Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet Windmill, Baby Cradle with sway Motion, Light Projection, Overhead Mobile, Vibrations and

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Product details

Color Multi
Brand Fisher-Price
Product Dimensions 37.01″L x 27.01″W x 48.03″H
Material Metal
Finish Metal
Maximum weight recommendation 20 Pounds
  • Item arrives in frustration-free, easy-to-open packaging that’s 100% recyclable. For a gift-ready box, select “Ship in Amazon packaging” at checkout.
  • Calming sway motion generated by you or baby!
  • Dual-mode lighting! Choose from soothing projection and night light (Light projection unit is removable & can be used as a tabletop soother.)
  • Flat sleeping surface with deluxe overhead mobile
  • 30 minutes of calming vibrations, music and sounds
  • Optional lock-out to minimize swaying motion
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From soothing sways, music and sounds to calming vibrations, light projection and more, the Soothing Motions Bassinet has everything to help your baby drift off to dreamland in comfort. As little ones relax on the comfy sleeping pad, they can look up at the mesmerizing overhead mobile with stars while they gently sway. Or, turn on one of the captivating light features, like the overhead projection. You can also remove the projector from the bassinet and use it as a tabletop soother! And, there’s a convenient night light setting for an added sense of security. For extra coziness, activate the 30 minutes of calming vibrations and serene songs or sounds. Sweet dreams, baby! Use only with a child who is unable to push up on hands and knees, pull up or sit unassisted.

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Sweet dreams central

Dreams of swaying to sleep on a fluffy cloud beneath a starry sky become a reality with the Soothing Motions Bassinet (minus the cloud that is). The bassinet’s soothing sway, mesmerizing lights, cute mobile and more will help baby catch those zzz’s in no time.





Overhead projection brings the starry sky to baby, no telescope needed

Set to soothe with calming vibrations, lights, sounds, and music

Removable sheet is machine washable and sleep pad is wipeable

Let’s be kids.

Fisher-Price might be almost 90 years old, but we don’t act a day over five. Because the only way you can make awesome things for babies and kids is to put yourself in their tiny shoes. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to put the fun back in functional baby gear and the play back in playtime. We’re heading back to childhood. Wanna come?

Where development comes into play

  • Sensory: A variety of soft textures, calming vibrations, and swaying motion stimulate baby’s senses.
  • Security & Happiness: Soft padding, calming vibrations, and gentle swaying help soothe baby and become part of the nap and bedtime routine, giving baby a sense of security.
  • Use only with a child who is unable to push up on hands and knees, pull up or sit unassisted.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 37.01 × 27.01 × 48.03 cm








Form Factor


Assembly Required


Frame Material


Product Dimensions

27.01 x 37.01 x 48.03 inches, 37.01L x 27.01W x 48.03H

Item model number



3 C batteries required.

Material Type




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Windmill – Frustration Free Packaging

Batteries Required


Item Weight

23.3 pounds

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10 reviews for Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet Windmill, Baby Cradle with sway Motion, Light Projection, Overhead Mobile, Vibrations and

  1. JMC

    GREATOk, first things first – trust your instincts. I was reading articles and reviews, trying to find the perfect simple bassinet for weeks. I had a feeling I wanted this one but some of the reviews made me questions myself. Needless to say, those people must all be nuts, lol.One girl talked about how much it rocks. The way she described it, I had visions on my baby swinging like a monkey on a vine right out the window. Absurd. It rocks/swings the perfect amount. Perfect for the baby to rock herself, perfect for the parent to give her a bit of movement. Very sturdy and stable.Another girl talked about how she couldn’t feel the vibration at all but then mentioned how it was as loud as a Mac truck. Again, absurd. The vibration is perfect, after all, it’s for a BABY. Of course it doesn’t vibrate like an adult armchair and why would you want it to… and the noise is whisper quiet, this coming from someone with hyperacusis.Another girl talked about how the lights were brighter than the sun. Again… absurd. The lights are subtly and warm, stars look great on the ceiling, barely noticeable with any natural light. She clearly didn’t learn how to work the dimmer.Wrapping up, a reminder – trust your instincts. Other people’s reviews are helpful but not necessarily accurate. This bassinet is more than what I wanted and I’m so glad I got it.

