IYEE NATURE Electric Standing Desk, Dual Motor Adjustable Height Desk, 48 x 24 Inches Stand up Desk, Home Office Desk, Sit Stand

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Shape Rectangular
Desk design Computer Desk
Product Dimensions 48″D x 24″W x 28.75″H
Color Bamboo-dual Motor
Top Material Type Alloy Steel
  • Reliable Quality: IYEE NATURE constantly upgrades the design and quality of the standing desk to create a comfortable office experience. 48″ x 24″ desktop provides ample space.
  • Dual Motor System: Dual motor offers smoother height adjustments, at a faster speed with lower noise below 40 db.
  • Electric Height Adjustable: The standing desk has 3 preset buttons with custom height adjustment from 28.75″ to 45.25″.
  • Solid Construction: The lift system with sturdy steel. Industrial-grade steel frame allows for a 300 lbs weight capacity to support your ideal workspace setup and is stable without wobbling.
  • Anti-Collision Technology: The standing desk’s sensors detect obstacles in the moving path of the desk, preventing collisions.
  • Easy Assembly: Detailed installation manual, including tools required for installation. ⚠️We can solve all problems in installation or use. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. The desk top comes packaged in splice board, and it includes cable management tray and 1 hooks.

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Product Description

standing desk adjustable height sit to stand up electric home office computer black table small

standing desk adjustable height sit to stand up electric home office computer black table small

standing desk adjustable height sit to stand up electric home office computer black table small


  • Q1: Why the base is so far misaligned with the screw holes?
  • A1: Because during the installation process, the mounting direction of the support frame connected to the desktop is wrong! The concave surface of the support frame should be installed facing outward!
  • Q2:Why are the holes and screws of the lateral support rods not aligned?
  • Q2:Because the length of the silver-white drive rods is not adjusted properly, the drive rods can be extended or shortened.
  • Tip: You can also choose to install the lateral support rod first, and then install the drive rod to avoid misalignment of the screw holes.
  • Q3: Why doesn’t the other side of the table rise?
  • A3: Please read the steps in the manual carefully:
  • 1. Insert the transfer bar into the matching holes of the right/left column be sure to insert to the limit point. (Be sure to insert to the limit point!!!) If installed correctly, the table legs cannot be moved up and down manually.
  • 2. Do not pull out the telescopic desk legs during installation !!!

  • Q4:How to perform “Stroke Reset” or solve “RE5” ?
  • A4:You just need to press and hold “↓” for about 3-4s to release, you will see the desk automatically lower to the lowest point, and then perform the upward correction.
  • Tip: If you keep pressing “↓” and not releasing it, it will not be able to reset and calibrate successfully.
  • Q5: How to solve installation difficulties?
  • A5: There is an installation instructional video on the product page. At the same time, our after-sales service will also provide installation methods.
  • Q6: How long does it take to install?
  • A6: Under the correct installation steps, the installation can be completed in 30 minutes.
  • Q7:There are two connecting wires on the back of the controller, the wire with the small plug is connected to the power supply, and the wire with the large plug is connected to the motor. If the two connecting wires are loose during use, “E10” and “No display on the controller” will appear.
  • A7:The following is the workaround after our actual operation.
  • 1. Unplug the two cables on the back of the controller.
  • 2. Turn off the main power of the product. (Tip: When the light display of the controller disappears, it is considered a complete shutdown. You’ll need to wait for the controller’s lights to turn off completely before powering it back on.)
  • 3. Reconnect the cable on the back of the controller.
  • 4. Connect the product to the power source.




Correctly connect the desktop and base!

Do not pull out the telescopic desk legs during installation!

Be sure to insert to the limit point!

