Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big & Tall 400 lb. Rated Black LeatherSoft Ergonomic Task Office Chair with Chrome Base and

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Color Black
Brand Flash Furniture
Product Dimensions 30″D x 29.25″W x 44″H
Style Contemporary
Material Chrome Foam Leather Steel Wood
  • If standard office chairs don’t meet your specific needs, this Big & Tall adjustable office chair will save the day. Generous padding, LeatherSoft upholstery and ergonomic features give a custom fit that will get you comfortably through your workday
  • [_Our chair conforms to ANSI/BIFMA standard X5.1-17_] Mid back office chair with LeatherSoft upholstered back and seat with CAL 117 fire retardant foam
  • Pneumatic adjustable height swivel seat and adjustable height padded arms for comfort
  • Contemporary style Big & Tall ergonomic task office chair for use in the office or home workspace.PRODUCT MEASUREMENTS >>> Overall Size: 29.25″W x 30″D x 39.5-44″H | Seat Size: 23″W x 19.5″D x 19.25-23″H | Back Size: 22.5″W x 22″H | Arm Size: 25.5-32.5″H from floor; 6-8.75″H from seat
  • Note : To ensure proper assembly, please follow all steps provided in the User manual (provided in pdf below)
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Having the proper desk chair in your workspace can provide you with significant health benefits but finding an office chair for those who aren’t comfortable in a standard chair can be difficult. Big & Tall office chairs are designed to accommodate larger and taller body types offering a broader seat and back width. This chair has been tested to hold a capacity of up to 400 lbs. A mid-back office chair offers support to the mid-to-upper back region. This office chair features plenty of thick, plush padding to provide greater support. The waterfall front seat edge removes pressure from the lower legs and improves circulation. Chair easily swivels 360 degrees to get the maximum use of your workspace without strain. The pneumatic adjustment lever will allow you to easily adjust the seat to your desired height. The adjustable armrests take the pressure off the shoulders and the neck, which minimizes the risk of pain. The chrome base adds a stylish look to compliment a contemporary office space.

From the manufacturer

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Flash Furniture Hercules Series Big & Tall 400 lb. Rated Black Leather Swivel Task Chair with Adjustable Arms

Padding, comfort, ergonomic

waterfall seat, ergonomic seat

padded arms, height adjustable arms


Plenty of thick, plush padding to provide greater support.


Waterfall Seat promotes healthy blood flow, with 3” thick foam padded seat.


The adjustable armrests take the pressure off the shoulders and the neck, which minimizes the risk of pain.

Flash Furniture Hercules Series Big & Tall 400 lb. Rated Black Leather Swivel Task Chair with Adjustable Arms

lever, height adjustment, tension adjustment

knob, tension knob

base, chrome base


The pneumatic adjustment lever will allow you to easily adjust the seat to your desired height. Lever also controls tilt lock.


Tilt tension adjustment knob.


Stylish, Chrome base with dual wheel carpet casters.


Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 30 × 29.25 × 44 cm



Flash Furniture




Chrome Foam Leather Steel Wood

Finish Type

Chrome Metal

Room Type


Age Range Description


Back Style

Cross Back

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Included Components

Black 400LB Mid-Back Chair

Model Name

Flash Furniture

Arm Style


Seat Material Type


Furniture base movement


Product Dimensions

30 x 29.25 x 44 inches, 30D x 29.25W x 44H

Item Weight

22 Pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

January 24 2015


Flash Furniture

10 reviews for Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big & Tall 400 lb. Rated Black LeatherSoft Ergonomic Task Office Chair with Chrome Base and

  1. Benny

    Purchased on 1/7/17Overall I give it a 5, but that’s only because I got it here from Amazon for $133 New. I wouldn’t pay the current price for it. Lasted pretty good! The seat getting hard was 1st to go after about a year, never was all that soft (for a heavy person). After a couple years the bonded part of the PU leather started coming off – never ripped or tore though. After 4 years the lift started losing pressure but would adjust back up and stay for a while – this of course became more frequent. Never installed the arms. BTW, I’m closer to 500 than 400. All the hard parts except for the gas lift, are still in great shape. Could still be used , with a new lift. But I recently retired it. So yeah, its a good chair. But for this current price there are some that can be better IMO.

