Modway Aveline Bed Mattress Conventional, Twin, White

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Size Twin
Item Firmness Description Firm
Fill Material Plastic|Memory Foam|Vinyl
Brand Modway
Product Dimensions 75″L x 39″W x 8″Th
Top Style Tight Top
  • BEST REVIEWED MATTRESS Purchase the top rated twin mattress at the lowest price. Aveline delivers high quality memory foam comfort and support at a price you can afford
  • SLEEP SOUNDLY Reduce pressure on your head, neck and spine with an open cell memory foam twin mattress. Aveline helps align your spine and reduce pressure on your hips, lower back and shoulders
  • INDEPENDENTLY TESTED The foam inside is CertiPUR US certified so you can be sure it’s made without formaldehyde, heavy metals, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants, and is low on VOC
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Over 98% of Aveline customers are satisfied with their purchase and buy more as the need arises. Back that up with our 10 year warranty, and you can rest easy knowing you are purchasing a quality mattress at an exceptional price
  • COOLING MATTRESS Aveline comes with gel infused memory foam top layer that is open cell and ventilated. Sleep comfortably while reducing sweat and perspiration during hot or humid weather

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Take a deep breath and exhale because you’ve found your pathway to that perfect sleep with the Aveline 8 inch pressure relief twin memory foam mattress. Topped with gel-infused memory foam to keep your body climate steady, this firm twin mattress dissipates your body heat while quickly conforming to your weight and position. Sleep peacefully with an open cell ventilated memory foam solution that relieves pressure points, reduces bounce between two sleepers, and delivers welcome relief from the aches and pains of traditional twin mattresses. Aveline cooling gel twin mattress is CertiPUR-US certified by accredited independent testing laboratories, so you can be confident that the memory foam is made without formaldehyde, ozone depleters, mercury, and other heavy metals including PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants, and is low on VOC. This 8 inch twin memory foam mattress comes vacuum-packed and rolled to fit into an easily portable box. It takes 2 to 4 hours for the twin gel mattress from your bed in a box to expand most of the way and a day to expand fully. Includes a removable stretch knit diamond patterned cover. Box spring or foundation is optional. Slatted bases should be less than 3″ apart.

From the manufacturer

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gel-infused memory foam,firm twin mattress,quickly conforming,cell ventilated memory foam

gel-infused memory foam,firm twin mattress,quickly conforming,cell ventilated memory foam

gel-infused memory foam,firm twin mattress,quickly conforming,cell ventilated memory foam

gel-infused memory foam,firm twin mattress,quickly conforming,cell ventilated memory foam

