DaVinci Kalani 6-Drawer Double Wide Dresser in White

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Product details

Brand DaVinci
Material Engineered Wood, Pine
Finish Type Painted
Product Dimensions 21.5″D x 47″W x 34″H
Number of Drawers 6
Color White
  • DURABILITY: 6 spacious drawers that can hold all the adorable baby clothes, blanket, and more We’ve built this dresser with features like additional corner blocks to make it sturdier and long-lasting
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: Changing station now Big kid dresser later! This dresser is designed so that you can add a DaVinci changing tray (#M0619) to use as a convenient changing station during the baby years
  • SMOOTH GLIDE: Pre-installed euro glides that make opening the drawers easy even when your hands are full with baby
  • QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of solid sustainable New Zealand pinewood and TSCA compliant engineered wood -only the best for your baby
  • FOR YOUR BABY’S SAFETY: Say goodbye to toxic chemicals! Finished in a non-toxic multi-step painting process and lead and phthalate safe Stop mechanism and anti-tip kit included for additional safety
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The Kalani 6-Drawer Dresser is the smart changing and storage solution for the classic Kalani, Emily and Porter nursery collections. Six spacious drawers provide ample storage to organize all of baby’s necessities, while its thoughtful design ensures a style fit for any nursery or bedroom. The Kalani Double Dresser is detailed with recessed front drawer panels, a gently curved apron front and curved top sides.

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Additional information

Weight 95 kg
Dimensions 21.5 × 47 × 34 cm



Engineered Wood Pine

Finish Type


Number of Drawers








Care instructions

Wipe with Dry Cloth

Assembly Required



1 Count Pack of 1

Number of Pieces


Product Dimensions

21.5 x 47 x 34 inches, 21.5D x 47W x 34H

Item model number


Material Type

Engineered Wood Pine

Number of Items


Batteries Required


Item Weight

95 Pounds

CountryRegion of origin






10 reviews for DaVinci Kalani 6-Drawer Double Wide Dresser in White

  1. Jaime M.

    Check for dents !The top piece of the dresser came with several dings and the most noticeable is in the front unfortunately. It’s not the best quality but it’s cute and seems sturdy enough to last for a few years.

  2. Rahnay

    Pretty sturdy dresserIt took me about 3 hours to assemble this product by myself. You use mostly the allen wrench which came with the product. It is important not to overtighten the screws. I believe you could damage the “manufactured wood” if you do overtighten. I tighten by hand until I heard a bit of a squeak. I did use a torque screw driver set on the lowest setting to tighten the philipps head screws on the back of the dresser and to assemble the drawers. It seems pretty sturdy after assembly and I like the color. (I ordered the grey). The allen wrench that came with it could have been better. Overall a nice product.

  3. Jasmine Collins

    Missing a screwThis is a nice piece of furniture, overall it brought my vision of my baby’s room all together, however it was missing a peg at the bottom and my boyfriend had to improvise and add a screw. It doesn’t look bad, but when you spend your money you want all pieces, even if it is one screw. I ended up not using the knobs that came with dresser and added my own for a more dainty look.

  4. AGB

    You get what you pay for….First let me give this warning: THE INSTRUCTIONS ARE WRONG!!! Yes, you are not crazy if you realize that between sections 3 and 4 of the manual the illustrations for the same pieces of the dresser magically change so that it appears the pieces are swapped. Just ignore the illustrations and assume the lettering of the parts is accurate!!! I’ve written to the manufacturer about this egregious error as well as damage in shipping (I will update this review when I receive a response).Having purchased other DaVinci Kalani items (2 cribs, a three drawer dresser and a changing table), I knew what I was in for. Most people buy this line of furniture because it is MUCH CHEAPER than comparable furniture and the finish is absolutely beautiful. That being said, with those benefits come some obvious issues….the furniture is insanely delicate and the finish comes off from the slightest bump. Also, the directions are typically not great and assembly takes MUCH longer and is far more tedious than something you’d get at a place like Pottery Barn. Seeing as this furniture will only last a few years before it’s replaced for bigger stuff, I decided these issues were worth the $$$ savings and had no regrets…until now. I have to say, this was my worst DaVinci experience so far. Had this been my first purchase, I probably would have been discouraged from further purchases.As noted above, the instructions are wrong at Section 4, which is really unforgivable, especially when you consider that this takes a LONG time to put together and this sort of frustration doesn’t go over well. It took me and a helper 3+ hours to assemble…and I’m experienced at assembling this stuff. Additionally, the top of the dresser was delivered with multiple, significant scratches. Given that this is the most important piece for appearance purposes…this is a BIG deal. I’ve contacted DaVinci and asked them to replace this part. Hopefully they will do the right thing.Even though I went into this with both eyes open…I’ve been left disappointed. I’ve been happy with my other DaVinci purchases, so hopefully DaVinci will do its part to make things right here. As noted above, I’ll update this review when I hear back from DaVinci.************************UPDATE**********************DaVinci made good and quickly responded to my email and sent me another dresser top. As such, I bumped this up to a 3 star review. The part was well packed and delivered promptly. So they get points for standing behind their product and quickly responding to me. I should note, however, they completely ignored the part of my email that pointed out their instructions are wrong. Guess they don’t want to own up to that.