  2. William Andrew Fain

    Excellent quality, comfort, & support. *Not made for short-statured people.*I have bought two of these chairs. I am over 300 lbs. and I have used the first chair extensively. I bought the first chair over five years ago. I only bought a second one because I needed another chair in a separate location. Although the coating on the cushioning of the original chair is coming off, it is still all as solid as the day I bought it. The cushions on the old chair are a little compressed compared to the new one, but the chair is still comfortable and supportive.The only caution I would give for buying this chair is that it is not made for smaller-statured people. I am 6’0″ tall, and I can rest my feet comfortably on the ground with the chair in the lowest position. If I were any shorter, my feet would not touch the floor when I am sat up straight with my butt all the way at the back of the chair.If you are a bigger person, especially heavy and tall, this chair is a good option for you. If I ever wear either of my (2) chairs, I would buy this same one over again.

  3. John W.

    Chair appears to be decent quality and appropriate for the price range.When I opened the box to assemble the chair, the hardware was spilling out of everywhere. Although there was no damage to the chair, I was a bit disappointed to see that the hardware blister pack was pretty beat up. It took a few minutes to gather and sort out the bolts as there are 3 different lengths. The box was in pretty good shape but it looked like everything was carelessly thrown into the box. These are the only pictures that I took.Assembly was pretty straight forward. The instructions were buried deep in the box and used illustrations exclusively. This is nice because Chenglish instructions are difficult to follow. I used a cordless drill with a 1/4″ hex bit to assemble. Be sure to set your torque clutch at a low setting and work your way up. Screwing them in at full power can easily result in cross-threading and stripping of bolts/nuts/heads. Using the included child size hex key is painful and takes forever. Total assembly time was around 20 minutes. I’ve done these before and I used a waist high table to balance the chair on.It’s a nice chair. The base is chrome-like and metal. Adds a nice touch to the black. I think it is leather. not sure. It seemed comfortable.The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that it could’ve been packed better. I can’t blame this on FedEx either. Although each part was wrapped nicely, the casters and hardware were all over the place inside the box. It was like someone just tossed them in before taping the box shut. How the hardware blister pack got shredded like that is beyond me. I think it was damaged before being put in the box . Either way, not a show stopper.I’ll update my review after it’s been in use for a while. I’m happy with the purchase.

  4. Eric

    Great chair, great price.This isn’t a negative review, it’s an honest one.I would have scored this chair 5/5 because of these pros:-Easy assembly.-Wide seat and overall comfortable padding.-Holds 300+lbs easily.-Metal frame.I deducted from my score because of these key points:-Broken shipping box.-Tears in the fabric.-General poor quality control.I bought this chair because of my previous one breaking due to the plastic frame it had. Upon arrival, the box was obviously broken. The bottom had completely busted. It was obvious that the way the ups employee had placed it on the ground, he didn’t want us to see it. So I’m not sure whose fault it was, regardless the box that it’s shipped in could be better.After taking out each piece and inspecting them, I did find a few pieces of the fake leather that had nicks in it. Probably 3 in total. I had already read reviews about this being an issue, so it wasn’t unexpected. The nicks weren’t large or deep enough to cause too much of a concern for me at the moment. With time I already know I’ll probably have to patch them. Other noticeable issues in the chair’s assembly are that some of the staples that keep the fabric in place over the leather, don’t actually line up with the fabric. So some stables are just in the leather and some are half on the fabric. There’s no area where the leather isn’t stapled in, so at least it gets the job done. There is a small portion where the metal frame will catch the back of my heel. As long as you avoid the path of the wheels when sliding around, this shouldn’t be a problem.Assembly was easy enough. If you’ve ever put together an office chair before or even if you haven’t, the instructions are basic and straightforward. The chair does tilt but does not recline. It has a very wide seat that is comfortable and it holds the weight placed in it nicely. Also, for those who carry a lot of their weight in their lower body, I haven’t noticed a lot of sweat or sticking to the fake leather of the chair. I would say overall the chair is great for a budget. Especially if you don’t mind the flaws. If there were better quality control and safer packaging, I would probably rate the chair 5/5.

