Flash Furniture Contemporary Multi-Position Recliner and Ottoman with Wrapped Base in Black LeatherSoft

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Product details

Color Black
Brand Flash Furniture
Product Dimensions 39″D x 27.25″W x 37.5″H
Style Rustic
Material Foam, Polyurethane, Leather, Metal
  • Recliner and ottoman set, 27-1/4-inch width by 29 to 39-inch depth by 37-1/2-inch height
  • Overstuffed padded chair and ottoman
  • Knob Adjusting Recliner
  • Swivel seat
  • Black LeatherSoft Upholstery. LeatherSoft is leather and polyurethane for added Softness and Durability.
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If you need a great place to kick back and relax at the end of a long day or a lazy Sunday, this black recliner and ottoman set with soft and durable LeatherSoft upholstery is just the ticket. Ease into this luxurious chair that features a back and seat that are generously padded with CAL 117 fire retardant foam. An integrated headrest paired with plush upholstered arms allow you relax and let the tension leave your body. Multiple adjustment features allow you to create the custom fit you need for the perfect seating experience. A knob, conveniently located under the right arm, brings the chair from fully reclined to upright with infinite adjustments in between for a perfect sitting angle. The 360 degree swivel seat allows you to reach multiple surfaces without strain. Improve your circulation, relieve back pain and reduce stress with this high back lever recliner. This contemporary recliner with matching ottoman is a comfortable place to spend a little quality time. Easily clean spills with a water-based cleaner to keep this reclining chair looking great year after year.

From the manufacturer

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Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG Contemporary Black LeatherSoft Recliner/Ottoman with Wrapped Base

Recline mechanism



Recline Mechanism

A knob, conveniently located under the right arm, brings the chair to a full reclining position.


Plush upholstered arms for comfort.


A matching LeatherSoft ottoman completes the set.



Invest in a stress free seating solution with a Recliner Chair. If you need to lounge or elevate your feet to improve circulation, a recliner is the seat that you need.

Additional information

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 27.25 × 37.5 in



Flash Furniture




Foam Polyurethane Leather Metal

Finish Type


Room Type


Frame Material


Age Range Description


Unit Count

1.0 Count

Included Components

Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG: Contemporary Multi-Position Recliner And Ottoman With Wrapped Base In Black Leathersoft



Model Name

Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG: Contemporary Multi-Position Recliner And Ottoman With Wrapped Base In Black Leathersoft

Arm Style


Seat Material Type


Furniture base movement


Item Weight

38 Pounds

Product Dimensions

39 x 27.25 x 37.5 inches, 39D x 27.25W x 37.5H

Country of Origin


Item model number


Assembled Height

37.5 inches

Assembled Width

27.25 inches

Assembled Length

39 inches


38 Pounds



Date First Available

July 26 2005


Flash Furniture

10 reviews for Flash Furniture Contemporary Multi-Position Recliner and Ottoman with Wrapped Base in Black LeatherSoft

  1. C. Martin

    Comfy “Pleather-Leather” ChairWhen I first opened the box I was very impressed by how they packaged this chair. They wrapped & packed it like it was their own. As I’m pulling out all the pieces I’m like, “Where in the world are the assembly instructions?” So, their is this piece of wood taped to the box and I thought maybe the instructions are behind it? Nope! So I go online to amazon and see the chair is sold as is or w/ expert instructions for an additional $72. When I stopped laughing, because what idiot would pay $72 for assembly instructions?😂😂😂 So now I’m looking at this chair and I can tell you this, it’s the best pleather-leather that money can buy. PLEASE do not think you are getting “real” leather! This is vinyl at it’s best…don’t let the pictures fool ya. So now to the assembly…since I have no instructions, no problem. I pulled up a picture of it on amazon and zoomed in. It’s pretty much like putting Leggo’s together, you really can’t get it wrong but here’s words of advice for the not so “fixer-upper” type person:You get this funky little wrench and two allen wrenches included in your box. Ditch both of them and grab your socket wrench & bits…trust me, it will make life easier putting this chair together. (I used a 15/32″ bit to assemble this entire chair). Put the easiest thing together first…the ottoman & then place it to the side. Grab the round-leather wrapped base for the chair & stick the pole in it w/ the silver tip pointing up & place it to the side. Now grab your two cushions and match up the loops sticking out of them & insert your small-thick screws in. NO washer needed! I was missing a washer so I put mine together w/out them. Tighten w/ your socket wrench or you’ll be all day w/ the flimsy wrench they sent you. Now, screw in your arms to the top portion of the chair. Now all you have left is the arm cushions & this wheel looking thing that has an iron pole sticking out of it. That actually screws into the side part of the chair at the base. Just zoom into the picture and you’ll see it. Screwing in the arm cushions were the hardest part for me because the stupid screws just wouldn’t catch but I finally got them in. I’d suggest to air this chair out before placing it anywhere in your house. I made the mistake of putting it in my bedroom & the chemical smell was overwhelming!😵 Seriously, it’ll peel the paint off your walls. I put it in my living room over night and that helped a little. This morning, I wiped it down w/ a paper towel and vinegar to kill the smell. This helped A LOT! On first looks after putting this chair together I’m like, “This is more for a teen that’s gaming & not an adult!” It looked so little? Little as in height because it’s not as high as most office chairs. Amazingly, it’s very comfy! I’m 5’6 and sitting, the top of the chair hits me right under my head, reclined it’s about 3 inches over my head. If you’re 6ft I wouldn’t recommend this but some may like it. This chair has a natural recline to it so you’re never really sitting straight up. It’s not so bad, you can still eat in it and not be laid out. After 3 days I’d say I’m happy with it. I’ve sat in it for over 3 hours binge watching my favorite shows and was still very comfy. When it reclines you’re almost vertical, not like when you’re in your bed but far enough to get a good nap in. So far so good, I’ll give an updated review if I have any issues.Mar 27, 2017I had to drop my review a star because of the chemical smell coming from this chair. So of the 7 days I’ve owned it, 5 days the chair had to stay in my living room because I couldn’t take the smell. Maybe because when I first got it I was fighting a cold and couldn’t smell but now it’s to the point it’s giving me a headache. 🤢 I’ve cleaned it twice w/ vinegar, baking soda, and even tried sprinkling “carpet fresh” on it to kill this smell. So, I’m not a happy camper because this little chair was for my bedroom & not living room. Speaking of little, I’ve tried uploading pictures of this chair 4X’s! They load but when I pull up my review they suddenly disappear? If you want to know the actual size, it’s similar to the chinese furniture, meaning it’s lower to the ground than items made in the US. Still comfy but I can’t really enjoy it until this smell leave it.

