Lucid 5 Inch Memory Foam Bamboo Charcoal Mattress and 9 Inch Steel Foldable Full Box Spring Foundation with Center Support Bolts

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Size Full
Fill Material Memory Foam
Color White
Age Range (Description) Adult
Construction Type Memory Foam
  • Base: Foldable box spring foundation with washable cover ensures a supportive sleep; perfect for small spaces and moves  
  • Base: A size made for everyone in the family: California King, King, Queen, and Full are two pieces and hold up to 700 pounds; Twin XL and Twin are one piece and hold up to 400 pounds 
  • Base: Minimal assembly required to strengthen foldable design  
  • Mattress: This firm mattress is infused with 4-inches of dense bamboo charcoal to provide full body support for a better sleep  
  • Mattress: 1-inch of ventilated gel-infused memory foam top layer creates a cooling sleep experience with temperature-regulation and increased circulation
  • Mattress: This low-profile mattress is shipped directly to your front door; unbox, open, and decompress  
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From the manufacturer

Lucid 5 inch bamboo charcoal mattress and box spring with bundle

lucid box spring easy assembly

lucid box spring assembly

lucid box spring sturdy and supportive

compatible design

steel construction

Without the overly-springy feel of some box springs, this box spring is made to support you with a rigid design for a good night’s sleep.

Designed with compatibility in mind to fit hybrid, latex, and memory foam mattresses with ease for a comfortable sleep wherever you are.

Made of a steel design, this foldable box spring is incredibly strong and durable.

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Fill material Type

Memory Foam



10 reviews for Lucid 5 Inch Memory Foam Bamboo Charcoal Mattress and 9 Inch Steel Foldable Full Box Spring Foundation with Center Support Bolts

  1. P. Thompson

    Finally, A Full Night’s SleepGot this during Prime Day to replace a couple of foam toppers I have been using on a hand-me-down traditional full mattress and box springs set that is still too hard for my taste despite being broken down. The two toppers were about 5 inches total of just “memory foam” and weren’t really getting the job done. I am 62, overweight, and have arthritis in many joints, including my hips. I sleep mainly on my left side but at times, my left hip would hurt and I would end up on my back during the night. This caused my back to hurt and my legs to go numb. Not to mention apnea episodes with multiple wakings during the night.To be honest, I really didn’t pay much attention to the inches and just saw the good price – got mine for a lot less than what it’s going for now. When I got it and saw that it was only 5 inches, I worried. Especially when I read on the company website that it was designed to transition kids from the crib to a full size bed. I was afraid it wouldn’t be firm enough to give the support I needed. Happy to say that assessment was very, very wrong.I got it out of the box at around 11:00 am and it was fully decompressed by the time I was ready for bed 12 hours later. There was no strong smell that I could detect and I am very sensitive to smells. It’s firm enough to keep my hip from hitting bottom yet cushy enough to keep me pain free. I woke up on my side, exactly as I had gone to sleep. Basically, I slept like a rock and woke up feeling a lot better than I usually do.I would definitely recommend this mattress if you are looking for a replacement. However, considering how the full mattress is suddenly going for more than twice what I paid for mine during Prime Day, you might want to check around for a better price if you’re looking for a full.By the way, this mattress works just fine atop a traditional mattress and box springs. I even have another foam topper between the older mattress and this new one but only because it would have been a royal pain to have gotten rid of the topper first.

  2. Kaleem Z. Khwaja

    Great for my bad backLike many of my fellow bipedal hominids of a certain age, I’ve developed a degenerated lumbar disc and, being a side sleeper, have found I need a very firm mattress to keep my spine from bending and pinching through the night. I’m taking the time to write this up in hopes it’s of use to others with bad backs struggling to find a good night sleep and eliminate the source of their pain.My lower back pain was getting progressively worse for several years until I realized the problem might be the “firm” $2K mattress I was sleeping on. I went camping for a week, sleeping on just a 2″ memory foam topper on the ground; pain started to subside immediately. I’ve since tried out a couple other “firm” mattresses in the $2-3K range and have come to the opinion that there’s no such thing as a mattress that is both thick and also firm. The more material you add, the more sag you’re going to get. Period. Companies would obviously rather sell you a thicker, more expensive mattress, but if you want a truly firm mattress it must be thin.This LUCID mattress is unusually firm; firmer than I had expected and firmer than I had even hoped for. It’s definitely not as plush as thicker options. But it is GREAT for my back, and starting the day pain-free is the most important thing. It was a little too firm for my partner, so we added a 1″ latex topper which is nearly as supportive and quite a bit more comfortable. I would recommend this combo.The only setup I’ve found that is better for my back is the aforementioned firm 2″ memory foam mattress topper right on the floor. That’s the setup I use for car camping and I never sleep better than on one of those. It’s perfect in terms of both support and comfort, at least for me @ 5’8″, 150lb. The downside is I’ve found those toppers only last a couple years of daily use before softening to the point your hips start to feel the ground beneath. If you try the topper-only strategy, make sure it’s high-density as they’re not all the same. I got mine at Costco.The reason I gave this item 4 stars instead of 5 is that they obnoxiously list it as 60×80″ (true queen) but both the box and tag list its true size, which is 59″x79″. So the description is misleading (perhaps even deliberately so, as getting those numbers right would have been a trivial task). I’d rather pay 3% more for a mattress that fits both my bed frame and my sheets. 1″ matters when you’re sharing a queen. I ended up returning the mattress for this reason alone despite it otherwise being a keeper.

