FANTASYLAB Big and Tall Gaming Chair with Footrest 400lb Gaming Chair Massage Gaming Chair Memory Foam Adjustable Tilt Back

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Product details

Color Classic Black
Brand Fantasylab
Product Dimensions 13″D x 33″W x 25″H
Material Leather
Room Type Office
  • 🏎️ 【BIG and TALL Gaming Chair】 This large gaming chair with footrest is exceptionally grand ✔️Th Overall Dimensions of the Computer Chair : 27.2″ x 26.4″x 51.2″- 53.5″ inches ✔️Seating Area: 20.9″ x 20.5″ inches ✔️High backrest: 23.2″ x 33.5″ inches ✔️Maximum weight capacity: 400LBS Racing style gaming chair will look great behind your office desk and in front of your computer and consoles, and you’ll look like a super gamer
  • 🏎️ 【STABILITY AND MOBILITY ROLLING CHAIR】 With FANTASYLAB you can rest assured that you’re getting a game chair that is made to perfection with special attention to detail. The racing computer game chair full 360°rotation for dynamic motion enhance gaming experience. Smooth mute wheel is silent and no any damage to the floor
  • 🏎️ 【ERGO & ADJUSTABLE RACING RECLINER CHAIRS】 You can adjust every single part of this reclining gaming chair to perfectly fit the type and height of your body. More specifically, ✅height of the office chair ✅ backrest tilt (90°-155°) ✅ the footrest
  • 🏎️ 【LUMBAR MASSAGE GAMING CHAIR】For immersive racing games, it is an indispensable to a gamer chair! High back computer gamer chair removable padded headrest and lumbar massage cushions will also support your neck and spine and you won’t have a “computer hunch”
  • 🏎️ 【MAXIMUM COMFORT OFFICE CHAIR FOR GAMING】 Upgrade your gaming experience with this ergonomically designed racing gaming chair. This game chair features memory foam padding on top of the seat cushion, was designed with comfort in mind. The high back and the padded armrests will hug every curve of your body and provide you with unbelievable comfort
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Additional information

Weight 59.3 kg
Dimensions 13 × 33 × 25 cm

Classic Black





Room Type


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Back Style

Solid Back

Unit Count

1 Count

Seat Material Type

Memory Foam

Product Dimensions

13 x 33 x 25 inches, 13D x 33W x 25H

Item Weight

59.3 Pounds



Country of Origin


Date First Available

July 6 2022



10 reviews for FANTASYLAB Big and Tall Gaming Chair with Footrest 400lb Gaming Chair Massage Gaming Chair Memory Foam Adjustable Tilt Back

  1. David Terry Jr.

    Instructions need updating.It took several hours and then re-working to get it right. First off, it tells you to attach the steel plate to the back of the chair but doesn’t tell you which side goes were. It took me two attempts to figure out that the bar goes in the angle that has it curving inwards. Second, DON’T ATTACH IT TO THE BACK FIRST! If you do this, it will become much harder to put together. What you want to do is attach it to the link in the seat first, then angle the chair until it lines up flat with the bar. Also, the instructions say that you should place the steel bar OVER the seats link. This is not true. It goes inside. It will take a little bit of a try, but once you get it together, it’s a pretty sweet seat.

  2. Eric

    If you’re an actual big guy like me…..Customer service is excellent, they reached out to me and did me right. Definitely cannot complain and I do recommend.Original reviewSo….have had this chair for about 1-2 months, and have actually used mostly office chairs. reason why I used these chairs was because they usually tend to be wider and a bit less snug then gaming chairs. With this being said that’s always an issue that arises with the wear that becomes apparent in chairs that I use, which is that they are either too snug or go flat pretty quick unless I use the mesh ones which the ones I’ve used so far tend to not work for me. I went with this one because it said big and tall and 400 Lbs so me being 330 and actually of wide frame said f it and pulled the trigger, well……installation was pretty straight forward and had it set up in less then 30 minutes and i actually used 3rd party wheels because im on hardwood floor. and as soon as i got on it i said oh no……too snug right off the top. So i thought maybe it’ll break in or maybe spread out a bit but after about a week it started getting uncomfortable for me to even sit in it for more then 30 minutes. Well, i seen another users review who complained about the same thing and seen how he reversed the bracket that goes opposite to how the installation guide said to do it and it somehow fixed the issue where the armrests were cutting into my thighs. with this being said, i wish somebody sold some spacers for the armrests or something because i would love for it to be a little bit wider until then though, this will have to do.

