Kitchen Cabinet Storage Pantry Cabinet Closet Locker Home Garage Organizer Glass Display 5-Tier with Door Bamboo 68” Bookcase

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Product details

Color Green
Material Bamboo
Product Dimensions 12.6″D x 27.6″W x 67.7″H
Special Feature With foldable clear door
  • ★ Hidden foldable acrylic clear door
  • ★ Easy display + put in and out
  • ★ Eco-friendly material and paint
  • ★ Close design for dust-proof
  • ★ Made up by bamboo over 5 years
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Product Description

Funcational Kitchen Sideboard Cabinet Storage Microwave Coffee Stand Cart Pantry Cabinet Organizer Tall with clear Acrylic display door


Bring your kitchen closer to sunlight and nature.

Minimalist style kitchen storage sideboard cupboard cabinet, design in 2022

You can use it to storage kitchen ware, food, coffet machine, toaster, juicer and other electrical installations.

It can also be a functional bookcase and bookshelf in your office and study, kid’s room, etc.

cupboard sideboard storage cabinet

The Windows can be open or close, give you more choices!

You can keep the door open of the layers that you frequently use;

You can close the layers that is not used frequently for hygiene and tidy;

storage cabinet for kitchen

It’s a storage cabinet in the kitchen, and it can be also a bookshelf in study!

A multifunctional cabinet that can be placed in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, children’s room, study, office…





Classic storage for kitchen

1. More reasonable categories to place a variety of kitchen tools, kitchenware, appliances, and food;

2. It can save space, is more convenient for placement and access, and keeps the kitchen tidy;

3. Save kitchen renovation costs, very simple assembly, can be installed within an hour;

Nature material — Bamboo

Bamboo is good for protecting the environment, reducing deforestation and controlling carbon emissions. At the same time, bamboo is drier, which can prevent the spoilage of food in the kitchen.

Most suitable size

It can be placed in any corner of the kitchen, living room, bedroom, office, children’s room.

Both adults and children can use this cabinet safely and conveniently.

Modern bookshelf

This cabinet can better display your collections, stationery, books, toys.

At the same time, it can prevent dust, keeping you away from the trouble of frequent cleaning.

Humanized design to meet your various needs.




You can add LED lights inside

Maximum load-300pounds

Totally enclosed design keeps it clean


The foldable clear door, more beautiful, suitable for storing all kinds of kitchen wares.


Rational use of top space.


The door can be keep open.


Making it easier to storage.





Additional information

Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 12.6 × 27.6 × 67.7 cm






Special Feature

With foldable clear door

Mounting Type

Floor Mount

Room Type

Kitchen room Garage Living room Bedroom Home office

Weight Limit

300 Pounds

Included Components

Frame Screws Doors Tools Manual

Finish Type



12.6D x 27.6W x 67.7H

Number of Doors




Number of Shelves


Number of Pieces


Product Care Instructions

Hand Wash

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Load Capacity

300 Pound

Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

12.6 x 27.6 x 67.7 inches, 12.6D x 27.6W x 67.7H

Item Weight

36.6 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number

5 Shelves Green

Date First Available

March 17 2022



9 reviews for Kitchen Cabinet Storage Pantry Cabinet Closet Locker Home Garage Organizer Glass Display 5-Tier with Door Bamboo 68” Bookcase

  1. Jennifer

    Tough one..In the end, I am happy with this product. It looks great, and for my purposes (as a kitchen pantry) it works just fine. It is easy to assemble, and all the components were present. But is it worth the price? Well, it’s flimsy, 80% of the acrylic paneling had cracked a little on the corners (obviously not so horrible that I sent it back), and it’s clearly made with cheap materials. Someone previously mentioned on the reviews that the protecting film on the acrylic was difficult to get off, and I’ll have to agree with that, at least in the corners (the same corners that cracked so it seems to have defeated the purpose). So it’s a conundrum, I’m happy with the look, but it is definitely worth about 50% less than the price tag.

  2. AD Lyman

    Flimsy, flaky, tworped and smelly but very cuteThis cabinet arrived very fast. The assembling was a little too involved and more time consuming than anticipated but not a big problem. One glove came with parts and it turned out it was to be used during the removal of a film (of a very strange material) that covered the acrylic/plastic panels. This film was almost impossible to remove even after using a knife. It broke down into little particles and fragments which until this day we are trying to get rid of because of static. The glove didn’t help at all.This cabinet is not strong or well built, and it has an odor that remained even after cleaning, but it is going away.One of the panels was more tworped than the others so it doesn’t close all the way. I really don’t think it is worth its price but we decided to keep it. Lessons learned. You know… if it is too good to be true… The design is cute though. Try Ikea as an option.

