MLILY EGO Copper Twin Memory Foam Mattress 10 Inch, Copper Gel Infused Mattress Bed in A Box CertiPUR-US Certified Made in USA,

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Size Twin
Item Firmness Description Medium
Fill Material Memory Foam
Product Dimensions 75″L x 38″W x 10″Th
Top Style Tight Top
  • CertiPUR-US Certified -Our copper mattress is crafted for safety, durability, performance, emissions, and content. Made without harmful substances, our memory foam and fabrics have been independently safety tested to comply with all applicable mandatory and voluntary safety standards for mattress products.
  • Fiberglass-free FR inner cover-The inner cover of the mattress provides a safe, effective flame retardant layer around our mattresses, without the negative aspects of fiberglass and other fire-retardant chemicals. That means no skin irritation, no breathing problems, and no health risks for you and your family.
  • MLILY Copper Memory Foam – Ventilated copper gel infused aerofusion memory foam will reduce your risk of skin disease and ensuring a cleaner sleep environment.
  • Graphene Technology Cover – Nylon-feel cover is deodorizing and antistatic qualities. Therapeutic properties from its far infrared fabric promotes blood circulation to provide individuals with enhanced performance and overall wellbeing.
  • Mattress in a Box Delivery -Your Mattress will be compressed, rolled, and in a compact box for easy delivery and setup.
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With a medium feel, the EGO COPPER Memory Foam Mattress is a comfortable middle ground that fits all sleepers and sleep positions. The Liquid Gel Flex Foam layer regulates temperature and moisture while the Ventilated Copper Gel Infused AeroFusion Memory Foam layer promotes air circulation. It keeps the sleeper cool and comfortable with its combination of breathable and cooling foams.

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MLILY EGO Copper 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress






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Weight 36 lbs
Dimensions 75 × 38 × 10 in
Item Weight

36 Pounds

Product Dimensions

75 x 38 x 10 inches

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Date First Available

July 22 2022



5 reviews for MLILY EGO Copper Twin Memory Foam Mattress 10 Inch, Copper Gel Infused Mattress Bed in A Box CertiPUR-US Certified Made in USA,

  1. Betsy

    Looks and Feels Well MadeUPDATE AFTER 5 NIGHTS.All aspects of the mattress hold true from my original review except after 5 nights of use and comparisons to different mattresses at my local Mattress Firm Store; this mattress is not medium as listed in the description. It is FIRM when comparing to other mattresses sold in stores. Still good quality, still no smell, still no problems but FIRM not medium.It’s a great option only if you like a FIRM mattress. Do not buy if you like plush, soft or cushy.My mattress arrived early and had none of that smell that others have talked about.That might have something to do with room temp. My old memory foam smelled a little when hot and not at all when fall/winter arrives.As far as comfort goes, it’s got that memory foam feel that I like. Quality of materials seems good and price is great.A hybrid mattress is a little more cushy but all foam seems to give better support.I’m 65 y o 185# with no back, neck or joint problems and I like memory foam. Last one was 8″ and was still good after 5 years. This one is 10″ but feels about the same but with stronger edges and corners and a better cover.

  2. BradenWortz

    Tips & Tricks to optimize your mattress experienceThis is the 3rd or 4th memory foam “box mattress” I’ve ordered over the years. This is my first Mlily Ego mattress. I got it for my son. Here’s what you need to know about these types of mattress, & also how this specific mattress compares to others I’ve purchased.1). The mattress will arrive in a box & it will be vacuum sealed in thick plastic. Be careful opening the box & removing the mattress. You don’t want to cut the mattress in the unboxing process.2). Once the mattress is removed from the plastic it will begin to expand. This process can take awhile. The biggest variables are size & temperature. Obviously, a larger, thicker mattress will take longer to expand. The mattress will expand faster in warmer temperatures than cooler temperatures. If you live somewhere warm, like I do, it will expand much quicker.3). Depending on the brand of the mattress & the materials used to make it, the mattress can let off fumes upon first opening. The smell will eventually dissipate. But, you may want to allow it to air out for 24-48hrs. Opening windows & providing better ventilation in the area will expedite the process.4). Again, depending on the mattress, it can take awhile for the mattress to adjust to your body, ie: sometimes mattresses like this can be a bit stiff at first & can require at “breaking-in” process of a few weeks.Okay, so how does this Mlily Echo mattress compare to others I’ve bought, & how did the initial set up & use go:1). The mattress is of high quality & was easy to unpack.2). It expanded very quickly & did not require a long expansion time.3). There was a plastic smell after opening, but the majority of the smell seemed to come from the plastic packaging rather than the mattress itself. Once the plastic was removed & the mattress was allowed to set in a ventilated room, the smell dissipated after an hour or so, & the mattress was able to be used the same night.4). Lastly, I slept on the mattress last night with my 4 year old son & we both slept well. In fact my son even slept in, which he never does. I did not experience any discomfort. So, this particular mattress did not seem to require a “breaking-in” process.Accordingly, I’d say this is probably the best memory foam “box mattress” I’ve purchased. It therefore receives a 5 Star review.On another note, if you’re a parent & your child is still little, but is old enough to have transitioned into a standard bed, do yourself (& your kid), a favor… buy them a larger, high quality mattress like this full sized Mlily Echo mattress. This is a mattress my son can grow into. And, when he has a bad dream or isn’t feel well & he needs his mommy or daddy… you won’t be trying to cram into an uncomfortable twin bed. You’ll have plenty of space to lie down, & it we’ll be comfortable enough to sleep in, if need be.

  3. Jason C.

    Firm Mattress but still nicePicked up this mattress for a bed in our guest room. It was a heavy box but it was packaged well. Set up process was very easy with the supply plastic cutting tool. I made sure to put the sealed mattress on the bed frame before popping open the wrapping. Once the seal was broken it immediately started to expand. The instruction say you should wait about 48 to fully expand. After about 2-3 hours it seemed to be fully expanded but I did wait the 48 before using it. The mattress is comfortable but is definitely on the firmer side.

  4. Mrs Brown

    Closer to firm then a medium mattressI would definitely say that this mattress leans more towards the firm mattress side then the medium that it’s listed at. I personally prefer a firmer mattress so for me that’s a good thing but if you’re hoping for just a little bit firmer than a super soft mattress this won’t quite work.The foam is very supportive, even when my husband and I laid down on the twin mattress to test it the mattress did not cave down under a combined weight.It did seem to take about two hours for the mattress to fully expand from its compressed shape. My twin size sheets fit very well so I would say the mattress is the correct dimensions. All the stitching on the mattress looks like it’s good quality and that everything should hold together for a very long time. I always recommend that you use a waterproof mattress cover especially if you’re using the bed for children because foam mattresses are absolutely miserable to clean if they have a serious spill on them.This mattress had a minor amount of manufacture odor that I think was primarily from the plastic it was wrapped in, the “new mattress” smell dissipated within the first 24 hours.

  5. Big Books

    Very firm for a mediumI have purchased mattresses from Amazon before, and I am comfortable unboxing them and letting them breathe. I chose a twin for this MILLY EGO mattress because the last mattress we bought from Amazon was finally showing its age. It perfectly fit his bed and sheets. I was surprised at how firm this mattress was. It’s very firm–almost to the point of being uncomfortable. I can’t imagine the slab that is rated firm. But since this was for my son, who thought it was perfect. He usually wakes up complaining that he slept the wrong way, etc. But he didn’t after spending the night on this mattress. Instead, he said he slept well.This mattress is being marketed with a ten year warranty at the time of review.

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