MINIALLEY Japan Assembled and Painted Complete Booknook Bookshelf Insert Bookshelf Decor Alley Book Nook

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Product details

Mounting Type Insert
Room Type Bedroom, Study Room
Shelf Type Wood
Product Dimensions 9″D x 10″W x 4″H
Shape Trapezoid
Assembly Required No
Manufacturer Techarge LLC
Furniture Finish White

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Product Description

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The MINIALLEY is a family of bookshelf inserts (also called booknook) that is handcrafted in Philadelphia, USA. The Japan miniAlley is a little diorama that capture a miniature cozy Japan Oldtown. It is designed to fit snugly in your bookshelf. We aim to create a lifelike diorama with each order, painstakingly and lovingly built by each of our expert craftsmen. Utilizing high grade laser cutting and 3D printing technologies, we have successfully developed a process in which every component is created with exacting accuracy, all the while burnished with an artisans touch. Each miniAlley requires extensive fabrication, hand painting, expert assembly and several layers of polishing to create a high quality product for our clients. Treat yourself, your friends and family that love Japan with this special gift.


high quality


Stunning Realistic Artwork

You will be amazed at how realistic this diorama is. We paid attention to every little details to make this MiniAlley as lifelike as possible. Countless time was spent to perfect the design of every objects, from the flower vase to the lantern, the door, the roof and everything else.

High Quality Artwork

MiniAlley is not just a lifelong lasting artwork but also a masterpiece of craftsmanship. It is made it out of high quality wood with beautiful finishes. Our expert craftsmen spent many hours to painstakingly build each unit with their hands. This is not a typical mass produced plastic product. It is a handmade artwork that is made with love and sweat.

Handcrafted in USA

MiniAlley is proudly made in USA. We take pride in the high quality of the products we create.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the alley look so deep?

It is an optical illusion that was created by placing a mirror at an angle. It is very magical. Customers has described it as a portal effect.

What powers the miniAlley?

It use four AA batteries. Simply put the batteries in and turn on the switch. Batteries are not included with the purchase.


  • Size: 9.5″H x 3.5″W x 8″D .
  • Weight: 2lb
  • Uses 4 AA batteries. Batteries are not included.
  • Material: Wood

Additional information

Weight 1.86 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 10 × 4 in
Mounting Type


Room Type

Bedroom Study Room

Shelf Type






Assembly Required


Furniture Finish


Product Dimensions

9 x 10 x 4 inches, 9D x 10W x 4H

Item Weight

1.86 pounds



Date First Available

March 3 2021



10 reviews for MINIALLEY Japan Assembled and Painted Complete Booknook Bookshelf Insert Bookshelf Decor Alley Book Nook

  1. nancy

    Absolutely worth paying more!This is great quality! Don’t be fooled by other, cheaper vendors, they are cheap in more ways than cost. These are beautiful and you get exactly what is shown. Great gifts or for your bookshelf. I purchased multiples and all are well made and perfect.

  2. Gina R.

    Great product and Seller!Bought as a gift for my wife. She absolutely loves this item. The detail is awesome. Loves that it lights up.Shipped in a timely manner and was very well packed.

  3. Andrew

    Very pleased with quality and look.Great buy

  4. JoeInTampa

    Highly detailed, brightly painted diorama. Lights up to show off on your shelf.This diorama is a work of art. I assume it is mass-produced, but the detail is hand finished. The concept is a unique idea of how to add a surprise to your bookshelf. Every detail is perfect, making the whole thing look like a real street scene.I found two issues with the piece. First, as shown in one of the photos, the heads of the screws on the side are not countersunk into the wood, so they could damage the book next to the diorama. My patch is pieces of painter’s tape, but for over $200, a make-do patch of tape should not be required. Second, the handlebars of the bicycle arrived broken off the rest of the bike. I understand how it happened as the bicycle is a delicate piece. Again, for over $200 the packing should take the delicacy of the pieces into consideration.Overall — I love it, but I got this as a VINE product for review, but I would not spend the $200+ for it. Perhaps one with more wealth than I possess would, but the details of the exposed screw heads and the broken bicycle handlebars would be not be acceptable.

