Kanto R500 Recessed In-Wall Full Motion Articulating TV Mount for 46-inch to 80-inch TVs | Ultra Low Profile | Swivel and Tilt

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Mounting Type Wall Mount
Movement Type Articulating
Brand Kanto
Material Metal
TV Size 80 Inches
Color Black
  • Ultra-low profile – achieve a minimalist Home theater setup without sacrificing the functionality of a full motion TV mount. The r500’s recessed in-wall design is made to fit securely between 16-inch stud centers. When fully pushed back, Its Articulating arm assembly allows your flat screen TV to sit almost flush with the wall.
  • Better viewing experience – use the r500’s Articulating arm to ensure you always have the perfect viewing angle. Extend it out 27. 6. 5 inches and swivel to 90° in either direction, depending on screen size. An accessible tilt mechanism Also allows you to angle your TV 10° forward to further improve line-of-sight, or 5° backwards to reduce glare.
  • Safe & secure – mount your TV with confidence. Constructed out of solid steel, the R500 recessed wall mount safely supports 46 to 80-inch flat panel TVs weighing up to 135 pounds. Its adjustable mounting brackets accommodate VESA sizes from 100×100 to 600×400 to ensure a perfect fit with your television.
  • Sleek cable management – The recessed mounting box features multiple holes to allow you to easily run wires through your wall, keeping them safe and concealed. To complete your clutter-free setup while maintaining a tidy viewing area, secure your cables to the extension arm with the provided cable management clips.
  • Easy installation – the R500 TV mount is carefully packaged with a variety of lag Bolt, washer and spacer sizes to ensure a hassle-free installation. A paper wall template is also provided to help determine where to cut your drywall, while an online, step-by-step installation video helps guide you through the entire installation process.
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Product Description

Recessed Articulating Wall Mount

Achieve an ultra-low-profile setup with the R500 recessed wall mount. Designed to be inserted between two studs measuring 16” apart, this unique mounting solution lets your TV sit 1.25” from the wall when fully retracted. Its 27.6” long articulating arm provides -5°/+10° of tilt and 180° of swivel, ensuring optimal viewing from all angles. Built out of high-grade steel, the R500 supports 46” to 80” TVs weighing up to 135 pounds.

Kanto R500, recessed, in wall tv mount showing in wall box and arm extended without TV mounted

RECESSED DESIGN - Push your TV back to sit almost flush with the wall

PERFECT POSITIONING - Swivel and tilt your TV to improve line-of-sight

CLEAN APPEARANCE - Route your cables through the wall for a clutter-free setup

SAFE & SECURE - Heavy-duty steel reliably supports your TV, even at full extension

Push your TV back to sit almost flush with the wall.

Swivel and tilt your TV to improve line-of-sight.

Route your cables through the wall for a clutter-free setup.

Heavy-duty steel reliably supports your TV, even at full extension.

Kanto provides all hardware and drill template with install videos and customer support

Additional information

Weight 36.4 lbs
Dimensions 25.6 × 31.6 × 25.2 in
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Item Weight

36.4 pounds

Product Dimensions

25.6 x 31.6 x 25.2 inches

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Special Features

Full Motion Cable Management



Date First Available

February 23 2017



9 reviews for Kanto R500 Recessed In-Wall Full Motion Articulating TV Mount for 46-inch to 80-inch TVs | Ultra Low Profile | Swivel and Tilt

  1. Blue

    Not easy to install without some helpful tips from reviewersTo add electrical, you almost certainly need these two things:(i) recessed outlet (https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B0017WKSWA?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details)(ii) horizontal gang box (https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00H8NUYMG?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details)See pix for how to install the gang box to fit the punch out on the unit. Follow the advice of other reviewers who noted that it can get crowded in the main chamber so a recessed outlet is helpful versus the standard. The rest of the install is not necessarily smooth, but nothing too difficult. Best of luck!

