Kanto Full Motion PMX660 Pro Series Mount for 37″ to 80″ Flat Panel TVs, Black

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Product details

Mounting Type Wall Mount
Movement Type Swivel
Brand Kanto
Material Aluminum
TV Size 80 Inches
Color Black
  • Fits most flat panel TVs from 37″ to 80″, Supports TVs up to 125 lb. (57 kg), Accommodates VESA sizes from 200×100 to 600×400
  • Extends up to 22” (55.9 cm) from the wall, sits 2.5” (6.3 cm) when fully retracted and accommodates 16″ stud spacing
  • Accessible tilt mechanism provides +12 Degree to -3 Degree of tilt, 90 Degree of swivel in either direction, depending on screen size.
  • 6” (15.2 cm) of horizontal offset and adjustable horizontal leveling, cULus Certified
  • Installation manual and all mounting hardware for wood studs and concrete installation is included, Ten year manufacturer’s warranty
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Product Description

Don’t let the size of your TV dictate where you put it. Capable of supporting TVs up to 80”, the PMX660 features two articulating arms that can be horizontally offset to give you the utmost discretion over where your TV is placed. With 22” of extension, this full motion wall mount provides enough tilt and swivel movement to ensure you always have the perfect viewing angle. Its low profile design allows your TV to sit 2.5” from the wall when fully retracted and features cable management clips to keep your cables out of sight.

kanto pmx660 pro series full motion dual stud tv wall mount UL certified

superior extension with 22 inches of extension

easy positioning with swivel and tilt capabilities

toolless tilt with easy tilt functionality

perfectly centered with adjustable horizontal positioning

Easily reach over fireplaces or out of recessed locations.

Swivel and tilt your TV to improve line-of-sight.

Make on-the-fly tilt adjustments to reduce glare and improve line-of-sight.

Center your TV on the wall regardless of where your studs are located.

all mounting hardware, precision drill template, install videos and customer support

Additional information

Weight 16.3 lbs
Dimensions 23.6 × 22 × 15.7 in
Brand Name


Item Weight

16.3 pounds

Product Dimensions

23.6 x 22 x 15.7 inches

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Specification met

Certified frustration-free



Date First Available

July 14 2016



10 reviews for Kanto Full Motion PMX660 Pro Series Mount for 37″ to 80″ Flat Panel TVs, Black

  1. M. Jones

    This is the oneI’ve wall mounted quite a few televisions and this mount is above any in the market by a considerable margin. The kit is well thought out, contains everything needed, and uses premium feeling materials.Watch the video or use the included instructions – both clearly define the steps needed for a successful install. For me, the hardest part is figuring out the height when mounted. Anyone who has mounted a television will know that this can be problematic, and you need to determine a point on the tv mount that is relative to the bottom of the television when making your calculation. I used the top center bolt to determine this and calculated my height accordingly. The included cardboard template ensures that you will drill holes in the right places and level.You may not think you need a mount that extends from the wall, but I have experience with mounts that are simply flush, and these are difficult to mount safely while struggling to plug in cables and tidy them or changing a cable post install. This mount extends, which allows you to take time plugging in cables and tidy them up or change them with relative ease – afterwards it smoothly moves to flush and is as close to the wall as any flush mount on the market. The mount has 12 degrees of horizontal adjustment which is perfect when your studs do not allow good placement and is handy if your furniture changes in the future and requires the re-centering of the television. Another nice feature is the ability to level the television after it is mounted, and the television can be safely tilted if needed. It also has a handy cable management system and magnetic covers with optional security screws.In closing, this mount is worth every penny. It is thoughtfully engineered and perfectly executed as a consumer product. I highly recommend this mount to anyone who wants a frustration free mounting experience with top quality product to boot. Bravo Kanto, very impressed.