  5. Francisca Maria Kidd

    Topsy-TurvyI bought this chair because it cost a LOT less than most others with fewer positive reviews. The packaging was a bit sloppy because all the parts seemed to just be tossed in the box and sent out but never the less all were actually in the box. The instructions were a little hard to find because they were under one of the seats and I expected them to be a bit easier to find. They were super easy and straight to the point, thuough. As a fairly small female I was able to put it all together alone but it was REALLY hard when it came to actually attaching the seat to the back rest. I felt like I was trying to do some weird acrobatics…. So to be clear it’s possible to do alone but I’d suggest asking someone else to help you with that part… The only real complaint I have is, the screws in the left arm rest wont stay tight so it just ends up being really wobbly, ALSO the chair itself is lopsided. I double checked everything to make sure the bolts and wheels were on correct and they are but you can feel when sitting and spinning around that it leans to one side more than the other. You can see it by looking at it as well. It’s not so bad that I feel the need to demand a replacement but it is a bit irritating. BUT for $100 and free shipping I don’t think it’s possible to get a better chair. I’d definitely buy from this requester again.

  6. Brayden

    Long lastingIv already owned this chair, The first one I had for about 2 years, It was honestly in great condition and I could have kept using it but I have a cat and he clawed the chair and put holes in it, so it started to pill off. So I gave it to my brother, and bought me a second one. And it’s just as good as my original one. I was nearly 400lbs. And the chair lasted 2 years and could have lasted way long if mr mittens didn’t get he’s claws on it. So as for sturdy goes, it’s very sturdy and will last a long time even if you are my size. It’s about as comfortable as it looks, which can be good or bad. Depending on you. But Iv had no problems sitting in it even for long sessions (4 – 6 hours at a time). Over all, if your a big guy and want a decent chair for someone your size. This is a great choice.

  7. Cathy C.

    WOW!!!!!WOW!!!!! I got the chair yesterday. Stared at the big box until a little while ago. LOL Decided to jump in and put it together myself since my hubby is out of town, because my 55 year old back, butt, and hips are very demanding and they made me do it. LOL I work at from home and the old kitchen chair and cushion were not being nice to me so I had to get a new chair. I did put it together myself. LOL I am impressed, with myself and the chair. I haven’t sat in it for an 8 hour day yet, but my back, butt, and hips are very picky and so far, they have no complaints. The directions come in picture form, which I liked. Came with the Allen wrench and 3 different types of screws. Directions were EASY to understand. You have to put the rollers on the bottom part. Then the arm rests, which, make you are putting them on the correct right or left side. They are marked R and L and the bottom of the seat is labeled to show which part of the seat is the front so you can put them on the correct side. then you have to add the other part of the bottom of the seat that the back attaches to. Then you have now put the back of the chair and the seat of the chair together and then you have to put that on the bottom part where the wheels are. I PUT IT TOGETHER MY SELF. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – so anybody can do it. LOL If my review changes to negative after working all day, I will update my review. If you don’t see an update, that means its all good.