  3. D Willow

    Cheap materials, super lightweightLightweight thin wood with thin paint base coat (I ordered the white one). I’m not convinced it’s bamboo. The plexiglass comes covered in a protective film which comes off fine as long as you run a razor along the edge of it first. This was assembled at the factory with the film on it, of course, but there is writing on the film which you can see on the edge that is tucked under the wood, after you remove the film. Not worth returning after it’s assembled. It will be fine for my purposes (handbag storage) but I can’t imagine storing heavy appliances in this.

  4. Amazon Customer

    BeautifulVery easy to put together. Originally didn’t come with the manual but I was able to put it together without one. Messaged the seller and they sent me a manual right away but I was able to put it up. I’m using it in my home office for art supplies and special items I want to put on display and not have to dust because it’s behind glass. I love it. I absolutely love it. Love the color and the amount I can fit in it.

  5. Lynn C.

    Good value for the moneyI really like the design of the cabinets/bookcases. I was hoping for the cabinets to be a little more substantial in weight but for the price it really does the trick for what we needed. We are using the bookcases/ shelves to store kitchen items and all our canning from our garden. For the price it is a good investment for what we are using them for and looks so much better than regular shelving. I am pleased with my purchase.

  6. N. Kapur

    Film hard to remove. It cute for child useColor is good but need a clearcoat

  7. Paula D.

    Not worth the priceMaterial is not supported enough and does not go with the price. Door don’t fit slide well and wood shelves are easily breakable.

  8. John

    Great Looking – With A Few CaveatsTo the positive, I really like this cabinet. It arrived with no damage, a feat unto itself. The painted bamboo with the plexiglass doors is very attractive. I love the old school way of the doors folding into the cabinet with no hinges. The unit is relatively lightweight, making it easy to move, but still quite strong. For some reason the overall look reminds me of an acupuncturist’s office where they’d store the healing herbs. Looks terrific.Caveats:The assembly instructions are not great. Could be worse, but they are unnecessarily challenging. Good instructions clearly label all hardware and pieces, with clear step by step directions. These deserve a “C” grade. Thankfully it’s not a complicated unit to assemble.The paint job on some of the inside frames of the doors, where the bamboo meets the plexiglass missed a few spots. Once assembled, it still looks good, but if you’re close by, the imperfections are more obvious.Another oddity is that each shelf cabinet has 4 drilled holes, midway, 2 on each side. Its obvious this is for an optional divider shelf which would greatly increase the storage capacity for smaller items. Those divider shelves are not in the product description or instructions, and not included in the shipment. Its just odd to have literally 20 drilled holes that allow daylight into the cabinet side. But that’s only visible from the side. Looks normal when viewed from the front.What do I really think? While the caveats bumped it from 5 stars, it’s nonetheless a very nice cabinet deserving of a solid 4 stars. I much prefer bamboo to particle board, and the overall look is fantastic. With a bit more attention at the manufacturing level, this could easily be 5 stars.I trust this review was helpful. Thank you for reading.

  9. S R

    Good looking cabinetWe needed a cabinet with easy access to inside storage, but it could not be open shelves style. Initially we though that our only option was long doors or sliding drawers. Neither looked like a good match to our needs, especially since we wanted it to be not deep, not too wide, but take advantage of the height.The dimensions of this cabinet were perfect. 12” gave us enough depth to store stuff, and the clever sliding out and down doors, combined the practicality of shelves with closing them with doors. The added benefit of see-through doors made it a must-have cabinet for us.The assembled cabinet is a bit light, so either anchor or just put some heavy items at the bottom (in the kitchen – cans are perfect). Note that the glass is actually Plexiglass, which means that one has much less to worry if accidentally they bump with strong object. You won’t have shattered glass everywhere to clean. I left the plastic covering until final placement.The finish/paint is well done, the workmanship is ok, and this is not a high-end furniture. But in the place where it is going to be, that would have been a bit wasted. When you assemble it, exercise patience, the instructions are not very good and for the doors they fit an old version. That’s why I ended with extra set of metal tabs to catch the magnet. They replaced them with a metal rectangle which fits on the other side of the knob and works well.

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