Ergotron – LX Sit-Stand Single Monitor Arm, VESA Wall Mount – for Monitors Up to 42 Inches, 7 to 25 lbs – Polished

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Product details

Mounting Type Wall Mount
Movement Type Articulating
Brand Ergotron
Material Aluminum
TV Size 42 Inches
Color Polished Aluminum
  • Comfortable fit: Patented Constant Force Technology provides easy monitor movement and improved ergonomics
  • More motion: 20″ (51 cm) of height adjustment lets you work sitting or standing
  • Saves space: Folds within inches of the wall when not in use
  • Large extension: Screen can extend 33″ (84 cm) with 62″ (157 cm) of side-to-side motion
  • Quality design: Built for thousands of movements by passing 10,000-cycle test—10-year warranty

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Work at your best when sitting or standing with the LX HD Sit-Stand Wall Arm. The wall attachment keeps your desktop open for reviewing drafts or for stand-up meetings. Easily place large monitors, mid-sized TVs and all-in-one computers up to 30 pounds where you need it for each project, and then reclaim more work area by folding the arm and pushing it aside during a much-needed screen break. Integrated cable management tucks cords under the arm and out of sight. Keep your technology on lock with anchor holes in the base. Comfortable fit: Offers full monitor movement and improved ergonomics More motion: Luxury arm adjusts 20 inches to fit users sitting and standing Saves space: Wall mount opens up extra workspace Large extension: Screens extend out 33 inches with 62 inches of side-to-side motion Sleek build: Streamlined look enhances your work area Quality design: Built for thousands of movements by passing 10,000-cycle test

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Important information

Visible screen diagonal

42″ / 107 cm

Additional information

Weight 11.02 kg
Dimensions 22 × 11 × 7.5 cm
Brand Name


Item Weight

11.02 pounds

Product Dimensions

22 x 11 x 7.5 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Color Name

Polished Aluminum



Date First Available

November 16 2012



10 reviews for Ergotron – LX Sit-Stand Single Monitor Arm, VESA Wall Mount – for Monitors Up to 42 Inches, 7 to 25 lbs – Polished

  1. SCMX

    I wasn’t satisfied. I was using 2 of the Ergotron dual-arm …These things are huge! I had to order 2 of them for my 43″ 4K LG monitors. Wanted to mount them to the wall and after trying some of the cheap under $100 arms, I wasn’t satisfied. I was using 2 of the Ergotron dual-arm desk-mount arms for the past 10 years, but they wouldn’t support my new monitors.These arms are big and heavy, but they work very well. Took about 2 hours to get both arms + monitors up and functioning. I took off a star for the plastic cable conduit cover. It is really thin plastic versus what they offered 10 years ago. I’m assuming they’re saving a couple cents this way, really wish they didn’t. I fear the tabs that hold it in place could break loose. Also, since I’m running multiple super-thick display cables through them, it has a tendency to pop out….really frustrating spending $500 on arms and this is happening.Overall, these arms were about the only option for me given the degree of articulation I wanted; still not perfect (I wanted more left/right articulation without depth movement), but those options ran into the thousands, so I settled again on Ergotron’s.UPDATE: The plastic cable conduit still won’t stay in place when it’s fully loaded with cables. So instead I sleeved my cables and am attaching the sleeve to the arm with hook&look straps. I expect better from the premier line of monitor arms. Ergotron – thicken up this part please like your older products had.

  2. DrZ

    Not good with sit-stand desksThere’s plenty of good reviews, so here’s why I have a huge problem with this:- The title is misleading. Range up-down isn’t good enough to move the desk from sitting to standing position while folded flush next to the wall. When you want to raise it, it moves diagonally, so if you have wall-mounted speakers like I do, it will not be centered when you set your desk to the sitting or standing position, depending how you center it when mounting.- I mounted at the height according to the instructions so now if I want to raise the desk in the standing position I need to pull the desk about a foot away from the wall, otherwise the desk hits the arm.- The instructions make you mount the monitor so its top edge is facing your eyes when standing. This is moronic. With my 32 inch 4K monitor in that position the bottom of the screen is way below when I’m standing. I should be facing the center of the screen so I’m not constantly look down and straining my neck.- There’s not enough space around the bolts when using wood studs for a sturdy socket wrench and it was extremely hard to tighten the bolts all the way to the end with a monkey wrench and this left scratches on the aluminum, so I probably can’t return itAll in all, this endeavor was a $300+ and half a weekend wasted onto a subpar mount that doesn’t work well with my sit-stand desk and 32 inch monitor.

  3. realfun

    Works well for sit-standing; hints for installationThe distance between bottom wall mount hole and top edge of Vesa mounting pad(without the optional extensions) is 56cm(or 22″) when at the highest, 6cm(or 2.36″) when at lowest.How to use the above data: * Measure the distance between your monitor’s top to the Vesa mounting slot in back of monitor(yes, top of slot, not screw hole), let’s say it is 18cm(or 7″) for the monitor you want to mount. * Then measure your standing eye level(distance from ground to your eye when standing up right), let’s say it is 160cm * Then you should drill the bottom hole on the wall mount at 160 – 18 – 56 = 86cm(or 33.86″) above the groundThe above numbers are my calculation that works for me, take it with a grain of salt.

