Dorel Living Sierra Twin over Twin Bunk Bed | Mocha | DL7891 model

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Product details

Size Twin over Twin
Color Mocha
Frame Material Wood
Product Dimensions 79.25″L x 43.5″W x 47.52″H
Brand Dorel Living
Included Components Double Bunk, Single Bunk
  • Bunk Bed dimensions (assembled) – 79.25″ W x 47.5″ H x 43.5″ D | Assembled weight – 99 lbs. | Max weight limit (each bunk bed) – 165 lbs.
  • Solid wood construction with a mocha finish
  • Easy and quick assembly, all required tools to convert come in the package
  • Ladder can only be installed in one end | Floor bunk bed design optimizes space
  • Small space living approved. Promises optimal support and durability with sturdy integrated ladder and slats

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Sleep in style with the customizable, space-saving design of the Dorel Living Sierra Bunk Bed. The increased sleeping capacity is common sense solution for cottages, extended family, out-of-town guests or hosting your child’s rambunctious friends for a sleepover. The Sierra features a mocha finish, clean lines and horizontal slats with a built-in stepladder to access the top bunk. Each bed features its own personal space with easy dependable access in and out. The ultimate space-saver, the Sierra’s multiple configurations also allow it to be set up as a traditional bunk bed or simply as two separate twin beds. The unique floor bunk bed design will allow you to maximize your space while the sturdy, solid construction adds both durability and functionality. Fun, safe and stylish, the Dorel Living Sierra Twin Bunk Bed is the perfect antidote for sleeping multiple people in smaller spaces.

From the manufacturer

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bunk bed;loft bed;bed;full size bunk bed;twin over twin bunk;bunk;twin size loft bed;twin bed

bunk bed;loft bed;bed;full size bunk bed;twin over twin bunk;bunk;twin size loft bed;twin bed

bunk bed;loft bed;bed;full size bunk bed;twin over twin bunk;bunk;twin size loft bed;twin bed

Regular Bunk Beds

From the standard twin over twin bunk bed to twin over full bunk beds, there is a bed that fit your needs!

Triple Bunk Beds

Looking to optimize space? Our triple bunk beds provide three sleeping areas for your children and their friends during sleepovers. Talk about functionality!

Loft Style Bunk Beds

When space is limited, think vertical! These bed frames feature a wide under-bed area perfect for a study corner, reading nook or small playground.

Key Features

bunk bed;loft bed;bed;full size bunk bed;twin over twin bunk;bunk;twin size loft bed;twin bed

bunk bed;loft bed;bed;full size bunk bed;twin over twin bunk;bunk;twin size loft bed;twin bed

bunk bed;loft bed;bed;full size bunk bed;twin over twin bunk;bunk;twin size loft bed;twin bed

bunk bed;loft bed;bed;full size bunk bed;twin over twin bunk;bunk;twin size loft bed;twin bed

Built-In Ladder

Our bunk beds come with ladders built-in for easy climbs up an down!

Full Length Gaurdrails

To ensure ultimate safety, our upper bunks come with full-length guardrails.

Bentwood Slats

These bunk beds are made with sturdy bentwood slats to provide mattress support. No box spring needed.

Convertible Design

Most of our bunk beds easily convert into freestanding beds to adapt as your children grow up.

Why Dorel Living?

bunk bed;loft bed;bed;full size bunk bed;twin over twin bunk;bunk;twin size loft bed;twin bed

bunk bed;loft bed;bed;full size bunk bed;twin over twin bunk;bunk;twin size loft bed;twin bed

bunk bed;loft bed;bed;full size bunk bed;twin over twin bunk;bunk;twin size loft bed;twin bed

Trendy Designs

Versatile trendy creations for every occasion. Our unique assortment has something to fit your needs!

Assembly in no time!

With an easy and quick assembly, and modern designs at affordable prices, what’s not to love?

Small Space Approved

Whether for a condo, apartment or a dorm, our multi-purpose products offer the perfect solution for small space living.

