LINENSPA Adjustable Bed Base – Motorized Head and Foot Incline – Quick and Easy Assembly

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Size Queen
Material Adjustable Frame Only, Alloy Steel
Product Dimensions 80″L x 60″W x 14″H
Style Adjustable Only
Color Black
Included Components Bed base, Wired Remote, Retainer Bar, 12″ Legs, Power Cord, Power Supply Box
  • Metal
  • SUPPORT HEAD TO TOE: Independent head incline from 0 to 58 degrees; independent foot incline from 0 to 40 degrees
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Upon delivery, simply unfold adjustable bed base, attach legs, plug in and enjoy reading, working, watching TV, and sleeping from the comfort of your bed
  • ENHANCED COMFORT: Wired remote, ultra-quiet motor, and durable construction allow for quick and easy adjustments to enhance your comfort
  • A PERFECT FIT: Adjustable bed base fits conveniently inside most standard size bed frames so you can easily maintain the style you love; two Twin XL bases create a King size bed; 5-year limited warranty1. Multiple Uses (use icons)
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The Linenspa Adjustable Bed Base will take your bed from comfortable to the ultimate sleep experience. With independent head and foot incline, you can sit up, recline, or just elevate your legs to increase comfort, relieve snoring, read, work, or watch TV in bed. This bed with adjustable base has an ultra-quiet motor, a convenient wired remote, and a five-year warranty for ultimate convenience. Plus, it is so easy to set up you can do it by yourself in under five minutes! And the best part? This adjustable bed fits perfectly in the standard size bed frame you already love. Just unfold the adjustable bed base, screw on the legs, plug it in, add any Linenspa mattress, or any other mattress under 14 inches, and sleep in the comfort you deserve. Remember, two Twin XL bases create a King size bed.

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adjustable base bed linenspa

Adjustable base with gray headboard and mattresses in bedroom with blue rug

incline in style adjustable bed base

adjustable base in bedroom with blue rug, gray tufted headboard, and nightstands

Additional information

Weight 850 kg
Dimensions 80 × 60 × 14 cm



Adjustable Frame Only Alloy Steel


Adjustable Only



Included Components

Bed base Wired Remote Retainer Bar 12 Legs Power Cord Power Supply Box



Furniture Finish


Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

80 x 60 x 14 inches, 80L x 60W x 14H

Item Weight

99.5 pounds



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Form Factor

Adjustable Bed

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10 reviews for LINENSPA Adjustable Bed Base – Motorized Head and Foot Incline – Quick and Easy Assembly

  1. BGenie

    Wobbly when the head is up, and uncomfortable because of it. Major design flaws.The frame sits firm and square on my hardwood floors; however, the lift mechanism leaves a LOT to be desired. The head and foot lift sit about 4″ inside the frame all the way around, which leaves a large portion of the mattress edges completely unsupported when lifted off the main frame. This means that 8″ of the mattress is unusable because there’s nothing supporting it underneath. That is a huge portion of a bed that is only 38″ wide.The foot lift has one actuator (the electric motor) in the middle, with two moveable supports on either side. The head lift also has only one actuator, but NO moveable supports, so it wobbles from side-to side on the pivot point where the actuator attaches. It’s very, very wobbly. The instructions say to always lay right in the middle of the bed… um… how about THEY fix what they KNOW is a major design flaw instead? A family member has a hospital bed that has 2 actuators for the head lift because the manufacturer knows that the torso is heavier than the legs, and they don’t want the bed unsafe/wobbly on a pivot point when someone is laying in it. Considering how bad it wobbles I’d be surprised if the welds for the mounted actuator last a year before breaking loose.I bought this frame in combination with the recommended mattress (that I am also disappointed with) The mattress has springs that fit through, and rub on, the large square holes in the wire frame on this base. If the base was solid, the springs would not be able to pop in and out of the squares. As you can guess, that leaves that part of the mattress unsupported. It is extremely noisy, imagine waking up every time you move because you think the bed is going to collapse from all the popping and grinding sounds.The bed base is a lot easier to move around once it’s out of the box. If you have to take it upstairs, take it out of the box first. The box weighs like 10-15lbs (double layer heavy cardboard). Once it’s out of the box it’s zip-tied and wired together so that it’s a lot easier to grab the frame to lift and maneuver it.Inspect the welds! I had several welds that had VERY sharp points on them. Points that would have shredded the mattress if I hadn’t noticed (by getting scratched on a sharp point). I used a nail file to sand them down but that leaves a bare spot on the metal without paint on it. I don’t expect the frame to get wet or rust, so I’m not that concerned about the bare spots, but you should be aware.It came with an extra cable (that combines the controls together for another bed, side-by-side) which confused me at first because the directions are not clear. I didn’t want the cables dragging on the ground so I used some zipties to run them to the back/head of the bed. If you do this, make sure to leave some slack to allow for movement. I also planned on using the underside of the bed for storage so I needed the wires off the ground for that purpose too. Zip ties are not included in the package but are easy to pick up just about anywhere.The 12″x12″x12″ fabric boxes fit perfectly under the bed. I was able to fit 16 of them under the Twin XL frame. The instructions say to keep animals out from under the bed so they don’t get pinched or injured so it’s a good idea to block them from getting under there. The first thing my cat did when I set this up was ‘inspect’ it as if it was her new hidey-hole. She was quite disappointed when I blocked it with boxes.I’m so disappointed with this frame. I feel like I have to ‘perch’ myself on it, and I can’t move around on it while sleeping unless it’s totally flat, which defeats the purpose of an adjustable bed. I’ve taken to not moving while sleeping which leaves me stiff and sore (especially my neck and shoulders which are on the wobbly part) in the morning. If I wasn’t scheduled for surgery and didn’t need the bed right away, I would have returned the whole thing. Honestly, it’s awful.Would I buy it again? NOWould I recommend you buy it? NOWhat should you look for? Look for a frame where the whole mattress is supported all the way to the edges by the part that lifts, is solid/fabric covered, and has 2 actuators that lift the head portion. Yeah, you’re going to pay a little more, but after reading my honest review, you might think the it’s worth it. You get what you pay for, and this one is cheap.

