabinets themselves arrived.While thatt not a huge deal, I believe it’s something that should have been disclosed in the product description and quite honestly, it just doesn’t make any sense that they aren’t packaged and shipped together in the same box.2) This might have just been my piece, but the pre-drilled holes for the bolts that secure the top of the cabinet to the rest of the piece as well as the camlock holes aren’t alligned as well as they should be for a higher end product. Two of the bolts I was never able to secure and the rest of them took way more effort than I should have had to exert to secure in place.The top piece is pretty heavy though so it’s not like I’m worried about it going anywhere, but just installing that one piece took me almost an hour because I had to retrofit it. In that same bit of time, I had my mother’s piece put completely together without incident.Overall I am pleased with the outcome. It looks beautiful. But I’m disappointed in the amount of effort I had to put in to getting mine together because of manufacturing defects.

  8. Meme

    Beautiful-great quality for the price!Great piece of furniture for the price. It has a nice finish and matches my other cherry furniture pretty well (maybe a bit lighter); even the knobs. There is plenty of storage. I had no issues with damaged parts at all & took my time putting it together. The only issue I had was that it came right after it snowed. The delivery person shoveled his way partly up the sidewalk and then left it where he stopped. I had to call a friend to help me get the huge heavy box up onto the porch & into the house before it got soaked or possibly stolen.

  9. Chloe

    Looks nice, but quality stinks!This TV Stand was exactly what we were looking for in terms of size, color, and storage capacity. However, the quality of the product stinks. We’ve owned and put together quite a few pieces of “furniture from a box”, including desks, book cases, end tables, dressers, entertainment centers, and night stands. I have never had assembly issues like we had with this one. First, 2 pieces arrived damaged. The 2 side pieces have small wooden blocks on the bottom corner that attach to another piece that connects the 2 sides. Both blocks were broken off. They appear to be glued to the side panels, which are composite not actual wood. We called the manufacturer and new parts were delivered in just under a week (Thurs to Tues). When we began assembling the unit, none of the cam locks would turn to lock the cam bolts in place. With slightly more effort, they did turn, but the cam locks bent in the process and started to tear up the panel. After bending 6 or so cam locks, and playing around with the pieces, we discovered that all of the holes for the cam locks were drilled deeper than the heads of the cam bolts. So, we had to unscrew each cam bolt enough to show 2-3 of the threads to make them long enough to fit inside of the cam lock and allow it to turn and lock into place. One of the diagrams in the instruction booklet pictures a piece backwards. We put it on the opposite way of the picture, because that was the only way it would fit, and as it turns out we did it correctly, because the holes on the attaching piece lined up correctly. One of the screw holes was drilled too wide and the screw couldn’t catch, so we had to use wood glue on that. The pieces chip and nick very easily, so I’ve actually ordered a piece of glass to place on the top of the unit to protect the surface. We were very careful about not laying the pieces on top of each other or up against anything, but they still managed to chip in assembly. The top, bottom, legs, doors, and maybe even shelves are some sort of real wood, but are apparently very delicate. The rest is that composite stuff. It does have a very strong varnish smell, but it quickly dissipates. Honestly, I don’t expect much from furniture that you have to put together like this, so I wasn’t expecting Ethan Allen. I do expect the pieces to fit together as they should without breaking, bending, gluing, and tweaking. I’m leary of how well this will stay together without the cam bolts being screwed in the whole way (you know, just until the threads aren’t showing). We’re very disappointed in this piece, but other reviewers from different suppliers really seem to like it. I only saw a couple of reviews that mentioned the hardware not being up to par and needing careful assembly. I’m guessing we may have received a lemon?????

  10. Scott

    Not for the faint of heart to assemble!So here goes the review. You should have 2 people help but I did it by myself and it took 3 hours with some breaks. It’s a monster to put together and the extra cam locks they put in there are needed. They break very easily. All the parts came with the feet coming in a separate box. The directions were fine but making it work was a different story. The large amount of dowels, cam locks, screws are all needed. Be organized and keep track of them. I changed the door hardware so be advised it comes with black knobs. As others have mentioned it came with some nicks and dings. Even the box was badly damaged when I got it. The composite wood is very brittle and easily chips. Be gentle. It’s not fine furniture but for the price it’ll do for what I needed. As others mentioned there is a smell and it’s probably the glue. It was not bad and I think others exaggerated the smell. Once put together it still is not solid. Be careful moving it as I think it could easily break. It holds my tv just fine. It’ll take the weight but not shifting side to side. Even the doors fit loosely with gaps in it. So that is my review. Hope it helps.

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