Melissa & Doug Wooden Art & Activity Table with Bins

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Product Dimensions 32.5″D x 31.25″W x 17″H
Color White
Shape Rectangle
Brand Melissa & Doug
Special Feature Storage
Style Modern
  • Easy-to-assemble 2-tone sturdy children’s wooden art and activity table with 4 wooden bin drawers
  • Tabletop and 4 wooden bin drawers have bright white finish; natural wood finish on sides and legs
  • Perfect for train sets, games, puzzles, arts and crafts, snacks, and more; storage bins under tabletop for quick cleanup and handy access to supplies
  • Assemble with just a Philips head screwdriver, not included (power tools not recommended)
  • Sized for ages 3-8
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Give kids their own space to play and create! This beautifully designed sturdy wooden activity table includes four roomy wooden bins that slide under the 32.5-inch by 35.75-inch tabletop like drawers for quick and easy storage of art supplies, trains, toys, and games. The table stands 17.25 inches high, sized just right for kids three to eight years old to either stand, kneel or sit. The two-tone finish (white tabletop and drawers and natural light wood sides and legs) fits with any home decor and wipes clean to stay looking crisp and clean. This versatile activity table is easy to put together with just a Philips-head screwdriver (not included), and incredibly sturdy once assembled.

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From classic wooden toys to realistic pretend play sets, Melissa & Doug products spark imagination and wonder through screen-free, open-ended play! We make well-crafted toys that are developed with care to be passed down from generation to generation or shared family to family. When kids pretend with Melissa & Doug, anything is possible!




With more than three decades of experience, we’re a brand you can trust. Our safe and durable toys inspire imaginative play and are designed to stand the test of time and be passed down through generations.

We care about sustainability and use wood whenever we can because it’s renewable and durable. To ensure the world has healthy forests AND high-quality wooden toys, we’ve committed to planting 10 million trees by 2030.

100% Screen-Free No screens, no apps, just good wholesome toys for hours of kid-powered fun! Each one of our products is designed to engage children in the joy of imaginative, hands-on play.



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Safety Information

WARNING: Choking Hazard – Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. Adult assembly required.

Additional information

Weight 47.15 lbs
Dimensions 32.5 × 31.25 × 17 in





Melissa & Doug

Special Feature




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Unit Count

1.0 Count

Frame Material



Christmas Birthday Back to School

Model Name

Wooden Art & Activity Table with Bins

Assembly Required


Included Components

Table with 4 storage bins

Furniture Finish

Wood FinishWhite Finish

Product Dimensions

32.5 x 35.75 x 17.25 inches, 32.5D x 31.25W x 17H

Item Weight

47.15 Pounds, 47.2 pounds

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Release date

October 26 2020


Melissa & Doug

10 reviews for Melissa & Doug Wooden Art & Activity Table with Bins

  1. erinp2085

    Nice!It is well built. I ordered it knowing that it was not quite what I needed, but close enough. I extended the legs with a board to make it taller so the one year old can’t reach the top. I added an edge to keep the legos from falling off. I also added the stick on lego plates for the kids to build off of. I made the legs of the chairs taller with two inch blocks I painted white. I think it all turned out nicely. Normally, I would have my husband build the kids a lego table, but he has been busy. This table was easy to assemble, and allowed for someone like me, with limited building skills, to enhance it to just as I needed.

  2. C. C.

    Perfect play space!This is a great play table that was intended for a train, but is used for much more. There are drawers for you to store items that are not being played with. They tend to fall out if you pull them out too far, but they can be stored on the floor beneath the table. It was purchased for a 2 year old who now spends a lot of happy play time right there at the table.

  3. dmc

    SturdySturdy but did not come with chairs!

  4. Elizabeth Mullis

    Love!Absolutely love it! Bought this for my grandbaby.

  5. Kristin

    Sturdy and cuteGreat table for kids toys with good drawer storage space.

