FAMISKY Crank Adjustable Height Standing Desk, 48 x 24 Inches Manual Stand up Desk, Sit Stand Workstation for Home Office with

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Product details

Shape Rectangular
Desk design Computer Desk
Product Dimensions 23.6″D x 47.3″W x 45.47″H
Color Walnut
Top Material Type Alloy Steel
  • FAMISKY Desk Concept: Fully ergonomic and healthy working-oriented
  • Non-Powered Design: Crank’s handy and convenient design allows natural and smooth adjustment of the desk height from 28.14” to 45.47”
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Leg: FAMISKY sturdy iron frame allows for a 176 lb weight capacity
  • Elegant Workspace: The spacious and multi-colored desk surface measuring 48″ x 24″ brings you an ample room for work
  • Lockable Casters: Swivel casters rotate 360 degrees which makes turning your desk mobile and your floor protected from scratches
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Product Description

manual standing desk

crank adjustable desk


FAMISKY makes and provides office furniture that is well-built, affordable and designed to create a energetic, supportive workplace where everyone can feel and do better.

  • Efficient Work
  • Happy Life
  • Cheerful Mood

Stay Energetic, Stay Motivated!

Change the Way You Work

The FAMISKY height adjustable desk helps create a better work environment by allowing you to move throughout your day. Switching between sitting and standing throughout a long workday provides several benefits for the body, such as increased blood flow and enhanced posture.

Standing throughout the day also keeps the mind alert and productive while you work.

  • Color: Walnut
  • Material: Metal, Particle Board
  • Size: L: 48” x D: 24” x H: 28.24″ – 45.47”


Solid Construction

The FAMISKY desk frame has been engineered for safe, reliable, and fast height adjustment with crank system. Crank’s handy and convenient design allows natural and smooth adjustment of the height of our desk.


the FAMISKY Brand

Your choose shows us your trust and confidence in the quality we’ve built through the years. Because of this, we would provide solutions you need during your daily operation of the desk.


Crank system

Crank’s handy and convenient design allows natural and smooth adjustment of the height of our desk.


Multiple color options

The desktop comes in a variety of unique color options to fit your unique style or environment


Heavy- Duty Steel Leg

An exceptionally strong iron frame, smooth lifting keep your desktop stable.


Crank system


Multiple color


Strong Iron Frame

Additional information

Weight 54.2 kg
Dimensions 23.6 × 47.3 × 45.47 cm




Desk design

Computer Desk



Top Material Type

Alloy Steel

Special Feature


Room Type


Mounting Type

Floor Mount

Furniture Finish



48 inch

Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

23.6 x 47.3 x 28.9 inches, 23.6D x 47.3W x 45.47H

Item Weight

54.2 pounds



Date First Available

September 11 2020



10 reviews for FAMISKY Crank Adjustable Height Standing Desk, 48 x 24 Inches Manual Stand up Desk, Sit Stand Workstation for Home Office with