  3. John

    Great gaming chair. Firm. Lots of support.I put this chair together today so this is an initial review. I’ll try to update later. This chair was extremely easy to put together. It is made for a big and tall person. I’m tall, 6’4″, so it fits me. The instructions were pretty clear except for how the bracket that attaches the back to the seat should be installed. If you look at the pictures here on Amazon (both the 4th picture that shows product details, as well as the 3D picture), it is obvious that the bracket should be placed so that when the bracket is attached to the seat, the bracket angles towards the back about 15 degrees, then goes up. I did do as another reviewer suggested and attached the bracket to the seat first and used the lever to recline the seat mechanism so that the back would be reclined about 30 degrees if it were attached. I then removed the bracket and did as the instructions suggested and attached the bracket to the back. By adjusting the seat mechanism previously, I was able to attach the bracket to the seat with ease. One of the other reviewers suggested that the bracket should be installed such that the bracket angles towards the front of the seat, despite what the pictures on Amazon show. At least that is how I read their review. For me, doing the assembly as the pictures show put the seat cushion right at my calves. The other reviewer’s suggestion might be an alternative way to assemble the chair if you have somewhat shorter legs. However, I did not test it. However, if I find the seat cushion is digging into my calves, I might try the alternative positioning of the bracket.Update One:One week in and this is still a good chair. Yeah you can get better wheels but these work and are easily replaced if you want roller blade type wheels. This is a gaming chair and not an office chair, so no it does not have a spring on it to lean back. The reason is you generally want a stable position when gaming. Also, if you have problems with the arms, read the directions. The pictures in the directions are very clear and if you put the spacers on, then the air rests, and use the screws threaded to the double hole washers to lock them in place, the arms work just fine.Update Two: Okay, it’s two months in. The chair is great but the seat back is too far back and makes the seat dig into my calves. Today I decided to reverse the bracket as suggested in other reviews. Recline the seat a bit before you remove the bracket. It’s a pretty easy change with the chair being assembled. With the bracket like this, the chair is wonderful. This is how I would recommend assembling this chair. I have added a picture of the bracket with it assembled this way. The only drawback is if you have the bracket this way, you cannot lay completely flat in the chair. I’m not really sure why you would want to but I added a picture which shows how far back you can lay back with the bracket this way. It also seems much safer. Good luck and I highly recommend this chair. If you do buy this chair, remember it is a gaming chair and so does not allow the seat to rock.