  2. KiloMal

    Very Solid TV Mount, Fairly Simple to Install, Would Buy Again!First of all, I decided to take a chance and purchase a “Used – Very Good” condition mount that Amazon was selling under their “Amazon Warehouse” program because it was $50 cheaper than the “New” condition version and I’m happy I did. The packaging was a little beat up, which I was expecting based on the description of the condition. The only issue with the mount itself was one of the corners of the mount was slightly bent. That was no big deal since the entire mount is made of fairly heavy gage steel and it took me about 30 seconds of squeezing the bent corner in a vice and it looks like new again as the pictures show.INSTALLATION:As long as you have wood studs that are 16″ on-center this is a great option for you and the installation is pretty simple. However, keep in mind that you are somewhat limited on how you can position the mount on a wall due to the fact that it has to fit in the cavity between two studs. For example, if you want to perfectly center the mount on a wall you might get lucky and find the studs are in the right location, but most of the time your probably not go to get that lucky and may have to settle with the mount being a few inches off center one way or the other. Fortunately, there is a little wiggle room with how you position the TV on the mounting bracket (depending on the size of TV) and, at least in my case, I can compensate for the mount being a couple inches off center by mounting the TV a little to one side on the bracket so everything looks perfectly centered when it’s all done.As a couple other reviewers suggested, I took a few extra minutes to mask off the hole in the drywall and spray paint the sides of the wood studs matte black. Not totally necessary, but if your a little OCD and want everything to look as clean as possible it’s worth it. If you opt out of painting the studs you will be able to see the wood around the bolt hole tabs on the right side of the mount and through the cable cutouts in the top-left and bottom-left corners. That being said, you won’t see those areas at all once the TV is mounted if you keep it flush against the wall, it would only be visible if you pull it out away from the wall, and even then it may not be very noticeable.I also got a black colored power outlet, wall plate, and low voltage passthrough so everything is black and it looks great.My ONLY Complaint…The 1-gang knockouts along the top and bottom edges of the mount make it really easy to install a power outlet or cleanly route cables but they appear to be slightly smaller than a 1-gang opening required by some “old work” boxes. I purchased several different “old work” 1-gang boxes for installing a power outlet and the only one that fit perfectly was what Home Depot calls their standard box. Neither the extra deep or the premium 1-gang boxes fit in the knockouts, they were slightly too big.Also, for the low voltage cables (Cat6a Ethernet, and HDMI) I used a one piece low voltage pass through box because it was the only one in black that Home Depot had. As you can see in one of the photos, it was slightly larger than the knockout so it doesn’t mount perfectly flush along the top edge, but it does work.With a little grinding it would be easy to make the knockout a little larger or the box a little smaller but it wasn’t necessary in my case.Overall, this is a very solidly built mount and it works perfectly for me. I will definitely purchase again if the need arises.