  2. A. Sprague

    Quality and sturdy mounting solution for walls with studs in non-ideal positionsLet me start by saying that this thing is built like a tank. My 65″ LED TV is rock solid and stable no matter how far the arm is extended and no matter what the tilt angle is set to. It simply stays where placed, and it moves fluidly and easily.What attracted me to this mount over some lower priced mounts is its ability to adjust for an off-center mounting position on a wall yet still have a centered TV. The wall I wanted to mount on (about 6 inches wider than the TV) had a stud almost exactly in the center of it. Which seems good until you realize that most mounts are NOT designed to have a stud in the exact center. Actually, none I could find were designed with mounting holes 32 inches apart. On this unit the TV arm can be offset further from the center of the wall mount portion than any other unit I could find. The end result of my installation is that, when the TV is pushed up as close to the wall as the mount allows, it is within 1/4 inch of dead center on the wall. The 65″ TV is plenty wide enough that you do not see the mount, so you also do not see that the wall mount frame is off-center on the wall by 6+ inches. This was exactly what I was hoping for.The quality of construction is top notch – seriously heavy duty! The built-in cable management features are also very good and not flimsy at all. The packaging was also super nice – far better than it needed to be honestly. In short, everything about this mount just exudes quality. Even the provided wall template is amazing. It shows an accurate diagram of the ENTIRE wall mount portion so you can really visualize exactly where everything is going to be. It is true to size and shape of the mount itself, so the holes I drilled based on the template were perfectly aligned with the actual mount.If you do not mind spending the extra money, you will love this mount.

  3. EE

    perfectI have super heavy TV…but this frame is awesome!!!

  4. Michael J. M.

    It was easy!I paid more because I wanted a high quality mount for my nice new TV. This delivered.Most of the work can be done by one person. The only part that requires two is when you attach the TV to the mount and set the tilt for the first time. Those 10 min would be impossible by yourself. The joint feels loose and the lever that you are supposed to be able to use to tighten it and loosen the joint to control tilt doesn’t really work (it sort of functions like the quick release on your bike seat or wheels with a leaver) so you need someone to support the TV while you tighten it for the first time. Once set however, I have never had to touch it again.I had two reasons for getting the articulated mount.1) Sometimes we eat in the media room at a table. It is great to be able to put the TV (85″) from the wall and tilt it away from the couch and to the TV.2) I was flipping my room around from watching TV on the North wall to the South wall. This meant many weekends crawling through the attic feeding wires through walls with wires coming from various locations. One weekend it was speakers, next coax and Ethernet, next power bridge. It was soooooo easy just pulling the TV away from the wall so that I could perform the work, cut holes in the wall behind the TV and media cabinet and then just push it back. I was quoted $650 to do this work but the mount made it possible to do it all myself. I guess I could have done all the wiring before the TV was mounted but the TV was on sale for labor day and we enjoyed the TV for 4 weeks while I did all the work to make the set up better and better and better each week until done.THANKS!

  5. Amazon Customer

    Finding the center of the 2x4s.It was one of the few per a senior Best Buy Geek Squad leader that can support a 50″ inch, 110 pound Panasonic Plasma TV. Add under 10 pounds for the LG Sound Bar and Sanus SA405 Sound Bar Speaker Mounts. Great install by Geek Squad with an LG 3.1 SN6Y sound bar. To insure it would hold the TV before mounting, he did a pull up on it – feet off the floor. He said he weighed 163 pounds. Full motion was very important for mounting the TV in the center of a 16 by 33 foot room. Easily viewed from both sides of the room. Easy full motion movement. Only reason for the 4 stars on “Easy to Install” is that it you really need to know what you are doing to find the center of the 2x4s for the bolts to hold this monster in place. Note Best Buy did not have either the tv or sound bar mounts and told me where to get them. That’s customer service!

  6. Jumbleknot

    Works great with big TV’sI purchased this to replace a Sanus mount that despite being rated for TV’s up to 90″ and 125 lbs was not capable of keeping my new 85″ and 100 lbs TV (Samsung QN85QN90A) level or tilted at the right angle. This mount from Kanto works every so much better. This mount holds the TV much more steady and is much easier to set the level adjustment and tilt adjustment. I would highly recommend this mount for large TV’s.

