Milliard Tri-Folding Memory Foam Foldable Memory Foam Mattress with Washable Cover, Queen Size (78″x58″x6″)

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Size Queen
Item Firmness Description Medium Firm
Fill Material Memory Foam
Brand Milliard
Product Dimensions 78″L x 58″W x 6″Th
Color White/Grey
Age Range (Description) Teen
Construction Type Memory Foam
Comfort Layer Material Memory foam

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Additional information

Weight 36.3 kg
Dimensions 78 × 58 × 6 cm
Product Dimensions

78 x 58 x 6 inches

Item Weight

36.3 Pounds



Item model number


Date First Available

April 15 2015



10 reviews for Milliard Tri-Folding Memory Foam Foldable Memory Foam Mattress with Washable Cover, Queen Size (78″x58″x6″)

  1. Public Name

    Comparable but less comfortableI’ve slept on this bed for around a month. It has pros and cons, but overall I would say it is relatively close to being comparable in both price and comfort to an air matress with fibertech. There are things that could have been done better from my perspective.Here are a few things I’ve noticed.One. The foam used in this mattress is two different foams put together. The top layer is a very soft memory foam. The bottom is a stiffer memory foam. I hate this a lot. One reason I was interested in this bed was it sounded like it’d be a firm bed. It’s not. It’s squishy and soft and underneath is like a slowly deflating hammock sensation. If it weren’t six inches thick I’d be feeling ONLY floor. Air mattresses are much more comfortable.Two. The “sheet” that holds the three cusions can be unzippered and rezippered with relaive ease. The bottom and sides of the “sheet” is grey mesh. The top of the “sheet” is soft, white, and mattress-topper-looking-ish. I LOVE THIS SHEET A LOT. You can take the cushions out and change them around, which is almost a necessity because of the foam type used wanting to stay compressed. (You could maybe even replace the lower-quality foam with a better foam of the same size and shape, which I might try.)But that said, regular twin-sized sheets placed over the trifold “sheet” will not keep this bed “together.” I can already tell that with more use, the cushions will separate a lot further. Something like an additional extra zippered sheet that goes over the trifold one, just the right size for this entire mattress, would have been a boon. It could have kept everything together tightly during the night.Three. The trifold capacity. Is just fantastic. You CAN prop it up just fine (and really should when it’s not being used, it seems to help the foam recover slightly better from use, and this foam needs that extra help.) You can also make it into the softest marshmallow chair ever and sit on it and become alarmed over the next 15 minutes as you slowly descend farther and farther down to the floor D:Four. This bed… requires a lot of upkeep.When using it on the floor, even though the bed itself does not cause sweat, somehow condensation on the very bottom of the mattress forms every night. I thought this might be because of the floor being cool, so I put a closed-cell foam camping pad under the mattress to alleviate the issue. It did not alleviate the issue. The pad got damp instead of the floor was all. The problem is not due to sweating through six inches of foam. The foam above is bone dry. Maybe it’s because the bed bottom does not have fabric, it has mesh, but it means an extra concern.In any case it’s weird and I have been dealing with it by removing blankets, and pillows, and propping it up on its side, so the bottom gets air circulation, to dry during the day. Every. morning. It’s not acceptable if my bed grows mold, period. Needless to say this is tiring. People in Japan who use futons may be used to this. I’d rather be able to have my bed in its place and not have to make it up every single night and unmake it every single morning.You cannot put this mattress onto a bare frame if it’s a frame with bars. It will just not work. You could put this mattress onto a twin XL frame upon which you had placed a separately purchased twin XL boxspring. Or if you got a piece of wood suitable for placing on top of a frame, it might be okay.On to other pros and cons.Cost analysis: Before purchasing, I compared the cost of this mattress to the cost of replacing a quality type of air matress I’d been using. (Intex, 18″, twin size air mattress, with fiber-tech. Incidentally a wonderful camping bed. I tended to have to replace them 2-3 times a year with constant daily use but was always concerned about sharp objects) …Should I get a year of functional use out of Milliard’s bed, it’d cost me close to replacing an 18″ Intex twin mattress with fibertech: 4.5 times. In other words, if I had to replace my durable, well made fiber-tech air mattresses once every three months, the cost would be similar to if I successfully manage one year using this Milliard’s mattress. (Will this mattress hold up as comfortably as a decent air mattress for a year? After a month, I can tell you, the answer is: no. That foam could be much, MUCH better than it is.)Comfort comparison: The bed is very close to the floor, which makes getting up harder than getting up out of an 18″ air mattress. Even with 6 inches of foam altogether, the foam is far too soft. It does not provide a feeling of support, but it does succeed at cushioning the floor. Flat out, any air mattress that retains its air through the night, is twice as comfortable as this mattress is a month later. My back is starting to hurt using this mattress due to lack of support. Replacing the cushions with a quality and appropriate high-use foam isn’t inexpensive, but I’m looking into that as an option to be able to at least keep using the trifold “sheet” which I really do like.Durability Comparison: Hands down a foam mattress is aimply much more durable than any air mattress because you do not have to worry about punctures.Ease of moving it: Hands down this foam mattress is also much easier and convenient to move or put away than any air mattress. You do not have to deflate it. It is relatively light. It is less awkward to move around. It is NOT a static magnet for every speck of dust and every gross little piece of shed hair or pet fur that can collect on the floor no matter how hard to keep it clean, like the plastic bottoms of air mattresses.ll said, if the cushions were just more comfortable to sleep on (resting on them for 10 minutes is suitably comfortable, but after that you start to sink…), this would be a much better bed. I’ve slept on plain old couch cushions that were significantly more comfortable for similarly long periods of time in the past, so I know it’s possible. It’s just that this is not that kind of foam.If the company offered just the trifold “sheet” as a base, and then options to customize what kind of foam would be put into it, this bed would be better. I’m not sorry that I purchased it. But I hoped it would be MORE comfortable than an air mattress, without the risk of punctures, for a relatively similar price.