Additional information

Weight 70.9 kg
Dimensions 48 × 24 × 28.75 cm




Desk design

Computer Desk


Bamboo-dual Motor

Top Material Type

Alloy Steel

Special Feature


Room Type


Mounting Type

Found in image Freestanding

Furniture Finish




Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

48 x 24 x 28.75 inches, 48D x 24W x 28.75H

Item Weight

70.9 Pounds



Country of Origin


Date First Available

September 22 2021



10 reviews for IYEE NATURE Electric Standing Desk, Dual Motor Adjustable Height Desk, 48 x 24 Inches Stand up Desk, Home Office Desk, Sit Stand

  1. Ellen

    Have had it for 2 months now. Working from home. Love it!I love my standing desk! Since working from home, I’ve been using it to go from standing to sitting multiple times a day. I have three screens, side-by-side, on the 48″ tabletop. It works great and looks beautiful to boot. The warm walnut wood color matches my floor and furniture (when I ordered it, I was worried that the grain would look unnatural, but it looks great). It took me about half an hour to assemble it by myself, without difficulty. Note: I did a lot of research before buying this desk and it delivers on being both functional and attractive without breaking the bank. I had forgotten until now that the desktop comes in two pieces which bolt together well. It has lovely rounded corners, and is deeper than many other desks on the market, something I particularly shopped for so as to allow my monitors to be an arms-length from my eyes (best screen distance to prevent eye strain), whilst comfortably accommodating my giant ergonomic keyboard and mouse, as well as two paper notebooks. There are also two plastic buckles which you can place on the underside of the desk to keep all your cords neatly organized. I am 5’8 and the height of the desk works well for me standing at 107″ (max height 115″).

  2. Charles Spivey

    Works but top is looseI bought this since I’m working from home and it works for what I need it to do, but the one thing I do not like is no matter what I do I cannot tighten the top so it does not move a little bit. The lift is quiet and easy to preset to sit and stand and the arrows to adjust up-and-down work good which is a slight delay. If the top was not loose it would be five stars, but with the top moving slightly, it is just enough to be annoying when standing.

  3. CYC

    Works well for meEverything about this desk was exactly what I expected, had hoped for. Set up was very simple, one of the easiest pieces of furniture I’ve ordered from Amazon. I did it all on my own although it indicates you should have a second person to help you, I simply attached the two table top pieces and laid them on top of the support and screwed them on from below underneath. I waited to post my review until I had used it a few months and also I wanted to wait until my return date had come and gone so I would know I was truly satisfied. The presets work perfectly, I have one for the level that I use the majority of the time I have one for a perfect height to stand while working and I have one set to go to the highest level so that I can get under my desk easily to clean or pick up something I may have knocked off my desk. I did have an issue when I first set it up, when I raised it the right hand side got caught on my printer table so when I lowered it it was tilted left side higher than the right side and no matter what I tried, as far as raising and lowering it again it would not level out. I ended up unscrewing it from below beneath and sliding the top over slightly so I could manipulate the bar that turns and raises and lowers the table top, I pulled it away, pushed it in and out manually, put it back where it belong to put the table top black on and screwed it down tight again. And what do you know, Walla ! It works perfectly every time going up or going down. I love it. PS I’m a single woman and at this on my own

  4. rinaocampo0514

    This table just stopped working and by reassembling we made it work!UPDATE ! I was excited purchasing this table, bought this 1 1/2 mos ago, and it just suddenly stopped working! Sent email to the manufacturer and told me to restart and sending me instructions. To my anxiousness, we decided to reassemble and follow the instructions to reboot, and IT WORKED! I am so pleased!! The manufacturer responds to email and will try their best to assist you.

  5. KHCA

    Easy build, great productSo we have only had this desk for about two weeks. My son is using it in his new apartment for college. So I can’t speak to the longevity of it. I can speak to the ease of of the build. It took maybe 30min to build with my son’s help. A couple of steps had awkward angles on leg to frame attachments that help if you have another person but the build is easy and straightforward. The quality of the product seems very high. It’s very stable. He currently has dual monitors on it (40” version). Sit/Stand feature works very well. I have zero bad things to say about this product. We are very happy with it.

