Elephance Large L-Shaped Computer Desk with Shelves, Corner Desk, Home Office Writing Workstation, Gaming Desk PC Latop Table

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Product details

Brand Elephance
Shape L-Shape
Desk design Computer Desk
Product Dimensions 21.65″D x 56.96″W x 29.5″H
Color Black Oak
Style Gaming
  • Enrich Use Space: This large L shaped computer desk features two 2-tier open shelves for storage, providing plenty of surface space for your monitors, laptops or maybe other office supplies and organization. If you need the space for a large computer chassis, feel free to remove the middle shelf for some extra room.
  • Spacious Workstation: (56.9+56.9) L x 21.6D x 29.5H inch, full L Shape design fits snugly in a corner to maximize your limited space. The beveled edge design in the middle provides more working space.
  • Durable & Sturdy Construction: The gaming desk is constructed by high-quality P2 class particle board with the adjustable leg pads which ensures stability and durability. We designed a hole (Diameter 0.39”) to install a monitor mount conveniently.
  • Multipurpose Desk: The large desk is a perfect working partner for any spaces, not only suit for home, offices, apartments, college, but also provides you with multi-functions and wide freedom desktop. It can maximize the daily working, gaming and reading enjoyment.
  • Modern Wooden Desk: This sturdy wooden desk stands out with its modern, sleek appearance, providing you with a workspace that is both simple and attractive.
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Product Description

L shape computer desk

study desk

Elephance L Shape computer desk with shelves

A Perfect Fit For Any Room

This modern design large computer desk features two 2-tier open shelves for storage makes a perfect addition to Any Room in Your Home and Office! Great for home office activity, writing, study, gaming.

Durable & Sturdy Construction

The study table made of high-quality P2 class particial board with steel frame which can withstand a great deal of weight up to 450lbs. Full L Shape design, make the most of your space, easy to fit snugly in a corner to maximize your limited space. The multi-functional desk can be used as computer desk, office workstation, office desk, study table, writing desk, gaming desk etc.


  • Desk Size: (56.9″ + 56.9″)L x 21.6″ D x 29.4″ H
  • Package Size: 46.45″(L) x 36.81″(D) x 3.74″(H)
  • Gross Weight: 73.41LBS
  • Safe Material: P2 Class Particle Board + Thicker Steel
  • Thicken Board: 15MM
  • Bearing Capacity: Up to 450 lbs
  • Hole Diameter: 0.39”

Main Detail

writing table

gaming desk

study table

More spacious working space

The beveled edge design in the middle provides more working space, ensures that you can control three monitors, laptops, or computers on this working desk comfortably.

Enrich Your Use Space

Two 2-tier open shelves of storage providing plenty of surface space for daily home office use, Place your favorite books, decorations, or notes on the shelves for easy access. Even you can remove the middle shelf, and put your PC chassis on it.

Hole for Monitor Mount

A monitor mount is necessary if you want to put several monitors on your working desk.So we designed a hole (Diameter 0.39”) which enable you to install a monitor mount easily and conveniently.

computer office desk

computer desk

Additional information

Weight 70.9 kg
Dimensions 21.65 × 56.96 × 29.5 cm




Desk design

Computer Desk


Black Oak



Top Material Type

Engineered Wood

Special Feature


Room Type


Number of Drawers


Mounting Type

Floor Mount



Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

21.65 x 56.96 x 29.5 inches, 21.65D x 56.96W x 29.5H

Item Weight

70.9 Pounds



Date First Available

October 14 2020



4 reviews for Elephance Large L-Shaped Computer Desk with Shelves, Corner Desk, Home Office Writing Workstation, Gaming Desk PC Latop Table

  1. Dee Vee

    Great desk for home use! Perfect wraparound work space!I love that there is a wide enough space in the “corner” for my ergo keyboard & mouse & is still deep enough for my center monitor to be placed at an appropriate distance for ergonomic viewing. Not many corner desks have a wide enough area for a keyboard AND mouse.My partner put this desk together & he’s like a furniture assembly savant, so I can’t say it’s “easy” … some people might struggle with it. But with some logic and general know-how, it shouldn’t be relatively do-able for most folks. The instructions weren’t awesome, and there was some finesse required for leveling out the feet, but in the end it worked out well.It is sturdy enough to hold my 3 monitors — currently a 34” LG Ultrawide (like 20+ lbs) and 2 HP 25” screens, one on either side. Plus a laptop. Plus a lamp. Plus a bunch of papers, pens, my ever present coffee or other beverage, snacks, and headphones.Plus there are the shelves on either side. NICE! I haven’t even filled them up yet. They are tall enough to hold vertical file boxes though.I used Command hooks to run cables along the metal legs and under the tabletop to keep them kinda tidy, since it is an open desk, everything visible. Easy access to all cables while I have reconfigured my monitors 3 times in the past month, trying out new ones & reinstalling the old ones. Right now they’re a bit messy in pic because I am about to install a UPS and try 3 new monitors, so pardon the spaghetti mess under the desk in my pics.If you’re wondering why there are 2 yoga blocks under it, I’m a short gal (5’-1”) & use those as footrests – easily adjustable to any width I need – most footrests are 15”-17” wide & it is hard on my hips to keep my legs tightly together all day to make that work. Just scoot them apart as much or as little as I need, and tip the blocks on their sides & they’re taller, to adjust position easily multiple times a day. I can also rock them back & forth a little to keep a bit active and keep circulation flowing.I would absolutely buy this desk again, if I needed another. My BF is happy using my 2 old 5ft striaght tables instead of getting him a 2nd desk like mine, though. At least for now.I would highly recommend this desk to anyone with limited space & ergonomic needs/preferences. And at this price point, there’s just nothing better out there. I spent months researching this site and other companies to find a cheap desk that had features I needed. This is quite nice for the price. It’s not a commercial grade by any means, but for personal use should fit the bill for most anyone under 6’-4”.The packaging the desk came in WAS absolutely trashed upon arrival though… not the fault of the manufacturer, vs. how absolutely awful delivery companies are these days with package handling. Cannot take away stars for what isn’t the maker’s fault.

