Mimoglad Office Chair, High Back Ergonomic Desk Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support and Headrest, Swivel Task Chair with

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Color Pink
Brand Mimoglad
Product Dimensions 16.53″D x 19.68″W x 50.78″H
Style Modern
Material Metal
  • [The Best Deal You Will Find] Every purchase is an important investment for you, including the feeling of the body, the life of the product, and the money out of pocket. Mimoglad provides 1* VALUE-FOR-MONEY ERGONOMIC CHAIR, 1*90 DAYS FREE RETURN AND REPLACEMENT, 1*5 YEARS ASSISTANT SERVICE. All problems that are faced can be solved.
  • [Encourage “S-Shaped” Spinal Posture] An ergonomic chair with proper support always maintain a healthy spine posture and will not have a damaging and flattening effect on your back. Good lumbar support will minimize strain or pain on the lumbar discs in your spine. The adjustable headrest prevents you from hunching forward, scrunching your shoulders. Don’t be slouching, this is the culprit.
  • [No Degradation of The Comfort Of The Butt] Choose sufficient padding and breathable material. Low-Quality foam can break down quickly (Not because you are a big man). So Mimoglad increased the quality & density of the foam to balance softness, durability, and support, thereby reducing pressure on your hips and tailbone. mesh fabric has a noticeable ability to wick moisture and it is highly breathable, You will not get bogged down with sweat.
  • [Get The Best Possible Fit and Feel] If you will be spending a lot of time in it, an adjustable computer chair is your best bet. Mimoglad chair allows lifting the headrest to land perfectly where your head is. Look for a pneumatic adjustment lever to let you bring the seat higher up or lower. the adjustable lumbar support to provide lumbar protection and eliminating lower back body strains. Reclining&rocking can help relieve pressure on your spinal discs.
  • [Sustainable Above First Impressions] The chair passed a commercial test so you can not worry about work and about the reliability of all elements. The frame of the high back office chair is made of strong nylon, which is most suitable for chair production. With the entire base made from high-strength metal, the strength and durability of this chair support will easily hold up to 400 lbs and for many years of extended use.
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Product Description

Mimoglad Office Chair with Headrest

Mimoglad Ergonomic Chair

Mimoglad adjustable Chair

Mimoglad Comfortable Foam Seat

Ergonomic Office Chair

Adjustable lumbar support

swivel chair

Ergonomic Backrest

Back support — maintaining a neutral posture lets your joints align naturally to reduce strain and stress on your muscles, tendons, and overall skeletal system.

Adjustable Lumbar support

Lumbar support — Good lower back or lumbar support is essential to minimize strain or compression on the lumbar discs in your spine.

360° Swivel Chair

With a modern compact looking and useful features, the ergonomic office chair goes well in office, gaming, and home.

tilt computer chair

liftable desk chair

office chair with wheel

Tension Controller

Rock for a rest — The tension device is a knob which can be adjusted to increase or decrease the force needed to rock.

Chair for 300 lbs Heavy People

4″ Seat Height liftable — Adjust the height of your office to your own height to reduce leg pressure.

Load up to 300lbs — SGS BIFMA Passed, stable for heavy people

Smoothly & quietly Wheels

Solid five-star base — made of polished aluminum alloy material, strong, non-rust than plastic.

Good for all type floor — Designed for your floor, carpet, hard surface or a combination.

Mimoglad task chair

Additional information

Weight 31.3 lbs
Dimensions 16.53 × 19.68 × 50.78 in








Room Type

Study Room

Frame Material


Age Range Description


Back Style

Solid Back

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Included Components


Model Name

Home Office Desk Chair

Furniture base movement


Product Dimensions

16.53 x 19.68 x 50.78 inches, 16.53D x 19.68W x 50.78H

Item Weight

31.3 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

December 8 2021



10 reviews for Mimoglad Office Chair, High Back Ergonomic Desk Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support and Headrest, Swivel Task Chair with

