Kanto PDX680W Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount for 39-inch to 80-inch TVs Weighing up to 125 Pounds | Integrated Cable

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Product details

Mounting Type Wall Mount
Movement Type Tilt
Brand Kanto
Material Alloy Steel
TV Size 80 Inches
Color White | 39″ to 80″ TVs
  • SPACE SAVER – Improve your overall TV viewing experience while enjoying a less cluttered living area. The PDX680 Full Motion Television Mount lets you gain a sizeable amount of floor space that would otherwise be taken up by a TV stand or media cabinet. Mounting your TV on the wall is especially beneficial when living in a small apartment, condo, or tiny home.
  • BETTER VIEWING EXPERIENCE – Featuring two wishbone arms for maximum stability, this articulating TV mount can extend a remarkable 24” from the wall, giving you the freedom to pan and swivel your TV to accommodate a variety of viewing positions. Swivel it up to 85° left and right, depending on screen size, and tilt it 15° forward to further improve line-of-sight. If glare is an issue, the PDX680 can also tilt 3° backward in order to avoid light sources.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – Along with a step-by-step instructional video to help you through your installation, the PDX680 comes with a conveniently labeled bolt box with all the necessary hardware for wood stud and concrete walls. Its 27″, dual stud wall plate accommodates both 16″ and 24″ stud spacing, and features multiple lag bolt slots to ensure your TV is properly positioned. A precision drill template is also provided to accurately position your mount and to catch shavings while drilling.
  • CLEAN APPEARANCE – The PDX680 comes with magnetic wall plate covers to hide any sign of installation, as well as cable management raceways to keep your viewing area looking tidy. Its low-profile design allows you to push your TV back to sit 2″ from the wall, while a highly durable powder-coated finish provides a premium look and feel.
  • SAFE & SECURE – Featuring a solid steel frame and 65mm lag bolts, this heavy-duty TV mounting bracket safely supports up to 125 pounds, even at full extension. With today’s flat screen TVs being more susceptible to tipping over, the PDX680 gives you peace of mind by keeping your TV out of arm’s reach of children and eliminating any dangers of it falling over.
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Product Description

Meet PDX680W, the standard in full motion mounts from Kanto. Sitting a mere 2” from the wall and extending up to 24”, the PDX680W is the perfect solution for versatility. PDX680W offers 18° of tilt and a 27” wall plate to accommodate up to 24” studs. With integrated cable management and plastic caps to hide the lag bolts in the wall, the PDX680W is not only functional, but easy on the eyes too. Available in black or white.

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PERFECT POSITIONING - Swivel and tilt your TV to improve line-of-sight

LOW-PROFILE DESIGN - Push your TV against the wall when not in use

CLEAN APPEARANCE - Cable management clips and wall plate covers ensure a tidy viewing area

SAFE & SECURE - Heavy-duty steel reliably supports your TV, even at full extension

Swivel and tilt your TV to improve line-of-sight.

Push your TV against the wall when not in use.

Cable management clips and wall plate covers ensure a tidy viewing area.

Heavy-duty steel reliably supports your TV, even at full extension.

kanto provides all mounting hardware and drill template with customer support and install videos

Additional information

Weight 22.4 lbs
Dimensions 24.02 × 29.76 × 17.17 in
Product Dimensions

24.02 x 29.76 x 17.17 inches

Item Weight

22.4 Pounds



Item model number


Date First Available

May 23 2018



10 reviews for Kanto PDX680W Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount for 39-inch to 80-inch TVs Weighing up to 125 Pounds | Integrated Cable

  1. Wraith

    Sturdy, Solid, holds settings! PDX680This was actually easy for me to install, but I took my time, measure several times. My studs were 23″ apart so I had an inch to play with. Do not be fooled by the missing vertical bars on the sides. I hit two studs for the mount and this thing is probably the most solid mount I have ever seen. The settings I made are ROCK SOLID. It pulls out smoothly with a tiny bit of resistance… and does not droop or lean at all! It stays where I leave it and it feels safe fully extended. I have a 55″ TV and I can turn it safely until it is at least 65 degrees for easy viewing from the room on to the side. I love this mount. I do not give great ratings unless I firmly believe I am doing you a solid. I am glad I purchased it when I did because it was $149 and could have gotten a cheaper articulating mount for less… but the quality is so good, I would not hesitate to spend $200 to do it again. The channels for the cable are well thought out… tricky at first, but do a GREAT job… Amazon tends to mush all reviews together… This is specifically for the Kanto PDX680 only. I highly recommend an in wall wiring adapter to go with it. This also keeps the TV very close to the wall. The clearance is very low and the magnetic cover plates look great.