  7. El Chapooo

    super sturdy and extremely smoothI used this for an 86″ lg 8570 series, Everything went together flawlessly. there were extra bolts included for every application type you could think of. I used maybe 4 of the 50 bolts and bolt types provided. This kit includes the heavy duty lag bolts for mounting into the studs.There is one weak place on this unit and with that being said it was not egregious in any way. only time will tell but at this point I’m giving this unit 5 stars.I wanted a tv mount that was very smooth and also with a wide array of motion. This mount is what I would consider to be Professional Grade. If I had paid somebody to install this and it costed north of 500 for the bracket, I wouldn’t balk upon feeling how smooth it is. This unit is worth the 329. this is top 3 tv mounts I’ve ever felt/used, hands down. could it be better? Perhaps. But as far as I’m concerned this was an excellent product and very well engineered.This unit turns the tv a full 45 degrees and nothing less. it is a very beastly tv mount and it holds the 86 inch tv nicely. I foresee no problems with this tv mount.

  8. D-man

    THE Wall-mount for Large, Heavy TVsThough I had an installer put this on, it was only because I was pressed for time. It’s very easy to install. Holds every bit of the weight claimed and is very adjustable. If you’re like me, you’ll appreciate the clean, professional look when it’s extended. This holds a 100+lb 85″ TV like it’s a painting. Very easy to move, tilt, and push all the way back. My top pro is that when pushed all the way back, it’s almost as thin as typical tilt-only mounts. Most mounts for TVs this size don’t collapse to under 3″ like this one does.Special item of note: This thing is heavy as indicated in the product description. Don’t let that deter you. It comes apart into a few large pieces for assembly. The bracket that connects to the TV comes with all the parts and is the easiest ever installed on any of my TVs. Don’t forget to use the template to mount and catch drywall dust/bits – it works.This costs more than other mounts for a reason – it’s that well-made.

  9. Stephen Fried

    Excellent Mount for Sony XBR-X900E TVsI used this mount for a Sony XBR-X55900E, and it worked perfectly. I was able to install the mount and then place the TV on it by myself.The included instructions along with the video available on the Kanto website made installation straightforward and easy. Make sure you have the proper tools, since I did have to purchase a 13 mm socket attachment for my ratchet wrench. The only issue I encountered was that all four bolts holding the extension arm unit to the mounting frame were frozen in place. I had to hit the handle of my ratchet wrench with a hammer several times to loosen each of the four bolts. Other than that the entire mounting operation went very smoothly. I was able to perfectly level the TV by slightly loosening the three mounting bolts, placing a level on the TV, and then re-tightening the bolts when the level bubble was centered. I was also able to perfectly center the TV in the room by removing the four bolts holding the the extension arm assembly to the mounting bracket, shifting the extension arm assembly to other holes on the bracket, and then re-inserting and tightening the bolts again. I found the ability to extend the TV away from the wall very useful. Except for the fact that the four cable holders on the arms are not very useful (tended to pinch the cables when the mount was retracted, no matter how I tried to route the cables), I found this mount to be very solid, easy to adjust, and a good value.

  10. SVTom

    Well made, holds my 100 lb. plasma TVIt’s a quality product. I especially like the bracket you bolt to the wall being separate from the main articulating arms. Makes it far easier for one person to bolt to the wall. The articulating arm piece then rests in place on the bracket so you can take your time attaching it. Again, makes it easy for one person to do. My only problem was the washers included in the kit were not big enough to fit over the screws I needed to attach to the back of the TV. This is an inexplicable. Luckily, I’ve got all sorts of washers on hand and was able to find enough that fit their screws. I’ll be emailing them on this weird mismatch. A smaller wall mount I bought from them a couple years ago didn’t have this problem.

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