Efomao Desk Office Chair Big High Back Chair Fabric Computer Chair Managerial Executive Swivel Chair with Lumbar Support (Black)

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Product details

Color Black
Brand Efomao
Product Dimensions 20.5″D x 23.6″W x 50″H
Special Feature 扶手
Material Leather
Pattern 纯色
  • SUPER COMFORTABLE —— People up to 350 lbs can sit on it. Equipped with an seat cushion (seat size: 20.5″D X 23.6″W, 4″ thick) and a heavy duty metal base。
  • BEST-IN-CLASS SEATING EXPERIENCE —— high-density foam ensures comfort and support. The extra-wide backrest and independent lumbar support gently wraps your body and supports your lower back, thoughtfully designed to keep you comfortable during long hours of work, study or play.
  • ADJUSTABLE CHAIR —— With 360° Swivel – Height Adjustable Mechanism – Back Angle and Tilt/Sway System to Swing Back and forth at any angle up to 135°. The tilt tension knob below controls the tension of the tilt, which you can adjust to your personal preference.
  • CERTIFIED QUALITY – Every part has been carefully selected and crafted, a necessary investment to help customers worry less. Soft and comfortable leather material gives you a better touch. Smooth wheels, SGS certified Class 3 gas cylinder, strong supporting nylon base, all tested over 100,000 times and certified for safety and quality. BIFIMA certified, more reliable and robust
  • WORRY-fREE PURCHASE – customer satisfaction is our top priority! Our office chairs come with all the hardware and necessary tools. It can be easily installed and used in about 10-15 minutes. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us, we will spare no effort to assist you with any questions!

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Product Description


Efomao Office has been focusing on providing the most cost-effective office chairs for 10 years.

Our chairs are sold to many countries, including the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan and other countries. They are popular with local consumers.The biggest special feature of this chair is its comfort. When you sit on it, you will feel the whole person is wrapped in the soft cushion, you will feel very comfortable. And it also looks very beautiful.




90~135° Recline Backrest

The recline angle of 90~135° can make people very comfortable to lie on it and rest. And can have a very comfortable rocking function without locking the tilt handle.

Double Foam Cushion

The first layer is a soft sponge, which makes it softer and more comfortable.The second layer is the new foam, which allows the seat cushion to remain in a dent-free state for a longer period of time.

Sturdy and Comfortable Armrests

Soft foam padded, Fabric-wrapped armrests make the arm feel softer and more comfortable when placed on it. The structure of the powder coating metal frame makes the armrest more durable and beautiful.




Retractable Footrest

Retractable footrest allows for a more comfortable rest for your legs.

Wrapped Backrest

The specially designed backrest can make the back feel wrapped when lying on the backrest.

The foam is wrapped in high-quality fabric. Breathable, soft and comfortable.

360° Rotatable Wheels

The high-end 360° rotatable wheels have strong wear-resistant and durable properties and quietness.

Additional information

Weight 52 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 23.6 × 50 cm




Special Feature


Room Type

Office Study Room

Frame Material


Back Style

Solid Back

Unit Count

1 Count

Included Components

Back Seat Adjuster Mechanism Wheels Base Armrests Lumbar Support Screws Instruction



Model Name

PU ME Chair

Seat Material Type


Product Dimensions

20.5 x 23.6 x 50 inches, 20.5D x 23.6W x 50H

Item Weight

52 Pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

May 11 2022



10 reviews for Efomao Desk Office Chair Big High Back Chair Fabric Computer Chair Managerial Executive Swivel Chair with Lumbar Support (Black)