  1. Didi

    Great desk, challenging assembly with sync rodTo give you an idea of how often I will be using this desk, I work from home full time and take calls during all that time, so I have no choice but to be at my desk. I chose a standing desk with a hand crank instead of the electric kind to not risk the motor eventually giving out on me. This is the first standing desk I’ve ever purchased and the reviews really helped me in my decision so I decided to write one so as to hopefully help someone else… I received the desk a few days after I ordered it, much quicker than I expected. When I finally had time I opened the box, inspected everything and made sure nothing was missing. The instructions have absolutely no written words, only pictures. I’m no carpenter or particularly gifted, but I was able to put the desk together by myself. The only extra “tool” I used was a star screwdriver because it was much easier than using the little one they provided. For me, the pictures were MOSTLY pretty self explanatory, although I can see how some might not want to bother at all with these types of “instructions”. I also looked at the video the seller has with the pictures of the desk just to get an overall view of each step which was helpful. I put everything together and then the moment of truth. I start cranking the desk and only the right leg goes up while the left does not. I messaged the seller who kindly responded in a few hours (fast!) and said usually when that happens, the issue is the sync rod which is this long, narrow metal rod that goes inside the middle part that connects to both legs. Every piece is important,  but this rod and its placement is the most important because when inserted incorrectly you get what I get. The seller also sent me a link to a video that showed the proper way to install it. Even though the mechanism shown in their video was a bit different than the one in my desk, the idea was the same and it really helped. So much so that I would recommend the seller put the video in a more conspicuous place, such as with the pictures of his product, to help customers in the future. Anyways, it was of course annoying to have to disassemble the tabletop again and then struggle for some time with the rod. But once I got it right and put everything back together, it worked perfectly! The only thing is now with the weight (I’m assuming that’s the issue) of the few things I have on my desk, I can’t tuck the handle back in like I could before when I had nothing on the desk. I don’t want to force it in and risk undoing something so I’m not messing with it. This is not a deal breaker for me, but I can understand how it’d be very annoying to others. Pros: The price, helpful seller, the desk goes up and down smoothly, makes no noise whatsoever, and goes higher than what I even need (I’m 5’6). I love the color and it looks just like the pictures. The 2 hooks on either side as well as the compartment under the desk for wires/outlet extension is a nice touch. Cons: The desk has a grainy/bumpy texture, not smooth as I expected. The handle sticks out instead of being able to be tucked away out of sight.. And of course, my struggle with the rod. Overall, I’m happy with this purchase, for around $200 it does what it’s supposed to do. Seller was helpful with my question, just wish instructions were clearer so I could’ve got it right the first time, but you live and learn. I will update in the future as to how long the desk keeps operating as it should.

  2. Daniel Nelson

    Functional deskI got this for work from home and I picked the manual crank because a lot of the motorized desks that I looked at seem to often have that as the fail point.Everything works and seems reasonably well made for the price I do wish the sit height was a little bit lower. But overall I’m pretty satisfied with the purchase

  3. Christine Kancar

    So far, so goodSet this up with my spouse and we did it in about 45 mins. No extra tools were needed although it would be easier with your own screwdriver set. Seems like good quality, I have dual monitors and a laptop with some room to spare. Would recommend.

  4. Monique J.

    Sturdy enough for my sewing machineI needed a desk for multiple uses. Sewing was at the top of the list. I have a small desk I use for classes and a drafting table for art. This desk gives me more options and frees up my dining room table. Its big. I got the 52″ because I didn’t want to buy another one later. Its tucked into the cats corner for now. My cats spilled their food in protest and generally acted like I was the worst human ever. 52″ is big enough that I can do some quilting on the machine. the 24″ depth is a little narrow but for what I wanted it for and my lack of space it will do.Now, putting it together, most of my problems came from the screws being used as toys by the feline parasites that have deigned to allow me to care for them. I did have a little trouble getting the rod to seat properly but after my fiddling and general cursing of some assembly required furniture, it slid in and the crank worked like a charm. I personally didn’t have any trouble with screw holes lining up or missing pieces. I did NOT use a screw gun. The instructions were awful. Just pictures. I managed, but I had to double check many times that I had the parts facing the correct way before I went willy nilly with putting things together. I did not go in order. I did read them I swear. just not before I started ripping open packaging and laying parts all over the living room. You WILL need a Phillips head screwdriver as I found out later, Im saving you the trouble of needing to stop and locate one in the junk drawer.I did not like that the top came in 2 pieces you put together, but I get it. I will put a new tabletop on it at a later date. For now, for the cost, it works great.The desk goes higher than I will ever need, even standing. Its a great desk for an even better price. Mine didn’t have any damage, and shipping was pretty fast. Its not perfect, (tabletop) but its a great desk.

