Crosley Furniture Brennan Entryway Storage Bench and Hanging Shelf Set, Vintage Mahogany

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Material Wood
Frame Material Metal, Mahogany, Wood
Color Vintage Mahogany
Style Storage Bench and Hanging Shelf Set
Furniture Finish Mahogany
Brand Crosley Furniture
  • Veneer construction
  • Variety of colors to match any décor
  • Genuine metal hardware
  • Bench features a solid hardwood seating surface with full size bench cushion, two wicker baskets, and integrated shoe storage
  • Hanging shelf features full length storage shelf top and three large cubbies
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Organize your entryway with a sophisticated bench set that’s built to last. The Crosley Furniture cubby bench has several slots for storing shoes and other small items, and also makes for a comfortable seat. Included baskets allow for storage of scarves, gloves, and hats while adding a beautiful touch to your entryway. The matching wall unit features open shelves for storing hats and the like. Four hooks are perfect for hanging a family of coats and jackets.

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Brennan Collection

Brennan Collection

Brennan Entryway Storage Bench and Shelf Set

Brennan Entryway Storage Bench and Shelf Set

Organize your entryway with the sophisticated Brennan 2-Piece Entryway Set. The bench features four small compartments for storing shoes, and two larger cubbies with wicker baskets for tucking away items you want out of site. The coordinating shelf features three open shelves for everyday items like your keys and wallet, plus four double prong hooks perfect for hanging a family of coats and jackets. The Brennan 2-Piece Entryway Set is a stylish solution for any size foyer or mudroom.

Additional information

Weight 83 lbs
Dimensions 41.5 × 17.25 × 18.25 in


Frame Material

Metal Mahogany Wood


Vintage Mahogany


Storage Bench and Hanging Shelf Set

Furniture Finish



Crosley Furniture

Product Dimensions

41.5 x 17.25 x 18.25 inches

Item Weight

83 Pounds


Home and Garden



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Warranty Description

90 day parts warranty.

Number of Shelves


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Included Components

Hanging Shelf Storage Bench


Crosley Furniture

10 reviews for Crosley Furniture Brennan Entryway Storage Bench and Hanging Shelf Set, Vintage Mahogany

  1. Brian

    A tale of two shelvesIf you haven’t already noticed, the reviews for this are for both the shelf and the bench. I did not buy the bench, I only got the hanging storage shelf, so my review applies to that item.First, let me start with the good. Once it is built, it actually is really sturdy, really strong, but I highly, HIGHLY, recommend you know what you are doing with building furniture/hanging heavy items on the wall. If not, hire a friend or professional.Yes, this is flat packed and it uses cam bolts and cam locks and wooden dowels to put it together. If you can get even half of them to tighten, you’ll be lucky. This is why I strongly advise you know what you are doing and have some basic carpentry skills. I reinforced with wood glue, drilled pilot holes around key connecting points, and inserted wood screws to hold the shelf together in a more stable manner.This shelf installs by first mounting a cleat to the wall and then hanging the shelf onto the cleat. And then the bottom part of the shelf has two holes that allow you to screw it to the wall. So let’s talk about that. First, they supply four plastic anchors. I do not recommend you solely use these. The mounting holes will not line up with studs on your wall. So I lined one hole up with a stud, marked that, and drilled a hole to insert the plastic anchor. And then for additional stability, I drilled my own pilot hole where a second stud would be so that this cleat was anchored into two studs and the third, existing hole used the plastic wall anchor. I did the same for the bottom of the shelf that screwed into the wall, I used the supplied plastic wall anchors for the existing holes and drilled two pilot holes and inserted 3″ wood screws into the back plate where it met wall studs. To cover the newly drilled holes and screws, you can purchase small stickers or fill with wood putty.So in the end, with some modifications, this very affordable shelf can be bought and installed and provide the looks and durability of one that is 3x in cost.Now, for the tale of two shelves, I don’t have a ton of confidence in this manufacturer. I ordered this shelf originally, in the mahogany color. When it was delivered, the box did say mahogany. But when I opened it, I was surprised to find the white shelf inside. Clearly, this was not Amazon’s fault, but the fault of whoever packaged the white shelf into the mahogany box. Amazon shipped the right box, the manufacturer packed the wrong colored item into that box. Amazon’s customer service is absolutely amazing, told me to keep that one and they would send me another one, no charge. So I figured I can build this one and put it in my garage. This one, the white one, was very easy to build. Everything lined up, all cam locks tightened, it required zero modifications, aside from the additional holes I decided to drill to anchor the mounting clete and shelf to the wall into studs.After a week, the replacement order arrived and thankfully, the mahogany shelf was included in the mahogany box. However, a cam bolt was missing from the parts package. Now the manufacturer does provide extra parts, but of all the extra parts they provide, none of them are cam bolts. Why is that?! So now I figured, do I contact Amazon again or the manufacturer and wait a couple weeks to get the missing part? No, I went to Home Depot and bought a few extra cam bolts. After coming back home with the replacement part, I start to put this shelf together. This one took 2x the effort to assemble. The holes didn’t line up, the cam locks did not tighten. This one required me to make all the modifications I listed above, reinforcing with additional wood glue and wood screws.In the end, it all came together and it’s very sturdy and looks great, but I really don’t think the quality control issues in making these is there. You don’t know what type of shelf you will get, one that fits together and tightens nicely or one that requires your own woodworking skills to assemble it. But if you have some patience, some DIY skills, this is very much worth the purchase.

