Modular Gaming Chair with Extra Wide Seat and Large Backrest, Premium Leather Racing Office Computer Seat Recliner with

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Color Black & White (Upgraded)
Brand DXRacer
Product Dimensions 27.5″D x 27.5″W x 56″H
Material Leather
  • Upgraded For Bigger Comfort – This 2021 K Series modular gaming chair is made larger than before to offer you a higher level of comfort. The seat base and backrest are both made 15% larger to give you the style, comfort, and endurance that you need for long-haul gaming sessions.
  • High-grade Upholstery – Covered by premium PVC leather, our chair is built to last and is easy to maintain due to the stain resistance capability. The leather cover is pleasant to the touch and will stay fresh while you keep gaming.
  • 4D Adjustable Armrest – DXRacer adopts the 4D adjustable armrests, adjustable in height and width, allowing gamers to adjust it to the best position for gaming. The armrests have extra padding for soft support to your forearms and elbows when you are relaxing or working hard.
  • Multi-Function Fulfilled – Thanks to the tilt mechanism, class 4 gas lift, 135-degree safety reclining backrest with the locking tilt function, and 3″ anti-scratch PU casters, you can easily switch your position between gaming and napping wherever you want.
  • Assembly required
  • Ideal Gift For PC Gamers – Sit on the world’s most iconic modular gaming chair to experience the next game-changing evolution. This 2021 K Series would be an ideal seat of choice whether you’re working from home or in an office, it holds weights up to 250lbs and height up to 6’5″.
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This 2021 K Series modular gaming chair is made larger than before to offer you a higher level of comfort. The seat base and backrest are both made 15% larger to give you the style, comfort, and endurance that you need for long-haul gaming sessions.

From the manufacturer


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Functional Modular Parts (Sold Separately)

Extendable Pull-out Footrest

Replaceable & Breathable Mesh Cushion

Cup Holder for Water / Coffe / Drink Bottles

Aluminum Multifunctional Bracket for Mobile Phone / Tablet / Laptop

Pull-out Footrest

Keep your feet and legs slightly elevated off the floor for better posture with this extendable footrest. It allows you to relax from heavy work or intense gaming at any time, relieving the pressure on your legs, and providing a comfortable position.

Removable Mesh Cushion

This ergonomic seat cushion is made of high-density recyclable mesh that provides professional structural support and maintains shape use after use. The ultra-breathable mesh keeps you cool during extended periods of sitting.

Cup Holder

Designed to fit different-sized beverages, this lightweight and compact cup holder is a great accessory that allows you to keep your favorite beverage conveniently in reach. So you can keep focused on gaming.

Multifunctional Bracket

Raise up your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone to a more comfortable height with this multifunctional bracket. It helps raise your electronic equipment to an ideal working position so as to reduce strain on your eyes, neck, and back.

Additional information

Weight 62.17 lbs
Dimensions 27.5 × 27.5 × 56 in

Black & White Upgraded





Room Type


Frame Material

Polyvinyl Chloride

Age Range Description


Back Style

Solid Back

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Included Components

Chair back Armrests Chair Base Chair Gas Lift Chair Casters Chair Headrest Chair Lumbar Cushion Assembly Tools



Model Name

K Series

Seat Material Type


Item Weight

62.17 Pounds, 62.2 pounds

Product Dimensions

27.5 x 27.5 x 56 inches, 27.5D x 27.5W x 56H

Country of Origin


Item model number

K Series



Date First Available

June 9 2021



2 reviews for Modular Gaming Chair with Extra Wide Seat and Large Backrest, Premium Leather Racing Office Computer Seat Recliner with

