Homestyles Kitchen Cart with Storage Dolly Madison, 48.25 Inches Wide, Black

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Product details

Product Dimensions 4″D x 18″W x 1″H
Shelf Type Adjustable
Material Wood
Frame Material Wood
Brand Home Styles
Color Black
  • Natural-finished top highlights the character of the woodgrain.
  • Two utility drawers and two storage cabinets accommodate a variety of kitchen items.
  • Black finish for a chic look that never goes out of style.
  • Towel bars keep towels within reach.
  • Lockable rubber casters roll easily and protect the floor when moving.
  • Hardwood and engineered wood offers incredible structural strength and durability.
  • Paper towel bar offers convenient access to paper towels while freeing up counter space.

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Maximize worksurface area and storage space in your kitchen with this Dolly Madison Kitchen Cart by Homestyles. The solid hardwood surface sits atop a durable engineered wood frame, which can be easily moved throughout your space on lockable casters to bring the convenience right where it’s needed most. Loaded with space-saving features and storage options, it brings the ultimate in versatility and charm to your kitchen.

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Drawers maximize valuable kitchen storage space.

Adjustable shelves to accommodate a variety of kitchen items.

Doors keep your space looking tidy and clean.


Additional information

Weight 240 kg
Dimensions 4 × 18 × 1 cm
Shelf Type




Frame Material



Home Styles



Furniture Finish



Kitchen Cart


48.25 Inches Wide

Product Care Instructions

Spot Clean

Assembly Required


Number of Shelves


Item Weight

117 Pounds

Product Dimensions

18 x 4 x 1 inches, 4D x 18W x 1H

Country of Origin


Item model number


Assembled Height

35.5 inches

Assembled Length

18.5 inches


117 Pounds



Date First Available

May 5 2004


Home Styles

10 reviews for Homestyles Kitchen Cart with Storage Dolly Madison, 48.25 Inches Wide, Black

  1. Diana

    Quality productVery sturdy, easy to move around, the adjustable shelves are a great great. Had enough room to get everything off the counter. Drawers align perfectly and glide open easily.

  2. Kat

    Flawed, but I love it. Here’s what you need to know.I love this cart, but it is mildly flawed. I’d like to give you the opportunity to decide if those flaws are worth living with, just in case your expectations are super high.To start, I do want to say that this car was like $200 or something when I bought it, whereas comparable ones from other places, such as ikea, we’re $600+. Ya girl ain’t got that kind of scratch lyin’ around right now, so this was the obvious choice. But you also get what you pay for.Setup: this is NOT a one person job. I LOVE putting together flat pack furniture, and there’s something about using the visual diagrams for assembly that really clicks with me. That said, I’ve put together a lottttttt of flat pack as a result. Not just my own, but friend and places of employ have found out about my love and happily toss it to me to take care of.The way this is meant to be set up, there are some times where you have to manipulate screws and locks in ways that could only be done by a two person team. So, for four or so steps, you will need an extra set of hands. I’d say that it took maybe two hours total to set up, and that included unboxing, stubbornly attempting to put it together on my own for a while, and later realizing that there’s a part in the instructions that LIED and having to redo it.Speaking of, the diagram for the drawers is messed up. It essentially tells you to put the sides on incorrectly, so when you go to slide the drawers into their slots, you’ll feel like you’re going crazy when it doesn’t work. Originally, I was going to give you the best way to tell if you’d done it correctly or not, but I set this up a couple months ago and have forgotten my own advice. Sorry.QUALITY/CONSTRUCTION: overall, it’s actually surprisingly sturdy. But there are a couple of noticeable flaws, like one of the doors having gap where two pieces of material weren’t fused together properly. Also, the doors actually don’t line up with one another and there’s literally nothing you can do about it, so one door will be slightly higher than it’s partner, but they’ll at least both still close. Also, because the doors are “attached” by… hmmm… having some metal pegs slid into a metal hinge but not otherwise permanently secured, if you’re a total dunce you can accidentally detach said doors and spend a few irritating minutes attempting to line up the pegs and holes again.Also, I don’t know how I missed this when purchasing it, but the whole thing is much thinner than I expected. While looking at measurements, I spent so much time making sure that I found a pice with the correct length to fit my space, I overlooked the depth. The interior capacity is about the depth of the long side of a 2 liter soda bottle. I was planning to store all of my lesser-used kitchen machinery and all my Tupperware inside, but it’s not quite as roomy as expected. Still, INCREDIBLY useful.OVERALL: for a much more affordable price than anything else I was looking at, this has brought me much joy. It’s super super sturdy, has given me a better way to organize certain objects as well as give me additional storage and counter space, and it looks great! … as long as you don’t get too up close and personal with the details.

  3. Viji S.

    The parts were defective and they delivered the replacement part right awayThe cabinet looks great.

  4. Amzn Customer

    Better Quality Than Cheaper CartsNote that the handles are NOT for paper towels, but I didn’t want that feature anyway. This island cart is about 30 pounds heavier than the cheaper versions and even most of the more expensive island carts. One reason is there is more wood including the back panel (even though it is thin, it is actual wood). Most carts that cost less than $900 have a cardboard back panel like those very cheap bookshelves. This cart really does look like a nice piece of furniture.

