Crosley Furniture Landon Mid-Century Modern Bar Cabinet, White

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Brand Crosley Furniture
Color White
Material Wood
Product Dimensions 25″D x 39.5″W x 13″H
Mounting Type Floor Mount
Style Round
  • Inspired by classic mid century modern design with genuine metal hardware
  • The Landon Bar Cabinet stands on round tapered legs, ideal for use as a buffet or media cabinet
  • Large interior cabinet space features 4 stemware racks, 2 interior shelves, and 7 cubbies
  • Designated spaces for bottles within the cabinet, as well as on the inside of the doors
  • Easy to assemble
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Make the Crosley Furniture Landon bar cabinet your signature mid-century piece. With short tapered legs and a square shape, This bar cabinet has a sleek design that lends itself to being an easy addition to most rooms of your home. The clean white finish is highlighted by the antique brass handles on the doors. Open These doors to reveal plenty of storage space for wine and cocktail glasses. There are also designated spaces for bottles within the cabinet, as well as on the inside of the doors. Use the ample counter space as a mixing station, or a place to display nick knacks. The Landon bar cabinet is versatile and ready to party.

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Landon Collection

Landon Collection

Landon CF4403 Bar Cabinet

Landon Bar Cabinet

Make the Crosley Furniture Landon Bar Cabinet your signature mid-century piece. With short tapered legs and a square shape, this bar cabinet has a sleek design that lends itself to being an easy addition to most rooms of your home. The warm acorn finish is highlighted by the antique brass handles on the doors. Open the doors to reveal plenty of storage space for wine and cocktail glasses. There are also designated spaces for bottles within the cabinet, as well as on the inside of the doors. Use the ample counter space as a mixing station, or a place to display knick-knacks. The Landon Bar Cabinet is versatile and ready to party.

Additional information

Weight 96.8 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 39.5 × 13 in

Crosley Furniture





Mounting Type

Floor Mount



Included Components

Bar Assembly tools

Number of Doors




Number of Shelves


Unit Count

1.0 Count

Base Type


Assembly Required


Item Weight

96.8 pounds

Product Dimensions

25 x 39.5 x 13 inches, 25D x 39.5W x 13H

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Date First Available

April 26 2018


Crosley Furniture

10 reviews for Crosley Furniture Landon Mid-Century Modern Bar Cabinet, White

  1. Devyn

    Well built and SturdyI love this cabinet but I am a little disappointed that out of all the pieces to be damaged the front top corner was damaged. looked over all of the many pieces as much as I could prior to completely unpacking everything. I was surprised that nothing seemed to be damaged because the box is heavy and looked like it has been places. I was halfway through putting it together when I found a small damaged piece which unfortunately is the front top corner piece. At that point it was to late to turn back. The piece in general is well built, the directions are easy to follow, they actually have words which is a plus, the parts are all separate and labeled not thrown in a bag for you to figure out what they are. It came 5 days earlier than it originally said it would deliver. This only lost a star because the damage unfortunately happened to one of the two worst spots I would have wanted damaged.

  2. Ben

    You get what you pay for…. If you paid $250 for it.The media could not be loaded.

     I don’t write reviews often, but I felt as this was necessary.My grief is not with the seller. In fact, if I could review only them and them alone, it would be an easy five stars. The package shipped quickly and arrived with no issues (and given my track record with FedEx, this is most impressive). The package does come with a colossal amount of Styrofoam, which’ll take ages to get out of my carpet and ruin my carbon footprint for a while.This cabinet, while incredibly stylish, is inexpensively made.For starters, the lower shelf is too small for the frame, causing it to wobble back and forth very easily. While it fits onto the dividers comfortably, it must’ve been cut a 1/4 inch too short – hence the wobbling. I included a video showcasing it. It is an easy fix via a low profile shelf bracket, but it just feels unnecessary and clunky. The upper shelf looks fairly flimsy as well – sturdy, but only being secured in with 4 small ‘locks’- so it might get one as well. I wouldn’t suggest putting anything heavier than stemware or other lightweight accessories on it.There is also a gap between the backboards and the shelf, but if what your planning to put in it is fairly bulky, you should be fine. Anything small, however, runs a risk of falling behind the wine compartments.The major aesthetic issue is with the upper door compartments. Once they tighten, they start to bend, causing the veneer to bend, crack, and break off. This did not happen to the larger lower compartments. I certainly tightened them a lot, but they should be able to withstand that pressure, given that they will have heavier liquids and glassware in them.My final issues tie into the fact that this item is great if you paid $250 for it. It is currently on sale on Wayfair for $310 and boy, am I lucky to have payed only $270 for it. It is not worth either of those amounts. The manufacturing process is shoddy; it even had an error in the instructions that had me searching for two extra parts that didn’t even exist. It doesn’t have that much room inside it, either, which is odd considering how much floor space this cabinet takes up. The bottom shelf can’t even fit a bottle of Jameson… it has to go in the door compartments, where the space is very limited. It can barely fit a bottle of Tito’s. Most wine bottles cannot fit in it and are delegated to their own storage spaces.On a positive note, aside from the gorgeous Mid-Century look, the stemware under-cabinet functions perfectly. The doors also function very well, and I am pleased with how they turned out. There is a slight wobble – but only when it is empty – and the overall frame is very sturdy. The cabinet is slightly darker than Amazon’s picture, but I actually prefer the darker color.The truth is, if you can find a similar cabinet and you can afford a deeper pocket, don’t buy this. Do not think you are getting a deal when buying this. It’s seriously not worth anything over $250. But for what it is (and if you can get a good price for it), this cabinet is great for people with a limited budget but want that Mad Men lifestyle.

