DAR CORE Computer Gaming L-Desk with Power, Gray/Black

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Brand Dar
Shape L-Shape
Desk design Computer Desk
Product Dimensions 47.25″D x 77.95″W x 29.53″H
Color Gray/Black
Style Modern
  • All-in-one: this professional gaming desk has everything you need to go from workstation to battle station
  • Power: 2 plug outlets and 2 USB ports are built right into the desktop for the ultimate Charging convenience
  • Elevated monitor stand: wrap-around stand can accommodate up to 3 monitors with a Total weight capacity of 110 lbs.
  • Quality Construction: the solid Steel frame Construction creates a solid base for the sturdy, scratch-resistant desktop
  • Ample storage: this desk not only features and expansive desktop with Plenty of space for all your supplies, but also includes a wire management grommet, Steel holder for headsets/controllers and a side-mounted Cup holder

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This is the ultimate Gamer desk that will one-up all others. This superbly-designed battle station is equipped with all kinds of gear. Its streamlined L-shaped design makes it an ideal fit for corners. The raised monitor stand is a must-have, and fits up to three 27-Inch monitors that give you customizable Vantage points. Underneath the monitor shelves is ample space for whatever you want in grabbing distance. The more epic the battle, the more this desk will deliver. The super durable and scratch resistant surface features a gray oak finish that the elevates the desk in any setting. This desk is fitted with all kinds of geekery that hardcore gamers will appreciate. Two plug outlets and two USB ports are built into the table so you’re ready to go with your phone, remotes, keyboards and more. Metal hardware built-ins are designed for headphones, rv headsets, extra remote controls or snacks, and there’s a cup holder too. A wire management grommet lets you keep your wires nice and organized. Sturdy steel legs and frame and easy to clean surfaces make this desk a winner. Assembly required.

From the manufacturer

elevated monitor stand l-desk

Streamlined Design

The streamlined L-shape design perfectly and efficiently fits into corners helping to save space in any room.

The elevated extra wide monitor stand generously accommodates up to three 29″ monitors.

The sleek black and gray color combination will elevate any environment.

Loaded with Features

elevated monitor stand

built in power and usb

cup holder and headphone rack

cable management

Maximum Space

The large raised monitor stand provides ample space underneath for speakers, consoles, charging stations, etc. so you can keep your desktop clear of clutter

Built-In Power

2 built-in electrical outets and 2 USB ports are built right into the desktop so there is no more searching under and behind the desk to connect your everyday cables

Storage Features

A cup holder and versatile storage rack are built right into the side of the desk so you can keep everything you need for that epic battle close at hand

Cord Management

A cord hole tucked in the back corner allows for easy organization of cables and wires

expansive workspace

Expansive Workspace

The extra wide and deep desk surface provides ample workspace to go from office by day to battle by night.

Additional information

Weight 86 kg
Dimensions 47.25 × 77.95 × 29.53 cm




Desk design

Computer Desk





Top Material Type


Finish Type


Special Feature

Headset rack Raised monitor stand Built in power outlet Cup holder Built in USB ports

Room Type

Office Dormitory Bedroom

Mounting Type


Product Care Instructions

Wipe Clean

Age Range Description


Furniture Finish


Number of Shelves


Included Components

Headphone Hook Built-in Outlet Built-in USB Port Cup Holder

Assembly Required


Model Name

Computer Gaming L-Desk with Power

Item Weight

86 Pounds

Product Dimensions

47.25 x 77.95 x 29.53 inches, 47.25D x 77.95W x 29.53H

Country of Origin


Item model number




Date First Available

November 6 2019



10 reviews for DAR CORE Computer Gaming L-Desk with Power, Gray/Black

  1. Kristen C.

    Strong, stylish, practicalIn short: An excellent buy. It’s sleek and stylish, and perfectly practical for what my husband needed for his work desk. It was relatively easy to put together — yes, the instructions are all pictures so you have to look closely, but the construction is logical and straightforward. It’s helpful to have an extra set of hands, particularly for lining up the top with the supports. I used an electric drill to tighten all the bolts (using an allen wrench drill bit and gentle, gradual tightening), because the included allen wrench — like always — is a bit weak and hard to get a good grip on.I was nervous when I saw the box arrive because it was a bit banged up, but when I unpacked everything, there was zero damage because all the parts were cushioned well with styrofoam. No issues!The only true negative I can see is that the side monitor supports are narrower than the center (about 8in in depth vs 11in) — so if you have a large monitor stand (such as for an Alienware monitor), it will hang off the edges. The included electrical outlet is a nice touch; it would be nice to have some wire organizers included underneath too — that’s personal preference though.