  3. MissBehavin

    Fits perfectly & comfy too!Bought these to replace the less than fluffy sleep pads that came with our 2014 Keystone Cougar 281BHSWE Bunkhouse 5th Wheel. My kids were complaining their beds were too hard. Measured the spaces and found the bunks were just slightly less than a regular twin mattress… of course! Looked for a while and found several custom mattress makers, but didn’t like the price tag that came with them…and then I stumbled across these! Measured again against the measurements stated for these and kept my fingers crossed the online measurements were correct. They arrived the day before we left for vacation…easy and lightweight, they unrolled, expanded and fit PERFECTLY in their bunks! Best of all, they didn’t have a strong odor that needed time to air out, which was a bonus since we were leaving the next day! They are so comfortable without adding too much bulk or weight to the camper. My kids love their new beds!!

  4. Nightkind

    super comfy!Lets get the negative out of the way first, and its so minimal. The only problem is that it didnt fill out to 5 inch’s . Just 4 but again, Not a deal breaker for me, as this mattress fits my tiny trailer perfect!! (short queen) It only took a full day to reach the 4 inch loft (may not be that way for everyone, just be patient). The first night, I did not feel my hips sink into the bed frame, I was able to lay on my back (which I can’t do on my home bed}. Not stinky when opened. My dogs gave it a big paw up!! Recommend.

  5. Lora Conklin

    Comfy FRI bought this to go with my new bed that moves. It works well with one of those types of beds. I would go with a 10” or thicker unless it’s for a child. I have it on top of another mattress and it is comfy. If I didn’t have the other mattress for me I would feel the bed platform. It arrived on time and puffed up fast. It does not smell like other reviews I saw on other brands. It is smaller than a regular twin. I knew that from other reviews and they were accurate. For the price it’s great.

  6. Karl A. D’Accursio

    Very comfy.We purchased this to replace an inflatable mattress in a sleeper sofa. It is the perfect thickness when placed on the springs. It is very comfortable. We just purchased a split king adjustable bed made by the same brand because we are so pleased with this one.

  7. fieldsoflavender

    Pretty Comfortable IKEA ReplacementWorks great as an IKEA Daybed mattress replacement. Pretty comfortable for just a 5 inch mattress. It’s just for a guest room, so they won’t get constant use. I ordered 2 for the trundle bed and stacked up they are very comfortable and supportive.

  8. Jim H

    So much better than expectedI was looking for a decent mattress for my two sons to use in their new bunk beds.I wasn’t sure these would be great but I wanted the lower profile 5 in so that they would be inside the railings of the bed. I was totally shocked after putting them up on the beds letting them expand for about 45 minutes I laid on one and said this was so incredibly comfortable that I’m buying the queen size for my wife and I

  9. Aishwarya Ramesh

    Worth the price..The Bed is between average and good..worth the money.

  10. Juls

    It’s a YES!!The media could not be loaded.

     Super easy to unpack. They even give you a little tool to use to be sure you’re able to open it with ease (though i used scissors because I didn’t see the tool until after I finished opening it haha!)The mattress is perfect! I bought it for my daughters trundle bed for her buddies to use for sleepovers. I took it out and it only took a few hours for it to fully fill out! And contrary to some other reviews there was no weird smell at all, so I’m not sure if that was something the company addressed/chances. My mattress had a completion date of 6/22/22 stamped on the packaging.Overall, super satisfied. So far very pleased! Especially for the price!!

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