Modern White and Grey TV Stand for 55+/65+/70/75 Inch TV, Quick Plug-in Installation of The Entertainment Center, Media Console,

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Color 1.6k-white+grey-01
Size 1.6k-white+grey-01
Item Weight 63 Pounds
Style Modern
  • 【LED MEDIA CONSOLE TV STAND】: This TV stand is equipped with 16 colors of led lights, and the equipped remote control can adjust the light in 4 modes, which can adjust the lighting atmosphere for daily movie watching and games
  • 【Easy TO ASSEMBLE】: Side slot design reduces the use of metal parts. This Minimalist Mid Century TV stand can be assembled in just 20 minutes with instructions or an installation video. Support after-sales service
  • 【SUFFICIENT STORAGE SPACE】: both open and closed storage space, a TV cabinet with storage cubes compartments can help you classify and place game consoles, DVDs, books, etc. according to your usage habits, effectively improving space utilization
  • 【MATERIALS AND DIMENSIONS】 :Made of P2 grade particleboard, using environmentally friendly odorless materials, scratch-resistant, waterproof, and easy to maintain. This grey wood TV stand measures 63″Lx13.8″Dx15.7″H and can fit a 65″ or 70″ TV with a carrying capacity of up to 220 lbs
  • 【Universal Entertainment Center】: This glass TV stand has a low-key and modern profile, suitable for living room, bedroom, office, farmhouse, etc. It can be used as an entertainment center and gaming TV stand to meet your various needs
  • 【SOME SUGGESTIONS】: When assembling this TV cabinet, it is recommended that you play a soothing pure music to calm down your irritable mood during the first installation and fully experience the fun of assembly. Once assembled, peel off the surface high gloss UV overlay and enjoy the fruits of your shiny labor
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Color: high gloss white and grey

Material: thicken particle board, tempered glass, Premium alloy

Dimensions: 63″Lx13.8″Dx15.7″H

Light Color:16 colors, 4 brightness

Suitable Size: up to 75” TV

Load Capacity: up to 220 lbs


SOLBAKUILT TV stand is a modern TV stand that is both beautiful and practical. The multi-color controllable LED lights add more fun to your entertainment time.

  • The slot design on the side saves you most of the installation time, if you have less hand strength, you can use your body weight or a small hammer to complete the installation.






Step 1: Align It!

Align the two boards

Step 2: Press Hard!

Press the plank with dowels into the grooved plank

Step 3: Complete And Repeat!

Repeat this step to complete all splicing blocks in the order of the instructions



Additional information

Weight 63 lbs
Dimensions 63 × 15.7 × 13.8 in
Item Weight

63 Pounds

Product Dimensions

63 x 15.7 x 13.8 inches

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Date First Available

April 29 2022



10 reviews for Modern White and Grey TV Stand for 55+/65+/70/75 Inch TV, Quick Plug-in Installation of The Entertainment Center, Media Console,

  1. Chris Gribble

    Assembly wasn’t bad. Sturdiness is okay.Assembly was not bad with 2 people. Probably an hour and a half-ish. If your having trouble snapping pieces in – put the pegs in the receiving end. The plastic protectant came scratched up, not sure if it got through to the table, i haven’t taken it off yet. I also don’t know if the lights work yet. It looks nice though and seems sturdy once put together.

  2. Mitchell Wintrow

    Solid for the priceThis is a temporary review until it’s put together. So far the quality looks good. Will review later when it’s done.

  3. Amazon Customer

    It was niceSo this was a nice set font get me wrong real nice set but this part was chipped when taking it out the box this is how we found it I was trying to message someone before leaving a review but I did not see tht option if someone can reach out to me that’ll be grea

  4. Kenny Halsey

    Small footprint, big storageThis can be a nice entertainment stand if you get it put together without any flaws. I was doing pretty good till the end when the cardboard back must have hit some stray chips and it didn’t go in properly. That caused the top to not connect 100% as shown in one of the pictures. Whacking the pieces together is great and easy in some steps and darn near impossible in others. It didn’t take me but an hour and 15 minutes to get it together by myself. This is with a bunch of experience under my belt, so I’d say this is a moderate piece to put together. I did NOT use a drill like they recommended in the instructions. I’m not a big fan of the wood they used and I know how easy it is to destroy. Hand tight with a screw driver was fine with me. The LED lights are a couple feet long and such a disappointment. At least they light up good and are vibrant in their colors. I pealed the sticky clean off the strip for a couple inches before I realized what I was doing. Reapplied it to the LED strip and tried harder to just remove the protective film only. It starts to pull away from the stand at the ends. Even more so if you have any tension on the plug reaching for the USB port. You’ll have to apply pressure over and over again till it finally stays or you find better adhesive to mount it.Surprisingly, it is more spacious than it looks! My Wi Fit board managed to fit in the center behind the door. It is a few inches shorter than most other stands but it does a real nice job holding all my extras. I wanted the ability to move the stand easily enough to take care of the carpet runner for the front door and I couldn’t do that with the TV on it. This allowed me to mount the TV to the wall and now I can move the stand easily enough without help! A quick and easy stand, this is not. If you have a couple hours to deal with it and take your time putting it together properly, it can turn out to be a real nice stand! The LEDs could be improved upon and pre-mounted in the wood in a recessed fashion. The remote for them is a huge disappointment. Warped and the face sticker pealing? It is an embarrassment. If I was to grade this as a school project, I’d give it a 80. B- if you will. Needs improvement, but not bad.