  4. .

    AwesomeThe Ergotron LX Sit-Stand Wall Mount is great. Easy to assemble and install. Installation requires a drill, socket (preferred) or wrench, a way to find a stud behind the drywall, and a bubble level (you can download a free smart phone app for this). Once the tension is set it easy to move around and stays put. Very solid construction. Hopefully, it last a long time.Notes:- The cutout for the lower mounting bolt is smaller than the top cutout–make sure the pilot hole goes into the wall straight. If the bolt goes in with a downward tilt there won’t be enough room to get the socket onto the bolt head.- Because of the design, it offers more maneuverability if the wall mount is in front of the user. I’ve got it mounted off center from my desk and it still works well.- When all the way back against the wall (both arms parallel to the wall and folded on top of each other) downward movement is limited since the lower arm blocks the upper arm’s downward movement.- To help visualize how this moves I’ll describe each joint: – Wall mount/lower arm: fixed height, rotates 180 degrees (wall blocks additional rotation). – Lower arm/upper arm: 360 degree rotation. Upper arm has a hinge that controls monitor height. – Upper arm/monitor: 3 axis hinge. 180 degrees rotation, monitor tilt (only about 5% downwards), monitor orientation.- Longer than normal power and video cables will be necessary.

  5. TerryW

    This is absolutely a fantastic wall mount for mounting large monitorsThis is absolutely a fantastic wall mount for mounting large monitors. I ordered one for my 34 inch Asus Ultrawide monitor as I have a glass desk which excludes me from many desk mounts. Plus the 34 inch monitors are quite heavy all these considered. I saw this mount in a YouTube video and the gentleman had an LG 34 inch widescreen monitor mounted and it moved around so well.I mounted this to the wooden stud in the wall and screw my monitor on and the results are excellent. So many different orientations. I cleared up so much desk space and it looks so professional. The materials are solid and the mount doesn’t shake. It sits exactly where you place it.My buddy who also has two 34 inch monitors struggled with a desk mount having to put books under it to try and hold the weight ordered two of these for his monitors. Mounted both and they look great. This is an amazing product and I recommend it for anyone with a large monitor that wants to get it off the desk or has a glass desk that eliminates clamp down desk mount options.

  6. CA Buyer

    Be aware of size!I received this product promptly and beautifully packaged. The instructions were clear, parts wrapped individually. The product looks incredibly well made. But be aware that it’s quite bulky. It is also fairly heavy, appears to be very well made, but looks like RoboCop’s arm on your wall! When fully extended, it will be quite a distance from a wall so be sure that the location you plan to use it, is appropriate for this product. Had no problems installing it (am female and good with tools) and adjusting tension and it provided perfect support for a 24 in Dell monitor. The photos of the product just make it seem like a more slender profile so be aware those arms are large. Aesthetically it may overwhelm a home office. It looks very industrial.

  7. Ted

    Heavy duty computer wall stand.I got this for my wife so she could get her 27″ monitor to the front of her desk as her vision went south after her stroke. This was s3everal times as expensive as the wall stand it replaced but well worth it. It is REALLY stout and the tension adjustment in the arm is terrific. The central screws in the mount did not line up with the stud beside the window trim so I took it to my home shop drill press and drilled the other holes that are off center and mounted it that way – no problem. You can get wall stand mounts a lot cheaper than this on BUT when you get and use this one you will see why the extra money is worth it.

  8. Mr. Wiggin

    An excellent mountWow, talk about a solid mount! You could practically hang a truck off of this thing. The arms and wall mount are solid cast aluminum. The tension on the lift is adjustable to perfectly match your monitor’s weight. Once it’s set up, it’s incredibly easy to position the monitor exactly where you want it, and it stays put until you want to move it again. My only gripe is that the cables aren’t well hidden on the piece of the mount arm closest to the monitor– you just get a couple of zip ties instead of a large groove to conceal the cables. Not too big of a deal, you can still make it look nice, but not perfect.

  9. Lee Morin

    Very heavy duty, looks great!Very sturdy unit, has the feel of money, looks great. Only problem was trying to add an extra arm. Ordered extra arm to extend reach but extra arm was a smaller model. Thought HD was the key, so bought an HD wall unit just for the extra arm, but it was also the smaller size. Ended up buying a other of these, just for the arm. No way to buy just an extra arm in the large size by itself that I could find. After all that expense and hassle, now am very happy – holds big monitor over big recliner chair in an elegant den very well. And looks great!

  10. Aaron

    The other joints are just fine, and once adjustedOnly real issue is the primary joint, nearest the wall mount. I think it’s just a matter of tolerance, but the joint is extremely tight. I’ve lubricated it to little effect. It is so tight that I have to extend the arm completely and use my whole body weight to budge it. Luckily, the way I have it installed I keep the first joint pointed 90 degrees to the right 99.9% of the time, so this hasn’t posed a serious problem. The other joints are just fine, and once adjusted, it supports my Wacom Cintiq 22HD with no difficulty.

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