  6. Abigail Petrazio

    DisappointedI’m a little disappointed because you can’t pull the chairs in. So when my child sits to color or play with playdoh he’s stuck sitting sideways. The table is great, and love the storage space. But it’s definitely disappointing you cannot push the chairs in. It’s sturdy, and great quality otherwise. Update: my child won’t even sit at the table anymore because he can’t pull the chair in.

  7. Joy Andrews

    A bit disappointed and watch out for toesSo I was excited to get this table because it’s Melissa and Doug,, and they’re always quality, but this time, I feel a little bit like I’m now paying for the name more, and not the quality, I was always use to getting quality from this brand. I have many puzzles, food items and soo many things like sticky cling things, water coloring things, I have a ton!! When I see a good sale I go crazy cause it’s always quality and that’s what I expected. The legs are very sturdy as well as the drawers and everything but I don’t feel the top is as sturdy as the rest of the table. I wish I could take a better picture but my kids table is completely covered in toys and everything at the moment. The top is two pieces that meet in the middle, so there’s a seam. If you look closely on others pics you can see it, and i know some kids, like to jump on their tables and go crazy, not mine, but they do like to climb on things and jump off but not like jumping up and down. I’ve told them that they are not allowed at all to climb on this table. Also if any liquid spills it will go in the crack and I don’t feel the wood on top is as thick and sturdy as the rest of the table is. The bins are also very easy to pull out and since they’re wooden and depending whats in them they can be pretty heavy, so I wouldn’t keep the bins in with little kids around that will just pull them out because they just slide out so easily and the first time I totally forgot and I had the blocks in them and bam, on my toe and it hurt, so being a kid it would hurt a lot more. 2 hands are needed for the wooden bins, but it’s kinda difficult cause if you look at the other peoples pictures you need to pull them out some then grab the handles so I know kids and they don’t think slowly or patiently like that, to pull it out slowly and then grab a side handle; then grab another, they just want their toys, so they grab the bin and pull it out quickly and it falls on the floor because it isn’t that wide so there’s not much room to pull it out and grab the handles, it’s a lot easier for us adults.. I would’ve loved for them to have been working drawers Or at least longer bins so they just don’t fall out. I wasn’t sure to dock it 1 or 2 stars honestly. My kids are 5 & 7 and just use it for dolls, blocks and art.

  8. Charmin’ Farmer

    Great art table. It’s now the slime station at our house. The natural wood seems more laminate.I generally love Melissa and Doug stuff because it’s so well built and sturdy. This is no different, however price on this is a bit off-putting considering the regular table two chairs is a comparable price.The table is well made and was super easy to put together. The instructions are clear, but it’s really almost easy enough to just look at and assemble. The natural wood style of the legs and all of the well made hardware make this one super sturdy. It isn’t ideal, but the kids have been all over it and it’s holding up great. I’ve got a set of the M&D chairs and stools I use with it. It’s plenty tall enough for our 2, 3, 4, and 6 year old niece and nephews. The age is 3-8, but depending on size and weight, I think there’s wiggle room. It’s compliant with child safety and there isn’t any odor or any assembly issues. I feel perfectly comfortable with my 2 year old niece using it.I did add padded legs to ours because I know they’ll try to move it around the house when I’m not watching. It’s surprisingly stout, though. It weighs more than 60 lbs so they aren’t really able to scoot it too much and it’s sturdy enough that I don’t worry if they crawl on it. We did something kind of different with ours and went and got a sheet of smoothed plexi for the top. It’s on well enough that the kids can’t take it off and it protects the tabletop. This has kind of became the unofficial slime making station and art area. I also lined the inner drawers with cabinet liner to try to give it a little more life since they’ll have paint and markers all over and it’s white. There are four drawers in all and the liners are great just in case any art supplies leak.I put this together in about half an hour with just a Phillip’s head screwdriver. Super easy to assemble, although pretty heavy. The drawers work smoothly and I don’t have to worry too much about the babies pulling them out. The tabletop is 32.5-inch by 35.75-inch and it’s 17.25 inches tall. I have some stools that make it easier to use because most kid sized chairs are about a foot off the ground to begin with.It’s solidly built and we love it, I’m just surprised the price is almost as much as the regular table plus two chairs.

