Leick Home 86232 High Profile One Door Corner Stand with Enclosed Storage for 50″ TV’s, 46″, Chocolate Cherry

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Brand Leick Home
Color Chocolate Cherry
Material Wood
Product Dimensions 20″D x 46.75″W x 30″H
Mounting Type Floor Mount
Style Tall 46 inch corner
  • Holds most TV’s up to 50″
  • Multiple component storage behind a decorative wood door
  • Beveled glass with adjustable component shelves inside
  • Tucks into corner to reclaim floorspace
  • 36″ height lifts tv screen above visual obstructions
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The Leick Home 86232, 46-inch wide Corner TV Stand finished in espresso with metalware accents settles your TV back into the corner and reclaims valuable floor space. It is solidly built from solid wood and wood veneers and holds popularly sized TVs up to 45 inches. Tempered glass doors keep components dust-free on 3 adjustable shelves. Beautifully engineered, this console assembles easily in minutes. Designed and manufactured by Leick Home, the trusted source for quality home furnishings for every taste and budget.

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Product Description

The Leick Home 86232, 46-inch wide Corner TV Stand finished in espresso with metalware accents settles your TV back into the corner and reclaims valuable floor space. It is solidly built from solid wood and wood veneers and holds popularly sized TVs up to 45 inches. Tempered glass doors keep components dust-free on 3 adjustable shelves. Beautifully engineered, this console assembles easily in minutes. Designed and manufactured by Leick Home, the trusted source for quality home furnishings for every taste and budget.





Additional information

Weight 98 kg
Dimensions 20 × 46.75 × 30 cm

Leick Home


Chocolate Cherry



Mounting Type

Floor Mount


Tall 46 inch corner

Included Components


Finish Type






Number of Shelves


Number of Pieces


Product Care Instructions

Hand Wash

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Assembly Required


Item Weight

98 Pounds

Product Dimensions

20D x 46.75W x 30H, 46 x 20 x 36 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number


Assembled Height

25 inches

Assembled Width

46 inches


108 Pounds



Date First Available

January 17 2009


Leick Home

10 reviews for Leick Home 86232 High Profile One Door Corner Stand with Enclosed Storage for 50″ TV’s, 46″, Chocolate Cherry

  1. Jamie K.

    A great value a nice looking corner etcLeich 86232 Riley Holiday Expresso 46” Corner TV Console.Pros+ Perfect for smaller spaces+ fold out design+ Majority real wood+ EASY setupCons- Outer packaging needs more protection- Thin finish- Pictures show more of a reddish finish, it’s not.- Components can get toasty in an enclosed unit.- Most receivers are too deep to fit in this unit.I have a pretty small living room that is only 14×12 and only about 10×12 that is usable. I have attached pictures so you can see how this unit fits into a smaller space.After a week of scouring the internet looking for the perfect corner entertainment center. It had to meet some requirements; give me enough space for a receiver, PS3, Hopper, Battery Backup, and a wireless router. It also had to have at least 34” height and could only be 46” wide. Of course it had to look great. Originally I wanted a unit that had a fireplace heater, but that just didn’t work out. I wanted to keep my TV wall mounted, for adjustability, and it allowed me to have my Infiniti speakers placed on the top of the unit, This unit is perfect for my needs.I received the unit and the box was damaged, fortunately the console was not. The ease of setup with the fold out design is just phenomenal! it took me less than 30 minutes unpack and to put together and taking my time.I have had this unit together now for about 2 weeks and the first thing that bothered me about the unit was how dark the finish is. I was going for a more Mahogany color, but it is not reddish. So be aware of that. I was tempted to send it back, just because of the finish. However when I purchased my new Sofa and recliner, the darkness of the leather helped blend in the corner stand. While working with this unit, the finish is very thin and when lightly scuffed is bare wood. There also doesn’t seem to be a protective coat of polyurethane on it either.I ended up having to buy a smaller receiver, because my Pioneer Elite was a tad too deep. Otherwise I would have had to cut out the back of the unit for it to fit. I just didn’t want to do that, although it would have made things quite a bit easier to hookup. I bought a Yamaha RX-V477, which is much shallower in design than my Pioneer elite to use in this cabinet. The Yamaha also has 5.1 frontal surround field settings, much like a sound bar. Every other component had zero issues fitting in the entertainment center.This brings me to the next issue, and it is something you need to be aware of if you are putting a high power receiver in the unit. Ventilation really stinks in an enclosed or doored unit. You risk overheating and damaging your components if you do not ventilate this unit. I decided to install some quiet fans, which will require me to nod the cabinet anyway. I chose a temperature controlled setup with 2 fans for now.Cable management is ok with this unit, and there is enough room to get all the cables to the multiple shelves.Here are a couple of helpful hints for you.Find an outlet strip with a few over sized plugs. Mount that to the top and rear of the unit. It will make plugging in components easy, plus if there is a thunderstorm, you can just flick the switch to protect your stuff.I installed a full blown CyberPower 1350 VA 850 Watt ups, but it ended up being a bit overkill because I only draws about 200 watts with my system at good listening levels. Why would I install a UPS? It’s simple, reliable power. This ups outputs a consistent power source to prevent erratic spikes that can ruin equipment and cause noise distortion. It also prevent “brown out” conditions which is under voltage, which can be just as damaging to components. I can also continue to watch TV during short outages, without all of my equipment resetting. For a mere $140 they are worth every penny. Plug in the power strip to this unit. I put mine on the top shelf so it is hidden.Back on track, I highly recommend this unit, it isn’t perfect but close to it. For the price it comes in at a pretty darn solid value. It saves a ton of space and looks good doing it. Make sure to rate my review if it helps you make a smart buying decision.