  2. Lowe Dewar

    I love it !The media could not be loaded.

     This is not to be self assembled. I called the family hoochie daddy handy to come and do the job. He always wear the 4 inch hoochie daddy shorts he come just as highly recommended as this piece of furniture. Get em both

  3. JD

    Looks nice, but materials and design are massively lacking quality for the price.Now I know $200 isn’t a lot for furniture in the grand scheme.But let’s remember that this is ONLY a 4+ ft wide bench, with a couple of marginal wicker baskets and a minimal cushion. It’s flatpack, not custom made. It’s NOT “solid” wood, even if they can argue its all wood. Mostly the piece is MDF or some other type of particle board. With all that in mind, it’s similar to IKEA… but 4 times the price, just for being a less minimalist style.Build issues.I am pretty handy, so even with the build issues I ran into the assembly took me 45 minutes to maybe an hour. The instructions are ok, not great. They end up combined a number of assembly portions into a single step.As you can see in one of my photos, the back panel does not sit flush with the bottom panel, even though everything is tightened into place. My opinion is that this is because the holes for the camlock on that end are off just a bit… causing the back panel to be higher than the side panel.I broke 1 maybe 2 just twisting them with one hand and a screwdriver. Glad they sent a couple extra, I guess. Better hardware would have been my preference.One of the holes to mount the back/side portion to bottom was drilled partially under a corner support block. You can see this in one of my pics above. After a number of minutes of frustration, I had to put the bolt in first then line everything up into the threaded insert so I could get the bolt to thread and tighten.Quality issues.The side panels of the unit are what 18inches deep? The back panel is 50inches… the side panels have two camlocks and two dowels each. The back panel has none, well none attaching it to the bottom of the unit at least.Instead of giving you a more hefty camlock and stud, the camlocks are crap. Next up is the camlock studs. They are too small in diameter. To fix this there is a plastic spacer clipped over the stud body. I am SURE that this is no where near as strong as having supplied stronger hardware to begin with. The little wood dowels are a little lacking as well as they are a little small in diameter so fall out of the holes, AND they are a bit short in most of the holes.Whatever paint or coating they use isn’t great. Just in fitting the camlocks and such, some of the coating began chipping off. Also the smell of the unit was pretty strong… obviously not using a low odor, or low VOC coating.The baskets I am sure will live a short life. Yes they have a metal frame. But I thought the wicker was going to break just assembling the baskets.Bolt holes were not drilled in great spots, and didn’t even match side to side. Who puts one of the holes UNDER the corner support block? And WHY not move all the holes another 1/2inch away from the corners so that the included allen key could at least attempt to fit/work properly.On the subject of the allen key. Its long leg is about an inch too short. Twisting it spins the short leg into the corner support and sides of the unit. Making it just a little longer and the tool would actually be useful in assembly. I dug out my own wrench which I am sure saved me at least 15 minutes not having to fuss with the supplied tool.Overall.For the price, I think the quality is lacking. There were a lot of corners cut where just a few cents more spent and a little more design time would have had huge impacts.The panels have gaps because the camlocks are not good enough, combined with holes that are not drilled exactly in the right spots. And let’s pick nits… these holes have to be perfect if you want the unit to feel like a quality piece.It seems like it should be solid now that it’s assembled. We will see…Knowing what I know now, I am not sure I would buy this piece again.Edit:Adding more to the review, and killing some stars now that I have received and assembly the shelf portion.Honestly the best thing I have to say is that the packaging arrived undamaged, and it came in the color I ordered.Beyond that a lot of the issues I noted in the prior review of the bench portion of this product at echoed, and then some.Hardware is lacking. This time around I broke 3 camlocks. I really think that even my 6 yr old would have broke these things.More issues with the board/pieces not being cut quite right and having gaps where none should be.More holes in the wrong place, not properly located… causing one, the broken camlocks, but also if the camlocks don’t break causing the damage you see in the pics I attached. None of these holes had any finish issues until I turned the camlocks, at which point the poor quality standards have taken their toll. As the camlocks sit offset in the holes from where they should be, they are causing damage to the finished area around the holes as they lock.$120 for a shelf with 3 hooks and this low of build quality is not acceptable.Truth be told, the quality is so crappy, I am on the line with just disassembling these crappy items and returning them.Look elsewhere.IMO, avoid this brand completely, since I am SURE now having bought two pieces, that the quality issues continue in their other products as well.

