Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table with Contoured Pad

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  • Transform a corner of your baby’s nursery into a dressing and diapering station
  • Abundant storage space on either side of the changing area and below
  • Change your baby’s diaper with feet pointing towards you
  • Includes foam changing pad, fabric pad cover, and safety belt
  • Wipe clean as needed
  • Measures approximately 35 inches H, 28.75 inches from the back corner to the front edge, and 40.5 inches W from corner to corner
  • For children weighing up to 30 pounds

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Product Description

Badger Basket Diaper corner baby changing Table is an innovative and unique angle on changing tables! Capitalize on normally unused corner space. Change your infant with feet pointing towards you. Two large middle shelves and six triangle side shelves. The diaper corner is a convenient way to add an unobtrusive changing station to any other floor or room in the house. Includes a changing pad, with white, terrycloth pad cover, and a safety belt, too. Personalize the look of the table by adding baskets to contain small items and baby supplies (baskets sold separately). Use as a storage/book/game shelf or TV/media center when your child outgrows the changing table. Sturdy table made with wood, Wood composites, and veneers. Fabric pad cover is 100% cotton. Changing Pad is polyurethane foam covered with wipe clean PEVA (non-PVC) vinyl. All paints and finishes are non-toxic. The diaper corner measures 35 inches H to the top of the contoured changing pad (32 inches H from floor to top shelf), 28.75 inches from the back corner to the front edge, and 40.5 inches W from corner to corner. Changing pad: 31.5 inches L x 16 inches W x 3.5 inches H. Assembled weight: 33.5 lbs. All measurements approximate. Wipe the table and changing pad clean with a damp cloth and mild soap as needed and dry thoroughly. Fabric pad cover can be machine washed in cold water, gentle cycle, and air dry or tumble dry low. Changing table is for use with children weighing up to 30 lbs. (13.6 kg). adult assembly required. Illustrated assembly instructions included. Meets all currently applicable testing standards. Product includes a limited warranty of 30 Days Parts to the original purchaser. Product may vary slightly from shown and described. Props/accessories shown are for illustration purposes only and are not included with the product. Actual color/finish may vary slightly from screen display. This item ships in its original carton that may include a product photo.

From the Manufacturer

Badger Basket’s angular Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table is a novel piece of furniture that maximizes idle corner space in baby’s nursery. Enjoy a fully featured diapering and dressing station with integral safety features and generous storage capacity. Key changing supplies are always at hand!

From the manufacturer


From our family to yours…

Family-owned since 1911, Badger Basket has served generations of families. We’ve grown from a woven basket company to a top supplier of premium baby furniture, doll furniture and toys, and storage furniture.


Space Saving Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table

Badger Basket’s angular Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table is a novel piece of furniture that maximizes idle corner space in baby’s nursery. Enjoy a fully featured diapering and dressing station with integral safety features and generous storage capacity.

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Changing Pad

Includes a custom angled changing pad, with white, terrycloth pad cover, and a safety belt. Changing pad is polyurethane foam covered with wipe clean PEVA (non-PVC) vinyl.

The Perfect Fit!

Transform a corner of your baby’s nursery into a dressing and diapering station. Abundant storage space on either side of the changing area and below. Change your baby’s diaper with feet pointing towards you. Measures approximately 35 inches H, 28.75 inches from the back corner to the front edge, and 40.5 inches W from corner to corner.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 40.5 × 31.5 × 35 cm
Product Dimensions

40.5 x 31.5 x 35 inches

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Material Type

Wood Cherry


Wood MDF with Veneer Fabric PEVA Vinyl Polyurethane Foam

Additional product features

Pad & Strap IncludedOpen Shelving

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Item Weight

33.5 pounds

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Badger Basket

10 reviews for Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table with Contoured Pad

  1. Amazon Customer

    Pad is smallI wish that the pad was bigger. This is one of the only tables that face this way and I love it

  2. Claudia Aranda

    Good Table but I’d like it better with a couple small changes!I saw this table on a tv segment just after I’d seen it online, and it was one of the first things I bought for our nursery. Once we assembled it, I was excited to fully set it up and get it ready for our baby’s arrival. Two things I discovered, one of which was highlighted by other Amazon customers, were particularly annoying: 1) the changing pad that comes with the table is terrible and 2) it’s hard to find baskets that fit well. As for the first issue, I did as others had recommended and purchased another changing pad, the Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad.

    Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad, White

    It is significantly better but since it’s not designed for a corner unit it does end up making the changing table take up more space. That really annoyed me so I modified the changing pad (cut it with an exacto knife using the original changing pad as a guide). It took a little time to do it correctly but it was well worth the result. The new changing pad fits exactly into place and isn’t hanging off the table! I’m very happy with it but would have paid more for the unit if it had come with a pad that was as nice as the table itself!As for the baskets, it has been challenging to find some that maximize the available space. I know that there’s another version of the corner changing table that does come with a fabric hamper and a drawer but the dimensions of the shelves under the changing pad are different than this one. Knowing what I know now about how difficult it is to find baskets that fit exactly right, I would have purchased this other version:

    Badger Basket Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table with Hamper and Basket, White

    I did take another customer’s advice and call the manufacturer to see if any baskets were available for this unit. But, I didn’t receive a return call.So, I ended up buying two of these baskets that have made me happy:

    Large Grey 100% Cotton Canvas Collapsible Storage Basket, Nursery Bin, Laundry Box – Perfect Organizer for Kids Toys, Baby Clothing, Children Books, Ideal for Organizing Home Stuff and Office Supplies

    They have sturdy handles and are intended as hampers so they have waterproof insulation and also a string closure that cinches up at the top. Very convenient. With the addition of these baskets (and two corner baskets I had custom-made on Etsy), I feel like the table is now fully operational. I do hope the manufacturer makes these additional improvements–they’ll have much more satisfied customers.

  3. cfpaige

    Great table, wonderful customer serviceYes, it was flat-packed to the extreme, which meant one of the pieces arrived broken. So why am I giving it 5 stars?Pros:- great price (we paid about $130 for it) and free shipping- the instructions came with info of how to order (for free) any unsatisfactory pieces – the whole process was automated (online), hassle-free and fast; the replacement piece arrived within a week;- assembly was easy (but then, I have a lot of IKEA experience ;)- the shape means there’s room for essentials on the same level as the changing pad, which means no reaching underneath or around during diaper changes- comes with safety strap (yes, yes – one hand on the child at all times, but we’re first-time parents and appreciate any help)- the pad screws to the table (through the straps), so it doesn’t slide around at all- easy product registration (mail or online)- compact (we have a very small nursery and that really matters)- accessible (easy to just walk up to, diaper pail can be placed right next to it without being in the way, great to be face-to-face with the kiddo while dealing with the “business” end from the easiest angle)- color matches other brands (perfect with birch cribs from IKEA – and the size matches their Gulliver better than the Gulliver table itself!)Cons:- flimsy side shelves (but then, they were so easy to just drop into slots, and don’t really need to be any sturdier; and we can always glue them down later on)- flimsy, rectangular pad cover (it just doesn’t fit a pointed pad, though at a push it can be stretched over it; I just made my own covers and don’t consider that a drawback at all)Somebody’s mentioned that already, but it was really good advice: assemble in the nursery. Otherwise, you may not be able to get it through the door.Overall, super happy with the purchase.EDIT: after 3 months of actually using the table and having compared it to others (while visiting with our baby), I’d like to add:- the height seems more comfortable than others (I’m 5’7″ and find most top-of-a-chest-of-drawers changing tables too high to access easily)- the side areas make it not only more comfortable for storing wipes and creams, but also provide extra safety buffer zone – I feel much more comfortable changing my baby facing me with extra shelving around him, than sideways on friends’ tables having to press myself against the table to make sure he doesn’t accidentally slip off with one sudden movement- con: side inserts are not moisture-resistant – any water left to dry will make the laminate bubble up, and oil seeps underneath and stains – if that kind of thing bothers you, consider sticking some self-adhesive vinyl over the side inserts before use