  3. Dukester

    Epic fail in a critical area ****UPDATE ****Reading the reviews of verified buyers is an important factor for me in choosing a product and this mount hit all the check marks for me….or so I thought. This mount was to hold my new Sony XBR75X900F which weighs in at 97 lbs. with a 75″ diag. screen. The installation went smoothly and it quickly became obvious the company did not want any sag when fully extended holding a screen as large as mine. It is heavy, beefy and well made but with a glaring achilles heel if your needs do not call for it to be tilted. In my case full tilt was the only choice–the exact opposite of my wishes. After hanging the set onto the face plate, centered, fully vertical and the bolts that are designed to keep the TV from sagging tightened to the point I thought any more pressure on the allen wrench might snap it, I stepped back to admire my work. Within seconds the TV went from fully upright to the maximum tilt–a very disheartening sight to see. With the help of my wife I loosened the three nuts and while she held the TV against the vertical stop I re-tightened to Hercules level. This time the tilt dive was delayed by 15 more seconds than the first…a complete fail. In desperation I grabbed my drill, tightening it one more time to the point the flimsy plastic washer–the only thing between nut and bracket was crushed to destruction. Same result. Droop City.The next morning I called Kanto but they obviously are located on the West Coast since they were still closed so I left a detailed voice mail asking for a call back and fearing I was going to soon have a gigantic hole in my Family Room wall. Despite its impressive build quality and design this mount holds little value to me in its current state. Even though I am certain I followed the directions carefully my hope was that I did something wrong or that this particular piece was defective. I wasn’t going to find out that day.When nobody from Kanto returned my call I waited a few hours after their opening the next morning before calling them again and before launching into my tale of woe told the gal at the other end that I had left a message that wasn’t returned. She said their VM system had a glitch that caused the voice mails that day to be garbled. As in unintelligible. Hmmm. After describing my issue she exclaimed that it was the first she’d ever heard of the problem which tells me they didn’t bother to test an increasingly popular size from one of the world’s most recognizable TV makers. About a minute later she tells me that Sony TV’s are known to be top heavy. Hmmm. Now that tells me they did test the Sony, discovered the problem yet provided no fix for it , no warning to potential customers and went ahead and wrote specs that allowed sets such as mine to be mated to the R500 mount, walls to be left gaping open and angry customers left in the lurch. Or maybe I just got a bad part, that they left the lock washer out or something that would counteract the inexorable demonstration of gravity at work. She offered no solution other than to send me a new face plate so soon, I hope, I will know whether this company has made an enormous gaff or the promised replacement will save the day. I am not holding my breath.In the meantime I have partially solved the problem by blocking the swivel channels with a couple of the unused bolts from the packaging It is of course Klugy and an unacceptable solution to a problem that should have been avoided, by more truthful and accurate specs so I could have bypassed this brand (135 lb. weight limit on the TV?? Irrational exuberance I say about the spec writers). It has been 4 days so if/when I do receive the new part I will come back and edit this review. And not have to follow it by seeking an RMA.UPDATE: The replacement part, that piece that connects to the TV brackets and allows the swivel action arrived and at first glance was identical to the original. I was skeptical that it would prevent the problem but after swapping the parts I am hopeful. Hopeful because when I first mounted then tightened the bolts down strongly, the inexorable tilt began. I then tightened it with more force which of course given the flimsy plastic washers were crushed by the super forceful squeeze put on them. That convinced me the company some how came to the conclusion that plastic crushable washers and metal parts could produce a product different than another.Whatever their logic, this time –and three days later — it seems to have held in place, although I still have a bolt jammed into the space that tilts. Thus I am hopeful.My suggestion to anyone thinking of buying this product and has a TV whose size and weight is near the top end of Kanto’s spec to reconsider or at least do more research as to whether it will give them a problem that much lighter sizes do not. Good luck all!

  4. Pesinet

    Great productGreat product. Works as advertised

  5. M Gagnon

    Sturdy product that is great especially for older, heavy TVsThe TV “hangs” on a rod. Didn’t seem secure enuf so we added zip ties to it. In securing it with the zip ties on the rod, it also solved a rather odd issue: the tv was level when flat against the wall, but slightly off level when pulled out. Overall, it is a great product – especially for our older, heavy TV! We still have cables showing for the DVD player and PVR, but will hire an electrician to reroute those. (You might also use those paintable strips to hide yours.) Btw, I wouldn’t say it was easy to install, but is ok if you have the right tools, follow the instructions, and are patient.

  6. Jarret Oliver

    Great !!! But …..One complaint. But firsts this wall mount was perfect for what I wanted. Our old tv and mount sat 9” from the wall, with this mount and our new tv we got it down to 2.5”. The mount accounted for 4.5” of that (the new tv was thinner). My one complaint is…. The tv brackets for my tv had the narrowest possible setting for the pre drilled holes, but ! The bottoms two holes can’t be used because they interfere with the tv actually clipping on the mount. The solution was picking the 3rd hole up and then drilling a custom hole for the bottom bolts. I was able to handle this customization no problem but I could see it causing a lot of problems for the average consumer. Overall super happy though.

  7. Alex from Canada

    Flimsy tv bracketThe in-wall mount and arm are very well designed and functional I love that aspect of the mount but the tv plate is extremely flimsy and seems of cheaper quality then what i’ve come to expect from kanto and frankly has me a little worried if it will hold up over time considering I will definitely be using the articulating function frequently. I’ve bought this because I liked how close I can get to the wall but give it only 3 stars because if I don’t have sturdiness it almost defeats the point.

  8. Kate

    A good quality unit.Heavy duty product and good price for the quality product you get. At this stage I have only mounted the frame in the wall (I’m yet to attach the tv) but everything was straightforward when following the good instructional video. I hadn’t been able to find a recessed mount like it for sale in Australia, so being able to buy one through Amazon was fantastic. I recommend it.

  9. pascal

    Discret et solideNécessite du travail de préparation pour solidifier le mur mais permet d’avoir la tv collé complètement au mur.

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