Legacy Decor 8 Panels Room Divider Privacy Partition Screen Bamboo Fiber Natural Color 5.9 ft High X 11.7 ft Wide

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Product details

Product Dimensions 140″W x 71″H
Brand Legacy Decor
Color Natural
Number Of Panels 8
Material Paulownia
Special Feature Double Side, Portable, Free Standing, Foldable
  • Features: Warp Resistant Paulownia hardwood frame. 8 Panels Measurements: 71″ High x 140″ Wide, Leg Height: 3 inches
  • Handcrafted diamond weave panels using natural bamboo fibers. The screens can be used for privacy at home or office. They are very versatile and great for dividing a space or enhancing your decor.
  • 8 Panel folding screen with 2-way double hinges to adjust position, open or close and easily fold flat for storage.
  • Color: Natural (see our listing for other color and size options) No assembly required, ready to use. Recommend indoor use only. No assembly required, ready to use. Recommend indoor use only.
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Product Description

Legacy Decor is your destination for modern, timeless design. We combine beautiful and modern cutting-edge design with a classic twist. Our items will enhance your living space, perfectly balancing elegance and function.

Versatile Use and Style

8PANEL BROWN divider partition BAMBOO

This room divider has an intricate diamond weave pattern made of natural bamboo. This divider acts as a full-length piece of art. It may be used for privacy, to divide a bedroom or define a room/space. Whether it’s for home or the work place these screens are versatile and an ingenious addition to any interior, making them a must-have for modern decor. You can also use it simply as a decoration. This divider features a Paulownia hardwood frame, so you don’t have to worry about it warping. It is freestanding with 3-inch legs. These screens also feature a double action hinge, so you can expand and close to your liking, and it folds easily for storage. No assembly is required. This room divider is available in 4 color options (Natural, Brown, Black or Honey) and 5 sizes (3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 panel).


Different Color Options

8 Panels Measurements: 71″ High x 140″ Wide, Leg Height: 3″

8 PANEL NATURAL bamboo divider

Different Color Options

8 Panels Measurements: 71″ High x 140″ Wide, Leg Height: 3″


Different Color Options

8 Panels Measurements: 71″ High x 140″ Wide, Leg Height: 3”


Different Color Options

8 Panels Measurements: 71″ High x 140″ Wide, Leg Height: 3”



8 PANEL NATURAL bamboo divider






A Closer Look

Diamond Weave DESIGN



Diamond Weave Design

Handcrafted diamond weave panels using natural bamboo fibers

Paulownia Hardwood Frame

Made of warp resistant Paulownia hardwood frame with 3-inch legs.

Double Action Hinge

Double-action hinges allow panels to be easily expanded or folded to fit any space.

Additional information

Weight 26.6 kg
Dimensions 0.01 × 140 × 71 cm
Product Dimensions

0.01 x 140 x 71 inches

Item Weight

26.6 pounds



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Date First Available

October 6 2017


Legacy Decor

10 reviews for Legacy Decor 8 Panels Room Divider Privacy Partition Screen Bamboo Fiber Natural Color 5.9 ft High X 11.7 ft Wide

