Fromann Electric 3 Tier Legs Dual Motor Desk Base Handset with USB A and C Ports – Sit Stand up Standing Height Adjustable Desk

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Product details

Brand Fromann
Shape Rectangular
Product Dimensions 27.6″D x 42.3″W x 26″H
Color White Frame With Usb a C
Top Material Type Alloy Steel
Special Feature Adjustable
  • Recommended table top sizes: length of 47.3″ to 78.8″, width of 23.6″ to 35.4″. Frame Dimensions: Frame Length: 42.3″ to 70.9″, Frame Height: 26.0″ to 51.6″.
  • Powerful smooth dual motor lift system with very sturdy steel.Fully motorized lift from 26.0 to 51.6 inches height, Longer adjustment range.
  • Digital Display Handset with customizable settings for desired user heights to get the perfect height, 3 memory preset options for easy adjustment.
  • Easy assembly (all tools included), All steel construction and a thick leg support system is made to last, holding up to 270 lbs.
  • Controller with Type-A and Type-C USB Port, you can charge your phone.Sturdy steel design is backed with a 5-year desk frame and 3-year motor warranty. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Note: The desk frame has anti-collision function. Please make sure that the controller is placed horizontally or fixed under the table top.op.
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Product Description

Electric Stand up Desk Frame - White

Fromann Ergonomic Adjustable Height Electric Standing Desk is the perfect piece to your standing desk station,Standing throughout the day also keeps the mind alert and productive while you work. The dual motor system keeps your desk frame with powerful, smooth, stable and quiet height adjustment.Please note that this product includes the desk frame only, and requires a separate purchase of a tabletop with a recommended length of 47.3″ to 78.8″, width of 23.6″ to 35.4″, and a thickness of 3/4″ and greater for a complete workstation. Assembly is an easy process, and we include all the necessary hardware to get your desk frame put together and mounted to your desired desktop in no time! Note: The desk frame has anti-collision function. Please make sure that the controller is placed horizontally or fixed under the table top.

height adjustable desk

Product Description

  • Adjustable Height: 26.0″ to 51.6″
  • Adjustable Length: 42.3″ to 70.9″
  • Weight Capacity: 270 lbs
  • Input Power: 220~240VAC/ 100~130VAC, complies with US standards
  • Material: Steel
  • Lift way: Electric
  • Controller: Digital display controller with 3 memory preset options
  • Simply assembly needed, Standing Desk Frame Only

Package Included

  • Standing Desk Frame
  • Digital Displays Panel
  • Hardware Kit
  • Power Cord
  • Manual List(Easy assembly needed)
  • Desk Top Not Include

Product Features

Handset with USB A and C

height adjustable desk

electric adjustable desk foot

3 Digital Memory Controller with USB A and C

There are 3 preset buttons to customize your desired heights and memory it with one preset button. You just press once and the desk lifts to preset height. LED display shows exact desk height. Controller with USB A and C Port, to charge 2 devices at the same time.

Dual Motor/Longer Adjustment Range

Dual motor lift mechanism offers smoother height adjustments, better stabilization and lower noise while running. Elevate your workstation to your ideal position.

3 Tier Telescoping height adjustment to go from sitting to standing in seconds with a simple touch.Motorized desk has adjustable height 26.0″ to 51.6″, Longer adjustment range.

3-Stage Lifting Columns/Sturdy Base

Table Foot Size: 27.6″*3.1″, Better Stability. Constructed with powder-coated steel tubing, our desk frame resists scratches and stains and ensures stability even at the highest setting.

Additional information

Weight 65.9 kg
Dimensions 27.6 × 42.3 × 26 cm





White Frame With Usb a C

Top Material Type

Alloy Steel

Special Feature


Room Type


Mounting Type


Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

27.6 x 42.3 x 26 inches, 27.6D x 42.3W x 26H

Item Weight

65.9 pounds



Country of Origin


Date First Available

March 23 2020



10 reviews for Fromann Electric 3 Tier Legs Dual Motor Desk Base Handset with USB A and C Ports – Sit Stand up Standing Height Adjustable Desk