  1. Austin Mace

    Pleasantly SurprisedI was very worried about ordering a new office chair. I am beginning a new position working from home and I was adamant that I wanted to invest in good equipment to help me stay productive. (It’s what works for me) I knew a good office chair was a huge step in the right direction. I went back and forth between numerous brands and products and honestly couldn’t come to a quick decision. I didn’t want to spend $300-$400 on a chair online as I was remodeling my entire office on a budget. This chair popped up and after reading through a slew of reviews I figured I would give it a shot knowing that I could potentially return it if it was awful. I caught a sale and for less than $200 this chair is a STEAL. First, The pink color is PERFECT – it’s a very subtle pastel/baby pink. The armrests bend up if you do not need them. The mesh back keeps you from sweating. I love the that I have the ability to move freely (almost rock back and forth) but then once I find a comfortable position I can lock the chair in place where the back will not continue to move. I MAY add a lumbar pillow to help more with my own posture. The paperwork states we can reach out for a free lumbar pillow if needed! The chair was fairly simple to put together. I successfully had it together in about 20 minutes without my husband’s help. It was slightly a pain to get the back on by myself and then install that to the seat. It would be smoother if you had two people putting it together. All in all not horrible. I highly recommend giving this one a try! For the price point I don’t think it can be beat!

  2. Hey Karen Sensei

    Economic & ErgonomicThe key to my work from home office/streaming studio is a comfortable seat, especially with having sixteen hours of at work work weekly, paired with blogging, live streaming, editing, and podcasting (over 30 hours weekly). Living in Florida, I needed a chair that was comfortable, but also breathable for the hot and humid summer months. For anyone looking for an economic choice for an ergonomic office chair with a compact footprint and armrests that can swing up and out of the way, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better one at this price point. When the box arrived, I worried that it was only half of the chair because it was smaller and lighter than I had anticipated. However, all the pieces of the chair were included with clearly labeled and all necessary tools.I was able to carry the box upstairs and set it up in the smaller room in my house with relative ease, and most of the packing materials were able to be recycled. If I remember correctly, it didn’t take more than thirty minutes at a slow pace to assemble the chair, which makes it great for those with limited time or mechanics savvy. From the aesthetics side, it was nice to find a gray and white color way chair. I thought about the pink briefly, but the neutral gray really goes well with my office. Parts of the construction are plastic, but they do not feel flimsy, yet are lightweight. The seat cushioning is quite nice, especially for the price point. I do have the headrest attached, but I don’t recline back in the chair. Making all the adjustments with the lumbar support, head rest, and seat height are smooth without any jamming or noice.Again, it’s a great economic option, especially for those wanting a comfortable chair for a compact space.

  3. Cathryn

    Better than any gamer chair in its price rangeI work from home and spend a lot of time at my desk, when I am off work I am usually still at my desk chatting with friends and enjoying the modern era. A comfortable chair is one of the most important investments you can make in this day and age. Before I moved into my new place I used a 300$ Autofull chair (you probably know the one) and while I loved it, this is equally as comfy for half the cost. I decided to give this chair a try after seeing all the positive reviews. (and the color scheme works so well with my desk) I couldn’t be happier with the purchase, I never would have expected it to be so comfy for how cheap it is. I can sit for 10 hours on end in this chair and never feel uncomfortable, no more numb butt! Seriously people, don’t fall for the gaming chair meme, these ergo chairs are amazing.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Short people reviewI can only review initial impressions as I have just received and assembled. Assembly was a bit awkward just because I did it alone and it’s a chair but I was able to accomplish it in about an hour. I LOVE the Allen wrench tool provided because Allen wrenches are my nemesis! Everything uses them but they have always been a huge pain! The provided tool made it much smoother and easier on the hands. The chair is beautiful, looks great in my office and quality seems very solid. I am 5’4 so I was definitely looking for a chair with a shorter seat depth. This appears to fit my needs – again, I haven’t spent a day sitting on my behind for 7+ hours yet. My feet just meet meet the floor with shoes on, at the lowest level. That’s easily resolved with a stool if it ends up being an issue. The lumbar may be not quite adequate but the company offers a free lumbar pillow if needed, love that! So why the 4 stars vs 5? I was expecting the seat to be a bit cushier(that may even be understating it). The seat is quite FIRM. The advertisement shows the seat being compressed by fingers…umm…not so much. I really wanted some softness to the seat as I don’t have any of my own ;). That’s the only issue I can see so far but we’ll see once I spend some hours actually sitting/working in it.UPDATE – after only two days of use – I love this chair! The seat cushion has some give to it after use. The lumbar works well for me. The only thing that I don’t care for is the material of the seat. I work from home, in shorts a lot and it’s a bit scratchy on my legs – easily remedied by adding a softer material to cover it. Would recommend.

