King Size Feather Bed (76″x80″)

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Brand Allergy Asthma Technology
Color White
Size King
Fabric Type 100% Cotton
Special Feature Baffle Box, Barrier Weave
Closure Type Pull On
  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • EXPERIENCE EUROPEAN LUXURY with an extra layer of soft quilting and the support of springy Resilia feathers and provide you with support and cushion for your shoulders and hips. Great way to refresh an older mattress
  • TRUE BAFFLE BOX DESIGN keeps the feathers in place and creates extra room for exceptional loft.
  • HYPERCLEAN RESILIA FEATHERS with 230 thread count, 100% cotton Barrier Weave fabric to ensure against the feathers leaking out. Provides cozy year round warmth in a wide range of climates.
  • Care: Machine wash and dry.
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About the Pacific Coast Feather Company at Pacific Coast Feather Company we’ve learned that customer satisfaction comes from hard work, good service and providing the highest quality products available. Since 1884 we’ve been perfecting our methods, blending old-world European craftsmanship with modern technology and Innovations to bring you the fluffiest, longest lasting comforters, pillows, blankets and feather beds. We use only the finest materials to make the coziest down and feather bedding so we can provide you a sleeping experience like no other. Superior construction the extra care we put into the construction of our products shows in the quality and long life of the product. Our seams are top stitched for durability and feather-proofing. Trusted by hotels internationally we supply over 2 million hotel rooms with Pacific Coast Feather Company products, including some of the leading chains and most exclusive hotels. Our hospitality customers prefer Pacific Coast Feather Company products because of their durability and the satisfaction from a good night’s sleep that keeps their guests returning. American down and feather Council certified the American down & feather Council is an association of manufacturers of natural filled bedding products. One of the council’s primary goals is to maintain and improve product quality and labeling accuracy so that you can be confident the product is what it says it is. Great way to refresh an older mattress. If they don’t meet with your complete satisfaction, return them for a Full product refund. Dimensions: King: 76x 80, color: White. Made in USA of Fine imported materials. re not more comfortable return for a refund..

From the manufacturer

Luxury Baffled Box Featherbed by Pacific Coast Feather

We can’t wait until you sink your tired body into our most popular True Baffle Box Feather Bed where the Resilia feather fill will gently cushion your pressure points for a deeply restful sleep. The secret to this best-selling design is the 3-D true baffle boxes on the inside that keep the feathers in place and create extra room for exceptional loft.

Our best-selling feather bed mattress topper will win you over with its internal true baffle  box design which keep the feathers in place while providing room for exceptional loft and comfort. Gently cushions your shoulders and hips giving you the sleep you deserve!

Additional information

Weight 20.5 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 76 × 3 in

Allergy Asthma Technology





Fabric Type

100 Cotton

Special Feature

Baffle Box Barrier Weave

Closure Type

Pull On

Product Care Instructions

Dry Clean Only



Thread Count


Product Dimensions

80 x 76 x 3 inches

Item Weight

20.5 pounds



Item model number


Fill material Type


Assembly Required


Number of Pieces


Batteries Required


Included Components

Luxe Loft Feather Bed

Import Designation



Allergy Asthma Technology, Pacific Coast Feather Co

10 reviews for King Size Feather Bed (76″x80″)

  1. Lady J

    It’s a good topper.This one is tough to review because it doesn’t stand alone.Bang for buck is a great topper. It’s soft, and it is actual feathers; I feel you’ll have a hard time finding these features for a better price.It comes packed pretty flat, so you really need to fluff it up to get it to expand out anywhere near 5-inches.Other reviewers have stated the feathers poke through, they do. It’s not as bad as some have said, but it happens. I use it with a deep pocket mattress cover over the pad. I don’t notice it unless I pull off the sheet and cover and am physically touching the topper itself. Which I don’t want to be doing for obvious sanitary reasons, but you can feel the quill and vane of the feather if you are in direct contact.Full disclosure I have this on a med-firm Serta Sheep Retreat, and it is hard. If your mattress is too hard, this will not fix that. And I want to mention that because I feel it makes it hard for me to be completely objective.

  2. susan g. gilman

    ComfyAmazing came before it was supposed to very comfy definitely worth the money

  3. Bekk Jeppeson

    Like a whole new bedThis mattress pad is amazing it’s like I got a whole new mattress

  4. Rita Lockhart

    Made a firm topped bed very comfortableThis down mattress topper worked so well, my wife and I can sleep in the same bed. Very comfortable topper.