  2. Corri the Shaman

    Great bassinet!I had a lotus birth, so baby and placenta with bowl fit perfectly into this! I added this to my registry for my second child and I am Uber happy with this selection! I read many reviews before making this decision and I’m glad that I took the time to research. This was easy for my partner to assemble, like less than 5 minutes! Love the light and the sweet music. The storage in the bottom is great for diapers and wipes. I love this it rocks a bit because that comforts my little one. He’s not a fan of the vibration, or anything that vibrates for that matter lol. My only wish is that the pad was a bit thicker and not like cardboard, but I’m sure that was for baby safety (or was it?) Either way it’s great and I’m hoping to use this for another few months. My little one is recently 4 months and may grow out of it soon, but it was convenient to have this right next to my bed!

  3. Amazon Customer

    Can’t wait to use it.Very very easy to assemble. Not too big. Not too small. Mesh shelf underneath we put blankets on. Insert separately available as well for newborn comfort.

  4. Rachel Ringle

    Great product for 0-6 month infants!I love this bassinet! Great product for the price and very easy to assemble (and I am not an assembler under normal circumstances). My only downfall with product is that I naively assumed it was on the larger end and my 4 month old is nearly already too big for it. Wish I had gotten it sooner! Going to be shopping soon for a deeper version. Great bang for your buck! Only advice is order it while they’re still in your uterus lol!

  5. Stephanie

    Fine but would not buy againI bought this and the snuggle me insert which my baby really likes. However, as she gets into active sleep in the early morning I think the movement actually wakes her up more. Also I never use the vibration bc the dang thing stays lit up and babies need a dark room to sleep-I would use that much more if it wasn’t also basically a flashlight

  6. CopperBoom

    Sturdy bassinet with small footprint and nice extras4.6 stars. This is a quality mid-priced bassinet that works well in small spaces. It’s easy to assemble; I did it on my own one week after giving birth – not recommended, but just shows how simple it is! It’s lightweight and easy to move around the house, but still feels very sturdy, even with the rocking feature. Our now 3mo loves the mobile, and the sound + light + vibration machine is a nice extra that can also be used separately.Minor critiques: A potential downside to the bassinet is that it is not height adjustable, so that can make it harder for bedside rocking. The sound/light/vibration machine is fine but not something I would recommend separately. I wish the white noise didn’t automatically turn off after 30 minutes, because you can be sure that baby is going to wake up as soon as it stops. It also has to be very very dark for the lights to show, so even our small nightlight means that the stars can’t be seen.Overall, I think the bassinet is a good buy for the price and quality!

  7. Washington State

    Given as a giftUsed and lovedGiven as a gift and they said it was perfect and came in handy

  8. Amazon Customer

    great productBought this for home for when our grandchildren are newborn. Their parent’s bought one also. Good and sturdy so that older siblings can peek in but not topple it.

  9. awiggins

    Great bassinetThis has been a great bassinet. It took our baby some getting used to, but that was just the learning curve of a newborn. I love the area underneath the bassinet for storing a diaper caddy and extra things you need in the night. My son was able to sleep in this bassinet until he was five months. It has some neat built in features like a sound machine and lights. They do shut off automatically and I think only stay on for about 30Minutes or less, so we ended up using our own sound machine so the sound wouldn’t shut off. Overall I am very pleased with this purchase and the experience with this bassinet.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Cute and functionalI love the bassinet, I think it’s cute and functional. My baby however didn’t like sleeping in it. We struggled getting him to sleep not being held or not in his swing. However the projector on the bassinet is amazing! Now that my baby is bigger and finally sleeping in his crib the projected fits perfectly on his crib, and I’m SO impressed at how well it projects the image in our bedroom because our room is huge. So even though the bassinet didn’t work for us. I feel like I got my money’s worth just off the light projector!

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