  2. Amanda Counts

    Great strong mount for kids and high traffic areas.We have purchased 5 of these mounts over the past 8 years, that’s how much we believe in them. The bolts for install are rather large so we left them at our hold house when we moved. Thus why we got more. But the frame is strong as heck and when properly put on a wall only the wall falling down is going to bring it off of there. We used one in the kids play room knowing that one or both child could climb on it (not recommended) and their tv would be safe!If your putting a tv in an area with high traffic and chance of people bumping into it, highly recommend.

  3. C. Johnson

    Great Mount – Sturdy and easy to installI’ve looked for a couple of months for a mount for a TV we’re moving to our living room and where we didn’t have one before. We decided on this one after reading some reviews and also that it came in white, which I thought would look better with our grey walls and white trim. I also liked the install video on the product page and it made me confident I would be able to install it. The install went smoothly and with the templates it was easy to ensure it was level and I was hitting studs for the lag bolts. Mounting the TV was also very easy, and the brackets allowed me to adjust the TV for an optimal positioning on the wall. The TV we mounted was an older Plasma and it’s about 50 pounds, and the mount was well equipped to handle the weight. It was also very easy to ensure the TV was level and angled as we liked, and we were able to get it mounted exactly as we wanted. Overall this is a great mount, and you’d be hard pressed to justify spending more on something that isn’t this good. Just get this one, you’ll be happy.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Sturdy and works well (KEEP THE BOX OF UNIVERSAL VESA MOUNTS!)This thing is solid. I installed a year ago with a 50 inch TV without issues. Action is smooth when extending the arms and has a decently low profile when flat against the wall.I recently replaced the 50 inch for a 55 with different VESA hole pattern and was extremely relieved I saved the box of VESA universal mounts. Both TVs installed fairly easily and have a firm fit with the mount.

  5. Abi

    Before you mount inspect the item.When I Was ready to install the mount i saw that one of the bars was badly bent. Had to return it and order the replacement. Once I received the second mount I was happy that it keep in great shape. The install was easy. This is 3rd mount I have from this brand. Even with the first order being bent I still would recommend this brand over others.

  6. Sailor

    This turned out to be a WINNER after much pre-purchase research.Absolutely EXCELLENT product. Design, quality of manufacture, packaging, website and customer support are top notch. Nice to experience things working according to expectations. Everything one needs to install the mount is included in a very organized box. Kanto did not fall short in any respect. In fact, as the result of how well the install went with the PDX 650, I ordered the PDX 680 for another t.v. If you are looking for a wall mount to install a large flat screen, you can rest assured that you need look no further. The only helpful hint I would add for installation is that because the height location of the t.v. installment is oftentimes critical due to physical constraints of the target location and/or personal preferences of the owner, it is helpful to have a reference point to determine the EXACT VERTICAL LOCATION of template on the wall. This can be accomplished by using an awl to pierce the template at the location of the top most threaded stud (1 of 3) which are welded to the t.v. bracket. I was able to achieve that goal by the following process:1. After installing the bracket pieces that get fastened to the t.v., measure the distance from the bottom edge of the T.V. to that top most threaded stud.2. Use a pencil and measuring tape to mark where you want that point on the wall (you will now know where the bottom and the top edges of the t.v. will be from that reference point)3. Next, lay the template onto a table top, and position the compressed articulating wall mount piece on top of the template, obviously matching the hole outlines on the bracket with the template. Then use a pen to mark a point on the template by matching the “U” shaped capture point of the swivel piece part of the bracket.4. Remove the template, punch a hole through the mark.5. Assuming that you’ve already determined where the wall studs are, position the template horizontally where you want the bracket to end up, and use a push pin to temporarily attach the template to the vertical position you want (based on the aforementioned established measurements from the pin hole to both the bottom and top edges of the t.v.)6. Continue following the Kanto instructions to complete the installation.This may sound complicated, but it will make sense and be fairly easy to accomplish once you have the mount and template in your physical possession. I’ve also included a couple pics of the template with pin hole marking. Should take less than 1 hour to do the project. Good luck.