  4. lmk823

    Good for the priceI ordered this as opposed to a typical rectangular changing table because we are extremely short on space and this has a much smaller footprint. I really like the orientation to the baby, makes so much sense once you start changing him that way. I find this changing table quite sturdy, as I often find myself leaning on it and play peek-a-boo games with my son after I’m done changing him. The unit doesn’t shift or creak or anything, even with the added weight of my upper body leaning on it. The storage is great, but a bit awkward for baskets and things on the sides. My wipes warmer fits well in one of the triangle areas, which was a pleasant surprise.Is the actual changing pad thin and sad? Yes, but it’s not like he’s sleeping on the changing table. It does its job.Am I finding my son to be outgrowing the length of the changing pad? Yup, he’s only got a few more inches of room at 5 months old. Again, he only lays there to be changed, so I’m not losing sleep over it.The cover for the pad is thin and not particularly soft, and I also had a hard time fitting it on there. Mine seems to be a regular rectangular shape without a pointed end, which is not the way the pad is shaped. Weird. My soft minky cover fits better anyway, just tuck the extra fabric underneath the pad.This was fairly easy to put together, it came with no damage whatsoever. I would like it if the stickers telling you which piece was A piece, B piece, C piece, etc. were in a bit more of a conspicuous place so you wouldn’t see them or the remnants of them that are hard to get off once the thing is assembled.Overall, would I buy this again? In a heartbeat. It’s exactly the shape I needed, in the color I needed, for a reasonable price. I do wish that either another company would make one that fixes all the common complaints, or that Badger Basket would redesign it, fixing at least some of the complaints.

  5. Missy C.

    The gist on assembly, the changing pad, & the side shelvesIt’s hard to filter through all of the reviews, so I’ll try to review the sticking points for me when I ordered it. Overall I am pleasantly surprised by this table. The quality is descent (not great), but it’s good enough & it looks nice for the price.- Assembly: it assembles pretty easily. Some parts (e.g., the side & front rails) look better than others. In hind sight I wish I had put the nicer looking parts towards the top. Seems obvious but I didn’t think of it until after I had it assembled. I was put off as the first step is to inventory the parts. Seems like an operations issue on their end – but all of the parts were there.- The Changing Pad: I don’t know why they bother including one. It is so thin & cheap that I wouldn’t use it for my baby. It also came pretty dusty & the cover smelled of gasoline. Fortunately I was able to use my existing changing pad (from Pottery Barn Kids). I just had to pull the changing table out from the wall by about 2″. The support that holds the changing pad goes the full 32″ so the pad is fully supported. Theirs is contoured for the shape of the changing pad support. So as long as you’re fine with the changing table not being tight to the corner, using a different changing pad works just fine.- Side Shelves: The space on these is sufficient. I can fit wipes, hand sanitizer, sun screen, etc, on one shelf.I hope this helps with your buying decision. All in all I’m glad we purchased it.

  6. Callie Rogers

    Love, Love, Love!Great purchase! Only reason I didn’t give it five stars was because it’s not exactly made of quality/durable materials, and the picture is a bit deceiving in that, when fully assembled, it looks a little cheaper than I personally would want it to look (I’ll post a picture below when I have the chance). The mattress pad is also rather cheap looking… All that being said, this table was the perfect purchase for our baby’s room because of its size and unique style! I love not having to change my little one from the side, like most changing tables require you to do – especially since she has hip dysplasia, and this requires A LOT of threading the diaper through the various straps of her harness during changing! The two middle shelves are also nice and big and can store lots of diapers and wipes, and the side shelves are great for all the other baby changing table necessities! The mattress pad, while cheap looking, is also a positive feature of the table, in that it is covered in a plastic/vinyl type material that is super easy to clean off! The size itself is also nice… it’s not too big and because it fits into a corner, it doesn’t take up as much space as a regular changing table would! Since we live in what we fondly refer to as a “Hobbit House”, this has been a phenomenal purchase! Would definitely purchase again and/or recommend to a friend!