Additional information

Weight 99 kg
Dimensions 79.25 × 43.5 × 47.52 cm

Twin over Twin



Frame Material



Dorel Living

Included Components

Double Bunk Single Bunk



Furniture Finish

Mocha Finish

Assembly Required


Form Factor

Bunk Bed

Item Weight

99 Pounds

Product Dimensions

79.25 x 43.5 x 47.5 inches, 79.25L x 43.5W x 47.52H

Country of Origin


Item model number




Date First Available

April 20 2018


Dorel Living

10 reviews for Dorel Living Sierra Twin over Twin Bunk Bed | Mocha | DL7891 model

  1. Gabel Cleaning Co.

    GREAT BUNK BEDS AND A FEW HINTS…LOVE!!! Not just like. Let me tell ya WHY.I labored long and hard over many bunk bed reviews bouncing back and forth. I read the reviews about missing parts, cracked boards etc. I can say this, though. Not only did the company making this product do an amazing job, but the shipper and Amazon just ROCKED IT!!!LOOK, there are products you buy that are good, do the trick and you are happy. We sort of expect that, even though every package we get on time and in one piece is a finely tuned melody of production, QC, packaging, transport and delivery all coming together to make a song for each customer. It is a feat. We are really spoiled. So thanks all! Just sayin’On to my review:Yes, when this huge two piece delivery came to my door attached to two polite and very strong young men toting it seemingly effortlessly AND in record time (given how large this bunk bed set is), I was THRILLED!!!I got the triple bunk, because I have three grandkids and the two boys are climbers. The third grand is only 2months, but growing fast). When they stay at my house, which is endowed with only two bedrooms, I needed a place to let them play as well as sleep, while I kept the baby in her crib safely with me at night. So, that said, being that I bought the triple bunk I got TWO separate packages about 7′ x 3′ x 2′ (approx.). When I opened the first package, I saw the directions for putting together the double (not triple) bunk. “Oh no”, I exclaimed. I called Amazon, who promptly called me back and put me on the line with the shipping company. They did have the other manual on-line in a printable version. Although I had no printer. Sigh.Good thing I opened the second package. It contained the instruction manual (how to assemble) for the triple bunk. Yippeeee.I put these together on my own, MOSTLY. Run through and lay out all your pieces and hardware FIRST. Count the number of each (they even send the funky little hex wrench, which you will have an almost intimate relationship with by the time you complete putting it all together…lol). I have heard some people use a drill. Great! I did it the harder way. Signature “me” style. NOTE: there will be times YOU MUST HAVE TWO PEOPLE TO ASSEMBLE. You can do quite a bit of the tedious stuff yourself, but yeah, no way around it. Invite a strong friend over when you’ve done the most of it you can in your own and lure this person over promising pizza, beer and chocolate cake (plus a blazing fun time applying both brawn and brainwork to complete a worthy task..HA)So, this was not a simple project, but do-able. I was absolutely gob-smacked by the quality and sturdiness of the pieces all tagged with letters to identify them.Once together, I decided to buy bunkie boards by taking accurate measurements down to my local Home Depot (they cut large plywood sheeting for one dollar a cut). Bunkie boards add a bit more sturdiness and I felt I could use thinner foam type mattresses to give a higher rail for a bit more safety. You will learn NOT to put the backside of the bunk beds up against the wall, UNTIL you have the mattresses and bunkie boards in place. There are a few more helpful hints I am forgetting, but with patience, you will bother persevere AND conquer. Oh, and don’t forget. Wait a day or two and then go through all the bolts and tighten them up a smidge more. If loose, tighten until snug. I could climb to the top bunk and I felt secure, so was their a slight give? Yes, of course, but it wasn’t such that I felt there was any danger whatsoever. The only danger is them learning to climb up and down correctly and safely. Grandma needed to be there for that lesson. My gandboys are three and four years old (btw, no one will sleep on the top bunk until old enough – they are small enough yet to both fit in the bottom bunk, which suits me fine…they will grow)I do suggest buying some colorful soft need balls or toys that your kids can throw down safely from the upper bunk. My g’kiddoes need to be supervised by me and their little sister right now until they are more skilled at this. Fun safe stuff to throw down is a delight at this age (for some reason)Bottom line: I had zero problem with quality (one very small chip of paint, which with this size of a product was nominal, to me). Boards were not warped, holes aligned, hardware was all there and substantial (they did not look or feel cheap AT ALL). Instructions were mostly right on (and what wasn’t was pretty easy to discover and work around) and easy to follow.These are such a fun way to save space and create a bedroom for more than one child, while leaving room for a play or study area (if your kids are older).Would I buy these again? Or recommend to another? ABSOLUTELY. The only thing that would have made this experience just a little bit better was having my bunkie boards precut and ready to go AND saving a few hundred bucks above the cost so I could hire it out together for me. YEP, that would have been dandy! As it was, I did OK and my purchasing experience left me in awe of the many hands that worked behind the scenes to get this Super Great piece of furniture into my home. The installer could have used more help (smiling)My grandsons LOVE THIS BUNK BED!!! They climb like monkeys!