  2. Josh D

    1 star for Assembly, 5 stars for end resultOkay, so I read everyone else’s reviews and I believe we are all on the same page here – the end result of the deal being put together is great. However, getting to that point is troublesome.THINGS TO KNOW WHEN ASSEMBLING:-The legs that require the screws with the plastic pieces on them that act as footers for the floor may be messed up. (In my case, the hole in the bottom of Leg 8 was drilled so bad the screw would not even go into it.) While it doesn’t make that much of a difference at first, it will when you put the wood on top because you will need something to push the leg up that extra inch to meet the wood. I just broke the plastic piece off the screw and put it under the leg for the extra lift.-The tools provided are absurd. They’re very small and not durable for all the pieces you have to put together. As you can see in my pics, I used the Allen key so much that about halfway through I had to dig out my own because it ended up rounding it out. Also, I would HIGHLY suggest having a Allen key holder. Luckily I had one, but not having one with this assembly would be a joke.-Before you put anything together, TEST THE HOLE LINE UPS! For example, in my pics you can see where some of the holes did not line up with the wood pieces. They were about an inch off for about 3 holes total on the big center wood piece. I know they were cut wrong because all of the other holes lined up directly, and no matter how much pressure I put on it to line it up, it wasn’t happening. Luckily, the surrounding holes lined up, so i don’t think it will effect it holding items or sliding. So not a dealbreaker.-Look at Step 6 in the instructions BEFORE you complete Step 5. That will make a difference how you rotate the pieces in the middle. You want all of the screws to be facing DOWN so the wood pieces can go on top. The holes are different on top and bottom of the rods in the middle, so it makes a difference. I messed up and had to backtrack on this to correct it.-Amazon/The Seller doesn’t offer specific part replacements. At least, I couldn’t figure out a way. When I contacted them for replacement parts, it was that I return the whole item for a replacement or not at all. I stay 4 floors up in an apartment, and our packages are delivered to the leasing office. And carrying this back to my place up 4 flights of stairs wasn’t easy, so I didn’t return the whole item.Overall, it took me about 4 hours by myself to assemble. It definitely could’ve gone faster if I had someone to help though.With all of the above said, I encourage you to read all the reviews. They’re pretty on par. I will say the wood is really thick and sturdy. The metal pieces feel extra sturdy, so I would say the end result was justified. However, if I had knew all the small things I know now, I probably would’ve looked for a different desk just to ensure the small things I mentioned above don’t effect it in the long run. Regardless, I’m not returning it.

  3. Th3_Admiral

    Exactly what I was looking forI spent way too much time trying to decide on a new desk before settling on this one. And I’m glad I did! It’s big but doesn’t take up too much space. It’s solid and sturdy, but still has that open feel without a solid back and sides. It was easy to assemble, though you do need to pay attention to which way the holes on each bar face when you put things together. Otherwise, you might have to backtrack if you did it wrong. My favorite part about this desk is just how much surface area you have in the corner section. It’s absolutely huge! I have yet to install my planned four-monitor setup, so if I encounter any problems there, I will update this review accordingly.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Overall happy with the product, but assembly was a pain…I had been using my old dining table as my remote work station, and it was time to upgrade for a bigger desk. I’ve always loved L-shaped desk for work, so after days of research, I’ve decided to order this product.I am overall happy with the product, but assembly was not easy. Granted, I don’t frequently build furniture, but I wish that the instructions were a bit more detailed (they never usually are, though). The step that *almost* made me swear never to build another piece of furniture again was screwing the table tops onto the frame (last step). Make sure that ALL of the screws can go in before tightening them because for some reason having all screws in place except one does not necessarily ensure that the last one will go in.For this price, I think it’s still a good deal and end product is great. If you can, I recommend you ask someone for help so the assembly will be quicker and easier.

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