  4. Adam

    Good Product and Value but Requires Extra WorkI selected this model over a few other similar Entryway Shelves available on Amazon. It was not the cheapest option, but I have found in my experience with “do it yourself” assembly furniture, the material used is very important to the quality. This one is hard wood (and quite heavy, read more about potential issues hanging it later), which I felt would be worth the extra money.Overall building it was quite easy, however I did encounter a few problems. Many of the Philips head locking anchors to construct it would not tighten down and kept falling out of their holes. Because of this I used some clear caulking to hold them in place once tightened down. The packaging includes 3M caps which go over the screws, so the caulking doesn’t show. Even with this a few of the anchors didn’t hold very tight so there were gaps showing between the top piece and shelves. For this I used some white caulking to fill in the gaps and it looks great!Other reviews mentioned the weight being a problem. The kit comes with plastic anchors designed to hang it from drywall. As others mention, they are NOT strong enough and I would recommend instead using EZ Ancors (which are metal and press from the back on the drwall) to keep it braced to the wall better: again, it is very heavy, however I did hang it by myself. What I did was trace the outline of the shelf and ledge bar on a large piece of paper. I marked where the screw holes would be, then hung the paper on the wall level and marked the holes in the wall. I screwed in the metal anchors, lifted it by myself and screwed in the anchors one at a time. It looks great, but it does take a fair amount of work. If you are up for doing a little extra work and are handy it could be a great choice. Otherwise, there may be better options.

