EUREKA ERGONOMIC 60 Inch Gaming Desk with Full Mouse Pad, Large Home Office Curved Computer Desk for 3 Monitors with Cup Holder,

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Shape Rectangular
Desk design Computer Desk
Product Dimensions 27.56″D x 60″W x 30.12″H
Color Black
Style Gaming
  • ✔【60” LARGE GAMING DESKTOP】: Captain GIP-P60 gaming desk is a extraordinary choice for your e-sport battlestation. The sleek 60” desktop has plenty of space for your gaming monitors, console, keyboard, and any other gaming gear. Express yourself with limitless possibilities brought to you by Captain GIP-P60 gaming desk.
  • ✔【STURDY AND STABLE STRUCTURE】: Captain GIP-P60 gaming desk’s support structure comes with a combination of robust load-bearing and structural engineering design, I shape structure and F1 supporter will greatly make the desk more stable.
  • ✔【EXCLUSIVELY AND FULLY COVERED MOUSE PAD FOR FREE 】: Captain GIP-P60 gaming desk comes with a fully tailored mouse pad. With ultra durable stitched edges and premium rubber zero-slip base, this mouse pad creates a top notched user experience.
  • ✔【EUREKA GAMING OFFERS YOU FREE ACCESSORY OPTIONS】: All come together with 4 charging USB port, Cup holder, double headphone racks and socket holder.
  • ✔【CUSTOMER SERVICE】: We hold our products to a high standard and hope you have an excellent experience using our gaming desks. Our customer support team is in the U.S.A and we’re here to help with any questions or support you may need. Just contact Us!

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Product Description

gaming table gaming desk gaming computer desk eureka ergonomic gaming desk desk gaming computer

Curved Gaming Desk with Full Coverage Mouse Pad

gaming table gaming desk gaming computer desk eureka ergonomic gaming desk desk gaming computer

gaming table gaming desk gaming computer desk eureka ergonomic gaming desk desk gaming computer

gaming table gaming desk gaming computer desk eureka ergonomic gaming desk desk gaming computer

Stable Structure and Solid Material

Unique I shaped CRS support frame covered by metallic coating to create a delicate texture finishing and strong durability.

Racing Style Cable Grommets

Equipped with two gaming style cable grommets, providing a tidy gaming station for you to battle.

Solid Carbon Fiber Desktop

Captain GIP-P60 gaming desk panel is made of quality material carbon fiber complied with EPA certified standards.

gaming table gaming desk gaming computer desk eureka ergonomic gaming desk desk gaming computer

Package includes:

1x gaming desk

1x controller stack with 4 USB charging ports

1x cup holder

1x full coverage mouse pad

1x dual headphone hook

1x Installation tool

1x Install instruction manual

Important information

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Additional information

Weight 25.2 kg
Dimensions 27.56 × 60 × 30.12 cm




Desk design

Computer Desk





Base Material

Alloy Steel

Top Material Type

Engineered Wood

Finish Type


Special Feature

Curved Edge Ultra Wide Ergonomic desk

Room Type

Office Dormitory Bedroom

Mounting Type

Floor Mount

Furniture leg material

Carbon Steel

Furniture Finish




Included Components

Double Headset Hook Full desk Mouse Pad Cable Management Tray Cup Holder Game Controller Rack with 4 USB Charging Ports

Assembly Required


Leg Style


Product Dimensions

27.56D x 60W x 30.12H, 60 x 27.56 x 30.12 inches

Item Weight

25.2 Kilograms, 55.4 Pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number

GD0088 – BK60

Date First Available

April 14 2020



10 reviews for EUREKA ERGONOMIC 60 Inch Gaming Desk with Full Mouse Pad, Large Home Office Curved Computer Desk for 3 Monitors with Cup Holder,