  7. B’ham Momma

    Great concept, odd dimensionsI do love the corner aspect of this changing table. It is so much easier to change baby from the foot end than from the side, and it scoots into an otherwise unused corner in the nursery. AND it was so SO much cheaper here on Amazon than even from the manufacturer’s website.What I didn’t love was the flimsy as can be excuse for a “changing pad” that came with it. Super crinkly plastic covering would startle any infant, and the foam was so thin it wouldn’t even lay flat. Add to it that the table is only 22″ front to back, and most changing pads are 32″ long… can’t easily swap out the pad. After some pestering, I was able to get hubby to do some minor surgery on the 32″ long pad and trim it down to fit the contours of this shorter surface, but I’m wondering how long baby will actually fit on this table.My other gripe is the side storage triangles -granted, I’m a clutter freak, so I like things to be tucked away in baskets out of sight. The triangles are 14x14x20, so far I’ve not been able to find anything that fits in there to maximize that storage space. Settled for now on the closetmaid mini cubes, which are 7″x5″, but leave a lot of extra space on the shelves.

  8. Amy Hill

    Love this changing tableYou know how many parents say that they never used their changing table? Well we use it for every single diaper change and I think it’s because of this style of changing table. Our daughter even loves it – we call it her “happy place”. At nearly 10 months old, we still take her there to hang out and play/chill out before bathtime/bedtime routine. So nice to have the wipes and some toys right there to clean her up and also keep her distracted. She’s never tried to roll off either and I think it’s because we face each other – she doesn’t feel like she needs to. Not that I’d recommend that you leave your baby there without being strapped in or anything, but I feel so much safer with this changing tables versus the regular style.That being said, the pad itself sucks. For sure. I wish I had a “real” pad for it but oh well. I still use a regular, loose-fitting, normal changing pad cover OVER the one that it came with, and squished the weird triangle corner in. That leaves the corner triangle shape piece of wood bare, but I just put a few stuffed animals back there so there’s padding up at the top of her head.I easily fit lots of stuff in the shelves and I feel that after we no longer need it for a changing table, it will store a lot of toys and books for her as she gets older.

  9. Ariel Sanders

    Not sure why bad reviews, works great and sturdy.Not sure on why all the bad reviews, wasn’t hard to assemble if you pay attention. They did send one wrong part but after assembling everything else I just flipped it and was still able to put the shelf in. Was expecting the pad to be terrible but it wasn’t at all. I’m not sure how much padding you think you need to change a baby but I put a nice quilted waterproof topper on it and it’s great. As far as the shelves being “cardboard” the middle ones are significantly sturdy and the side ones are somewhat flimsier, but still strong enough for storage. Fits in corner perfect, nice and minimalistic, really works out perfect and makes so much more sense than a sideways changing table. Wish I got this for the first kid.

  10. Steve B

    Pretty good changing tableThe changing table arrived, and seemed packed well without damage. However the triangle shaped shelf pieces were all chipped up on the corners, and several pins/bolts were missing from the packaging. Upon contacting the company they immediately sent out replacement parts free of charge. The table seemed flimsy before putting it together, and I had to softly hammer a few of the pieces back together that were stapled at the factory. Once it was all assembled, it does seem fairly sturdy and it is very nice that it fits in a corner to save space. It will be reused as a toy shelf once it is outgrown as a changing table, so it will do double duty for us. Overall 4 stars average – would rate it lower due to missing/damaged parts but then up to for for company customer service and response. Would recommend to anyone looking for a fairly priced changing table. It was the best one we could find in this price range that fit in the corner. Just don’t expect solid wood construction and furniture quality for the price – probably will not last for a hand-me-down but with care, maybe through two kids?

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