  5. Macgordon

    Crosley Brennen 2 piece shows a lot of class but doesn’t kill your wallet.We wanted a bench and shelf/coat rack for our front door area. Our front is nicely trimmed and did not want something chintzy thrown up on the wall where family and guests come in to our home.Did lot of looking around, and actually found this originally on the rcwilley site. Of course, searched it on Amazon and found it to be nearly a hundred dollars less, and free 2 day shipping.Pros: both pieces’ assembly were easy to put together, and parts fit together well and sturdy. Time wise was only about an hour to assemble both pieces and mount the shelf. Assembled pieces looked great, and didn’t give off a “cheap” vibe. Came with extra mounting hardware, which I didn’t happen to need, but is always appreciated. The shelf had a piece you hang on the wall previous to hanging the shelf, that it sits on so that you can finish mounting, with sheetrock mounting hardware. Both pieces were shipped in separate boxes, and were padded well as to avoid shipping damage. Baskets were metal framed and I see them lasting a LOT longer than a traditional basket.Cons: Assembly hard ware were mainly wood dowels and twist lock studs, and I can see myself having to go back through every so often to tighten them on the bench. Only 3 double hook coat hooks (which seams like a plenty at first, until you start hanging coats/etc). Bench pad cover does not remove, making it a “spot only” clean application vs being able to toss the cover in a washer. Not ONE stud mounting screw (I suggest that you always tie into a stud in this type of application). The sheetrock mounting hardware were ok, but I tossed them and used my own (also purchased on amazon TOGGLER SnapSkru) where one Snapsckru is actually rated and holds way more weight that cheap knock offs.Overall I am pleased with the product and am sure it’ll hold up to the use of our family.

  6. Cheryl Gentle

    Very sturdy and looks great.I am extremely pleased with this purchase. I looks fantastic in my mud room. Product came fast and a very solid product.

  7. Amazonian

    Nice quality, serves it’s purposePretty good quality for the price. Some have mentioned the smell, but its just the furniture being boxed not soon after staining. It quickly goes away once it’s unboxed and assembled. I had no issues with assembly, no alignment issues, no broken camlocks, etc. That being said, this is not solid, Amish built furniture, but that’s reflected by the price. The shelf is HEAVY, so I would strongly recommend mounting into studs and not just drywall with their supplied anchors. I abandoned their 2 predrilled hole on the mounting board because it didn’t line up where I wanted it, and wouldn’t line up with studs. So I drilled 2 holes on each end where I needed them and sank 4-3″ screws into the studs. I did use their plastic wall anchors and supplied screws on the bottom corners, but that was only because they had 2 holes predrilled into the board at face height, and to not fill them would have been ugly. Just for my own piece of mind, I added 2 small angle brackets, which I also screwed into the studs, picture included. Hope this helps.

  8. Paul From GA

    Not complete hardwood.Got this bench in yesterday. Took about 20 minutes to out together. All in all, a pretty good bench. We use it as our mud room bench for sitting down and putting our shoes on and off. I bought this as a warehouse deal, in which I paid much less than the cost as new. If I would have paid full price, I would have sent this back. This is NOT complete solid wood construction. The main parts of the bench are solid wood, while the remainder is good ole fashion MDF, which is a huge disappointment. This bench would be a great value if it were priced in the $150 range, but definitely not in the 300 range. Looks good and functions well.

  9. Joseph Goering

    Good product for the price. Not easy to install.This product was not easy to install. The cam locks require more strength than my wife had. I was able to get them to lock, but some required more force and ended up shearing some of the locks. It looks beautiful on the wall and I’m really pleased with the function. We found some baskets at Target that fit nicely.When we received the unit, many of the wood pieces were scratched up. I contacted Crosley, the manufacturer, and they promptly sent out a touch up paint pen. I really appreciated their responsiveness.Because many of the cam locks and other hardware are visible from inside, I’m considering “plugging” the holes and painting over them.Overall, good product for the price.

  10. Koolala

    The bench is wonderful! The shelf, not quite as wonderful.This is a beautiful piece of furniture! The bench part really keeps the entry way neat and organized. The baskets are not smooth on the bottom so a lining of felt is a good idea to preserve the wood’s finish. In addition, the baskets seem flimsy to me. I don’t anticipate them holding up for very long so I’m already looking for replacements.Mounting the shelf is where we ran into some problems. The anchors are square (weird) and very large. You are supposed to anchor a plank of wood (provided) to the wall; than the shelf rests on that piece of wood at the top and gets anchored straight to the wall at the bottom. It’s a heavy piece so I’m a little nervous about how well it’s truly anchored to the wall. The way it’s designed to be hung could be better. If I could give the bench 5 stars and the shelf 3, I would.

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