  1. Gary

    Solid base. Wide range. Pretty quiet.I hesitated from 2020 to 2022 to buy a sit-stand desk. I checked a lot of the ready made desks online and highly considered ordering, but ultimately was unsure about he wood used for the top.Considering that I already had a wood base I liked, I finally decided to keep it and just order a base.The range of this base really worked for me. What feels comfortable for me ergonomically is just a few inches lower than most bases go. So, I spent the extra money to give it a shot.The instructions were pretty clear, although I think I sweated the assembly more than was necessary. It should really only take you about 15-30 minutes to put it together. I spent about an hour.If you already have a top for the desk, I highly recommend drilling pilot holes once you get it assembled and where you want it lined up. I have a pretty thick wood base and it was a pain to screw it all in.Sound is fine. No louder than the 2K+ Herman Miller desk at my office. It’s not loud, it’s not quiet. It’s just makes a sound of moving from sit to stand. I don’t know what more you could expect from it.The one feature that maybe I need to figure out, or that I’m so far disappointed in is how it reacts to objects in the way. I intentionally left my chair underneath to see how it would respond when I tried to lower it.WHAT A DISASTER. I haven’t felt such panic in a while.When it made contact with my chair, the base started to lift from the floor and my computer started to fall forward. It was definitely a stressful situation as the desk was still in motion while my chair struggled to free itself and my iMac was falling. I quickly pressed the button to lift it back up and it finally froze. Maybe I need to review the instructions again to make sure it’s properly calibrated, but this is so far the only negative thing I could say, but also easily avoidable.I have sat on it in the lower positions while I talk on the phone and it barely moved. I don’t know it this will change over time, but so far it has held up with no problem.It was pretty easy to set up, the buttons were easy to program, and the adjustment is quick and relatively quiet. For the money, I have pretty much no complaints.Just be careful of objects under it while it moves from stand to sit.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Keeps flashing E-1Edit from 1 to 4 stars: As I figured, my direct emails to Fromann were ending up in their junk inbox. However, they emailed me back once they saw my 1-star rating on Amazon. From there, they sent me a replacement control box and controller which fixed my issue. If you’re having trouble reaching out to Fromann, I highly recommend leaving a review as well as writing to the email address in the manual. You’ll get your issue resolved faster that way.4 stars only because the item didn’t work as expected the first time around.–This desk worked as expected at first. But after a month and a half of regular use, the unit got stuck with the E-1/rES code. According to the manual, this code flashes during a manual reset. The problem is that it keeps flashing this code even when I haven’t pressed any of the buttons!I tried contacting Fromann on both the email address provided in the manual and on the chat feature on their website and they still haven’t gotten back to me after 2 weeks of waiting. I contacted Amazon support and they told me that THEY don’t even have contact with this seller.I’ve seen some other customers say that Fromann contacted them after leaving a review so here’s my review. I’ll change it if Fromann ever gets back to me. If you’re thinking about buying this, steer clear! It seems like Fromann hasn’t responded to a review since 2021.

  3. Martin Vazquez

    The fabulous desk render useless by its cheap controller.The media could not be loaded.

     Everything about the product screamed quality and confidence that this frame was going to be great until you reach for the $10 part that rendered the product useless, its controller. I would have rather a toggle switch button that worked 100% of the time to a cheap controller like this one. The controller switched between E05, E08 which a video about it suggested replacing the one of the motor cables, ASL or ASE was another code not find anywhere in the book or internet. Patiently reset the unit several times, at one time it worked to the point I was able to store two heights. Then it again, failed. Disappointed is an understatement. Thank goodness, I decided to test it before putting the top on it. Now, if could have gotten someone on the phone to tell me, will Fedex you a new controller I would have waited a day or two. Returning the unit. Review update, Fromann reached out to me and sent me a new desk frame free of charge. Updated Review 10152022 – The new desk I received has some changes in the frame as well as a new controller and controller box with matching instructions that are much better to follow. Thank you Fromann.

  4. glen pearl

    Would have been great but..… edit: this company understands the value of their customers!I was very excited about this desk but after assembling it all together, sadly the errors came up a was E05 E08 and “HOT” I got a refund and ordered a manual stand-up desk instead.Edit:After speaking with customer service they reached out and sent me a new replacement which rectified the problem right away. They even overnighted the delivery. Yes I had issues with my first order but the fact their customer service was so eager to resolve the issue tells all. My 1 star review is now 5 stars and I couldn’t be happier

  5. Cita Reid

    ReturnedThis didn’t work for me. I reset it, followed the directions to get it to factory settings and no matter what it wouldn’t go up . I so wanted this to work out.

  6. John Partenio

    Better than I anticipated!This electric adjustable desk base is so worth the money!!!First – the weight of the package is no joke. It is a heavy box compacted into an estimated – 8″x12″x48″ box. Inside, the parts are neatly packed into its packaging, and the number of pieces was less than I expected. There is a cross-section for under the desk, where the motors and legs attach, 2-raising legs, 2-wide feet, a power-box, control assembly, and some wires.I connected all the parts following the instructions, and it was pretty easy. Heavy sheet metal bolts screw each piece together. The steel is a hefty gauge. I bought a Butcher Block Desktop / Countertop (from Home Depot – under $200), and it is 60″ x 30″ and weighs an estimated 65-80lbs.I screwed the base to the new Butcher Desktop, installed the control assembly at the edge, and set up my desk. I have two large monitors (32″ 4K & 28″ UHD) plus a laptop and other gear on top of the desk.FYI – I adjusted the settings (see instructions) to reflect the height of the top of my desk to the floor and changed it to Inches (live in the US). The desk has NO PROBLEM in lifting all this weight up and down. When pressing the button to adjust, it has a smooth beginning and throughout the entire trip up and down.I highly recommend this product for around $500 with the butcherblock desktop.