  1. V. Gamez

    Great desk at a reasonable priceIt’s a great desk for the price. Honestly teetering between a 4 and 5 star, but ultimately had to I’ve it a four because of a few small annoyances. I’ll try to remember to update it if I feel it earned that final star in a few months time.Assembly was a breeze. Everything came in good condition and although the instructions were pictures only (no written text) they were incredibly easy to understand understand. I just want to echo other reviewers that mentioned to not fully tighten anything until the end. I actually preferred pointing the headphone holder and cup holder forward, so I screwed a my own second hole to line it up that we’ll. Still feels sturdy enough and fits better in my room.The mousepad is great, it’s the biggest reason I chose this one over other lesser priced desks. Love that fits perfectly over the entirety of the desk. Just wish it was even simpler, but it’s not too gaudy.The desk feels sturdy enough. I knew it would be two pieces joined together, so I knew what I was getting myself into. A big part of me still wishes it was piece, but I couldn’t find another desk at this price point with the feature set I wanted. It’s worth noting that I’ve seen other rising desks of similar size within a $100 more. And that’s one the things going against it. While it feels strong enough, it could definitely be sturdier.The little cage at the bottom could also be bigger and it should be attached better. As it stands, it’s just two small screws that hold it in place. It fit my power strip only be bending at a wider anger. Smaller ones will fit better I’m sure, but imo there’s no excuse for these shortcomings at this price. Regardless it got the job done, we’ll see it holds.The controller stand/USB hub is powered through micro-USB. I doubt it can power much, so I opted for using my own hub within it. It’s a nice little extra, but I wouldn’t expect much from it.Overa 4/5

  2. Noah Ahmed

    A great desk, but with a few shortcomings/missing a few obvious features given the price.Overall I very much like this desk, am satisfied with the purchase and look forward to using it for a long time as it seems quite sturdy — the full desk mouse pad will only help, as it protects the surface of the desk itself from wear. Assembling the desk was also very easy, overall, with only one even remotely significant hang up. The combination controller/media holder and USB hub is also a welcome add-on. The other premium features (cup holder, headphone hooks) were less impressive, however, in their implementations for reasons I’ll detail below.Despite being a great product overall — one that could easily merit 5 stars and one I had fully expected to award such a rating — I gave this item only 3 stars for the following reasons:1. While the full desk mouse pad is a nice touch, I was planning not to use it because red — while a perfectly fine color and one that I like — is not my favorite color, so I wanted to stick with the carbon fiber design of the desk itself. Unfortunately, the pictures that show the desk sans mouse pad do not reflect the fact that it ships in two pieces that are joined by the frame, and doing so would result in this fact being clearly visible in an aesthetically unappealing way. I understand that they did this to make the package smaller, which is convenient for transporting and warehousing these desks on the manufacturer’s and seller’s ends, as well as for getting the unassembled desk to where it’s going on the customer’s end, but it would have been nice to have known this up-front. At the very least, if Eureka didn’t want to have a different SKU for the desk for each color/design of mouse pad they offered it with, they could always sell the mouse pad separately in different colors (including a neutral tones option) as an accessory. They already do this with the keyboard tray, so why not the mouse pad as well? Alternatively, there could be a slight recess in the surface of the desk on either side of the seam to accommodate a thin metal plate designed to work the fact that it is composed of two pieces rather than one into the aesthetic of the desk.2. The heads of the screws that attach the plastic pieces that give the legs of the desk their shape to the metal frame (the subject of Step 5 of the assembly instructions) are just small enough that they fit through the holes in the frame that the stem of the screw is supposed to go though to attach to said plastic pieces. Fortunately I had some spare washers on hand of the right size to compensate for this shortcoming of the design, but not everyone will. If I hadn’t, I certainly would have been annoyed at having to run out to the hardware store in the middle of putting the desk together in order to get some. For other prospective buyers: about nickel-sized or a few millimeters smaller; with a center hole four, maybe five millimeters in diameter; and as thin as you can get them is what you want — go ahead and pick some up while you’re waiting for the desk to get to be delivered, you can thank me later. Alternately you could forego bothering with these pieces entirely, seeing as how they’re purely aesthetic. For Eureka: in the future, maybe modify the design to make the holes these screws pass through in the legs of the desk smaller, or, alternately, include washers to ensure they can actually secure the plastic coverings to the legs of the desk.3. The screws to attach some pieces (the plastic coverings for the legs/feet of the desk, the rack for your power strip/surge protector, the headphone hooks and the cup holder) are of the pointy-tipped variety that go directly into the material each of the pieces above are intended to attach to instead of having a nut pre-embedded into said piece at the appropriate point. Technically there’s nothing *wrong* with this, but it does make the attachment points for those pieces a little more prone to becoming irreversibly damaged if you accidentally over-tighten the screw and subsequently strip the hole. Given that the rest of the pieces attach this way, that this method provides extra longevity and protection to the item overall, I don’t see what the purpose was in deviating at these points.4. The headphone hooks and cup holder cannot be moved or adjusted in orientation. I’m using the desk in a tight space where I don’t have room on either side of the desk — my girlfriend’s desk is right next to mine on one side; and I have a filing cabinet tucked into the corner of the room on the other side, the opening and closing of the drawers of which would be inhibited by either accessory. I assumed that these pieces would have a swivel mechanism of some sort to allow people to orient them along the front edge of the desk (or even tuck them underneath the desk entirely if desired/when not in use) given how wide it is — and I’ll freely admit it was my mistake to make such an assumption — I still consider it a shortcoming of the product itself. This is for the simple reason that such a mechanism need not be any more complex than having the cupholder/headphone hooks coming off of an O-shaped piece that floats freely inside a spool-shaped mount with the holes to screw it onto the desk in the middle of the “O.” If Eureka didn’t want to go that route, they could have at least included an alternate set of pre-drilled holes to allow people to orient these add-ons so they protrude from the front edge of the desk rather than the sides if desired.5. The surge protector rack attaches smack dab in the center of the desk right along the back edge — precisely where I wanted to clamp on my monitor mount. Of course, given that the desk surface is split down the middle, perhaps this wouldn’t be the best idea even if the surge protector rack weren’t in the way. Unless, of course, there was a piece included to make the split more seamless in the fully assembled product, as noted previously. In either case, another solution would have been to have included pre-drilled holes to accommodate alternate positionings of the surge protector rack, or have it attached to a rail of some sort that would allow for the user to adjust its positioning on the fly, if desired.I acknowledge that some of these points are borderline nit-picking, but given that the desk is priced just shy of $200, the features that my critiques center on are the main selling points, and the fixes to them wouldn’t cost much to implement, I feel that Eureka’s failure to implement them merits the removal of two stars. If a company is going to charge a premium price for a product, they should make sure its premium features are implemented well. The desk is nice enough that they could probably get away with charging $30 more for it, easily — possibly even without the improvements I noted, and maybe even as much as $50 if the suggestions in points four and five were implemented particularly well… let’s say with a ball bearing mechanism to make the swivel/sliding actions super smooth?TL;DR: It’s a good desk (and I highly recommend it) but there are some points worth noting about it that could use improvement and aren’t apparent from the pictures and product description.