  4. Shaun Stabler

    For a chair that is listed as “big and tall,” the width between the arm rests is too narrow!I have been using this chair for a few weeks now. Overall I have mixed opinions. With regards to seat cushioning, it has ample cushioning, but definitely does not stay “cushiony” after a few hours of use and becomes compressed and feels like my backside is sitting on a hard surface.The width of the seat is WAAAAAAY too narrow for a “big and tall” chair. It feels like sitting in a coach airplane seat with regards to width. It is about 3 inches too narrow. I do not have super wide thighs, but the plastic in the arm rests are digging into my legs. I kinda wish I got the ones with the 4D arm rests instead of the plush ones.The back is very supportive in all the right places. The headrest and pillow are in the right places for me- I am 6’2” tall. The lumbar support pillow moves. The massage feature is built into the lumbar pillow, but the cord can get caught on the wheels when plugged in.Assembly was a bit of a pain. The instructions fall very flat when you assemble the arm rests. Look at the pictures people posted of the install- that is the only way to figure it out. It is not intuitive. The lumbar support pillow straps were not intuitive either- I had to figure out that the straps go under the back pad and not behind the chair.Peoples’ mention of stitching mistakes and visible staples are true- there are large silver staples that are not covered under the back of the chair. There are also some red stitching that is not properly stitched.The polyurethane material gives me confidence in longevity, though I bought a 5 year accidental damage warranty from Amazon when I bought the chair.The back does not feel like the chair lock is going to keep the back locked for long- if I push back hard, the chair starts to recline. The ottoman is stable.Fantasylab/ Killabee makes good products. I am not sure that I would have bought this one if I could have tried it first. I would have gotten one of their other items. I am definitely not disassembling it to return it to amazon, as I am not sure it would come apart. I think I would have gotten a different one of their models with a bit more width.I hope this helps you make a decision on if this chair or a different model is the best for your needs!

  5. Justin Leoni

    Good Overall, but instructions missing vital stepsIt’s a good chair, pretty comfy. A little on the narrow side for me (I’m 6’4″ at 375), but had a lot of padding. The biggest issue I had was with the instructions. If you follow them as is, the armrests on the chair will fall off from any kind of bump or adjustment. What it fails to mention is that the spacers that come with the chair, go between the armrest and the socket.Hopefully someone else who purchases this will see this review and will then be able to get the armrests to stay on.

  6. Cathy

    UPDATE Chair falling apartI am updating my review of my brothers FANTASYLAB Gaming Chair as well as increasing my overall rating to 5 stars , specifically for the reason that their Customer Service immediately reached out to me letting me know that my satisfaction with their product is their main goal. They generously offered me a full refund which I have accepted. I am most appreciative of their excellent and responsive Customer Service team and will not hesitate to purchase from FANTASYLAB again.I ordered this chair as a birthday gift for my brother in June 2021 and had it professionally assembled. He absolutely loved it, it was the most comfortable chair with great support. Fast forward to June 2022 and the chair is totally falling apart. The leg attachment is bent, the entire unit is crooked and leaning. Mind you, he is 6’4 and weighs 230 lbs., well below the 400 lb maximum weight recommendation. I have reached out to the seller and have not heard back. After all the great reviews this chair received and how much my brother loved it, it is such a disappointment that it is totally unusable now.

  7. Jaqueline Lopez

    My boyfriend loves it!The quality of the chair is great, it’s super durable, durable enough for the both of us to sit on it together while I watch him game 👀❤️

  8. Basilio Romero

    Easy installation and comfortable chairThis game chair is more spacious than I expected, I feel comfortable sitting so far. I like the design of the chair back angle adjuster, unlike the game chairs I used before which only lay on certain limited angles, I can adjust and sit on any angle with this chair. It could fit better if the neck pillow is thinner or softer.

  9. skyler

    Amazing!Decided it was time to upgrade and buy a gaming chair and upgrade from old office chair. This thing is awesome super comfortable! Sturdy! I’m a big guy 350+.Lumbar massager is powerful (made slight adjustment and now… girlfriend thoroughly enjoys the chair from time to time 😈) very powerful.

  10. Kevin

    6’7 review!As title suggest, I’m a tall guy. 6’7 and about 205, so not wide but very tall. Did a bunch of research on chairs and ended on this one for price. Fairly easy to assemble, and seemed nice. After finally getting it into my room and trying it out, 10/10. I do not know about longevity but perfect for me. Tall enough on the back for my long self, and for anyone wondering the foot rest is long enough to support my long legs! Very very pleased because I sit nicely, so well done. No fears of not being balanced, I’m leaned all the way back writing this review. I could see if you were really wide in the shoulders maybe it would be a bit narrow but other than that perfect for my height. Hopefully someone tall could get some benefit from this!

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