  5. Acire

    Nice, movable storage islandIt’s too early for me to rate how it does long term, so this is mostly on the initial building and storage of the unit.To start, I assembled this myself and with no power tools. Not counting the time it took to unpack everything and check everything was there (everything was accounted for) it took me about 4 and a half hours to put together. Some steps early on would have been easier with another person, but still doable alone.With the steps, I initially was confused and didn’t know what was with the diagram before I realized they actually have you building it upside down to start. Once I realized that, it went a lot easier. The only real hitch was the last step where you put the top on and turn the cam locks. While the ones on the far left and far right worked, the two in the middle refused to go down enough to lock in. I tried to put heavy objects on it to push it down, even flipped it back over to see if that’d push them up, etc. but nothing worked, they just refused to be completely flush. Eventually gave up and with the others working, figured that’d at least keep it on.I also ran into a similar issue many others had with the doors: there’s one door that’s clearly not level and leaves a small gap below it, but it’s a minor issue for me. The bigger concern are the “locking” wheels: 2 of them are supposed to lock but even when you do so, the cart can still roll around a bit, which is rather annoying.Storage wise, I love it for the most part. It holds all my instant pot stuff, dishes, bowls, some pots and pans, and bakeware. Only downside is, due to how my bakeware is shaped, it can’t fully utilize the space because one piece has to be put in diagonally to fit in the cabinet. I kind of wish there was a narrow vertical space where I could store things like that easily. The drawers are also not very deep but as I’m only using them to store large cooking utensils and dish towels, that doesn’t bother me too much.Overall, for the price, it’s great! We’ll see if it stands up long term and will update if that changes.

  6. jerry

    great dealwife loves it .

  7. 3055

    Beautiful and practical kitchen storageI bought this kitchen island for it’s design and extra storage capacity. I am thoroughly satisfied with the unit.

  8. Nina Buckley

    Looks great and very sturdy!Bought one for myself and three months later bought another one for my daughter. Assembled myself, very easy, just have a clean flat surface, place every out in order and have patience:)We’ve had them over two years now and they still look great after tons of use. No loose hinges, doors, backing etc. Great product for the price!

  9. Brian M

    Sometimes procrastination pays off.Home Styles 4528-95 Dolly Madison Kitchen Cart, Black FinishBeen looking for an island and this one has been on my shopping list for a while, and when the price dropped recently over 30% I decided to pull the trigger. I was a little concerned about some of the reviewers saying they had trouble putting it together tho.Got the package and it had a little shipping damage but I accepted it and hoped it was just the box. It was. The box was really well packaged. Had thick foam all around the product and each panel was wrapped as well. As I started unpacking I was impressed that each item was labeled. When I opened the hardware box each package of screws, bolts and what not were all labeled with exactly what that item was used for. I was impressed. Took everything out of the box and crossed checked with the material list to be sure I had everything, and I did. As a matter of fact, about the hardware, they included one more than what was called for. To me that says a lot!Started the assembly using their instruction book. Couldn’t have been plainer. It went together just as it should have. Getting more impressed with this company as I went along. Everything fit and lined up as it should have. I say it took me a little over 2 hours, but I have some experience at cabinetry. Although I think a person that’s “handy” should be able to put this together if they take their time. The only things I did have to tweak a bit were the reveal between the doors to get the gaps equal and the top of them aligned. But like most cabinets I’ve put together, this is common and there is usually some type of adjustment in the hinges themselves. Here there were none so I used a clamp to hold the hinges firmly in place as I ‘manualy’ adjusted them to get the reveal right. Not recommended unless you know what you’re doing though because you can damage the hinges and then you’re in trouble. So my one and only criticism would be about the hinges not being adjustable. I overcame that, but most people are not going to want to do that.My overall rating of this product though is excellent. Just really happy with the quality of it, their attention to detail in manufacturing and their instruction for assembly. Any one of those items lacking would have made for a less than pleasant experience. It sounds like I work for them but I don’t. Just have bought enough stuff online and been disappointed with the quality of it and also trying to fiqure out instruction translated from some foreign language. 🙂

  10. Dave

    Adds extra storage in the kitchen…My old kitchen island was old and dated, so I was looking for a replacement that had the storage and wasn’t overly expensive. I found this one which was cheaper than the the same versions by different manufacturers, as well as being Prime deliverable in 2 days (Thanks to the Amazon drivers who deliver my stuff constantly!). Got there on time, and dragged it into my house where I proceeded to unpack it from the box. There are quite a few pieces, so it took a little while to unpack. I arranged them all to make sure everything was there, which it was, so it was into assembly. It went together fairly easy by following the instructions. My only issues were with some of the labeling on the pieces. Usually they are labeled on what would be the inside, so I put it together that way. Only to find out at the end, it was backwards. It was easy enough to remove, and turn around, and bolt back together. The other thing was the top was labeled backwards, so the center pins weren’t lining up with the holes. After a few try’s figuring out what was wrong, I finally realized it was backwards. Flipped it, and everything lined up right, and finished the build. Two of the doors also didn’t line up evenly, but not enough to inhibit their movement.This has a lot more useable storage than my last one. I put everything from in that one in here, plus had room for even more things. I like that the shelves are adjustable, so more things can go in there.Overall, I am very pleased with the initial assembly, quality, and storage. I will see how it holds up over time.

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