  2. mckenzie koka

    Easy to assembleThe chair is easy to assemble. And it does seem sturdy. I was a little thrown off from the price but with the limited availability of furniture, it was a much needed piece.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Good Chair – Great Price – Solid ValueI purchased this chair as I was moving to a new apartment and needed something inexpensive, but actually usable and elegant enough not to embarrass myself. I didn’t want a straight office chair, I wanted a lounge type chair that could be used to watch TV.I expected an average chair at best. Oddly enough though, this chair is a pretty good product. And for the price (about $125 as of Jan 2013) it is the best buy on Amazon, and likely anywhere you will find in the near future.Pros:- Fairly easy to put together and they provide all the tools you need to get the job done. (An allen wrench and a socket wrench are all that is needed.) I put this chair together by myself in about 30 mins.- It is a two piece chair (the chair and the foot rest) and both work well together.Good for watching TV. It can reline a bit and has a manual stopper to allow you to recline to your desired position.- The chair material is a fake leather, but soft and squishy.- The chair turns and swivels without issue or sound.- The chair bottom and foot rest bottom are covered in the same soft fake leather which is great for hardwood floors as you will not leave marks or scratches as your chair slides around from daily use.- I got the white color, which is not super bright and easy on the eyes. I have already spilled coffee on my chair but it cleaned up easily without stain.- Chair is shipped in a well packed box and can be lifted by one person. Not a massive item.- The chair is comfortable if, and only if, you add a blanket or pillow. See my Cons section below for an explanation.Cons:- As I mentioned above to be really comfortable, you need a blanket or a pillow to cover the back of your chair. Why? There is a metal bar that goes across the small of your back (when chair is in most up-right position). This bar is not terribly uncomfortable, but you are sitting there saying– there’s a bar in my back and this isn’t right. It will nag and bother you to the point where it becomes awkward quickly. My solution, which has worked great, was to take a microfiber blanket I had and drape it over the back of the chair. I suspect a pillow would work too if it was thin enough. The issue is, you should not have to add extra fluff to make the chair comfortable. It’s a bummer at best, a dealer breaker at worst. I can see that some would opt to return the chair given this. As for me, with the blanket added, the chair is super comfortable. This metal bar is really the issue you have to consider about this chair before purchasing.Overall all, for the price and actual abilities, I feel this is a solid buy. I use the chair everyday and do not regret buying it.

  4. Psyche

    Good buy – nice quality – comfortable.This chair looks incredibly high quality when assembled. It’s not leather, but it’s not cheap vinyl either. Looks more expensive than it was – definitiely good enough quality for my casual living room. Seams are all well sewn and straight. It isn’t lopsided and doesn’t lean one way or the other after assembly (like some chairs of this type I’ve owned before). Really sturdy and solid but lightweight and easy to move around. I’m a plus size person and the seat is comfortable and not easily compressed, so it doesn’t flatten noticeably (yet!). I personally didn’t feel anything but cushion under the seat. The overall size is nice for a smaller space – it doesn’t take up as much space as a traditional recliner. It does NOT rock or glide but it does swivel. It has two positions – upright (as shown) and reclined all the way. Stays put when reclined and there is knob on the side to tighten or loosen the tension for this. Easy to assemble, but I recommend two people for the final step – one to hold the chair in place while the other inserts and tightens the screws on the bottom and the arms. (Surprisingly, the box it shipped in wasn’t very heavy – one person can easily get it from the porch to the living room). My only negative is that it sits REALLY low to the ground, almost like a gamers chair. It’s lower than an average desk chair or a traditional recliner. It’s a little awkward to get into and out of for that reason. But it IS comfortable. These chairs don’t last forever – I’ve had two in two different apartments over the years – they don’t last as long as a traditional recliner and have no resale value. I have it for company rather than sustained everyday use. But for something transitional, in a small space, to be used occaisionally, I think they’re a good buy for the money.