  5. With Love From Diana

    Beautiful, easy to set up (couple hours), great & speedy customer service from MDB if a broken piece is shippedSuper easy to set up, not sure what the other reviewers are complaining about. The picture instructions are easy to understand. For example, I was nervous when the instructions said to use a phillips screwdriver to manually screw in a screw when putting together the drawers (looked like the holes wouldn’t be wide enough to accept the screw), but it went in easily (and I’m a weak person!). Feels like real solid wood for most of the pieces. The design is super cute. Definitely a kid sized dresser rather than an adult sized (wouldn’t fit much adult clothing but it’s perfect for babies). The drawer bottoms are VERY thin but it feels sturdy enough once it is all set up. Main problem we experienced was that a lot of the parts arrived damaged, namely- the top piece was dented in all 4 corners & had scratches on the surface, one drawer had the rolling mechanism broken off entirely, and one of the thin pieces that make up the bottom of each drawer was broken off in one corner. I contacted Amazon and they said they can’t send individual parts because I had bought it from Amazon Warehouse. The only thing they offered to do was have me ship it back & receive a refund. I really liked the dresser and had already set up most of it before finding the broken pieces. Thankfully, there was a part replacement order form from the MDB company inside the box, and they shipping the parts to me for free after I provided pictures! Yaaaas for good customer service. So really, you’ve got nothing to lose

  6. Ana

    Great price, sturdy but cumbersome to buildLove the feminine look. I even added my own starfish knobs to match my daughter’s under the sea themed nursery. The dresser itself seems solid, except the drawers are a bit meh for me. We had to remove the side rails and reposition them for each drawer, plus swapped out several drawers and placed them in different areas to try to have them as flush as possible. To build took a few hours and to reposition was an extra few on top. Love the look overall but definitely have to put in wooooorkkkk with this one.

  7. Bejan23

    Save your money, this is JunkDirections were wrong, missing pieces. Holes didn’t line to had to drill my own. Had to go to Home Depot to get 1 3/4” fastening bolts for the top part of dresser. The quality is very poor, Barely tightened a bolt and cracked the top panel of dresser. Now brand new dresser has a big lump on it. Just really poor quality. For the price I guess it’s not a big deal. Pottery Barn had similar units for $1,800 but I’m sure much better quality. Takes a while to put together especially with all the flaws that it has. I really hope the baby crib I bought to match is better. We shall see!

  8. Marina

    Poor quality, poor finishes… not worth your money.The dresser has everything to be nice since the design is pretty, but it came with marks and scratches all over the different pieces. We started assembling the dresser and some part don’t fit as they should. drawers are smaller than the depth of the dresser and don’t run smoothly. It is not a sturdy piece of furniture. Just a full deception.

  9. Hannah

    So far so goodI told my husband to check each piece and make sure he had all of them before he started. He can fix things so he has to adjust one drawer so that it lined up correctly. He put it together rather quickly and we hope it will hold up. Looks nice, matches the photos online and the davinci Charlie crib we got. Drawers don’t pull out fully – figure it’s a safety precaution for children but will use it anyway. We got lucky – it arrived quickly and undamaged.

  10. J Howland

    Great looking dresser, mediocre instructions.I purchased this dresser to match the Kalani crib. In that respect it’s excellent. Looks great, build quality seems good, but not as good as the crib. The dresser came with a minor shipping dent on the dresser top, but it wasn’t big enough to warrant a return. Plus my kid is probably going to destroy this thing in a few years anyway. The biggest knock I have against this dresser and the only reason it’s a 4 star instead of 5 is the instructions. Like other DaVinci products the instructions aren’t great. The problem here is that orientation of the pieces is really important and the instructions aren’t super clear on that. Moreover, there are some fairly tiny screws and two different sizes mixed in. This is intentional as you definitely need to two different sizes for the center piece and the only way to tell them apart is that one of the screw sizes is slightly off color. They really should bag these two screws separately as it took me several minutes to figure out what the heck was going on. Luckily I read the instructions beforehand and was expecting two screw sizes. That said, this dresser looks great and it only took about 1.5 hours to assemble. DaVinci has a very clear niche in safety, looks and value.

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