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Additional information

Weight 34 kg
Dimensions 75 × 39 × 8 cm
Item Weight

34 Pounds

Product Dimensions

75 x 39 x 8 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number


Assembled Height

20 centimeters


999 Pounds



Date First Available

April 26 2016



10 reviews for Modway Aveline Bed Mattress Conventional, Twin, White

  1. Harold Melton

    Very nice comfortable mattress!Modway Aveline 6-inch twin mattressBeing disabled, I spend about 23 hours per day in bed, thus putting nearly 3 years worth of wear on bedding per year. For the last 7-8 years I’ve been on a 4-inch memory foam pad on plywood, and it was good until the last year or so, when it finally started breaking down and bottoming out, giving me sore shoulders, hips, and lower back (200-pound side-sleeper). Time for a new mattress!I read all the Amazon reviews on several 6-inch foam mattresses, and picked the Modway Aveline because it has the lowest negative reviews. It’s a bit more expensive than some other brands, but well worth it. The cheaper 6-inch mattresses seem to use less memory foam and more base foam, but the Modway 6-inch uses 2 inches of memory foam on 4 inches of urethane foam base (measured at corner). This gives it both firm support and a medium-soft top.Firmness: Reading the reviews, I expected it to be very firm, but after using it I’d call it medium. I was pleasantly surprised to feel shoulders and hips sinking in just the right amount. The first night I slept 17 hours and woke up with no shoulder, hip, or low-back pain. It’s very comfortable!When you un-bag it, the foam rubber expands instantly, but the memory foam layer takes 24 hours or so, as expected. The measured height after 24 hours was about 6-3/8 inches.Cover: The nice zippered cover is tight enough to round the edges and corners, and smooth enough to make stretching your fitted sheet easy. The bottom of the cover has a zipper and little rubber non-slip dots. The cover material is nice, but not as heavy as the covering on the typical innerspring mattress; i.e., it’s thicker than a bed sheet, but thinner than upholstery material. You might want to add a mattress protector for kids or night-sweaters.”Cooling” gel: I didn’t find the “cooling” gel-infused memory foam any cooler, or warmer, than regular memory foam. It’s pretty warm but not uncomfortably hot. It’s definitely a little warmer than plain polyurethane foam or innerspring mattresses. As with any mattress, you’ll turn less and sleep better if you pile on the heavy covers and keep the room cooler (68-70).Chemical smell: When I first un-bagged it I stuck my nose right in it. There was a chemical smell; it smells like when you open a can of latex paint (not surprising, the mem-foam is latex). It did not stink up the room. The first night in bed I could fan the covers and just barely smell it, and by the second night there was no smell at all. Latex is a natural product, so don’t worry about it.The base foam makes it rigid enough to stretch your sheets, and it’s so lightweight you can start your fitted sheet over the corners, flip it over, stretch and finish your corners, and put on 4 elastic sheet grippers. I used Bed-Band brand grippers with Amazon Basics microfiber sheets (standard fitted sheets are made for thicker mattresses, so it’s a good idea to use elastic gripper bands with fitted sheet on a 6-inch mattress).Foundation: I read many questions about what to put under a foam mattress — slats, box-springs, etc., many with bad answers. The reality: all foam mattresses need continuous decking under them. You can use a regular bed frame with box-spring or hard-top box-foundation; or slats with plywood or hardboard; or a steel box-spring-replacement frame such as the Zinus SmartBase (which I used), again with plywood or similar on top (I used eighth-inch “tile-board,” a hardboard with glossy white melamine coating), screwed to the Zinus frame with 4 drywall screws, then covered with a bed-skirt. You should NOT use a foam mattress on slats only — it’ll sag between the slats, and you’ll feel them. The manufacturer says slats need to be less than 3 inches apart, but if you’re gonna use that many slats, you might as well use fewer slats and plywood (quarter-inch grade A-C sanded), or Masonite hardboard (no splinters), over slats spaced 7-8 inches.How long will it last? I’ve slept on various foam rubber most of my 58 years, and even the firmest poly-foam breaks down and sags in the middle after several years, and since this mattress is two-thirds PE foam, I’m expecting to get about 5-8 years out of it. We’ll see.Recommendation: If you like a firm-support mattress with a medium-soft top layer, you’ll love this one. It’s much lighter and more comfortable than an innerspring mattress, and is one of the better dual-foam mattresses.If I had to buy again, I’d probably get the 8″, just because it’d last longer and be cheaper in the long-run.Disclaimer: I paid full price and received no compensation for my review. I hope it’s helpful. Nitey-nite!

  2. Amazon Customer

    Will Mold if not VentilatedWe had this mattress for over three years. One of us considers it the best mattress we have ever owned, the other of us thinks it’s a tad too firm (totally fixable with a foam topper naturally)We ended up having to chuck ours after discovering mold on the underside which brings us to your first need to know:If you are just laying this out on a flat surface like a floor or a bed frame that has no slats just a flat piece, and you live in a hot/humid area, condensation can and WILL build up on the underside leading to mold. Disgusting. That being said, our solution is to lay it some of those rubber mats you see at swimming pools. We bought a set on Amazon and they provide plenty of airflow without adding much height. It would be best to research on your own ways of properly “framing” your mattress and consider airflow to the underside when doing so. This is essentially a big heavy sponge that WILL collect water and WILL get funky if you don’t actively work to prevent this.Second Point: you can not “flip” this mattress as the cooling memory foam topper is only on the one side. We found changing who slept on which side helped with sagging/softer parts.Third point: the current Amazon description says the cover is removable however the tag on the cover says it isn’t. It is zippered all around and I went ahead and removed it anyway (such a rebel I know) and washed/dried on delicate. The fabric did not shrink and I was able to re-zip because I left the bottom half where it was under the mattress. I’m not sure how well it would go for you doing both at the same time as this is a big floppy thing and not easy to work with. If you tried to do the underside cover it would be tough. I did get itchy/coughy because of (what I’m gonna assume) is some sort of fiberglass wrap that is on the mattress interior…. which I’m also assuming is the reason for the “do not remove cover” on the tag. It wasn’t a big deal at all… and I would’ve been a happy camper with my freshly washed mattress cover had it not been for the untimely discovery of mold…. seriously it was bed time. Worst possible time to discover your mattress is crap.Anyway I would suggest buying an additional mattress cover/protector to save all that hassle. Then you can remove or toss as you please and not need to fight the zipper and heavy mattress.Sheets wise: buy yourself some stretchy sheets. You can thank me later. Standard queen size works fine.Despite the mold issue we went ahead and bought this brand and size AGAIN because we knew it was comfortable and had served us well. It has sadly gone way up in price since we first bought it, but still a good price for a comfortable mattress and… well the whole world is going up in price so what are you gonna do?