  1. Clothes Monkey

    Beware the toxic fumes? Screen is not great, but it will work.I am completely revising my original review, because of the toxic fume problem. When I first took this screen out of the box, I noticed the odor but assumed it would fade, like most new-product odors. Instead, the odor got worse. We had several hot, humid days, and I got a sore throat from trying to sleep near the screen, and I had to sleep out on the porch (luckily it was summer). The odor did not fade. It was an extremely unpleasant, toxic odor, possibly formaldehyde, not just a “new-paint” odor. Before I could use the screen, I had to buy a gallon of Minwax Polycrylic, which is a clear, water-based sealant, and apply three heavy coats of sealant to every part of the screen. Applying the Minwax was a nightmare. First of all, the screen is so light that you cannot apply the sealant outdoors, because the least breath of wind will blow it over. I had to put down a big piece of cardboard in my living room and lose the use of my living room for all the time I was applying the Minwax and waiting for it to dry. Secondly, the screen is made of a woven material that looks like tree bark, possibly split bamboo, and because it is woven out of many small strips, there are a million cracks and crevices where a normal-sized brush won’t reach. I spent hours using a half-inch brush to squidge sealant into all the cracks at the corners. After I applied three coats of the sealant, and let it dry thoroughly, the odor problem did go away. However, I know that the toxic material is still underneath the sealant, like a time bomb, just waiting for the coat of sealant to be damaged to release the toxic fumes again. The manufacturer could have avoided the problem by using an eco-safe dye, or even selling it without any dyes or preservatives and letting the customer apply the stain, but alas, they did not. If I had known that I would end up having all this hassle, I think I would have ordered the $30 cardboard screen instead, and put a coat of black paint on it. That would have been a lot faster. If you can afford a better quality product without any toxic coatings, I would advise you to buy the better quality product. If you think you can live with a cardboard screen painted the color of your choice, I would advise you to go that route. However, if you are still interested in purchasing this screen, here is my review of the other features. The screen is very lightweight. I think that sooner or later, it will get knocked down. It already had one ugly scratch when it arrived, but not bad enough to send it back. After the wind knocked it down while I was trying to apply the sealant, it has several small tears and scratches, but they are not very noticeable. I used an old stick of eyeliner makeup to cover up the big scratch, before I applied the sealant. It wasn’t an exact color match, but close enough. This trick won’t work after you apply the liquid plastic, so you have to do it beforehand. The screen has a very attractive design, but the weave isn’t very tight, so you can see light through the screen. During the day, or if you have a light shining behind the screen at night, someone on the other side can pretty much see through the screen, and see you there. I solved this problem by hanging some old rayon sarongs over each panel of the screen. Rayon is another toxic-fume problem, but mainly for the people who make it. I’m trying not to buy rayon anymore because of the toxic-fume problem, but I already had these sarongs from before, so I went ahead and used them. Any kind of curtain material would work, or something from the fabric store. The sarongs are used are fringed and nicely patterned, so the screen looks very nice with the sarongs hanging over it. You can still see light through the screen, even with the sarongs hanging there, but you can’t really see shapes or what is happening behind the screen. The screen came fully assembled, so all I had to do was take it out of the box and cut off the tag. It fits nicely at the foot of a double wide futon. The box arrived one day late, but I’m pretty sure the delay was caused by the delivery company and not by the shipper. Now that I have coated the screen with sealant, I will be able to live with this, but if I had a do-over, I would NOT buy this screen – sorry.

  2. D

    Looks nice and as expectedOrdered this for my mom . She is using it as a door for a small bathroom. Works great for privacy, easy and light to move . Very nice appearance.

  3. Sherrie Amor

    STURDY AND FUNCTIONALThe media could not be loaded.

     Love, love, love!!! Sturdy, durable and functional for what I need it for. It helps create another separate space in one room.

  4. LCR

    Good for the priceThis room divider is exactly what I needed. I got the honey color which is a little lighter than in the photos, and that worked perfectly for me. It is pretty sturdy, but lightweight and easy to move. If you are looking for true privacy, you’d need to drape something over it, since it is woven. As a backdrop for virtual meetings and to give a general sense of room division, it is great! It also arrived sooner that expected, which was a nice bonus!

  5. Christopher Martinez

    Suited my need, personal room dividerFunctions as expected and seems fairly sturdy despite light weight and length.

  6. Jessie

    Perfect for a little extra privacyI have a small back yard with a short 4 ft wire fence. When you walk into the apartment complex, you can see straight into my place if you’re looking at the perfect angle. I love keeping the windows open to get some natural light, but I hated the fact that people could see straight into my place. I got this 6ft, 3 panel divider and it fits PERFECTLY. It looks really nice too. Doesn’t look like I’m trying to hide anything, just looks like I don’t want you peaking directly into my backyard.

  7. dc

    Useful room dividerThe room divider works as intended. It’s pretty light, though sturdy enough not to fall or anything like that on its own. Pretty much exactly as described.

  8. Audrey Herdz

    Cheap materialIt’s ok, I i just didn’t like that it’s see through. If you want light to come in then it’s good. It’s very light so it’s safe if you are worried it will fall and hurt someone. I think it was too expensive because it’s very cheap material.

  9. sally

    Excellent product – very attractive!I am so pleasantly surprised at the quality, the beauty of this product. Never did I think it would be this good! It is just perfect. I used it to close in my water & gas heater. Once again – it is a great product!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ellen LJ

    Looks like the pictureI like that it is taller than I expected. No damage in shipping. And it stands on it’s own when folded out.

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