Lighted Corner Curio Cabinet – Golden Oak

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Brand Furniture HotSpot
Color Brown
Material Oak, MDF, Oak Veneer, 5mm Tempered Glass, 3mm Mirror, Metal
Product Dimensions 15.5″D x 21.25″W x 70″H
Mounting Type Floor Mount
Style Traditional
  • Space saving, lighted corner design curio with mirrored back
  • Stacked dual cabinets; Includes 3 adjustable glass shelves plus 2 fixed shelves
  • Durable tempered glass front
  • Overall: 21.25″ W x 15.5″ D x 70″ H
  • Assembly: Required

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Display your collectables with pride in this lighted curio cabinet. Mirrors are present on both back edges to enhance the lighting of your items and give more visual depth. The rich mahogany finish complements the simple straightforward design with tall vertical panes and decorative arch top. This curio has a stacked dual cabinet architecture: two adjustable shelves are present in the upper cabinet that can be raised, lowered, or removed to suite your needs. Additionally, two fixed shelves are included and the lower cabinet also contains one adjustable shelf. This lighted corner curio is sure to become a cherished piece of furniture in your home. Includes one 25-Watt, type F light bulb, 9ft power cord, and anti-tipping hardware for maximum stability. Dimensions include: Overall: 21.25″ W x 15.5″ D x 70″ H; Shelf dimensions: 10.5″ W x 13″ D x 11.5″ H (adjust 2″ up/down); Upper cabinet: 36″ H (with two adjustable glass shelves); Base cabinet: 24″ H (with one adjustable glass shelf); Interior edges: 13″ (long), 5.5″ (short). This one-of-a-kind item weighs approximately 83 pounds and can support up to 10 pounds (per shelf). Only quality materials and manufacturing will do. Product materials include: birch, MDF, birch veneer, 5mm tempered glass, 3mm mirror, metal. Assembly required. Made in China. Cord length 9ft .

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Safety Information

Items with anti-tipping hardware restraints must be secured to the wall. Please contact the manufacturer immediately if anti-tip hardware is not included

Legal Disclaimer

Items with anti-tipping hardware restraints must be secured to the wall. Please contact the manufacturer immediately if anti-tip hardware is not included

Additional information

Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 15.5 × 21.25 × 70 cm

Furniture HotSpot




Oak MDF Oak Veneer 5mm Tempered Glass 3mm Mirror Metal

Mounting Type

Floor Mount



Door Style


Included Components

Curio cabinet

Finish Type




Number of Doors




Number of Shelves


Number of Pieces


Product Care Instructions

Hand Wash

Assembly Required


Item Weight

29 Pounds

Product Dimensions

15.5D x 21.25W x 70H, 21.25 x 15.5 x 70 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number


Assembled Height

70 inches

Assembled Width

21.25 inches

Assembled Length

15.5 inches


59 Pounds



Date First Available

November 1 2000


Furniture HotSpot

10 reviews for Lighted Corner Curio Cabinet – Golden Oak

  1. Robert Lane

    Definitely worth it!Having assembled literally hundreds of different pieces of furniture over the years (used to be employed at a furniture store), I have to say this turned out to be everything I was expecting it to be – possibly even more considering the price. I might not recommend this for someone who has never assembled anything and/or isn’t relatively handy, but all things considered I would say it’s somewhere in between beginner and intermediate in terms of difficulty. I’ve seen a fair amount of reviews state it required a couple of hours from start to finish, which is fair seeing as how there is glass and mirror to cautiously contend with, but if you’re experienced you will likely be able to get everything into place and functional in less than that.The only discrepancy I will point out is that the one pictured seems to have three lights in the top interior, however mine came with and was designed for only one (although it could accommodate three should you wish to make the addition). This was by no means a deal-breaker for me, but I thought it was worth mentioning for anyone else considering this purchase. This shipped in two boxes and was clearly labeled and illustrated in regards to its contents, so that’s also something to keep in mind should it be intended as a surprise for someone you reside with.All in all the quality is quite nice, and I am very pleased to be giving this a gift!