  5. Michelle

    The feathers keep poking through the materialI liked how soft it was but I could not believe how many feathers were coming out of it. I’ve owned many feather pillows throughout the years and I’m never seen feathers come out like this. I thought the people on here were just exaggerating but definitely not. Actually it was kind of hard for a featherbed. I think that good quality feathers were not used.

  6. Marsha

    Helped my too firm mattressFirst, I hardly ever take the time to write a review, but I had to for this product. Bought a new, firm mattress to accommodate husband’s back surgeries and pain. After a few months sleeping on it, I began to feel very uncomfortable. My ribs would hurt when I would lay on my stomach. This topper has helped me so much. I look forward to going to bed at night to sink into this cloud!

  7. Greg

    Dry Clean OnlyThe Amazon description says…Care: Machine wash and dry. This is not accurate. The tag says that it is dry clean only. I would not have purchased it if the description had said this.I gave it a try for a couple nights and it was fine. It moves around and needs to be adjusted each night, due to not having anything to hold it in place…but that was not a huge issue.

  8. Abcpatches

    Worth the moneyWe love it. I have had this on our bed for over a year and wanted to review it. We find ourselves taking this topper with us when traveling to hotels and air bnb’s.We bought a second one to put in our RV and love it.Price isn’t high if you want comfort. Well worth the cost. You go with cheap fake down toppers you will be wasting your money. We tried them and they were horrible.

  9. tara

    Awesome quality bed. USA!I am so so glad I got another featherbed! I used to have one a long time ago from PCFC . I don’t know why I waited so long to replace it .This company’s quality still there. I don’t think I would buy another feather bed from a different company . If you’re going to get a featherbed get it from this US company and you won’t be disappointed. I’ve actually been to the PCFC store the 90s and you could see how they they used to thoroughly clean and fluff dry and rewash these feathers. This is critical to thoroughly clean sanitize and deodorize the feathers before making these beds . So you won’t have dirty,broken down, stuffed while wet ,musty feathers and/or weird waterfowl smells in your bed. A Required note though. To keep the bed clean and fresh as long as possible and free from the possibilities of any type of bugs from neighbors if your living in apartments, you will want to get a high quality zippered cover. They sell covers. And a couple sets of high thread count (500 +) extr deep pocket fitted sheets to always keep your bed protected/made . To care for a feather bed, just fluff and turn over your bed and change the sheets every week. If you do this routine and have Both a high thread count cover AND higher thread count sheets on all the time, the feathers will last for a long time (10 years or more) without having to take the feather bed to the cleaners.(Assuming your civilized and you shower before bed and don’t sweat a lot or don’t live in your in bed. )Also this company used to clean and restuff these beads as well.

  10. Colleen

    high maintenance nightmaresI really wanted to like this mattress pad. I gave it a serious effort and two full months of use, but in the end I returned it when I just couldn’t stand being stabbed anymore. In the beginning this pad seemed too good to be true, it was so fluffy that I sank into it every night with a grateful sigh of contented relief. However, as those nights wore on it became apparent that it really had been too good to be true. It lost it’s fluffy marshmallow-like loftiness no matter how many times I dug all the way down under the sheets and fluffed it like a madwoman. I expected a certain degree of flattening and could have been happy enough if that was the only problem but within a few weeks it started stabbing the sharp ends of the feathers up through the sheets and waking me up with sharp little pinpricks whenever I would shift in the night. I had expected this as well so I just made sure to run my hand across my sheets before laying down and then yanking out whatever little feathers were sticking out.By the second month of this extended before-bedtime ritual, followed inevitably by several times of being rudely awoken in the night with sharp little stabs, I angrily yanked this whole mattress pad off my bed and then slept like a rock on my first night of freedom from those infernal feathers. I had chosen this pad initially because I was trying to avoid the polyester fill from the “down alternative” toppers since I already sleep so hot but I found that even this topper made me sleep warmer than I expected. In the end I chalk this up to a learning experience, I know that other reviewers said they were happy enough with this topper when they added another cushioning topper between it and the sheets but I was so frustrated with the flattening and the stabbing after two months I decided to just return it rather than add anything else to the equation.

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