  2. Missy Sutton

    Exceeded my expectationsWhen I began to have some major health problems along with swelling in my legs & feet, I began saving money because I wanted to buy myself a nice Queen size adjustable bed rather than use the puny hospital bed insurance provided. However shortly before I was able to buy the nice thick mattress & adjustable frame I was saving for (one with lights underneath, side USB ports & a massager) I was robbed of the money I had saved. Since I knew it would take a while to save that much again & I was having constant pain in my feet I decided to get this Linenspa Base & Mattress combination to use temporarily in order to elevate my feet while I saved again.I admit – I was broken-hearted & cried while ordering this bed (without all the bells & whistles I wanted it to have) so when it came quicker than expected & was so easy to set up it made me quite happy BUT when the sheets & blankets were put on it & I got in I CRIed AGAIN! … but I cried this time because it was SO comfortable & almost $1000 cheaper!Admittedly- I added a thick mattress cover for extra padding & now I need a topper or something for even more padding because a 8” mattress is mighty thin but everyone has been amazed at just how comfortable it was to be so thin!So – if you’re wanting an adjustable bed & you’re on a tight budget like me I highly recommend this combination by Linenspa & get one of those tap lights like I did for light under the bed. It’s a whole lot cheaper.

  3. Rachel W.

    Wonderful bed !I received my XL twin frame & mattress and put it together by my self. I un-folded the frame, set it up sideways and screwed in the six legs in, tipped it down and ; wah lah. Everything worked. I hae advanced stage oral cancer, colon cancer, and a large mass found on my lung. I also have congestive heart failure, COPD and on O2 24-7. I needed the bed so I can seep sitting up and the foot of the bed rising helps to drain the fluid from my feet, ankles and legs. The mattress is nice too. So…after two years of not getting but three to four hrs. of sleep a day or night, i slept today for about six thank you LeninSpa.

  4. Donna FTW

    Easy SetupI setup the frame SOLO and I’m 61 years old female. It was heavy for me but I was able to turn it over after I installed the legs and snap in the plugs. I was a little concerned about my IKEA mattress because it does have some springs but it works PERFECTLY! I would definitely buy this again and I might update the bed frame in the spare bedroom with one. I can’t wait to sleep on it tonight. I have acid reflux and recently had 6 polyps removed from my stomach plus I have a hiatal hernia. I hope this helps my medical situation so I can sleep well. Thank you!

  5. Michael

    First time is all good!For two seventy-year-old disabled people, it is heavy! But it was easy to manipulate, before and after. Once put together the build was solid and, the motor works as smooth as a gravy sandwich. So far anyway. It does feel a bit on the stiff side. It is to be an every night experience for this couple so, a queen-size 4″ slab of foam may be just the ticket. My mattress choice is only 8 cm.

  6. Amazon customer

    LOVE LOVE LOVEThe bed arrived on time as scheduled in perfect condition. You will need 2 people to move it. It is SUPER easy to set up. Screw the legs on and plug in the bed. Attach the remote and you’re done. No tools needed. It fit within my Queen bed rails, headboard, and footboard. The remote is easy to operate and has a clip, so it can clip on to my bed rail. It never gets lost. The power cord and remote cord are both pretty long. It is QUIET and adjusts easily into the exact position you want. This is just as good as any of the more expensive versions out there. I could not be happier with this purchase!

  7. Yolanda Holiday

    My bedI now wish I had brought a queen size bed because the full size bed feels like a twin size bed. Other than that it great for my pain and comfort and for the money it’s worth it 👌. Thank you 😊 🙏

  8. Kris Q

    Very Impressed So farThere are so many things to like about this frame and just one disappointment!The Likes:Arrived on TimeA BREEZE to set up after we figured out a 2nd cord was not necessary LOL I could’ve set this up on my own.Motor very quiet and the raising/lowering mechanism is smooth and gentle (won’t catapult you across the room)Light weight for moving around.The DisappointmentThe width. It’s an inch narrower than the standard mattress. I bought this for a person with mobility issues who will be staying a few weeks so the extra support at the side is missing for getting in/out of the bed. I’ve adjusted the mattress, of course, but now that’s hanging way off to the other side. I’m a little concerned that the overhand will eliminate all the support if she uses that side. We’ll see. I’ll update if there’s a problem. Anyway – check your widths!!!!

  9. mary s vaughan

    It fits the space I ordered it forI dislike the fact that my sheets and blankets will not stay tucked in at the bottom when I raise the foot part

  10. Kindle Customer

    Great buy!!!I was searching for a bed for my 4yr old granddaughter. She was coming home from the hospital after 4 months of being in the hospital due to a car accident. I had the feeling they’re were not sending her home with a bed. My daughter saw this one. It was a great price and very sturdy. I’m very satisfied with this purchase.

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