  1. bandazar

    solidly builtI spent about a week or 2 of searching for a new chair when my puff rocker chair started showing signs of heavy wear. I got tired of constantly trying to repair the fabric and with also the other faults with the chair, so I did a lot of searching on the internet. Unfortunately, a lot of sites on the internet, if you sort by “best chairs” keeps either giving you really expensive chairs or mesh type chairs. I’m not a fan of mesh chair design because of the feel and because they aren’t as durable as some other types of chairs. Although I do understand why people in hot climates like them.I was basically looking for a fabric office chair that at least had tilt/rocker design, that looked comfortable, and looked like it would last a while, and also that did not have some sort of technical flaw in it that was exposed by a bad review. I remember liking a very old Lay-Z-boy office chair that was of mesh type that is no longer manufactured as being my favorite office chair.So decided to get this chair based on those criteria. There are a lot of things to like about this chair, but first the dislikes:1. Arm rests are not adjustable. I decided to only use 2 holes to attach the arms so that I could push them back a little. I guess you could also leave the armrests off if you wanted too. I guess the arm rests are the biggest negative in that with the arm rests, I can’t really fit the chair underneath either of my 2 desks, since it makes the chair too wide. Thinking about engineering a solution to push the armrests further back by using a piece of wood.2. Seat cushion is a little bit harder than I thought it would be. Hopefully this will get softer with time.3. There is that “smell” due to chemicals that lasts for a day after you unpack it which is a bit unpleasantAlthough not a complaint, the backrest, during installation, was the hardest part of installing this chair, which, for the most part was easy. I had to loosen the 3 bolts that connected the metal bar in order to get the backrest to fit. I also wish this chair was 2 inches narrower as well. I guess most people will like the wide design, but for me, a narrower design means that I could potentially fit it underneath my desks better. Height adjustment is rather small for this chair. Something to note. Not a big deal for me, but it feels like you can only adjust this up and down a tiny bit.On the positive side:1. Tilt lock is adjustable at any angle2. There is a loose lumbar pillow that does not appear to be attached in any way.3. Arm rests are comfortable4. Construction looks solid. Although stitching is pretty much what you’d expect at this price range (it isn’t going to be perfect, but it is good for this price).5. It rolls very well on a wood floor. Maybe a bit too well in fact. If you live in a slightly sloped surface like I do, it might roll a little more than you’d like.Comfort level so far is about typical of most other chairs I’ve sat in. Probably in fact better than average I would say. Just not the best. The foot rest is more like a leg rest to me since it does not go that far.

  2. Bree Nikki

    Chair fit for a queen!I was looking for a new chair for my “home office” after my previous one broke. As soon as I saw this I wanted it! I just got it today, but I was able to put it together myself (which says a lot). So far, so good. Really comfortable, looks great, feels nice. No complaints! And the cat not only matches the chair, she approves!

  3. Adrian Burroughs

    A MUST BUY!!!!I was in the market for a gaming chair for comfort. All reviews on multiple chairs wasn’t worth me purchasing, coming across this chair was everything I was looking for. Hands down a must buy!!!

  4. Dave

    Very comfortable chairWas surprised at how comfortable this chair is

  5. Shaydenba

    Super comfortable and feels sturdyI’ve been looking for a new office chair for ages but I’m picky. They’re not cheap and I wanted to get something that would last for a while. I’ve heard horror stories about how people got chairs and within 6 months, they were falling apart. Let me just tell you, I have no concerns about that happening with this chair. I took a few days before writing my review to get a good sense of how the chair felt after a bit of use.The package itself is HEAVY (50+lbs but it feels like more). And bulky. If you’re having to carry this upstairs/downstairs or around corners, get yourself another human. You’ll be glad you did.Pros:- No plastic frame here. Pretty much every piece of this chair is metal, and it’s heavy. If you’re weak like I am, you might want someone else to help you.- IKEA level directions. Very clear, extra parts included, pictures and words in the instructions. Although it comes with everything you need to assemble it, I thought it was much easier using my own screwdriver. One of the fastest furniture assembly times I’ve ever had. Took 30 minutes and most of that was me struggling to lift part of it to get the arms screwed in properly.- Upholstery. This fabric is very pretty. I got the grey with white trim and it’s gorgeous. The lumbar pillow matches perfectly (and it’s super comfortable). Every bit of the chair that’s covered by fabric seems to be cushioned well and that includes the sturdy little footrest. I hope to not have to test out how well the fabric can be spot cleaned, but if I do, I’ll update.-Easy to use. The foot rest is easy to pull out. The chair reclines a bit, and adjusting the height is super simple.-Glides well. This is a bit of a strange perk for me. I have carpet, and while I know that’s not great for chairs like this, this chair doesn’t seem to have any problems at all with it. It swivels nicely when I turn in my seat, too.Cons-Literally just me being picky, but I wish the seat had more cushion or a cushion that kept its original shape a bit better. For $300+(which is the price at the time of my review), I would like to think I’m getting really nice materials everywhere.-While I personally don’t mind that the armrests are not adjustable, they’re a bit short for me to comfortably place my arms on.As a side note, because of the height of my desk, I have this at the maximum height. I’m 5’8″ and my feet can touch the ground comfortably, but the foot rest only reaches a little past my knees. Taller people (I’d say in the 6’4″ range and up) might be a little cramped. The back of the seat is insanely tall and I doubt you’d have problems there, but I would wonder if the chair would be comfortable leg wise. (Note: all of the dimensions for this chair are in the pictures the listing provides on its Amazon page, so definitely check there first).

