King Size Mattress in a Box, 10 inch Bed Mattresses, Cooling Gel Green Tea Memory Foam, Medium Firm

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Size King
Special Feature Gel Infused
Item Firmness Description Medium Firm
Fill Material Gel Memory Foam
Product Dimensions 80″L x 76″W x 10″Th
  • Safety Tested: Made without harmful substances, our memory foam and fabrics are CertiPUR-US certified for safety, durability, and performance.
  • Superior Support: Our mattress features AeroFusion memory foam that adapts to your body’s micro-pressure points for next-level comfort.
  • Unrivaled Comfort: Our exclusive memory foams provide sleepers with multiple layers of contouring comfort, without the bounce found in a traditional innerspring mattress.
  • Gel Infused: With our breathable gel memory foam, our mattress helps you stay cool and dry all night long.
  • Perfect for All Sleepers: Prestige level of comfort, firmness, cooling, and breathability. Firm enough for support, soft enough for comfort. Great for side, back and stomach sleepers.

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Product Description

mattress bed in a box

Our mattress has a thick layer of green tea and gel infused memory foam that feels fresh and cool as it conforms and contours around the body. Its surrounding polyamide cover has asepsis, deodorizing, antistatic, and far infrared qualities to promote blood circulation. The flex comfort layer of Flex Support Foam provides the structure needed to keep the body’s spine aligned and muscles relaxed. Its high-grade foam completes the bottom of the mattress to provide long-lasting durability and support of the top layers.

mattress in a box

mattress in a box

mattress in a box

mattress in a box

mattress in a box

Proprietary Foams & Machinery

Our team of product designers and engineers use a science-based approach to dream up and build our growing collection of specialized patented foams all produced on our very own machines.

Quality Control

Our products, materials and processes are all designed and manufactured solely by MLILY for unparalleled quality control you can trust. Our mattresses undergo thousands of cycles of testing.


Our foams are made without ozone depleters and maintain CertiPUR-US Safety Standards of textile articles at all stages of production.

Additional information

Weight 71 kg
Dimensions 80 × 76 × 10 cm
Product Dimensions

80 x 76 x 10 inches

Item Weight

71 Pounds



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Date First Available

March 24 2022



10 reviews for King Size Mattress in a Box, 10 inch Bed Mattresses, Cooling Gel Green Tea Memory Foam, Medium Firm

  1. Jesse Brown

    So far so goodMattress is definitely firm, as other reviews state. That being said I feel it contours just enough to also be comfortable. Have only slept on it one night but I’m already sleeping better. If I have any issues I will be back to update but for now I don’t regret purchasing at all.

  2. Kindle Customer

    Great mattress for the priceI was dubious about a mattress in a box but this mattress changed my mind after one night. We bought Serta at Sam’s 4 years ago and it was to the point that every morning I woke with back pain. For the price this king size 10” mattress is awesome. Best night’s sleep in almost a year. I highly recommend it.

  3. Kailin Ramirez

    ComfortableVery comfortable! My son loves his bed.

  4. Sick Daddy

    Solid mattress in a box.Very good mattress, pretty firm, but you can add any mattress topper you like on top. Did not take long to come to full form out of box. I’m not sure there was much expansion after I opened it, which is good, as it seemed to expand immediately to size. No noticeable odor upon opening, although it suggests allowing room to air out for a bit, but I found that unnecessary. It holds up well. I would recommend for a quality mattress at an affordable price.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Perfect mattressFor me mattress is very comfortable, not so soft, not very firm, not heating, lightweight . After unpacking and unfolding, it almost immediately reached a size of 10 inches. I am very pleased with it.

  6. charlie r.

    we love them and they work very well with a hospital bed.replaced hospital bed mattress.

  7. G Wood

    Basic mattress. Firm. Easy, quick setup.This basic mattress-from-a-box inflates quickly and with little detectable off-gassing. It really is a firm mattress — two inches of soft-ish gel memory foam on top of four inches of firm foam. In my installation, it replaced four inches of gel memory foam. Switching sleep positions and getting out of bed are much easier with this mattress.The included (printed) instructions were more conservative than the advertised instructions. I decided to test the advertised instructions and claims. Those are “selling points” for the mattress and, frankly, required a lot less time and effort than the printed instructions.I unrolled/unfolded the mattress directly from the box onto my bed platform. As shipped, there are two plastic cases: a sausage casing that keeps the mattress rolled into a cylinder, and a whole flat-mattress casing that preserves the mattress-deflating vacuum. After (carefully!) cutting away the sausage casing, the mattress can be unrolled/unfolded flat while still compressed, thus more easily handled.There is a mattress top (fabric) and bottom (rubberized, to prevent mattress sliding around). My mattress had been folded in half (bottom-to-bottom) before being rolled up — so no matter how I unrolled it, I had to either lift the mattress to pull out the bottom fold or, after unfolding, lift the mattress to flip it bottom-side-down. Best to get the mattress fully oriented and positioned before allowing it to decompress.Two hours after removing the final (vacuum-preserving) plastic cover, all measures of the mattress indicated that it had reached the advertised 6-inch loft. The printed instructions suggest that the mattress will continue to fill for ~48 hours.I’m typically sensitive to new upholstery off-gassing but detected only a slight whiff from this mattress. The printed instructions suggested allowing the mattress to off-gas outside. Yes, that would have been prudent. But it would have involved a lot of effort and time. I found that placing a fan to blow across the mattress while it inflated was sufficient to dissipate any objectionable odor. My indoor air-quality monitor didn’t alert. So, all indicators suggest that mattress off-gassing really was minimal.This basic, no-frills mattress set up easily and (in my highly subjective opinion) is reasonably comfortable. I miss cradling from a thicker memory foam layer. Still, I very much appreciate this mattress’s ease of entry, exit, and manovuring. It seems an acceptable trade-off.I can’t predict the durability of this mattress nor how my assessment of comfort may change as it and I grow accustomed to one another. I’ll update my review if exceptional issues emerge.Disclaimer: I received this product to evaluate and review through the Amazon Vine program. I report my lived experience of the product with care. While I strive to minimize potential biases, perfect objectivity is an unattainable illusion perpetuated by hegemony. To assist interpretation of my report, I also strive to acknowledge relevant biases. Kindly note that because actual product retail pricing can vary significantly from the MSRP, I have insufficient data to evaluate — and therefore refrain from opining about — the overall value-proposition of products that I receive through this program.