  2. valleytoobrown in Ohio

    Just what my wife wanted.It is what my wife want for her Boyd figurines. Assembly is easy if you have tools and handy at using them. Lots of assembly.

  3. Alex V

    Lighted Corner Curio CabinetThis is a beautiful corner shelf unit. It’s exactly what we’ve been looking for, so I might be a little heavy on the stars. It’s a quality piece of furniture so I’ll leave them at five.Construction was a challenge, but I’ve done pieces like this before so it was okay. I did NOT have broken-screw problems like someone else reported. It took me three days, a couple of hours each day, because I’m getting too old for this sort of thing. But everything that went wrong was my fault: misreading the instructions, grabbing the wrong screws, etc. Helpful hint: the silver “turn screw locks” each have a tiny triangle, or arrow, stamped into the outer face, so you can preset them to point at the silver screw heads that it has to lock onto.Panels: these are very well marked. I’d suggest you pay attention to the “UP” stickers. Don’t worry about getting them off, they are almost all hidden once it’s in place. (If one is showing, you may have to take a closer look at how you assembled that part of it.) The only exception is one of the glass shelves, where there is an “S” sticker that needs more than a finger nail. I did the best I could and installed the shelf so that bit was on the very bottom right-hand side, and pretty much out of view.Screws: These come in a very well marked “blister” pack, a white plastic sheet with about a dozen clear plastic blisters holding the like-numbered parts. Let me strongly suggest that you slit open the top of each blister so you can pour out all the screws EXCEPT ONE so you can refer back to each numbered blisters and see exactly which screw/whatever corresponds to the required part number. Note that the tiny antique screws are many, and there are TWO sizes, which is not so obvious if you just dumped them in piles like I did. Leaving one of each in its numbered blister will prevent a lot of confusion, and I believe I had at least one extra of every part so it won’t be missed during assembly.My only complaint is the lack of a light in the bottom section, though there seems to be pre-drilled holes to accommodate the bracket for another light fixture.

  4. Honey Young

    Very Good for the PriceFirst I read some of the other purchasers’ comments and at least one said not to follow the directions and put the top half together first. So I started with step 10 or 11 and did the bottom first. As a 55+ year old woman, I was able to put the whole cabinet together on my own with the assistance of a 12 Volt Dewalt battery operated drill/screwdriver. I also saw a comment that said the cams broke easily so I paid extra attention to making sure they were tight but not over tightened. The entire cabinet took about 4 hours to complete from opening the box to placing the first dish in it. There were complaints in some of the reviews that said not all the pre-drilled holes lined up and I found a few like that, but Dewalt and I fixed that quickly. Pros: 1. the kit came with extra screws and cams so I had 1 or 2 of each left over when I finished. 2. The instructions were clear enough that I was able to figure everything out on my own and included a QR Code block that I believe would have taken me to a website for more in-depth instructions if I had needed it. 3. The packaging was very good, glass and mirrors were well protected and arrived in good condition. 4. The dimensions:it fits into a corner without taking up a lot of floor space. Con: Not everything lined up in machined precision, however, most of it was fixable by re-drilling the screw pilot holes. Overall, I’m very pleased with the cabinet and have ordered a second one for the other corner of the dining nook.