  6. Army_Veteran

    Very Comfortable ChairThe media could not be loaded.

     I needed another office chair for a desk in my home.Things I Like:1.) Comfort. This chair is very comfortable as others have stated.2.) Assembly was easy and went smoothly.3.) I like the thick padding.4.) I like the color and the red strip just adds to the look.5.) The wheels roll smoothly.6.) It has a built-in padded leg rest although it’s not something I would use.7.) It has a good amount of recline.8.) Pillow. The included matching pillow is a nice touch. I am using it for lower back support.The one thing that I don’t like is the height adjustment. This chair at the highest height is lower than other office chairs I own. (see photo)So overall this is a very good chair but due to the max height being shorter than other office chairs I cannot give it 5 stars.I hope this helps.

  7. Tee

    The Almost perfect chair!!!First of all I must say, this chair is supper easy and quick to set up. They recommend two people setting it up, but I was able to set it up in 30mins, so with two people it could be even faster.Next, the chair feels quite premium, with the exception of the leg rest, everything feel nice and solid. The material is great, the rollers are solid and quite, the recline function works so smoothly, though it takes a while for the spring under to set, so before then you might hear a little crackling noise as if a screw is loose, but nothing crazy, some people might not even notice the noise.The chair itself feels so comfortable, it literally snuggles you in, a perfect companion for working at home where you spend hours in the chair sitting.Two things that make it fall it a little short of being the all time perfect chair;1. The handles are not adjustable (not a deal breaker, but something I wished was possible)2. The chair doesn’t really go up really high (20inches from the floor to the seat at its highest setting). If you have a standing desk, this might not be such a big deal as you can just lower the height of your table, but if you are using a fixed height table then this can be quite an inconvenience.Thankfully I have a standing desk and I really don’t mind the handles, but this is a great chair regardless, I highly recommend it .

  8. PyroDrake

    Very comfortable, and cat approved!This is a really nice chair! It has a very high back and feels great when reclining.The recliner leans back very far, but never feels like it will fall over. It has a great center of balance. The foot rest is a nice addition, although I’m not sure how often I’d be able to use it given the lack of room under my desk. The arm rests are nicely padded and give a good amount of space between them.The seat itself is a bit more firm than I would have liked, but it’s still very comfortable. The lumbar pillow isn’t attached to the chair. This is good, as I feel I’m too far forward with it in place. The recliner lock doesn’t have set positions it will lock in. It can be locked in ANY position, which is something I haven’t seen in a chair like this before (most others will lock either fully reclined or fully upright, with nothing in between).I really have no complaints about this chair. This is definitely high quality, and I highly recommend it!

  9. Daisy

    Big and comfyThis handles my 340 lb friend very well and it’s extremely comfortable

  10. Arlene

    Big enoughThe media could not be loaded.

     It’s made of cloth and sitting is enjoyable. It took an hour to assemble, a little heavy but it was easy. The seat cushion and backrest feels cozy and warm. I can fall asleep on it☺️. I like the footrest feature, it’s long enough and sturdy.

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