  5. Trust E.A.

    Easy to assemble.I went through a lot of research and review reads before settling for this chair. The assembly instructions were accurate and easy to follow. Because of my height anyway, the lumbar support does not fully meet my needs. However, they have a free ergonomic lumbar support pillow that they send apparently to customers that have such needs. I have just requested for same from them and I am hoping they deliver it. Overall, it’s a good chair. I weigh about 180lbs and it handled my sitting pretty well. A good thing is that there’s a 5 years warranty attached to it which I have just activated. So you can keep that in mind too. I mean it’s just early days so if it doesn’t meet up in the long term, I can easily call up the warranty but I have good feelings at least it will serve me some 2 years which is not bad for the price.

  6. Chaz

    Stylish and Modern Office Chair Offers Ergonomics and ComfortabilityProduct arrived on time and shipping box appeared to be in good, undamaged conditions. Product was also packaged very well with lots of foam to protect it at multiple locations on the inside of shipping box. Each item/parts were individually wrapped which indicates that the seller is taking multiple steps to ensure that their products arrive to the customers in a “as new as possible” condition (I was happy to see this!).I assembled the chair by myself in 40 minutes. All assembly tools were included (they even included a pair of white gloves lol) and there were no missing parts! The chair back has a mesh that allows for air to circulate so my back doesn’t sweat. It also has a lumbar support system that you can raise up and down, according to your preference. The same is true for the headrest which is a combination of mesh and soft foam (I think?) with a plastic backing to provide a firm support structure. You can choose to attach the headrest to your chair or not. Both lumbar and headrest systems utilize a continuous sliding adjustments which are easily adjustable, and they tend to stay put in that position even after multiple uses of the chair. The wheels spin freely and are nearly silent. I think the noise that I hear is just the noise from the normal contact of the wheels to the floor. The seat cushion is the updated one and it is thicker than the previous version. This new feature increases the comfort of the chair as I feel like I am sitting on a soft and cushion-like pillow, yet it is firm enough to provide the necessary ergonomic benefits of proper anatomical positioning.After sitting for over six hours continuously, my back and bottom are not sweating and I have no stiff joints or aching pain. This is something that I appreciate because it allows me to focus on my work without having to constantly get up, move, and even change position. I also reached out to customer service to address an inquiry and the response was fast, friendly, and easy. Sally, the customer service representative really took care of me, made me feel like my questions/concerns were taken very seriously, and offered a great solution to remedy my issue.Overall, I would highly recommend this product based on: it’s build quality, materials, design, ergonomic features/benefits, outstanding customer service, product warranty of five years, and 90 days of free return and replacement. Even if you have doubts, buy it because they have a good return policy. However, I have an inkling that you won’t be returning it once you sit in it :)All the best,Chaz

  7. Katelyn Lamping

    I should have bought this years ago!Night and day difference from my old desk chair! I can already feel a difference in my lower back after just one day! I wish I bought this when I first started working from home years ago! Love the color and it’s perfect height and size for me (I’m 5’3) my feet don’t fully touch the floor (even on the lowest setting) but that’s ok. There is still enough room for me to sit cross legged as well, which I like to do from time to time. My only complaint is the arm rests, the fabric covering them is super uncomfortable to rest my arms/elbows on, so I’ll have to find something more comfortable to cover them with. Other than that I really like it so far.

  8. xMochaPuffx

    Great Price, Comfy, CuteCouldnt be happier! I work from home and desperately needed more support while doing work at my desk. Chair was easy to assemble, the color is too cute and matches my pink office theme, the height is perfect and with varied adjustability, and most importantly its comfy+supportive. The ergonomic hump in the back fits perfectly in the nape of my back giving me optimum support while in a forward upright seating position as well as when leaning back into my chair.And OH! Cant beat the price. At just under 200? Thats A steal!A good supportive chair can be expensive but this is a great budget option!!Highly recommend!

  9. iPad mama

    Cute and comfortable!This chair replaced my previous office chair which was too large for my 5’6 frame. This chair is extremely comfortable and the seat is not too large for me to sit comfortably with both feet on the floor and my back against the chair back. I sit many hours a day for work, and this chair is not only cute, it’s also very comfortable. I recommend this to anyone who is already considering it but is uncertain. Mine has no clicking sound or squeak like one of the reviewers posted. While it’s simple to assemble and all parts and tools are included, be aware that it’ll require 10 minutes of your time to put it together.

  10. L.R.

    Comfortable and easy to put together with clear directions.Using for home office and to help correct neck and shoulder issues from all day desk work. I cant speak for the rest of the world, but I generally find that as I get more involved into my work, I start hunching like a troll over my keyboard. This chair seems comfortable, I am enjoying leaning back into the lumbar support and with height and tilt adjusts, I believe I will be on my way to better posture and less pain.

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