Mindful Living Solid Wood Coffee Table with Chevron Pattern and Midcentury Modern Legs

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Color Beige
Shape Rectangle
Brand Mindful Living
Table design Coffee Table
Style Mid-Century Modern
Top Material Type Iron
  • SOLID WOOD COFFEE TABLE – this coffee table was made using solid Mango Wood. Mango trees are used commercially to harvest Mango fruit; after the trees useful life for harvesting fruit the trees are cut down and space is cleared for a new crop. We decided on using Mango wood for this table because it is an Eco-Choice as well as the wood being a hard wood with beautiful natural tones.
  • NATURAL RUSTIC CHEVRON PATTERN – complimented by a clear finish that brings out the natural beauty of the mango wood.
  • MID-CENTURY MODERN HAIRPIN LEGS – are made of solid Iron and weighty. They not only look charming and elegant with the rustic wood top, they are also strong enough to withstand just about any force you put on this coffee table. THIS TABLE IS VERY EASY TO ASSEMBLE, requiring three bolts per leg, pre-drilled. Full assembly takes 15 – 30 minutes with one person.
  • WHO IS MINDFUL LIVING – Two dads and one vision, to build high quality, solid products as mindfully as possible. That means, products that will last, products that are as organic in nature as they can be and products that aren’t overwhelmingly expensive for what you get. We come from a three generations of furniture heritage, we design and test our products out of California USA and sustainably manufacture our goods from partners around the globe. This table is manufactured in small batch lots.
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Product Description

coffee table on grey background

Mindful Living logo

About Mindful Living

We produce high quality ecologically harvested solid wood home furnishings with a modern and rustic feel. Mindful Living founders live and work out of Orange County, California and our furniture is made around the globe – dependent on the source of lumber – to our specification. We believe in supporting local to the resource small businesses and craftsmen who put their heart and soul into each piece that we collectively make. You can’t find more intentionally produced product on the market.

Mindful Living Solid Wood Furniture

Collection includes: Coffee Table, Desk , End Tables and Sofa Tables

This collection features furniture made with a natural, rustic chevron pattern complimented by a clear a finish that brings out the natural beauty of the reclaimed mango wood. It’s partnered with mid-century modern hairpin legs made of solid iron for a sturdy build.

  • Super simple assembly – 15 minutes
  • Made with Post-Harvest solid mango wood
  • Fusion of mid-century modern and rustic farmhouse style


feature: solid mango wood

Feature: Hairpin legs

Feature: Chevron Pattern

Solid Mango Wood

Each piece in the Chevron collection is made using solid mango wood.

Hairpin Iron Legs

Made with solid iron hairpin legs.

Rustic Chevron Pattern

Features a natural rustic Chevron pattern complimented by a clear finish that brings out the natural beauty of the mango wood.

Mango Wood Chevron Coffee Table

Mindful Living Chevron Coffee Table

This beautiful, solid wood coffee table measures a sizeable 48″ x 24″ and sits 16″ high. Made with solid post-harvest mango wood. Mango wood is an extremely hard wood which means this beautiful table will last you the test of time!

Matching Chevron End table

Matching Chevron End Table

The matching Mindful Living Chevron End table is available in two sizes, small and large. This is the perfect compliment to complete the look in your living room when you buy from our Chevron collection.

Matching Chevron Desk

Matching Chevron Desk

The Mindful Living chevron desk is made to the same standard as our matching Chevron living room collection except that the table top is sanded completely flat. You’ll love the heavy, solid wood desk, perfectly suited for your large and heavy monitors!

Matching Dining Table

New Introduction: Chevron Dining Collection

Now introducing the chevron dining room collection with case pieces! Check our other listings for more details on this beautiful collection!

Mango Wood Chevron Coffee Table

Matching Chevron End table

Matching Chevron Desk

Matching Dining Table

Additional information

Weight 51.1 lbs





Mindful Living

Table design

Coffee Table


Mid-Century Modern

Top Material Type


Base Type


Frame Material


Assembly Required


Furniture Finish


Item Weight

51.1 Pounds



Date First Available

March 12 2018


Mindful Engineering LLC, Mindful Living

10 reviews for Mindful Living Solid Wood Coffee Table with Chevron Pattern and Midcentury Modern Legs

  1. arnela kostic

    EditedEdit: The legs arrived from the manufacturer. The table is looking awesome now. I was sent the wrong set of legs. The company refused to get back to us. I requested new legs but never heard back from the manufacturer.

  2. CL

    Very thick heavy beefy tables with nice reclaimed wood styleVery beefy/heavy solid wood table/side tables with thick heavy iron legs. Similar to the discontinued Ashley Vantori tables but much thicker/heavier. They were packaged very well with thick corner padding to prevent shipping damage. I had one nut insert that was free spinning and stripped out on one table so I put epoxy in the hole but it still had two other screws on the same leg that were fine. I added short deck screws to the blocks under the table that the legs screw into as the other reviewer sugggested to give me peace of mind since they are such heavy tables. If the tables and legs were thinner and lighter I wouldn’t feel the need to reinforce them. I suspect that the people that had legs come off may have had people sitting or standing on the tables at some point with their full body weight and these are obviously not designed to hold that much weight. The quality is pretty good about on par with IKEA. The wood finish feels very smooth to the touch.