  3. andy17null

    Take your time assemblingI’m pleased with this desk. The construction is very good but not perfect. If you’re looking for the sturdiest, longest lasting desk and weight and cost are not a factor, avoid MDF entirely and go for a single piece solid wood desktop. If you don’t need a desk deeper than 24″ you can also find better deals. I personally valued the dimensions and mouse pad enough to spend the small premium on this product.The instructions are not great, just pictures, with a couple spots that are not quite clear enough. It is well packaged. It includes a good quality screwdriver and a crappy 4mm allen wrench – I used my own allen wrench and didn’t bother even trying the included one. It included at least one extra of each screw type.I can confidently say that the reviewers complaining about stability have either got defective parts or, more likely, assembled it wrong. So here are some assembly notes:While assembling any product but especially important for MDF:- Never tighten fasteners as tight as possible, you will crush the MDF.- Tighten each fastener a little bit at a time. I estimate that for each bolt I returned to it four times – initially just tight enough to barely clamp the parts together, then after all bolts are installed I tightened each a turn or two, then repeated each bolt fraction of a turn at a time. This approach lets you ensure parts are aligned and prevents crushing the MDF on one side.- Correct tightness is hard to convey through text but if you’re new to assembly, you can try this rule of thumb for the bolts in step 1, 2 and 3, and use a similar tightness for subsequent steps: Stop when you hear the first bit of crunching noise from the MDF. You can then tighten it a quarter turn more but no further.Notes on specific installation instruction steps:- Step 1: The diagram is not clear here. You’re screwing two brackets to hold the two halves together. I suggest the ridges face away from the surface, I think if the ridges are touching the surface it will causer some instability. I also suggest only loosely screwing these brackets in until step 3 is complete, this gives you the chance to slide the two halves a bit to get them perfectly aligned.- Step 3: Be sure the short sides are facing the cable holes.- Step 4: WATCH YOUR HEAD! Be sure the short sides are facing the cable holes. Two of my bolt holes were not perfectly tapped and it took a small amount of force to get the bolt through them. You may want to take a spare bolt and screw it into each hole to see if they are tapped OK. If they are not, you can either swap the left and right legs (which will skip the faulty hole) or thread your spare bolt through a couple times to clean out the threads. I skipped the cable tray because it doesn’t fit my power strip. Tighten the leg bolts a little more than the rest, these ones are critical for stability.- Step 5: This was the hardest for me. The plastic sleeves barely fit the legs. Be sure to snap the two halves of the sleeve together around the leg before screwing anything in. Be careful, it is fragile and requires very precise alignment. Install the outer two screws before the inner two screws. Use the included magnetic screwdriver to avoid dropping the screws into the holes, otherwise you’ll have to undo your work to get the screw out.- Step 6: I suggest screwing the feet in all the way, then backing each foot off 2 turns – this will make it a little easier to level if you ever want to raise a single foot (rather than lowering the other 3)- Step 7: If you want to use the cupholder or headphone bracket I suggest installing it before flipping the desk. Recheck all bolts before flipping it. None of them should be easy to turn. If possible get someone to help you flip the desk. Wear closed toe shoes in case you drop it on your feet.