  5. Chris Hales

    Nice TV stand with extra shelves. Moderate assemble with particle board but its solid and looks goodThis TV stand by Solbakuilt ends up being a pretty nice and solid feeling TV stand once assembled. The install has a lot of steps to it, but once you get it finished you have a fairly solid piece that does a good job of pretending to be a classier TV stand. Here are some of the things I’ve learned while owning it and things to consider before buying.I. Assemble – The assemble is fairly straightforward without anything unusually for a piece like this. If you’ve done similar you can handle this on easily. It has many screws and it’d very helpful and time saving to have a power screwdriver for most of the way and then final tighten by hand or be good with the trigger (its particle board).II. Materials – The fact that its particle board does make it feel less solid and contributes to it being a cheaper product altogether, but it does hide it well once assembled and should still last a while, unless you play on your TV stand. This one might not be a good choice if you’re going to need to disassemble and reassemble often, because of constant moves.III. Lighting – The included LED light strip is cheap and short, but its colors are vibrant and it offers 16 choices with 4 flashing effects for those wild house parties. The strip is USB, doesn’t come with a power cube. The remote is also cheap needing to be directly pointing at the strip. You can always use your own strip as they are readily available for low cost.Overall, this is still a pretty good TV stand. It provides a solid surface that will hold your TV and accessories securely for a fairly good price, considering its stability and look.You can trust that my reviews are always my honest opinion that attempts to provide you with helpful insight that I wish I had before I chose this product. Hopefully it was helpful.

  6. Mary

    Sleek designI’ve recently moved into a new home and am basically starting from scratch. This tv stand caught my eye and I just really liked the sleek and contemporary look. It came in quite a few pieces, but I feel like my kids and I have become pros at putting furniture together in the last few weeks lol. Even still, with just one person putting it together it took a solid hour. Lots of little pieces and details. But the directions were simple and clear making it an easy job. I would highly suggest having an electric screwdriver as it made things move along at a quicker pace. Everything went together seamlessly, no hiccups. The only con I’ve found are the little strip lights that go underneath. They just absolutely will not stay in place. The adhesive is poor and they fell down within the first five minutes of placing them. We tried reinforcing them with some stickers that came with the stand, but even then they came down within 24 hours. I’ve yet to do it, but I’ll either staple them or use push pins to keep the strips in place. It looks pretty terrible to have the strip lights hanging down from under the top shelf. Other than that small issue, the stand is very attractive and seems durable. I wouldn’t hesitate to place a heavier tv or decoration on it. The glass shelves give it a contemporary look that I just love.

  7. Tomboy at heart

    Assembly tested my patienceAssembling this had me so upset, I had to step away. I put this together all by myself, therefore when on the very first piece they say ‘slap’ piece into place, that was not what happened, they also mention a small hammer to tap it into place, that did not happen, I got very upset and frustrated, had to walk away for a bit. I lay on my couch running over ideas in my mind, it came to me, I will never be able to attach these plastic tines into correct slots unless I get some pliers and break off one tine on each side (one center tine out of the entire row of tines) then wood glue for stabilization. That plan worked and I quickly got this assembled by myself. For ease of assembly I give 1 star.Once assembled, I was actually able to place my entire weight on it and again another thought came to me.. this is a perfect stow away bench for a mud room, it is holding me and I’m a bigger woman. So for being sturdy it got a 5 star.Overall, I feel the plastic tines will not go down as a great invention, unless you have a weight lifter with muscles or a karate’ expert to help you ‘slap’ them in place, in that aspect I felt useless.It might look cute to some, but for me I’m just not seeing it.I did NOT find it tall enough for my television viewing needs. It will however make a wonderful bench to throw a cushion across and place in front of a window, being I wood glued during the build, it is very sturdy. Therefore, it is purposeful in my everyday life I raised the stars level and give it a 4 for my new bench.

  8. Charlene Green

    UPDATED – Damaged – unable to assemble or useI was really excited to get this tv stand / entertainment cabinet. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed to find upon opening the box that one of the main panels as well as one of the pieces that provides support for the cabinet were both split in half. I was unable to assemble or use the cabinet.UPDATE: I was able to get a replacement, and it was not damaged, so I am updating this review and changing the rating.This cabinet is very heavy, and it took two adults about an hour and a half to put it together. The finished pieces were protected by a filmy cover, which prevented scratches when assembling this. the cabinet itself is very versatile, with enough room for a TV and several electronic devices, or to place below a TV with even more room for video, stereo, and other electronic peripheral devices. It seems sturdy enough for family rooms, and it’s modern, sleek design allows it to blend with many different styles.I now can recommend this cabinet without reservations.

  9. Rdeokttn

    Nice once togetherModern White and Grey TV Stand for 55+/65+/70/75 Inch TV, Quick Plug-in Installation of The Entertainment Center, Media Console, LED Light TV Table with Storage for Bedroom & Living RoomNot too terrible to put together but the snap-together pieces move, and that makes it a pain to get togetherI would rather put together Ikea furniture any day of the weekInstructions were easy to understandCame with all parts and pieces plus extraLight strip only has a USB plug no adapter to plug into an outletThe Remote must be pointed directly at the sensor to workThe soft close feature works wellAll in all Happy with the piece

  10. Just Trying to Help

    A little smaller than expected, but still niceI was super excited about this modern TV stand. It is a little smaller than I would’ve liked and the adhesive on the LEDs isn’t great so one side is falling down. Also, the remote does not work from a far away distance, could’ve been where we put the LED strip, but not sure. It has to be really close to the strip. Other than that it works great.

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