  5. Low Budget

    Comfortable and simple, for the right personThe vinyl covering of the chair does have a very strong chemical odor. The back of your shirt will smell like it after you sit in it for a while. I’ve only had it for a few days so don’t know if it will clear up. It is very annoying, so far, but the comfort of the chair makes it tolerable.There is a bar in the back of the chair that you can feel across your back if you sit a certain way. Otherwise it is very comfortable, sturdy, and works well. The ottoman is a perfect fit for the chair.The chair is low so will be difficult to rise from for some people. It is also not a wide chair. I’m 5 9, 180 lbs, healthy and it’s about just right.The round base is wide and covered in vinyl, even the bottom, so it won’t scratch a floor and doesn’t slide too easily. It grabs but will slide if you want it to. About right.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Great little chairI was a little skeptical of this, based on the price but, I love it!I bought it for my RV so, its small size was a must.I have a bad back and the support and comfort this provides is great.I am 5’8 and a XL size and still find it comfortable to sit in.It is definitely a great buy.

  7. Debs

    So So SO comfy!!I LOVE this chair! It was delivered to my front door, I slid the box through the house and down the stairs to my family room by myself. I opened it and assembled it, by myself. And it is super comfortable. Love it! (Oh! Probably should have mentioned, I’m a senior citizen, which is why all the “by myself” was VERY important to me!!

  8. Dan S.

    Can’t beat it for the priceHad this about 2 months now. Easy to assemble. The material is good and thick. No scent to it after a day or two. Only a mild rubbery kinda smell when you first break it out of the box. I’m 5’10 and 215 lbs and it’s plenty large enough for me and tall enough that I can lean my head on the back. The reclining mechanism is kinda crude. It’s basically just a knob with a bolt that screws up against the metal rods and holds the current level of recline with metal on metal friction. It does work and hold in place fine though. It leans back quite far almost fully laying down. However, even in the most upright position it’s somewhat reclined so definitely don’t buy it as an office chair. My only other issue is that it sits very low. The seat is only about 12 to 14 inches off the ground. A little higher would be better. Also the arm rests are a little lower than I’d prefer and don’t adjust at all. Still overall for about $130 it’s a comfortable lounge chair, durable, good material and construction, and even comes with the tools necessary to assemble it, which took me about 20 min. I would recommend it as a low cost but still nice chair and footrest for watching tv. Now if only my cats would stop clawing at it.

  9. Raine

    Wonderful comfortable chair and ottoman.This is helping my daughter, who’s a full time writer, with her back. Now she can write on her laptop kicked back with no more back pain. She loves this! It looks pretty too. Hopefully it will hold up well. She’s had it over a couple of months now and says it’s incredibly comfy!

  10. CaptainSherm

    Edited Review: Welds broke after eight months (But great customer service!)I originally gave this chair only 2 stars because after 8 months of use the welds on the base of the chair broke making the chair unusable. I’m re-reviewing this chair after looking over the warranty (which amazon has a link to the pdf on product page), and contacting customer support. The woman who helped me over the phone was extremely polite and helpful and said the breakage of the welds is a defect in manufacturing and would be covered. She instructed me to email the manufacturer’s customer support team with a description of what the problem is and to include pictures of the broken part, and a pic of the order confirmation. The very next day I received an email from them saying that they would honor the warranty and the part has been ordered and will be shipped to me within 24-48 hrs. I was very impressed with the speed in which they responded to my email and honored they’re warranty. Thank you Flash Furniture :-)Now on to the actual product review,This chair is wonderful! I’ve read a lot of reviews on this chair and I suppose it all comes down to personal comfort. I’m not a small guy, I’m 6 ft tall and weigh in at approximately 210 lb. I’m a gamer and I spend hours and sometimes days sitting in this chair gaming and my backside doesn’t get sore from lack of cushioning. The range that this chair has for reclining is great and when fully reclined it goes back rather far. It’s great for kicking the feet up and binge watching a show on amazon prime video after a long day at work. I’d recommend this chair to anyone looking for lightweight recliner. With that being said, yes it is very light and easy to move about the house.The chair does not come fully assembled which for myself wasn’t really a problem. The instructions are very easy to understand and it comes with the tools necessary to put it together. The only thing that I would suggest while assembling this piece is a adjustable wrench for holding the nut while tightening the bolts, so you can really crank them down. Assembly time would be approximately 20 minutes and then you’ll be on your way to relaxing in no time.

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