  3. shoppermom48

    Very attractive & stylish cabinet for the priceWe ordered unassembled. Product arrive without damage or missing pieces. Packaging was very good. The assembly took a few hours from unpacking and organizing pieces to finished cabinet. The instructions were exceptionally good worth five stars. All parts and hardware were clearly labeled. Written step-by-step instructions were included and each step had a detailed drawing and listed the specific hardware needed. No questioning about which screw or bolt to use. The hardware was quite decent not the substandard inferior screws and bolts that are furnished with some DIY kits. The most difficult step was attaching the doors. There are pilot holes drilled in the cabinet side to help with attaching the doors which come with hinges already attached. We recommend positioning the cabinet on its side when attaching the doors. A few of the pilot holes were slightly off but we were able to work around that. Potentially that could be a big problem for an inexperienced assembler. Because of that problem and some minor scuffs and dings around some of the pre-assembled hardware we deduct one star. The finished cabinet looks just like the online pictures. In our browser the color of the acorn finish was accurate shown and it does really replicate the blond finish of mid-century modern pieces. I was able to position most bottles on the lower shelves on the doors. Larger vermouth bottles would not fit on the interior shelves but just fit on the doors. If you buy giant economy bottles of liquor you may have some issues with fit. Time to order a decanter.

  4. Christopher C. Williams

    Sturdy, Spacious and AttractiveDimensions of the bar allow for good countertop space, as evidenced in the photos. Interior space allows for 3 deep storage of bottles. For reference, a 750ml bottle of aviation is as tall as you can fit on the bottom shelf. Taller wine bottle sized items (chartreuse, tall syrup bottles) easily fit in the bottom horizontal storage. Cabinet door compartments readily accept tall bottles like wine and the top door storage can easily hold smaller syrup bottles from liber & Co. My concern about height of the cabinet was resolved when I started mixing my first beverages. I’m 6’3 and I don’t feel like I am hunching over when working at the cabinet. The cabinet is sturdy, and I didn’t experience any of the shakiness of the horizontal bottle storage that some others have written about. Looks at least as good as expected for $259.00, and exceeds my expectations for the price point. Takes about 1hr 15mins to assemble, with a helper at the end to hold the doors while you line up the holes.

  5. susan

    ExcellentI just put this together today, by myself (i never put anything together myself!) It was really easy though, the instructions were clear and did not take long. The quality though is amazing. It’s a solid piece of furniture, the finish on the cabinet is gorgeous too. Would highly recommend it.

  6. Karen Isleib

    unhelpful customer supportThe unit came with a screw that poked through the top of the cabinet. We put the cabinet together because I had help to do so, and I needed it for a family gathering. When I contacted the manufacturer, they offered to send me a replacement piece, which would require a dissemble of the entire unit. I also complained about the too short screws that were included to attach the door hinges to the unit. I had to purchase longer screws so the doors did not pull away from the unit. They would not consider a small refund to cover my time to repair the piece. I am disappointed that their quality control would allow a unit to be shipped with a screw poking through the top and too short screws for the hinges.

  7. Pedro

    Definitely not a West-Elm knock offIf you are looking for a close copy of the Mid Century Bar let me be clear; this isn’t it. Do not get fooled by the Pictures in the description you may be led to think it’s a perfect copy but that’s where the similarities end. To start you have to put it together and it takes about an hour. The measurements are correct but the color is a lighter version of acorn. It will smell a bit and it could definitely bother someone prone to allergies. Like any other item that you have to put together it’s not going to align well but it does feel sturdy. Mine wobbles a bit; I solve it by putting a soft end on the leg that didn’t align.I actually own the one from West Elm and side by side there are significant differences. For the price it’s fair but again if what you are looking for it’s West Elm craftsmanship this will not satisfy your taste.

  8. Joseph Michael

    Nice little barThe bar unit was perfect for the space and while the box had a little damage, the product received was in perfect condition. Only drawback was that we need a cordless screw gun (drill with screw attachment) to assemble and wasn’t easy to assemble without.

  9. Vicki

    Great Wet-Elm knock offWas a bit of a project to assemble but so worth it. Didn’t have to pay the huge price tag like I would have from west elm. The quality seems good, bookshelves are sturdy, and the matching bar cabinet is awesome!

  10. Lindsey

    Well Worth It!I am a new mom and don’t have much time to write reviews but really felt the need to tell others about this cabinet. I purchased this after finding it similar to a bar cabinet on West Elm. I hoped it would be nice but I was definitely not expecting this level of quality for the price. It’s beautiful, spacious, and looks way more expensive than it is. We’ve received so many compliments on it. We love it! It also only took one person to assemble for us. Assembly time was about an hour. I highly recommend this bar cabinet!!!

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