  4. Nicholas Labar

    Easy to assembleImmensely magnificent quality! Ever so first-rate delivery. Admirable packaging.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Great quality and valueIll start with the negatives of this desk:The edges of the work surface are fairly “sharp”. Theres no radius to them or anything. The large mat privided with the desk keeps your wrist and arms from being on the sharp edge of the desk, but this could have been beveled.The weird controller stand/usb hub thing is hokey at best. I tried using it as a hub off of my motherboard but it wont connect any devices or charge them through the stand. I dont know if the stand is defective or if they intend for you to plug it into the wall as a charging dock only. There’s nothing in any of the instructions about it and it comes with a usb plug in. Either way, it just seems like it would take up space.The box looked like it was used as a door mat at some point. It specifically says “do not step on” on the box, but it had 2 different shoe prints on it. Don’t know if fedex did that or the manufacturer, but either way i was surprised that nothing was damaged.The pros:The instructions are good and assembly was simple. Maybe took 15 minutes from unboxing to upright and ready to go.They provide the allen wrench (hex key) with a ball end and a magnetized philips screw driver for you.The hardware is mostly separated and easy to identify.The mat for the top surface is much nicer than I expected. I had planned on using my Steel Series mat from my previous desk but opted to just use the one provided as it feels very similar.The packaging was pretty good, and the fact that it arrived undamaged after being used as a door mat is a testament to that. There is a lot of styrofoam in the box and it is packaged pretty tightly with little room for wiggle with all the parts in the box. The corners of the desk top surface also have some plastic caps on them to protect them in shipping which is a nice forethought.Im able to fit my dual 27″ monitor set up, speakers, a small lamp, keyboard and mouse, and flight stick and throttle on the desk with plenty of room to spare.Overall I would highly recommend this desk and would definitely buy it again.

  6. Andy

    3 monitors worth of spacei have a 3 monitor set up and it fits very comfortably. lots of space and very good desk.

  7. Guy2020

    Perfect for my needsJust as described, works perfect for my needs I was worried it would be to big, however it was perfect for 2 27in moniters and my pc to sit on with a little extra.

  8. Ay

    very good qualityIt took over 1hr to assemble it, but very good quality.

  9. Justen

    Impressed.Well for starters I will be coming back to update my review.I scoured Amazon and all the reviews for the best priced and best rated gaming desk, and this is the one that stuck out the most. Though I’ve only assembled it so far and haven’t actually put it to use, I can say that assembly was rather easy and now that it’s on its own 2 feet, it feels pretty solid and sturdy. I was skeptical of the 2 piece top based off reviews of them not being flush with eachother but I suppose luckily I didn’t have that issue. It will be getting 2 24” monitors + stand and a pc set up on the top tonight so we’ll see how it feels integrity wise after that. I can’t speak for the wire management portion yet as I do not have it in place yet.As of right now for anyone that’s scouring reviews looking for this desk I’d say Go for it because the others definitely look a lot cheaper built and have far worse reviews.Will update soon!

  10. Flor A.

    Perfect!My husband loved it! We assembled it in about 20mins! Cuz we awesome like that.

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