  2. Minira

    My opinion after 5 months.I love this mattress. I bought it for my toddler and me to use while I lived with my parents for 6 months. And this is my experience so far. When it first arrived there was a section where the corner didn’t fully inflate. But that went away after a week. I bought the full size and it still holds up strong and firm. I do air it out every couple of weeks. Just a heads up, the cover will sometimes create a gap between the sections and you’ll feel it as you sleep. So what I did was buy the Sealy Luxury Cotton Top Fitted Mattress Pad, Queen size and it squeezes each section together, no gaps. I do keep the bed directly on the floor and it has helped a lot with my back pain as well. I used to have to use the Chirp wheel every day to help alleviate the back pain but now I use it maybe 2 times a month. I did have an adjustment period though. I weigh 175lb and when I would sleep on my side I’d feel the pain in shoulders. After about a month that went away. And now I can even take a nap on the floor on my side with no pain. I also love the portability of it. Whenever we go over to spend the night with family, I just fold it up and toss it in the van. No more air beds or sleeping on couches. Overall, I like this bed as much as I like my Purple Mattress. But I love the price tag of this one more.

  3. traveler

    Awesome MattressVery nice mattress much better than expected. Extremely comfortable. Ideal for replacement of mattress inRV. The original RV mattress is a joke compared to Millard on top of fact that it is a trifold which once folded provides a lot of space for other equipment used during travel. I highly recommend this mattress. Don’t think you can be disappointed with this one.

  4. Jan Donald Klingman

    Very comfortable!Three months ago, I purchased a returned 6″ queen sized mattress, which arrived shortly thereafter, undamaged, still in the original packaging. I slept on the mattress (which was on the floor) every night for the next three months. The mattress was just as comfortable after three months as it was the first night! I’m 6 foot 1 inch tall, 165 lbs.

  5. Robin Battenfield

    What a great alternative to a cotWe purchased this Tri-fold mattress as an extra sleeping bed for family and guests. This is such a comfortable and thick mattress. We’ve had family say they had a great night sleep with it. The extra thickness really makes a difference. Love that it folds up and is out of the way when not needed. We purchased a carry case for mattress as well.

  6. Hermithole

    ComfyPlaced on the floor on top of a rug. To be honest, it is more comfortable than our overpriced mattress on our bed. It is still a giant piece when folded, but for us, every square feet of saved space counts.