  8. Plan-B

    Great value for an often overpriced item.The mattress industry is an interesting business. Like many big-ticket items, you spend a lot of money up front and end up using it for years and years. But unlike electronic items like TVs, you don’t have much incentive to upgrade your mattress before its useful life ends. So the industry is full of products with inflated prices.I needed a mattress for the upper bunk of my daughter’s bunk-bed in preparation for both my girls to eventually share a room. For a little kid, even a 6-inch mattress is fine. For an adult, you’d definitely want some support under the mattress. The foam in this one isn’t quite firm enough for its thickness. For scientific study, I took a couple of naps on this mattress and I can just feel the slats beneath it. When sitting up on it, however, the steel crossbars of the bed become very obvious. If you’re putting this on something more supportive (a traditional box spring, slats with narrow gaps, etc.), this probably isn’t an issue in regular use.The packaging for this mattress is about what you would expect. It’s compressed into a plastic bag and rolled up. But they do fold the mattress in the process and it’s folded in towards the bottom side. That means that when you’ve finally cut through all the plastic to allow it to expand and unfold, the mattress is upside down. So you have to flip it over before using it, which isn’t a big deal if you have help, but isn’t particularly fun when doing it solo.There’s a slip of paper included which advises you to give it time to air out so that any manufacturing odors (i.e. chemical smells from the foam) are dissipated. But even right out of the plastic, the one I received had barely any odor to it. I wouldn’t have had any qualms about using it immediately after opening it, other than it took a couple of hours for the foam to fully expand.Overall, I think this is a great value in comparison to a lot of the overpriced, over-marketed brands that you’d see in your average mattress retail chain (and I’ve bought a couple foam mattresses from the big chains). I’m not 100% convinced this would be a good choice for a full-grown adult to sleep on night after night, but for any kid or early teen, it’s a good fit.

  9. Chris Hales

    Great memory foam mattress that’s priced right and sleeps better, here’s why and some considerationsThe mattress in a box by Mlily, is a great deal on a wonderful memory foam mattress that’s made in the USA. If you’re looking for a new mattress and haven’t tried these new memory foam type mattresses, then you’re missing out. They are priced well, comfortable, have cooling properties and don’t require a box spring with the correct frame. This mattress has been a pleasure to sleep on and is definitely worth your time and consideration.What I like best:I. Comfort – This mattress is really comfortable for me, its soft, yet firm enough not to hurt my back.II. Cooling – It includes a cooling gel layer that’s very nice for someone that is always running hot. It’s not a huge difference, but it helps.III. Cost – This mattress is as comfortable as ones over twice the price, great bang for the buck.IV. Easy Installation – It comes rolled up in a box and its super compressed, making it really easy to get it to its final destination. Once opened, it fluffs up fairly quickly to be ready to use, but they say wait 24 hours to air out.V. All You Need – With the right base under it, it really is all you need. If you have a base with all the boards going across, it works great all by itself.Things to think about:I. Size –This same company sells an 8in mattress that might be good enough for most people’s needs. I have one of those too and for many people you would even notice the extra 2 inches and you should just save the money. This will depend on the current price that is always fluctuating. Currently it’s only an $18 USD difference, because the 10in is on sale. But many times, it’s a much bigger difference making it debatable.II. Heavy – Even though it comes in a box it’s still a mattress and heavy, mine said it weighed 71 lbs. Be prepared with help if needed. They’re also tougher to move after opened, because they lack some of the rigidness of a typical mattress. It’s easier to open it where you want it to go.Overall, this is a really great mattress and price. I would highly recommend it to anyone that likes memory foam toppers, unless you need it to be really firm. It’s been highly enjoyable to sleep on!You can trust that my reviews are always my honest opinion attempting to provide you with helpful insight that I wish I had, before I chose this product. I hope you found it helpful.

  10. Steve

    Good mattress for those 200lbs or lessThis is definitely a good value for a king size mattress. As with almost all memory foam mattresses, this comes vacuum packed – and is heavy. Have two people on hand to move and unpack.It took just a few hours for the mattress to regain full shape after unsealing. It continued to firm up a bit over the next 24 hours. Definitely let it air out before using it – has the normal factory smell, that will go away after airing out.As for the mattress itself, it is definitely more for people of average weight, in my opinion. I am larger and do sink a good bit and would consider it soft. By contrast, my wife is 115lbs and likes the support and considers it of good firmness. If this was our main bed, my wife would be happy with it while I would consider adding a mattress topper to help firm it up for me.

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