  5. Donna Sichley

    OAK…. Should Be Beautiful Right? WRONG!!!For The Price, NO WAY! My husband purchased this cabinet for me at Christmas. He is 66 years of age and owned a construction company for over 40 years and did a lot of finish work. For the price of this cabinet it would have been better to purchase a WalMart cheap cabinet! The joints that make up the long pieces had gaps, none of the hardware lined up with any of the holes, the post and nut cap mounts were bent and when my husband tried to heat them a little to bend them into the correct shape.. they broke! (So used small screws and glue rather than the supplied hardware). We have several cabinets and furniture that are from a different company, which I won’t mention any names like Souder 🙂 All of our Souder cabinets and furniture assembled in no time, everything lined up, no gaps at joints and wood grain matched much better at those long joints unlike this … well, garbage is the word I want to use. We didn’t send it back for only one reason, when my husband assembles this type of furniture he glues the wooden pegs. On the first page of the instructions it shows to put the two pieces together with the pegs so after those were glued then found the many other problems we are now stuck with this thing that will now go to a corner less noticeable than where we had planned on putting it. We also had to purchase a light for the bottom half of this corner unit. Not sure why the manufacture figured you only wanted to highlight the upper portion of this cabinet. I gave it two stars only because oak is a beautiful wood! It it had looked like the photos and the manufacture would have drilled holes in the correct places and no gaps between the jointed pieces the cabinet would have been well worth the cash! I probably couldn’t get 50 bucks out of it at a garage sale if I tried to sell it tomorrow!! Very Unhappy With This Unit (and think you too will have the same problems since they are all cut from the same template at the manufacture) !! I paid full bore for express shipping (said want it tomorrow) I received a small box the next day but wondered how a 5 foot tall cabinet could be in a box that was about 14″ x 14″? Next day the long doors and corner panels showed up so another waste of money for one day, when we couldn’t assemble it until the second day. I don’t mean to be negative but when you pay the extra dollars thinking the product should be better than the cheaper pressboard material and it isn’t…. All I can say is good luck if you purchase this thing! The only way it got put together was a pint of Jack Daniels and that was drank once it was fully assembled.

  6. Utahan

    Assembly of CurioAssembly of the curio generally went ok except for one thing…those stupid rotating connectors are really lame, are not particularly strong and can be easily over tightened. There were no real problems on this assembly as I’ve used these type of connectors before. I think they’re aluminum and just not a good choice by the company…the only half-assed part of the build and the only reason I only gave it a 3 star on the sturdiness rating. Looks quite nice when done though…nicely finished.Also, as I recall, I believe the back corner to front side dimension was indicated as 24″. Somehow it was about 6″ smaller on the side in reality. So when it was finished it was considerably smaller than what we were led to believe. I could have sworn it indicated 24″.

  7. Joe Roggenbeck

    More of a hobby kit…Let me get right to the point. The craftmanship of this “kit” is lacking.The Good -Very nice packaging. All mirrors and glass intact.Wood finish / color is consistent – if you like yellow oakNo missing hardwareNot so good-The upper door fit. The parts are net build with cam locks – so you cannot misbuild the cabinet -thats good. But the door wound up with a 3/8 inch gap to the jam! The bottom cabinet was fine. Totally unacceptable. After reviewing the parts and measuring, it became obvious they had over cut the hinge reliefs on the door frame. Twice as deep as the lower door by comparison. I ended up making shims for BOTH sides of the 3 hinges to split the door gap. When finished I still had a 3/16 gap that had to closed, so I used a long pc of fuzzy side velcro to close it out. The door fit was so far off that the magnet had to be redrilled for the door to latch.The hinge screw were very low quality with 2 of them breaking off while hand assembling before being seated. Very very frustrating as they were in the finished door frame. I ended up redrilling new ones and making a cover plate to hide the whole mess.The mirrors were very low quality with multiple black spots and extensive tool chatter marks along the bottom.Finally, fititng the mirros on the upper cabinet was a a real problem. They did not fit into the relifs. I had to loosen all of hte cam locks and pry with wedges to get mirro seated and then carefully install the backplate after cutting it to fit and then release the wedges and drive the retainer screws. It took me almost 2 hours to do this trick without damaging anything.Summary – Not a value or recommended for the non do it yoursefer. Good luck with the instruction in broken English and micro sized details. Almost worthless. Sorry I made this purchase.

  8. Trudi W.

    Smaller than expectedThis is a quality item. A bit cumbersome to assemble. A little disappointed in the size even though we measured.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Beautiful 😍 looks expensiveBeautiful was easy to put together. Directions were easy-to-use. Love the rich wood color. Buying another to keep collection in.

  10. Paul Markle

    Height was shorter than I expected!!Height was not as tall as I expected

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