  2. Brandon Wade

    Tall people, sit real low or you might not fit. Chairs without adjustable armrests might be screwed.So, like a lot of people, I was very on the fence about this purchase because it does look(and it is) like a super unnecessary purchase for ANY type of desk. For the price, it’s not a great deal; so try to get it on sale, if it ever goes on sale. Now, with that out of the way, am I unhappy with the purchase? No. I’m actually very satisfied and I’m able to use the desk how I planned to. But does that mean I don’t have gripes? Oh, hell no it does not mean that. For starters, you’ll have to adjust your arm rests to be low if you want to move into the desk. Once under the desk you have to worry about that metal beam (if you’re of taller persuasion.) Lucky, I’m 5’7 so it fits me fairly comfortably and I have a chair with adjustable arm rests. One thing that didn’t go according to plan, thank you annoying low sitting metal bar, is me being able to easily slide my pc tower under and behind it. It’s actually so low that my mid tower has to be leaned forward and then pushed under. It’ s a silly complaint but if anyone likes to show off their case and wants to angle it side ways, under the desk then they should be prepared to find work arounds for that jazz. The work station space on the left is actually very very big. Those images do not do the desk must justice in terms of actual desk space. It makes it look dinky and that’s how I perceived it until I got it in working condition. Now, with that said though, the desk feels as if it would snap under 100lbs of pressure on any given part of it. So maybe those dinky images were not to show actual space but how much space you should pretend you have while using it. And … “That’s all I have to say about that” -Tom Hanks.. For 400 fun money rectangles, you would expect something a bit more sturdy since for 160 colored money pages you can get desks that have higher weight capacity on all of it’s parts. That’s the second gripe. Smallest, possibly the smallest, gripe. There’s an AC block/adapter plug thing, I’m a neolithic caveman, on the desk you put in. With every already pre-screwed hole there is, they didn’t they put pre holes for that? You don’t have a choice to not put it there. It leaves a huge square shaped crater allowing you to see the mentioned ugly low beam and floor. Like, pre hole those two holes, guy. You did all the other ones. Assembly was easy, real easy. Final look is nice. I’d take a picture but one of my monitor stands is holding copious amounts of hard liquor and I don’t want anyone to think I’m a functioning alcoholic …which might be more true than I realize… Overall, I’m very satisfied with my purchase despite the gripes I’ve mentioned. I planned out the space I would use it in and how I would use it and it does just that. I was bound and determined to throw money away for visuals and aesthetics in the corner of a room I like to spend time in and I got just that. If you’re in that mind set and the budget isn’t a hefty concern, then FAIR WEATHER SPORTS FANS. If you’re looking for efficiency and not to sure on the desk’s style points, get something else and you’ll thank me later. Thanks.

  3. J. Dutton

    The desk search is overI have a 3 monitor setup for my home office (2 27″ and 1 32″) and this is finally the desk that fit the bill. Large amounts of space for my setup and none of the monitors are hanging off the edge like my previous desks. Very sturdy and handles everything as it should and cup and headphone holders are nice touches. One potential improvement would be to extend the top shelf completely across the desk for a 4 monitor setup. I made a request to the vendor for the additional parts needed but they only sell the complete desk. Barring that, excellent purchase and you will not be disappointed!

  4. Amazon Customer

    Slightly Damaged but a Fine DeskAs I have come to expect with any large item purchases, the box arrived damaged as did the desk. A few corner dents, but otherwise it is a good desk that will fit my needs. The assembly was not too difficult, but you must pay attention to what direction some of the parts face.

  5. Illuminatus Shadow

    Excellent gaming deskFew things to know about this desk – one, it isn’t particle board and peg construction. The frame is painted/powder coated metal and the desk surface attaches with some heavy duty anchored screws. This means construction can be a pain with one person, and it is quite heavy compared to other desks, but the finished product is superb. Very sturdy, includes nice features, and the surface finish looks great. Well worth the money!

  6. Kevin J. Redmond

    Decent Desk, Bit Overpriced, Stability IssuesI like this desk and it was relatively easy to assemble. The monitor stand is at a nice height, once I adjusted to it. I think it’s a bit pricey for what is essentially particle board with metal rods. It has a nice look, however. The only real downside I have with this desk is that it is too easy to wobble. I’ve found the screens vibrating a bit more than I’d like when hastily responding to an email, etc. It can be worse in games, when you react a bit strongly or in shock to something happening in-game.All in all, I think I would call this desk above-average for the type of Wal-Mart/Wayfair/IKEA throwaway furniture that it is. It’s certainly not going to be a family heirloom, but it gets the job done and looks pretty nice to boot.

  7. Lauren D

    Shipping will let you down – listen to the bad reviews!!Just.. so many regrets with this desk. When it arrived, it had two parts that were chipped and scratched up beyond what I deemed acceptable (since this is far from a “cheap” desk) as well as several other parts that were mildly scratched, and the packaging looked like it had been kicked in. We contacted the Jamesdar company to see if we could get replacement parts, and oh hey they wrote back saying “why yes, we will send those out within the week.” (Side note: if you feel like wasting the precious moments of your life, I’d recommend calling them on the phone)…..Not only did they NOT send out the parts, but 3 weeks later (after looking out my window every day expectantly like a sucker) I checked up on the progress of the missing parts and they said: “Unfortunately, since the parts are quite large, we can not send them out.” …. This was after numerous further attempts to contact the company over the phone, and on their website – which I’m not even sure is real, since no one ever called me back, or solved any of my problems. In conclusion, I WILL give a shout out to OJ Commerce, who dealt with our issue somewhat promptly (still took over a week after we reported) but of course we reported the problem A MONTH after it happened because so much time was thoroughly wasted contacting Jamesdar, and falsely thinking a solution had been reached there. Amazon issued a full refund for the desk, which was really appreciated because this was honestly the worst purchasing experience I’ve ever had. For the price, this desk is not worth it, and we should have listened to all of the reviews which told us this exact thing would happen. Do NOT support the Jamesdar company, which cares so little about their products and their customers. With that many pieces messed up, and the overall quality, I would spend your money else where.

  8. headywest

    Working really wellDesk was easy to assemble on my own, added much needed workspace and I love the monitor riser. All in all, it is really spectacular!I am not a gamer – I work as a land surveyor though so I do spend an inordinate amount of time in front of monitors at this desk. I am still working on the perfect chair but this desk is a keeper!

  9. VKS

    perfect for gaming- setup- although i dont use it for thathave two curved 34″ and a 27″ on an arm- all work great. I keep my small (mac-mini) PC under the shelf, added some cable management trays attached to under desk. Love this desk. The extra length on left great for papers/ files etc. I fit another laptop there and a landline. I do with they came with the cable trays– but ordering was simple enough. Looks great to. highly recommend.

  10. Jennifer Kwiatkowski

    Highly recommendHighly recommend, and I don’t recommend much nor write reviews…

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