  1. M1

    A step down from the King SeriesIn know 3-stars looks like a negative review, but the TL;DR version: This is a good chair, it just isn’t as good as the King Series it replaces, and I’m having trouble justifying it’s nearly $500 price tag. At $400 or less this would be a 5-star chair, easily. I just think the value has dropped significantly.Quick background: I purchased a blue King Series (OH/KS06/NB) in November 2016 and it has been the finest office/gaming chair I’ve ever owned. It is showing a little wear after near constant use in my home, and I needed more chairs for the family, so when these K Series models became available, I ordered two new blue ones (OH/D4000/NB) without hesitation. Unfortunately, these K Series chairs do not live up to the expectations of the legendary King Series.The differences:1.) CON: First and foremost, the color. The blue does not look anything like the previous King Series and it looks nothing like the photos on the listing or on DXRacer’s website. It is a very muted slate blue, with none of the vibrancy of the previous chair (see attached photo). Very disappointed to see how different these colors are. Do not buy these chairs expecting to match a previous chair’s color.2.) CON: The new headrest pillow is a joke. It is roughly half the size of the one included with the King Series. There is no way the new headrest pillow was meant for someone large enough to use this chair. As a workaround, I was able to strap the new lumbar pillow in a way to use it as a headrest pillow, but it’s not ideal. I’ll probably look for a third-party solution.3.) CON: You can really see where they went cheaper on materials. The previous version had a thick material with a woven texture on the side bolsters on the back (visible in my photo) and below your thighs on the seat, it had 2-color embroidered logos, it had color-matched covers for the star-base… all of these are gone in the new chairs which make the K Series look far more generic by comparison.4.) PRO: The arm rests are the one major improvement in K Series over the older King Series. The new arm rests have the same range of motion as the previous model, but the materials are higher quality. The buttons/levers that control the movement are more solid, and the horizontal rotation now locks in place. I like the more rounded shape of the actual rests, particularly on the inside edges.5.) PRO: I do like the small adjustments to the shape of the seat and the back rest. The seat bolsters are a little flatter which will be more comfortable for heavier folks (don’t exactly need aggressive high-G bolstering in an office chair). Also there is now a bit more of a rounded gap between the bottom of the back rest and the seat; it’s not much, but I do find it allows me to sit straighter in the chair with a bit more lumbar support than the previous model. None of these are big deals, but I admit they are nice.6.) NEUTRAL: Be aware, this chair is overall a bit taller than the previous model. I found I needed to have the new K Series all the way at it’s lowest height setting compared to slightly elevated in my old King Series. I think someone under 6′ tall might be a little less comfortable, maybe think about a foot rest or a smaller model chair.Those are the differences. But here’s the thing, a lot of the best things have been kept the same. The structural build quality is still just as robust and durable. The chair has excellent adjustability and feels solid at any setting. The casters are world-class. The chair is quiet, smooth, supportive, and extremely comfortable.This is a very good chair, it’s just not “King Series successor” good, and that makes the price point hard to swallow.And I personally feel cheated on the color. Frankly, their photos are completely misrepresenting what this chair looks like. DO NOT expect a blue chair.

  2. Shawn Qureshi

    Luxurious. However, at a price of some other comfort.I am 6`2 and 220 pounds for reference. I am using the black/red king chair. This chair appears to be manufactured great, with good welding it’s very sturdy. However, there are some pros and cons I will list that will make you possibly reconsider.Pros:#1 – Lumbar and neck pillow. Just having this alone is a major luxury, especially when spending more time in this chair than my own bed.#2 – Construction. As I mentioned in the beginning, it’s welding is great, the pieces holding everything together are very solid, I can see this chair lasting forever.#3 – Good arm rest height and support, great to adjust.Cons:#1 – Rather stiff seat cushion. Affects underside of thighs after sitting for a long time.#2 – Slightly stiff neck pillow. The stiffness may subside eventually. However, right now after leaning on it for an hour, it becomes a little uncomfortable.#3 – Lowest height. This chair doesn’t go low enough. I am 6’2 and in order to lean back, I need to prop my feet up on a footrest to be comfortable. Also contributes to discomfort mentioned in #1.#4 – Huge, really tall wheels. I’ve never seen such monster wheels on a chair. Affects height in #3.#5 – Arm rests are too easily swiveled. This largely only affects the pulling/pushing of the chair around. There should be a lock mechanism for swivel. It’s annoying to have to readjust everything after moving the chair around, or just bumping into the arm rests.#6 – A really strange problem, my man package gets bunched up. I can’t tell you why or how this is happening, and I don’t experience this with any other chair. However, it’s a major discomfort and bad tradeoff for all the other luxuries. It may be a combination of most of the cons already mentioned here.#7 – Arm rests are plastic. While not cheap or poor construction, I can see some potential cracking or visible wear on the arm rests after years of constant usage.I’m going to give it time to see if a break in helps with most of these cons. Yet, I don’t feel like the man package problem is going to go away, and I feel I may eventually just sell this chair because of it.Edit: After a couple months of usage, the chair is officially broken in, all major issues like the man package problems are gone. I am absolutely satisfied in this product now.

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