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  • KYDZSafe edges – Each and every one of our edges and corners are rounded to a minimum of a 1 inch radius, allowing children to play safely without getting hurt by sharp edges and corners.
  • KYDZStrong construction – at Jonti-Craft, we employ dowel-pin construction. This technique is stronger than the dado joints used by other companies and prevents weakening at the joint, where most stress occurs and extends lifetime by 50%.
  • KYDZTuff finish – It’s an ultravoilet acrylic coating that’s as tough as the finish on bowling lanes and is enviromentally friendly too! It’s an ultra-durable finish that resists yellowing and extra-strong resistance for daily wear.
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Set up a compact library in your classroom. Preschoolers can easily browse the eight sectioned revolving library for their favorite titles.

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jonti craft kids kid book shelf case bookcase bookshelf childrens toddler display browser

Jonti-Craft Book-go-Round

The Book-go-Round allows you to set up a compact library.

Children can easily browse the eight-sectioned revolving book storage for their favorite titles.

This bookshelf for kids is perfect for your classroom, daycare, preschool, montessori, home and more.

Our children’s bookcase has rounded edges and corners that allow kids to play without getting any splinters or cuts.

This children’s bookshelf is 32″ High x 22″ Wide x 22″ Deep. It weighs 52 lbs.

jonti craft young time kids kid book shelf case bookcase bookshelf childrens toddler display browser

jonti craft young time kids kid book shelf case bookcase bookshelf childrens toddler display browser

jonti craft young time kids kid book shelf case bookcase bookshelf childrens toddler display browser

We implemented our KYDZSafe features to ensure kids have a safe learning environment.

  • KYDZSafe Rounded Edges – Our edges and corners are rounded to a minimum of a ½ inch radius, allowing children to play without getting hurt by sharp edges and corners.
  • KYDZSafe Kickplates – Kickplates keep small toes and fingers from being pinched and prevent children from losing toys underneath the unit. Kickplates add strength and high quality aesthetics to a product.
  • KYDZSafe 15″ Depth – Our 15″ depth adds increased stability and provides more storage space than the a 12″ depth.

We design our products to withstand the rigors of classroom use and ensure they are manufactured with structural integrity and stability.

  • KYDZStrong Construction – The dowel-pin construction prevents weakening at the joints, where most of the stress occurs.
  • KYDZStrong Materials – Our products are crafted with durable materials that are made to last.
  • KYDZStrong Recessed Backs – Our products are constructed with durable recessed backs, which not only gives our furniture the aesthetic appeal you’ve come to expect, but also gives it extra structural support.

Let’s face it, an early learning environment can be a messy place. Kids spill and draw on classroom furniture and educators need products able to withstand the tough wear and tear of everyday use.

The KYDZTuff finish is just that — tuff enough for kids. It is an ultraviolet acrylic coating that’s as tough as the finish on the lanes of a bowling alley. The finish is ultra-durable and resists yellowing over time, so your furniture can look as new as the day you purchased it. It has an extra-strong resistance to daily wear and handles cleaning products with ease — even bleach and nail polish remover. With just a simple swipe of your hand, permanent marker and other stubborn spots are gone leaving nothing but a finish that still shines.

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Weight 52 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 32 in
Product Dimensions

22 x 22 x 32 inches; 52 Pounds

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June 30 2009



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8 reviews for Jonti-Craft – 3558JC Book-Go-Round

  1. Billy H.

    Brilliant design, disappointing execution for the priceThe design of this bookcase really fit my small space perfectly. It did take me a few weeks to get comfortable with the exorbitant price, but I clicked “buy” because alternatives are really limited and of worse quality (Greenguard Gold was a big plus). Capacity is good so far, and the bookcase rotates smoothly. I don’t fear it toppling over.But, for the price, I was expecting more. There’s a lot of over glue. It comes off gradually with a fingernail, but expect to spend an afternoon removing all the spots, if you’re discerning like me. The wood isn’t of a consistent color, like in the product photo. I guess that’s just natural variation, and I can live with that. Also, there are no instructions included on care, and the base has no feet for leveling or to protect the floors. I added felt pads to achieve both, and to minimize vibrations.

  2. Mari R.

    Excellent, Heavy-duty FurnitureThis bookcase is wonderful quality and provides an impressive amount of storage with a small footprint. I eyed this for years before buying because of the price, and it is a worthwhile purchase. It is sturdy and perfect to store books and boxed games for my small children! While I measured my space in advance, I was still impressed by the size of it. It is a bit taller than a typical end table and takes up about the same length and width of one.

  3. green sapphire

    Fabulous book and toy carouselJonti-craft products have been consistently reliable for me. They have rounded edges and take a lot of play from my active child. I have gotten several compliments on this bookcase, which is unusal for playroom furniture. Everyone says that it looks like high-end Danish modern and could be used in an older kids bedroom when the toyroom is needed less. I have it in a corner so it takes up very little space but is efficiently used. I have used it to put toys on the top and books and smaller toys on the shelves and am shocked how much storage it provides. It is also very heavy and stable, something I was worried about since it swivels but was relieved when I got it home. I think this is a prudent buy if you are trying to stick to pieces that will be used for a long time or if you have a small amount of space to devote to toy storage and want to be ultra efficient. This is in my top 3 must-haves for children’s furniture if I could go back and buy with the experience I have gained over time.

  4. Breeze

    No question it’s a fantastic product. 2-liter bottles of soda or water fit …This is NOT just for toddlers and books!!! It’s just what I, myself, needed. I am a retired and weigh 640-pounds. I can barely stand, let along walk and I thank God that I have a 24/7 ADL (Assisted Daily Living) caregiver. In my bedroom I have a medical bed that I need to sit up and get out of my bed to an oversized chair next to my computer with these revolving shelves on a table to my left. These revolving shelves literally increased the space I can reach 1000% (ten times — I can also reach the top). No question it’s a fantastic product. 2-liter bottles of soda or water fit nicely. Like the Toddlers, I, too, enjoy spinning it round and round. Most of all, I enjoy being able to organize and reaching my things. Thanks people!

  5. Valerie Avent

    Safe and easy for a young childI bought this for a very active 3 year old. It is sturdy and safe and gives him easy access to his books and encourages him to pick them up. I would buy this again.

  6. C. Bell

    Lots of Space For BooksIt doesn’t show it in the picture but there is actually eight spaces for books, each space is tall enough for those big picture books too. It’s really heavy, and sturdy. Our three year old loves to spin it, spins smoothly even though it is on carpet. I thought about going with a bookshelf that was more decorative but I noticed the decorations took away space for the actual books. Our daughter has over two dozen books and there is still enough room for more on this book shelf. This bookshelf is something she can grow with, she also uses the flat top to put her construction paper on.

  7. Wei Lu

    I am very satisfied with this productI am very satisfied with this product. It really holds a lot of books. There are 8 sections in total. each section can hold more than 10 kid board books. all my daughter’s tall and big books fit in it. It makes your space look clean and easy to find the books. just hope it could be cheaper.

  8. Elizabeth Nunez

    Top qualityTop quality. Made in the USA! You get what you pay for and the workmanship in this book-go-round shows!

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