  8. RollTideRoll

    OVERPRICED, SUBPAR WARRANTY COVERING SUBPAR MANUFACTURING…PICS ATTACHED….Really likED this chair, but the chair is only as good as it’s support. The casters are welded in with the slighted of contact and will snap. Nice product, but lazy cheap construction. I was going to post about the break 1.5 but I moved and the chair got caught up in the move and was placed in storage which I recently emptied. The chair still looks brand new, pity they put so little into it. They have no QA/QCUPDATE PICTURES: I contacted the manufacturer, regardless of this being a manufacturers defect they refuse to replace the defective part. They said since it was outside of the 2 year warranty (YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT, TWO/2 YEAR WARRANTY ON A CHAIR THEY ESTIMATE IS WORTH $500.00+), they wouldn’t do anything. They directed me to what has to be their retail side since it’s essentially the same address, the part needed to replace their faulty defective part is going to be $40.00….So I essentially rented a chair for $86.00 a year, keep in mind this chair msrp’s for $500.00+. This chair was a replacement for an older S t A p L e S brand chair. When this chair malfunctioned, I rolled my old S t A p L e S brand office chair back into my office. You see, it wasn’t broke, it was just old and worn. Since it wasn’t broke I relegated it to a desk next to my workbench in my garage. It saved the day. It’s taped up but still rolling along (get it? it’s still rolling along because it still has all of its functioning casters), all intact. I’ve attached pics, side by side. The hercules is a great looking chair, as you can see it looks brand new, not a worn spot, no scuffs, no tears, nothing except their defective base and caster, because it was only a little over a year old when it malfunctioned. I work away from home alot and I put it into an empty spare bedroom to deal with later, well according to Flash I waited too long and they don’t want to cover manufacturers defects, at all A 2 year warranty on a chair rated at 400lbs which it never saw…that warranty speaks volumes about their confidence in their products even if they are asking $500.00+ for it. Honestly, I never considered the warranty, I mean it’s an office chair. BTW most, possibly ALL of S t A p L e S brand chairs carry a SEVEN YEAR WARRANTY, google them……AND MOST ARE CHEAPER THAN FLASH BRAND….Bottom line, buyer beware when buying Flash, where ever you find them. I know amazon has other brands to choose from, I’m only able to honestly and accurately comment on these.

  9. Patti S. Lane

    PERFECT! I needed a new office chair – I …PERFECT! I needed a new office chair – I type all day long and my old executive chair was not comfortable any longer, the padding was gone and I was resorting to chair pads and pillows. I wanted more of a task chair this time as the executive chair had arms that could not be removed, and for years now I’ve put up with the arms banging into my under-desk shelf that holds my keyboard. I was almost about to order just a regular task chair and saw this. I liked that it’s for “big and tall” as I figured it would be extra padded. And I also was happy to see that the arms didn’t have to be attached. So I ordered it and it arrived today. Wow – took about 20 minutes to assemble and when I sat in it, I was beyond pleased. It is the perfect blend between a standard task chair and an executive chair. The padding on the seat and back is remarkably comfortable. I left the arms off initially to try it at my desk, then when I held up one arm to see where it would hit my desk, I discovered that the arms sit back far enough that I COULD attach them and not have the same issues with them running into my keyboard shelf. And they are adjustable so I could put them up higher to miss the shelf or lower as well. So I ended up with a cross between an executive chair with hefty padding and arms, and a task chair that is less comfortable with no arms. This is the perfect hybrid. I am beyond satisfied with this purchase – lots of bang for the buck!

  10. B. D. McBournie

    Overall Very Satisfied!I have had this chair for a little while now, and I have to say, I’m impressed. I sit in it 10+ hours a day, 3 days a week and have had very few issues. The padding is comfortable, but not so soft that I ache by the end of the day.A couple of things, though:1. I wish the back of the seat was adjustable (as in the depth of the chair). I’m not super tall so I find myself having to sit forward and therefore I lose the support of the back, or if I find myself sitting back to help my posture, I feel a little like when Alice shrinks in Wonderland!2. I wish it were slightly easier to adjust the width of the arms. I put them on thinking I’d have to have them all the way out to fit my hips, but once I sat in it I realized I could’ve slid them in closer to the seat edge (a great problem to have, really). I just don’t feel like busting the tool back out to adjust them, though. Makes it much sturdier, of course, but *slightly* inconvenient.BE WARNED – The box that this things comes in is massive, heavy and has NO handles, so if you’re small or can’t lift 50+ pounds, good luck getting it up any sort of stairs! I consider myself moderately strong and struggled.All in all, for the price, this chair is great. I don’t feel like I’m squeezed into it and I certainly don’t feel like it’s going to break under me. If you want more ergonomic support or bells, gongs & whistles, you’ll have to pay much more for another chair.

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