  2. Brittany

    Love It!Exceeded my expectations. This same exact bed was on sale at Ashley Furniture for double the price. It’s very sturdy and my 3 year old son loves it. I left out the bottom bed and made it a loft bed. Single mom here and I was able to put it together by myself- took me about 2 1/2 hours. I do think the wooden slats that hold the mattress could be a little more secure but that’s not a big deal considering my son doesn’t really play on the bed and likes to play underneath it. My only advice is to make sure you’ve added all the parts to one side before tightening the screws. I had to loosen a few of them towards the end to add the top rails and then retighten. Also, if you have to assemble this by yourself like I did, it’s a doozy to stack it, lol. But it’s doable. It’s about 100lbs but I can slide it and move it as needed.

  3. Ellie

    Great quality! Good optionOverall very happy with purchase. Only complaints are that the side slats for the top bunk do not offer roll protection with taller mattresses. We had to get a thinner mattress and small foam topper to put on the top bunk, and we had to use plywood from our previous twin bed frame for the top mattress to rest on. The problem in our experience is that the support slate are low quality, sliver creating. One of them couldn’t be screwed in because it was split around the hole, and they are a slight safety hazard for fingers and toes under the top bunk.All things considered, it’s an excellent option for the price and the most important parts are good quality.

  4. Mikaila

    Perfect size and height for young kiddosLove these bunk beds. I have 2 young very lively boys and this has been great for us! Sturdy and short!!A couple wood pieces arrived scuffed or the paint scratched on them but like I said this is for a 4and 5 year old.Only recommendation, put grips on the ladder stairs!!

  5. Mandi

    My boys have been LOVING their new bed!!Definitely needed a second person about half way through but not too bad of a set up. And my boys love it. I especially love being able to see the top bunk and the fact that it can become 2 separate beds if needed

  6. Lisa Tucker

    My kids love this bedI really like this bed, it didn’t take long to put together and my kids love it!

  7. nickyray27

    Affordable bunk bedKind of a pain putting the kids in the lower bed, basically on the floor. Recommend bed lifts

  8. Alyssa poitras

    Love itI love works well for low ceilings

  9. Nicole Sams

    Bunk beds!Few little dings and took a bit to put together but the kids love them! Perfect height for younger kids.

  10. Knightmare

    Excellent product.I bought this expecting to be disappointed. I was wrong. It was easy to put together. It’s not heavy. It’s VERY sturdy. It doesn’t take up much space and its great for small children. I have a 2 year old on the bottom and a 4 year old on the top. They fell in love with it AS SOON as it was completed. I gave it 5 stars because of my needs for the product. It’s perfect for what I need.I do have one complaint! The ladder is cheap and completely vertical. My 4 year old can use it but complained. He was uncomfortable getting down using it. The 2 year old loves to climb and climbs into a 6 foot playhouse with ease using a slanted ladder. He could not climb this ladder on the bed. I was uncomfortable with him attempting to climb it as well. So I build the stairs in the corner for them to get up and down safely out of 2×6 lumber. The ladder is my only complaint. Well worth the purchase if you can add an additional stair/ladder for the upper bunk.

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