  5. Maya

    Pure Magic – takes a minute to get right in your bookshelf, but worth the effortJapan Old Town miniAlley Booknook Bookshelf Insert Bookshelf Alley Book NookAs soon as I saw this gorgeous bookshelf insert, I knew I had to have it. I’d seen items like this occasionally on social media websites but never went out of my way to look for them. Boy, I was missing out. This magical piece has added a lot to my bookshelf and everyone that’s seen it has loved it!This beautiful bookshelf insert arrived in good condition, although I did have to bend the little light slightly back to its original place because it had been knocked around in shipping. Otherwise no issues.The insert is really easy to set up; just pop in a few batteries and you’re good to go. The insert is made of wood and the wood is a little rough, so exercise caution when placing it between books because the texture could rub against your books. The insert is also deep; I had to bring some books forward from the bank of the bookshelf to make them match up with the insert. I placed it on a shelf just slightly below eye level at first but moved it up to just above eye level. Unfortunately, the magic is lost a little when looking down at the insert because the angle distorts the mirror and messes with the illusion. But – when at eye level or just a little above – it’s perfect. I loved sending pictures and showing visitors because they enjoyed how this piece looked so much. It’s got a rich colors and the light is easily turned off and on with a small switch. I like to turn it on and sit near it while reading – adds to the atmosphere.This piece is expensive but is handmade and a treat to have in the home. Would also make a great gift. Highly recommend.

  6. OpinionsRLike…

    Absolutely delightful; exactly as picturedMy kids are absolutely enchanted with this “book nook”. It came fully assembled, just needing the batteries inserted and the little cat placed. It is especially delightful at night, providing a little magical glow in a dark room, and looking like a portal into another world. I was pleasantly surprised at its sturdiness, as it has held up to some poking by my 4 year old.Overall, this is such a fun, awesome addition to a bookshelf, and beautifully crafted. I would not hesitate to order it again, and highly recommend it as a gift for yourself, or someone else special.

  7. Cat Martin

    Beautiful, but for the price…whew!I am a bookaholic and while I do have e-books and audio books as well, I have a great many hard-back books that I wouldn’t get rid of unless it was a dire issue. This is such a cute idea – to have in between two actual books would make it one of those cool things that a person in your home delights in the finding of it. I mean, it would be like me at the library, walking down the shelves of library books and coming across this diorama serendipitously between a pair of books. Cool and absolutely amazing in how it looks, but the price! Whew! Now for that person who is a true book person and has everything, this might be just the gift to make their day and if you have the money to afford it, then I say go for it. It is really unique – what it reminded me of when I first saw it was the Harry Potter movies – when Harry ends up in Diagon Alley or when his house which is hidden between to muggle houses appears.

  8. Cat Martin

    I love this book nook for between books on my book shelf!This is adorable and so appropriate for that book lover in your life. I happen to be a book lover – I have e-books, audio books and a large amount of hard back books so while I can’t afford a cool library of my own. Y’know, the kind with a ladder that slides around the room so you can access all the tall shelves holding all your books…I’d love that! But what I have are two kitchen type wire shelves stuffed with books. This neat little diorama is now nestled between an original hard back of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos (that went with the original TV series of the same name) and a vintage book on the history of comic strips. Yes, I have a great many hard-back books and this diorama is a pleasant diversion within the bookshelf. A great gift IF you can afford the price – it is merely a point of view whether or not you believe it is worth the price, but as far as being a unique book lover’s item, it is that!

  9. AllyCat

    Such a neat optical illusion!This bookend is the coolest optical illusion! Just by using an angled mirror, it looks like the hallway goes back into another room. It’s easier to look at than describe, honestly.The only downside is that it requires 4 AA batteries. But there’s a switch that you can flip on and off. It weighs about a pound, so I wouldn’t use it exclusively for hardcover books. But it works just fine holding up paperbacks. And it’s guaranteed to get noticed by visitors!

  10. Wulfstan

    Whimsical WizardryThe Wizard miniAlley Booknook Bookshelf Insert Bookshelf Alley Book Nook (Purple) is a really cool display to tuck into your bookshelf or have on your desk so you can admire it. There are lots of details to see and the clever use of a mirror gives the illusion of the alley continuing past the bend you can see at the back. The purple background light is pretty subtle but the cauldron and the window boxes are quite bright. The display won’t glare out at you but instead will give a nice glow on your shelf.The set is very well crafted and built into a very sturdy box for the shell. Attention was paid to the details and the finishes. It also comes with extras- two tiny barrels and a chest that you can place to your liking after you have set it on your shelf. There is space that you could add other tiny wizardy things you might have as well.My set took a tiny bit of damage during shipping. The front sign hangs from a filagree bracket and is attached by a very thin wire. The bracket came unglued and fell off and the wire broke so they arrived loose in the display. No harm done- I made a little chain for the sign, attached it back to the bracket and glued the bracket back in place.The set requires 4 AA batteries [not included]. The battery box is on the top of the display for easy access and it has a wooden cover that matches the rest of the box so you don’t even notice it is there. The lights turn on with a toggle switch that is easy to use and is right in front of the battery box.I am really happy to have this beautiful and whimsical display on my shelf.

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