  3. Ryan

    It’s GreatThis coffee table looks great in my living room. It took all of 7 minutes to assemble (give or take – stupid easy to put together). I really love that it’s got real wood – the surface does have bumps and grooves like real natural wood does meaning some items don’t sit exactly flat (small lean), but generally speaking not an issue at all (even with wine glasses). Great product for the price – sturdy – my pup hasn’t knocked it over so I’d say it’ll be fine in your home, too.

  4. BSlater

    Great small table. Well built and beautiful finish.Great small table. Well built and beautiful finish.

  5. Travis R

    fix for weak wood block attachmentI love this table, glad I purchased it. Nothing like an actual wood product. My only knock, as already noted, was the way they mounted the wood plates underneath to secure the metal legs to. Completely failed to finish off an otherwise great quality product? They are only attached by some really thin nails and glue…that creates a weak point in the table. They could have just spent another .24 cents to do what I did to make the table robust.In the photo, you can see that I drove in two 1.25″ decking screws into each wood base. Make sure to counter sink any screws you put into the wood block, so it doesn’t effect the metal legs. That did the trick for me…again great table, but for 200 bucks, they should do a better job with the leg situation.

  6. Noah Pyra

    Authentic, Stylish, & SturdyThis coffee table is gorgeous and can’t be beat for the price if you’re looking for a rustic, club-vibe type of piece. It’s a great accent to my bedroom. I thoroughly searched Amazon to find a sizable coffee table to replace my desk which I’ve just found unsuitable for creative work. I wanted a stylish table to put my laptop on that could also handle the weight of my sewing machine, and I’m shocked at how strong this table is. Amidst quarantine I’ve found it extraordinarily useful since it’s not only strong enough for me (190lbs) to sit on it, but even to use for pushups and dips. As others have said, you can feel the ridges of the reclaimed-look wood glued together inside a solid wood frame. I love it because I know I’ll have it for years; it’s something you could always sand and refinish, and the steel legs can be repainted or replaced for a new look. Being incredibly versatile, my expectations have been beaten.

  7. Kate

    Nice table, minor annoyance from uneven surfaceLove the look of this table – “wood top with hairpin legs” is everywhere, but the chevron pattern adds some visual interest, and you can tell this is real wood. Easy to assemble and sturdy once you’re finished. Surface doesn’t get stained or discolored even with spills of things like coffee or wine. Only issue: the table surface isn’t quite even. The individual chevron panels are smooth, but some are rounded so they’re higher in the middle than toward their edges where they meet the next panel. It doesn’t need to be exactly perfect, but that’s a little awkward when it’s a surface for holding hot drinks.

  8. Bryan

    Probably better than whatever other coffee table you’re consideringAt the time I bought this, there were zero reviews, so I had a few questions for the Dads; they responded quickly and put my little heart at ease. Can’t think of another time I purchased something without a few dozen five-stars, but I congratulate myself on this courageous decision each time it props up my laptop or coffee cup or whatever.One thing that wasn’t obvious in the description: the top has the natural form of the mango wood, so don’t expect a uniform surface like that of glass or laminate. But it’s not a writing desk, it is a coffee table, and it is cool as shit. The surface is smooth, and the natural finish looks clean without the excessive shine of too much lacquer. The materials are solid/sturdy, the craftsmanship is impressive, and the design is eye-catching.And because I’m hesitant to trust overtly positive reviews, I’ll also include my harshest criticism: the bags containing the hardware came open in transit and nearly 20 seconds had passed before I found the 8th and final washer next to one of the hairpin legs. So it took approximately 8 minutes and 20 seconds to assemble.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Stop scrolling, buy it.What do I like about this product? That’s like asking me what I like about hot dogs on 4th of July weekend while my boat is spittin up a 60 foot rooster tail while I am burning 105 octane blaring Freebird by the greatest band ever to walk the face of the earth; Lynyrd Skynyrd.In all seriousness, this table is freaking amazing. I was hesitate that it was going to be a little cheesy given the price, but the thing is SOLID. The wood is legit and has a light finish on it that gives it a smoothness to the touch and to prevent from snagging things. The finish makes it looked unfinished from a distance, but really nice and clean when you get close to it. The legs are also solid steel and to be honest, may be slightly overkill for the table (which I love).I kinda wish they made more furniture!

  10. Code72rocket

    Confusing sizes, nice tableI really like how sturdy this Desk is, and it is beautiful. I ordered the entry table hoping it was 48X24X30 but it was only 48X18X30. Even when I asked which table was 24” the company said it was the entry table. I would recommend this desk, although I wish they would be a little more clear on the sizes of each table.

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