  7. Mary in DC

    Can be moved in the back seat of a regular 4 door carI had more trouble moving the topper for this mattress than the actual mattress. I was moving and I simply folded this mattress up and shoved it in the back seat of my regular four door Sudan. I had to smush it a bit to get the door to close. But I was amazed. The mattress is almost as impressive as a regular tempurpedic. Although I have been using it now without the topper directly on the floor (for now) and I notice the breaks in the mattress. But if I had it on top of a box spring or something of the sort I think I would not notice it is foldable. A few days ago I realized I could fold up the mattress and use it comfortably as a sofa. I ordered a triangular “headboard pillow for queen bed”. I will not even need any kind of futon frame for it. I would just fold the mattress with fitted sheet on and throw the quilt over it. Then set the headboard pillow on top of it and it should be the perfect sofa! I sat on the folded mattress and it feels great to sit on. All it needs is the back rest. Which is the triangular headboard pillow.I also ordered an 18 inch height foldable metal frame IN WHITE from eBay since Amazon does not seem to have a good selection on WHITE foldable metal frames. I need a high bed because I have a parrot that sleeps in the room with me and if my bed is close to the floor, she will get all her food all over my bed because she is a messy eater.One major selling point of this mattress is that it has some sort of guarantee that it does not have hazardous chemicals. I get tachycardia when I am exposed to the old school flame retardant. I slept on the floor for a very long time until studies and documentaries and laws came out showing how harmful those chemicals are and how they were actually killing more people in fires and how the cigarette companies had been the ones that came up with the enforcement on these chemicals in order to blame furniture and not cigarettes for household fires.I can certify that this mattress does not have flame retardant as my heart would have been giving me trouble by now if it had those harmful chemicals. Additionally, I was able to save a lot of $$ not having to get moving van to move my mattress. Therefore, the extra price for being foldable has already paid off! I want to get the carrying case for it now. Finally, it appears I don’t snore as much with this mattress and I am able to do without the sleep apnea machine. That thing drives me nuts, so I am very happy I am not waking up constantly because I’m not breathing/snoring. I have a very large chest (I’m a K cup) and I can sleep on my back or on my stomach on this bed without having common problems I have with most regular beds such as spring mattresses. Normally the weight makes my back sink in deeper in the middle back if I’m on my back. And if I am on my stomach the mattress doesn’t sink far enough to accommodate my chest. This mattress very comfortably accommodates all scenarios. If I could ask for anything is for it to be an inch thicker and be a little more firmer. But do note, this is a firm mattress I bought. I like firm. I slept on the floor for years, to give you perspective. If you are someone that likes soft, I’m not a good reference point.

  8. JS

    As advertised and the memory foam is working great. It has a medium firmness.I am enjoying the mattress, and I think it is as advertised. It is vacuum packed, and they recommend waiting 48 hours for the foam to expand after opening the package. It expanded just fine right away. I waited 24 hours before using to play it safe, but I am in a warmer climate. It says cooler climates may take longer to expand.I research pretty well before buying, and got exactly what I expected. There were no smells that lingered, and I can be sensitive. If you are looking for a medium firm memory foam floor sleeper that you can fold up, do not hesitate. You can also fold it in various positions for a seat and it works well. My primary use is on the floor as a bad.

  9. Christine

    FirmIt’s fairly firm. I’m thinking with use it will soften up.

  10. Jeralyn

    Go for it. Worth the price!We purchased this 6in tri-fold as a primary bed for myself (5’3″) and my husband (6’1″) after sleeping on an airmattress for several months. We live in small quarters and a frame would just not work. This memory foam pad is perfect. We’ve slept on it every night for 2 weeks with no issues. It’s very comfortable, inflated completely in less than a day, and has no evidence of wear despite frequent use.I am very pleased with this purchase and very pleasantly surprised!The best part is that I can fold it up on my own each morning, allowing me to utilize more of our limited space during the day.I was torn between the 4in and 6in thickness and glad we paid the few extra dollars for the extra thickness. I could see how the 4in would be a little too thin for frequent sleep. Either the 6in neither of us can feel the floor beneath us at all.Hope this helps and best of luck!

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