  6. Sean Peterson

    Great working surfaceI wasn’t too thrilled when I got this and realized the top was in 3 sections. After putting it together and putting a simple leather mat over it, the desk is working out great. The motors are quiet, and the dual motor setup helps the height change to be pretty quick. I like have the 3 memory options to change through out the day.

  7. Mike G

    Sturdy, well made, well packaged.I had this in my cart for the last 4 weeks. It would have purchased it on day 1, but the reviews concerned me. I am thrilled to say that almost everything was perfect.1 – All of the “holes don’t line up” reviews are because the person put the bracket on backwards. Just flip them around! Follow the pictures and you’ll be just fine. The assembly was a quick and easy 10 steps, plus 3 more for adding the electronics. I have had much more difficult IKEA assemblies. A whole 30 screws and a few dowels. That’s it. If something doesn’t line up, you assembled it wrong and it’s only a few steps to backtrack and redo it. If you aren’t marginally mechanically inclined, pay someone who is. It’s maybe a 30min job.2 – scratches & damaged corners? Mine came perfect. They use double-ply cardboard that gets overlapped at the corners, resulting in 4-8 ply of protection, plus hard corner protectors, plus 1/2” of foam. These things are packed extremely well compared to most flat pack furniture. I have no doubt that shipping couriers and the Amazon warehouse can still damage things, but that isn’t something to blame the seller for. Check the shipping box when it arrives. If the shipping box is damaged, blame the handlers!3 – Stability. If you tighten the screws properly and have the mounting brackets aligned, this thing is very sturdy. Plus, it has 4 individually adjustable feet if your floor is uneven. It’s not quite as sturdy as a non adjustable 4 leg table, but it’s pretty close. there is a little bit of wiggle when the desk is at max height.4 – negatives. I actually don’t have much to say here. I’m actually going to buy a second because it’s so well done. If I want to really try for negatives:- the connecting rod uses small hex plugs that seem like they might get lost during shipment, and I had to unscrew mine to properly assemble things.- step 6 of the instructions forgot to label the part used. It’s part “D” but it wasn’t too hard to figure out as it was the only remaining piece of metal.- An option for solid wood would be great. 3/4” MDF is fine, but it would be nice for an upgrade.All in all, after assembling and using the desk, it’s great. It’s now really painful to look at almost all the reviews… I want to scream “you are doing it wrong!” I’ll probably be buying another one of these for my spouse soon.

  8. Katie

    Small damage with shippingBox that was used for shipping is not sturdy enough for the weight of the desk. There was a small impact to the corner of the main desk piece. I arranged the corner to be located at the back of the desk, so only minimal impact to the overall look of the finished product. Easy to follow instructions, very heavy and sturdy base. Worked perfectly once hooking up!

  9. Amazon Customer

    Sturdy table.We brought 2 of these for our office and we love them. They adjust in height so can work sitting or standing. The top is glass so easy to keep clean.

  10. Lavender Tiger

    Great table, take care in assembling itI think the instructions should provide a warning that reviewers mention several times. When assembling the motor component making sure the rod the motor turns is inserted fully on both ends is *critical*. People complain the holes don’t line up. If you miss this part the holes on the table top and the legs will not line up. Also, not getting this step right and running the motor might cause the motor and controller to never work properly.The selling company is great. They were responsive to questions. They quickly refunded the first one I bought that the US postal service misplaced for three weeks so I could purchase a second one.The table itself is HEAVY. The legs are very heavy. The top comes in two pieces of particle board and is also heavy. The dowel pins that hold it together are easy to break, but are not critical. They make the table be more stable so you will want them, but the table can be assembled without them.I had to take the table partially apart after putting it completely together. When I put it back together I chose not to attach some components in the order the manual suggests. I did this because I wanted to test if things were working properly. The manual is pretty easy to follow, but there are a few places where things can go wrong. If they do you will have to go backwards to redo it the right way. It is frustrating.Regardless of the issues. I eventually got my table to work properly and it is perfect for what I got it for.

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