MIINA Japanese Traditional Tatami Mattress, Igusa (Rush Grass) Tatami Mat, Floor Mattress, Japanese Floor Mattress,Japanese

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Size Queen
Product Dimensions 19″L x 61″W x 0.4″Th
Color Natural
Age Range (Description) Adult
  • Uses 100% Rush Grass. Non Slip! Our rush grass mattresses are unique decor for traditional tatami rooms which you often see in traditional Japanese inns and temples. Conventional tatami mattresses are thick and heavy. But our rush grass mattresses are light and thin—only 0.4 inches thick. As such, you can easily carry one with you and it doesn’t take up a lot of storage space. You can even bring it to a picnic or a yoga class.
  • Our traditional Japanese rush grass mattresses produced by MIINA JAPAN, you can sleep comfortably on the floor.
  • Tatami mattresses smell good like freshly cut grass, which is actually the smell of cultivated soft rushes. They smell very refreshing and exotic at the same, taking you back to the good old days. But it can be a bit too much for people with acute sense of smell. If you want to remove the smell from your mattress, place it in the shade in a well-ventilated area for at least one day.
  • Please check the product before purchase! Because igusa is a natural material, it may have some irregularities such as uneven color, varying thickness, splits, and effects from the sun. Simply snip away split pieces of igusa. Products with these irregularities are not defective, so please enjoy their natural beauty.
  • Flip-flap! Put six tatami mattresses together and you can create a cozy space for your family to kick back and relax in the blink of an eye! Soft rushes absorb moisture therefore control humidity. They get rid of sticky skin after sweating and improve your sleep quality. Feel the sweet rush of pleasure with MIINA JAPAN’s rush grass mattresses!
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Weight 14.42 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 61 × 0.4 in
Product Dimensions

19 x 61 x 0.4 inches

Item Weight

14.42 pounds



Date First Available

July 16 2020



10 reviews for MIINA Japanese Traditional Tatami Mattress, Igusa (Rush Grass) Tatami Mat, Floor Mattress, Japanese Floor Mattress,Japanese

  1. nat

    wonderful, could be a little less expensivei really like this simple tatami mat. i use it under my futon mattress. i ordered a second to have out in the room because they are so comfortable and pleasant to be around. they do smell at first a bit like vinegar, it is not unpleasant. it subsides after just a few days. it is the grass fermenting and i rather like the smell of something natural. great product. recommend.

  2. Pallas

    Very niceThick and comfortable. Cleanly finished and seems well-made. The fold configuration makes is very convenient to move and store as it becomes quite a good size and shape once folded. Very happy with my purchase.

  3. Morgan

    NiceNice and breatheable

  4. Revew

    High quality Tatami mattressI am very surprised that this high quality Tatami mattress. Especially this fresh Tatami smell is great. I can tell this is high quality product. Also, it was folded, so you can move it easily. I am using this tatami mattress at carpet room for practice tea ceremony and love to just lay down on the mattress. The feeling and smelling make me relaxing. Highly recommend to use it.

  5. J

    Just what I was looking forI grew up smelling the aroma of tatami. This takes me right back to my childhood. People that are complaining about the smell don’t know what they are talking about. The smell of tatami is sooooo soothing! When I lie on this mat and close my eyes, I’m instantly transported back to Japan. This is an amazing product. Great quality! I don’t intend to use a Japanese futon on top of it. I just bought it so I can chill on it but it’s money well spent😴

  6. Saori Siegert

    Authentic Japanese Tatami. Great quality!These tatami mats are amazing. Very authentic and high quality- they are not cheaply made at all. They even have the authentic tatami smell that fills the room with a delightful natural scent. Super lightweight and foldable into a compact size for easy storage. Pair together with a light futon to instantly make a surprisingly comfortable bed. Best used on hard flooring. Highly recommended!

  7. Cheech

    Nice Mat!Bought this to go under our futon mattress & it makes a difference! It has a earthy/grassy smell but I like it. Compact and folds up nicely during the day.

  8. Yumiri Mori

    That’s great!It smells brand new tatami!I missed this and felt great when I’m on it.

  9. Regina

    Beautiful matsNo

  10. Isaiah Jackson

    Simple, easy, comfortable, good for my back I love itEnough cushion to sleep on my back without pain, not so soft that I don’t want to get up and be productive in the morning or that I go back to it for anything besides stretching and sleepIt’s light weight and folds up nicely so I can move it out of my way and store it in the daytime without hastle or without it taking up a large space, I can tuck it away easilyYou don’t sweat on this, it gets nice air flow in it it doesn’t hold heat so I stay nice and cool. Especially if I move over slightly the new spot is always cool like the underside of a pillow. It’s not the best for cold weather though, it doesn’t like to heat up but that’s easy to fix by sleeping with night clothes on or laying a thick blanket on the Matt before I lay on it and it holds my body head enough to be warmMy spine feels amazing when I wake up

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