  7. David

    Seems good quality but received a faulty unit–UPDATEUPDATED REVIEW–Fromann eventually reached out and provided me with a working unit for free. It seems I might have received a “lemon” first time but luckily this second unit seems to work. Assembly was much easier the second time around and the unit is responsive. I am slightly hesitant about the warranty if something should go wrong, but certainly works now for a reasonable price.Just be aware you will still have to reach out to the seller via amazon if something goes wrong (at least initially) and would have been nice had the first unit worked which is why I reduced it 1 star.ORIGINAL REVIEW–Package arrived quickly and overall initial quality was surprisingly nice. However, when I went to assemble two of the frame holes did not align and could not be assembled. Since the quality appeared nice, I decided to drill out the miss-aligned holes so I could continue assembly which was easy enough.The real issue was when I went to turn on the unit. After plugging in the unit, the desk immediately raised to setting 91 and none of the buttons were responsive. After turning the unit on and off, I then received a e-1 res error which should have allowed the unit to reset. However, since none of the buttons worked, the reset function was useless.I quickly realized there is NO contact information for the company so had to reach out via amazon to the seller (yes there is no information in the included manual or shipping materials). The company was fairly responsive via amazon, however they more or less sent the operating manual twice. I was finally able to get a contact email address but have not received a response which was unsettling. Please note that I waited a few days for a response since they will only respond at night due to difference in time zones.Needless to say, I unfortunately had to un-assemble and return this defective unit. If this product worked I think it might be good value for money, but I would assume the “warranty” is completely worthless (lack of direct contact information is telling).

  8. Rebecca Hayes

    Exactly what I needed!I used this mount to convert a desk I really liked into a standing desk. I removed the wood top of the existing desk from it’s legs and drilled holes for the mount of these legs. It worked great and I love the final product with the exception of 2 things: the motor, which mounts in between the cross bars, just will not stay in it’s slot. It falls out. Fixed it with duct tape, so it’s fine, just annoying. The other was that this thing outgassed (stink) for at least a month. I had to open the windows first thing in the morning for a while before I started working. So, if you are sensitive to such things, heads up.

  9. Hook’s Hollands

    Get your butt up out of the chair! 🙂The media could not be loaded.

     As someone who streams and spends a lot of time at the computer, I was getting tired of sitting for so long. I wanted to upgrade to a standing desk but needed one that would hold an 8 ft long butcher block top.This desk has no problem with the long, heavy top and hoisting it and my PC and monitors. It is nice to have memory function on the keys, and the motor is pretty quiet. For those wondering, the display does sleep automatically, so you won’t have annoying lights if the desk is in a bedroom. It appears to be well made and is quite hefty. Love the creamy white coloring as well.My only slight disappointment is that when extended, the desk is a bit wobbly if you are leaning your elbows on it. Not a deal breaker but is noticeable, and I had to put my webcam on a more sturdy mount to keep it from shaking.

  10. Greg Weatherly

    IMPORTANT NOTE FOR USE WITH SMALLER DESKTOPSIf you are using a desktop that is around 48′ to about 52′ in length, this note will be important to you (I wish I would have known).ISSUE: Once I started the process of putting the legs onto the supporting frame, I ran into an issue…the inner-most holes where you would screw the legs to the frame were blocked by the extension guide (internal measuring pieces), meaning it looked like only 1 side of the leg was going to be able to be screwed into the frame meaning it looked like smaller desktops would not be compatible.RESOLUTION: The supporting frame comes semi-put-together, meaning you are not able to see what the internal measuring pieces look like…if you take out the internal guides you can see that there is room for the second screw on the leg that initially looks like it is unable to be reached. This means that technically the first steps should be to screw the legs to the frame, and then add the internal measuring guides so that there isn’t any confusion about weather or not smaller desktops are compatibleREVIEW OF THE DESK SO FAR: As of now, the desk is sturdy, quiet, and working as it should. I can’t comment on weight capacity as it only has 2 monitors on it and a laptop. I think, so far, this is one of the best mid-range sit-stand desks you can buy. My comparison comes from also using a Fully Jarvis everyday for a year.

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