  2. Marc G

    Good Value, Plus Some Detailed Measurements For Those Who Want ThemIt came pretty much on time and undamaged. Assembly was not hard and I did it all by myself. I got the 46″, TALL, corner stand.First, the good. It is a nice looking piece of furniture and replaced a closed entertainment center in my bedroom that was taking up too much space. See picture of how it sits nice in the corner. It matches my mahogany furniture pretty well. No issue with the remotes working through the glass.The bad. The only bad I saw was that if you put it on a slippery surface like hard wood, because it is very light, when you open the door, the entire stand moved. Once I got the TV on it, it was much better, but still moved a little when trying to open door, so I put a no-slip pad down under its feet to prevent it from moving. Works pretty well because it does not move any more.I saw no ugly with this piece of furniture. Either end is hollow, but that is a good place to put you surge protector.Now the most important pierce of information everyone needs to know…the actual measurements. So many of these sellers and/or Amazon do an abysmal job of giving correct and useful measurements.First see the pictures, I put a tape measure in each shot, but I will outline it here for you.The Top is almost 47″ corner to corner. The TV in the picture is 43 inches WIDE, not diagonal. It fits comfortably. You might have another inch to work with if you need to…but not much more.From the corner of the room, along the wall to where the stand ends along the wall is 34 1/2 inches. I have a pretty wide baseboard and quarter round so if you have none or it is thin, it will be less. That is something you need to consider. I have a window that was possibly an issue.From the corner, directly to the face of the stand, is 32 1/2 inches…again, the baseboard affects this.The height is a hair over 36 inches.I am definitely glad I got it. I waited too long. I gave it 4 stars only because of its light weight. I could have easily given it 5 though for my overall satisfaction.

  3. Webbj

    Very good butJust put this together and we really like it. It went together real quick with very few bolts. Took me less time to put together than it did taking it out of the box. It has more room in the door compartment than I expected. We have an external speaker bar with bass/control. The bass/control part stands about 18in high, 16in deep, and 8in wide. I had to remove the door initially but was able to lay this item on its side in the door area with excess room. All of my other components and movies fit with plenty of room left over. The stand is real sturdy and heavy. Beware that because this is a corner unit and not very wide, the spacing between the stand and the wall corner is limited. As I pushed it back against the wall, I had to have cable go under the bottom of the stand. There is a few inches between the floor and bottom of the stand where cables can go.My only complaint is losing space in the sides. I believe these areas could have been better utilized.Also, the complaints about damage are probably true. I’m not sure where it would occur considering the stand came from China but when my box arrived it had a large hole on one side of the box. Because how deep it was, I was sure the stand was damaged. Lucky for me, the hole was in the middle and dug into packing material and not stand pieces. This box looked like it came from Afghanistan.

  4. Laura R

    Perfect!Love this stand! It’s perfect! I was worried about assembling it. The box it arrived in was huge and extremely heavy. I know everyone says it’s easy but there’s easy… and then there’s easy. This has a whole whopping 8 bolts to install. (12 if you count adding the door handles)It comes with 4 shelves. All you have to do is unfold the unit (the glass door is attached at the factory) bolt in 2 wooden braces, attach the top and pop in your shelves! The shelves are adjustable as well.Hint: even though adding the door handles is the last step I recommend doing it first. Because once the unit is built if the door closes it’s impossible to open without handles.Otherwise this is a beautiful corner stand that looks like it was really expensive.

  5. LynnA

    Looks classyThis console fit my needs perfectly and I love the way it looks. I wanted something that fit in a corner, was a dark brown/espresso, and was as tall as possible. My tv is a 46 inch flat screen (42″ wide) and fits with room to spare. If I measure across the front of the screen from wall to wall, there seems to be room for a 50″ wide tv. That might depend on how the support stand for the tv is configured. In reviews that I read on other sites, some people were disappointed that the “drawer” is not a drawer, but a part of the door. I put my surge protector on a shelf behind the false drawer front and the mess of cords is hidden, but easy to get to, so that wasn’t an issue for me. Due to the fold-out design (the console arrives in a flat box), there is no side storage. I suppose you could hide stuff that you don’t need to get to very often in those spaces! The color on the box says chocolate cherry and there is a slight red undertone. I’m a 60 year old gal and put this together all by myself. I think I remember reading a suggestion in the instructions to have two people put it together, but I thing that was because of the weight.

  6. tracy n

    Shockingly easy assembly!Easy to assemble in under 15 minutes. Easier with 2 people to ‘square’ the unit. Does NOT look like something we put together ourselves.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Not exactly 46 inches.Yes the top is 46 inches wide. But that’s tip to tip on the top. Usable surface is about 38 inches. My 50 inch Samsung TV the legs just fit . Probably a 55 inch would not fit unless the legs are the same with as my 50 inch. Overall very nice stand.

  8. K.Lee

    Perfect corner unitThis was the first time ever ordering furniturePerfect corner unit online. Actually, the first unit was damaged. Upon opening the box, the two of the shelves were cracked.We apprehensively repackaged the unit ( no problem, because nothing was ever removed from the box, the damage was obvious) and followed the instructions to return it,- nervously asking for a replacement. UPS did return the next day with had return shipping label in hand! The replacement unit was promptly shipped and came without any problems. My husband had it up without any problems and we are very pleased. It looks wonderful and is exactly what we have been looking for.

  9. Bill S.

    Fit perfectlySmall corner need a cabinet – fit was east to assemble – heavy – looks Good

  10. Pat sims

    It fit the corner goodLove this just what I have been looking for .

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