  5. C.S.

    Sync Rod Issue – you get what you pay forI knew going into it that there might be issues given the price. While trying to assemble it I got to the step where you need to insert what the instructions called the “Transmission Rod”. I removed the 2 little black screws per the instructions but the left side of the Rod will not slide out of the tube like it should. I tried putting lubricant but it is completely stuck and will not budge at all. I emailed customer service and got a quick response (within 1-2 days). They referred to the part as the “Sync Rod” and told me they would send a replacement but it will take 2-3 weeks to arrive as it is being sent from China. Disappointing that it will take so long but then again I knew something like this could happen for a desk at this price. Giving 3 stars for now due to the affordable price, ease of assembly (up until this issue), and quick response from customer service. I will update after the part is received and if I am then able to successfully finish assembling the desk.Edit 9/28/2021: I am late in updating this review. I actually received the replacement Sync Rod within less than a week which was much nicer than the 2-3 weeks I was originally told. The new part worked correctly and I was able to finish the assembly. I would recommend having a second person for the part where you tip the frame over onto the boards that makeup the table top to put in the screws. You also NEED to have a screw gun since I tried to do it manually with a screw driver using my full weight (over 200lbs) and couldn’t get the screws more than 1/3 of the way. The instructions say a screw gun is needed but I missed that so it was my mistake. I haven’t gotten monitors to put on it yet but so far it seems sturdy enough. There is some wobbly when using the hand crank but it’s not excessive. Given the speed of response and helpfulness of customer service with the replacement part, the price, and relatively straightforward assembly, sturdiness, I am bumping up my review to 4 stars.

  6. melissa ayala

    Missing crank / leverDesk itself is great quality. I was very excited Ann looking forward to using it, although unfortunately the crank/ lever was missing. I could not adjust the height of the desk.Such a shame I had to return the desk, Simple because 1 piece was missing.

  7. Cindy Robertson

    Great purchaseSturdy. Rolls easily even over carpet. Plenty of room for two large monitors and laptop. Highly recommend for work at home office. NOT EASY TO ASSEMBLE. Still worth it.

  8. Elizabeth

    Exactly what I neededI had been in the market for a sit/stand desk for quite a while. Due to budget and availability I had not been able to find one for months. I had seen this one and debated getting it for a while. I am glad I finally pulled the trigger. It is perfect. I adjust it up and down 2-3 times a day and have had no issues.I bought the 55″ and am very glad I did. I have so much room for activities… and two large monitors. When you put it in a standing position there is a little give of the desk top, just a small wobble. Nothing that has affected my work.It was easy-ish to put together. The crank mechanism gave us a few issues. I chose to use the wheels, but you do have an option for a solid foot. I like the wheels for vacuuming. The underside tray is perfect to keep your cords organized.

  9. Bev

    Just as described.I love my table! My husband said is was easy to assemble. It is very sturdy and I love that wheels are included. I use it in my craft room so the wheels are a great plus!! I like it because of the adjustability, but I have just one comment to make about that. I am short (5’2”) and would love for the manufacturer to make it so that the table can be lowered about 4 more inches. I have to have my chair as high as it will go which makes my feet not touch the floor. Nothing bad to say about the table, just wish it could be lowered a little more. Something a short person has to deal with on a daily basis!!😄

  10. Kelly J.

    Patience required to assemble, but worth itI bought this desk for use in my classroom and it is just beginning to be used. So I can’t say anything yet about longevity. I assembled this by myself and it took about 2- 2 1/2 hours. This time could have been 30 minutes less but installing the rod that raises and lowers the desk took real time and patience. The instruction booklet is mostly pictures and not the easiest to decipher. I really had to go piece by piece, step by step very slowly. When I got to the rod that raises the desk, I was getting quite frustrated. I went back to Amazon to look at questions people had asked and discovered there is a video, from the manufacturer, about installing this rod. WATCH THIS VIDEO! I played it and stopped about every 30 seconds and did the step they just explained. The most important thing is DO NOT FORCE THE ROD INTO PLACE. I nearly broke a piece thinking I was not pushing hard enough, but the problem was I had just not turned the rod enough yet to fit in the gear mechanism. You can’t see this mechanism, so you just have to slowly turn and lightly push and eventually it slides right into place. The desk seems very sturdy and mine is going up and down evenly. The last step was installing the legs onto the underside of the desk top. This involved several screw holes, and I had trouble getting everything lined up perfectly, but not to the point that I could not access each hole. So far I am very pleased with this desk and hope it holds up for many school years. The one thing I am not sure about is the basket/shelf type things that gets installed underneath the desk. It seems hard to access so not practical to hold items. I am wondering if it is to stick excess lengths of cord in. All in all, I am pleased and would recommend this desk to others.

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