  9. B Wallis

    The new Lego Workbench–Sturdy, Versatile, and FUN!We originally got this table for the kids to keep crayons, scissors, paper, and markers in for their crafts. It was quickly dragged to the middle of the playroom and has become the Lego assembly workbench with the 4 drawers being used to store projects and builds the kids are currently working on and playing with. In that regard, the table has been a huge success and helps keep the legos more centralized and organized as the kids tend to keep them in the drawers where they can “reserve” the parts they are working with and then return them to Lego storage bin when they are done. This table alone has really brought all three kids together with a renewed interest in Legos—they will literally spend hours assembling and playing on and around the table. What a relief that the kids are actually playing instead of begging to watch TV or spend time in front of screens during this wretched pandemic.Assembly of this table was fairly easy following the directions—my 7 year old daughter did most of the work of screwing the large parts together herself (she’s very mechanically inclined) while I supervised and made sure they were all tightened. The hardest part of the assembly is the drawers which are held together by self-tapping screws and little wooden dowels. She enlisted the help of her older brother and myself to help hold the pieces together while she drove the screws home. After assembling two drawers her forearms were a bit tired and I finished the rest but overall, the kids had a lot of fun putting this table together and have had even more fun using it—albeit not for the purpose we originally planned, but we’re still really happy with this table.One thing to be aware of is that the drawers / bins do not have slides or guides so they have a tendency to drop once they are pulled out 3 / 4 of the way out. This caused a few tears when the 5 year old scattered his legos and it landed on his toe, but the kids have quickly adapted to this and love taking the bins out and setting them next to the table for quick access to the Legos they are looking for. I know why the manufacturer chose to do this: kids would have quickly broken off the drawers with how heavily this table is used. So, while this design element may be seen as a drawback for some, I think it has really made it more versatile for what the kids have decided to use it for and it saves frustration from a wrecked or jammed drawer and they absolutely love it.

  10. Vanessa Rutherford

    Awesome Kids’ TableI’ve purchased several Melissa and Doug toys for my 3 nieces and 1 nephew over the years but never their furniture. As always, they bring their A game. This is one of the most quality pieces of RTA furniture I’ve ever seen, especially for it to be made for children.Assembly: I can’t fathom anyone thinking it’s difficult to put together, so watch out for any reviews making that claim. The instructions couldn’t be clearer, and the assembly couldn’t be more basic. The only thing I will say is that the instructions urge against using a drill and I’m here to tell you it’s perfectly fine if you do. As a matter of fact, I highly recommend it. The drawers have a total of 32 screws to put in and if you use a manual screwdriver, RIP to your wrist and your time. It took me just under an hour for full assembly including unboxing all the pieces with only a little stopping and going so like I said, use a drill. I even used my impact driver instead of my drill, if that further illustrates my point. As long as you have the correct phillips head bits and your drill has speed control, you’ll be fine. As I said before, the quality is there with this table so I didn’t experience any stripping, , ripping, or splitting that usually accompanies this type of assembly. Everything structural goes together with preinstalled brackets that appear to be strong and capable of holding everything together. Then you’ll use phillips head screws to tie everything else together. There are NO CAM LOCK SCREWS on this table, thank goodness because I hate em’!Function: Two girls almost 4 and 5 will be using it to snack, eat, and do their activities which include blocks, arts and crafts, and just typical toy play. It is more than big enough to handle all this, possibly at the same time. The two drawers on each side have ample space for storing coloring books, crayons, paints and even toys depending on their size. I also like that all the surfaces are smooth and I don’t have to worry about small hands getting splinters.Overall: I can’t say enough about it. It’s definitely worth the price if you’re looking for a quality activity table for your kid(s) that will last until they’re done with it. It’s even white so it will go well with just about any chairs you can find to go with it. My only advice is you should pay close attention to the dimensions. It may be a little larger than what you’re looking for, depending on how much space you have allotted for it. All that said, I highly recommend it!

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