  7. Salvador

    This mount for price and value covered all expectationsUsed for my bump out of walk , perfect for extending out for viewing from kitchen and living room

  8. Bryrland

    Burly enough, but some functional gotchas I’m not thrilled aboutI really wanted to rave about this mount for it’s beefy feel and easy install, but have some CONS to identify.1. There is no simple & stable mechanism for screen level (horizontal tilt) adjustment. The TV essentially hangs on just 3 bolts, 2 of which govern how easy you can manipulate the leveling of the screen. If you tighten the bolts to keep the screen from accidentally tilting while moving the swing arms, then it is difficult to tweak the TV when swung all the way out and to the side (another typical issue next). I would prefer having a micro leveling adjustment readily accessible, not this “go tug on the side of the TV for a course, ballpark range movement” solution. Want those bolts tight? Well, then to adjust you’ll need to find your ratchet wrench and #13 socket every time and be ready to spend some time fiddling with the TV out, then in, then out, then in… etc.2. Mount suffers the usual horizontal leveling issue that plagues most full range mounts… ie: TV tilts off horizontal when swung out and turned to one side (not perpendicular to the mount wall).3. Fore/Aft tilt is another axis controlled by a set of tightening bolts and no micro adjustment provided. Just yank on the TV to tilt it… if you left those bolts loose enough to do so. If not, go get your ratchet wrench again.4. CAVEAT – wire mismanagement.Do not try using the cutout window in the middle section for a cable access port/hole in the wall. The rack when pushed back to the wall, will typically crush your wires. There is just too little space to safely run wires through that area. Best advice for a wire port/hole is to have that just below this rack mount (should still be hidden by the TV).The wire management instructions show how to run your cables around the ends of the articulating arms. Unfortunately if you follow that guidance, thicker cables like HDMI or TV power will prevent the mount arms from moving back to flush against the wall and TV will not be as far back to the wall as otherwise possible.Knocking off 1 more star for lack of better cable management / options to route cables. The mount design just doesn’t allow for many usable options within the rack area itself.

  9. tackett2005

    I love it and would recommend it.As an electrician, I’ve installed numerous TV’s for both myself and others, both custom and professionally.I’ve had this mount for a few years now as it was installed in a media center which I recently altered, and finally committed to mounting the TV on the wall. It currently has my 42” LG (that I love) in the pictures I shared. It’s size is part of why I’m able to articulate it so much given the 24” standout. That space is awesome when having to make or alter the connections. I will never use a flat mount for this exact reason.My first encounter with Kanto was at my work at our facility where one of the supervisors purchased it for a conference room monitor. I was instantly sold on the packaging, presentation, and solid performance in use while under load.I have not experienced any failures as noted in other reviews about the mounting stud. I understand that is an integral part, and one of only three studs that connect the tv mount to the wall mount. It would be an easy fix and I totally understand their concern, especially since it poses the risk of dropping the entire tv during installation.Personally I’m sold on Kanto, I would buy them again in the future, and would recommend them to customers. It does everything I need and will be here when I eventually upgrade to my next dream tv.

  10. TLC

    I’ve had great luck with some of the cheaper flush mounts and …Posted by CJC husband of TLC: OK… Wow! I spent a while looking at various mounts, and suggest anyone considering one do also as there are SO many out there. I’ve had great luck with some of the cheaper flush mounts and smaller TVs, but this time we needed one that would put the TV out a little bit from the wall and be able to angle a little in different directions for a 65”. I was tickled to find what looked like a good one in white as the back of the TV is white and we were mounting it onto a white wall. So on to details: 1.) this Mount is HEAVY – it is very solid and well made (I’m a structures engineer) – definitely plan on a 2 person effort to help things go smoothly. 2.) Packaging – INGENIOUS! All of the hardware comes in a smaller box laid out in labeled slots ready to pull out and kept organized – none of those plastic bags! Super nice. 3.) Instructions leave a little to be desired but not bad at all – there is a link and QR code for a video also (nice touch). 4.) Extra thought – delightful unexpected additions: the cardboard template for marking and drilling holes has a pocket for catching the drill shavings, the arms of the Mount have special cable management devices that lock in place, the parts are marked with ease of use features like ‘up’ arrows, there are tightening and fine angle adjustments for all directions (even easy to use follow up tweaks for the BANE of extending wall mounts, screen rotation sag). 5.) Function – perfect – no unexpected looseness or sag, easy to access for adjustments, hanging the TV onto the mount after each side is done (Wall side and TV side) was an easy ‘tip and hook’ motion, mounting to wall is great as it is over sized with slots for studs that may be out of position from your desired location, and the TV side brackets are also large and forgiving for various TV requirements. We bumped into a funny issue that was mainly due to the TV’s layout where the lower long bracket blocked cable plugs, I just cut the excess length off – no issue.Highly recommend this mount if you are looking for a fully adjustable stronger mount, and this company seems to put a lot of thought into their products!

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