  3. lenzelig

    I am pretty satisfied by this Modway 6″ twin mattress.I am 5’3” 125lbs. I asked Modway if there was somewhere to try their mattresses out and was told there wasn’t, though they do list some retail sellers on their site so you may want to check with the individual stores. For comparison, I will use prior experience with Ikea memory and spring mattresses.The 6″ twin size one feels pretty firm to me, hard to say if it is more comparable to either ikea 6” firm or medium firm memory foam, which I also tried recently, but definitely on the firm side. I chose to take a chance on the Modway due to reading of less chance of smell, as I had nowhere to really air it out other than my current apartment room. With the window open, there was almost no smell when opening this mattress unless I put my nose very close. I slept on it the first night and did not smell it. By the first night it was around 5 inches and did expand to 6 inches by the next day.
My previous mattress was a queen size firm Ikea Sultan Hustad spring mattress (I am not sure if it was considered medium firm or not). I do have issues with back pain and spinal fusion. The Ikea spring always felt perfect with no pain or discomfort in bed. The Modway is almost as comfortable but not quite. When I first lie down on the Modway my back does feel a little uncomfortable, like the mattress is too firm, but within probably seconds I do feel more comfortable and fine. There is no pain or discomfort the rest of the night, even when changing from back to side positions, which had been a problem for me recently my previous temporary solution, a camping cot with memory topper. I chose the 6” mattress to have the shortest and lightest mattress due to my size and limitations. If I were to choose again I would be curious to try the 8” since that should be slightly less firm, but again, the 6” mattress does seem to adjust comfortably very quickly.
Since the frame can affect comfort too, take into consideration my bed frame is a Mellow Rocky Base E with 2.5 inch space between wide metal slats, which I am also satisfied with. This Modway mattress does not seem to droop and feels well supported. That is also a new frame for me, formerly an ikea wood slat frame was used with the ikea spring mattress.
I have been sleeping on the Modway for almost a week now. I have continued to have some more daytime back pain than I did when using the ikea spring mattress with wood slats, but it is possible I haven’t recovered from the weeks I was using the cot and other reasons like needing to bend down more in the new aprtment. I have chronic insomnia and this mattress has not changed that, but i cannot hold that against it. The fact I have not had any pain while actually in bed and feel pretty comfortable seems to be a good sign and the most I could reasonably expect. Will update if needed.

  4. Ethereal Entropy

    Chiropractors will hate youwhat a heaven-sent mattress. i was too lazy to buy a mattress at the local store, strap it to the roof of my 03 Honda and carry it up 3 floors to my apartment, Amazon shipped this directly to my door.-The only smell i noticed was, i assume, the polyurethane, it lasted about 30min and wasn’t a strong odor. The mattress opened up immediately to the 8″, so I feel sorry for the people who had these complaints.. anyway, i’ve been sleeping on the floor for the past week and boy o boy did i feel excruciating pain from that after resting on this mattress, it was difficult, no, impossible to get up after lying down on this.-This mattress is semi-firm to firm (like on scale of 0 being water bed and 10 being carpeted floor, id give it a 6.75), which is perfect for 110# me, personally i dont like squishy mattresses, they cause more issues, but this one actually eased my back pain.-It weighs what feels like 100# when expanded, but it states 40# – im not very strong, it’s heavy, so make sure when you open it that it’s in the right place.-the 8″ Full is perfect for 5’7″ me, i’m living in luxury super glad i chose this one, even at ~$170 it’s worth it. i’ll give an update in a year or so to see how it holds up.UPDATE (05/07/2018):After using this mattress for two semesters, it’s still brand new. I haven’t used a box spring either (bc im a broke college student), it’s been on the floor, there’s no permanent stress or anything. I would assume this mattress would last a lifetime.Every time I’ve slept over at friends, family, boyfriends houses, I’ve always wanted to come back to this bed, my spine and intestines crave this mattress, my internal organs don’t hurt in the morning at all, unlike when I sleep on someone else’s bed. As a side sleeper with bony hips, it is ultimate comfort. This has been the best purchase I have ever made on Amazon if that tells you anything.Since I am moving and can’t take with, I will definitely be buying this again in a couple months.. maybe I’ll upgrade to queen size.Hope this review has helped.

  5. Michelle P

    Great bed in a box purchaseThis is my second time buying this mattress and can say it’s the best. I did try other competitors at similar price ranges and ended up donating those mattresses.I did deduct one star and I really did debate this. However this second mattress has all 4 coroners significantly shrunken and still lifted despite it being open for months now. My 2018 purchase did not have any issues opening to normal size within 48 hours. Still same quality elsewhere and would buy again… just wish the corners were flat.

  6. Bianca Moon

    Buying a bed in a box is hard mental work… do yourself a favor and buy this oneUpdate: 7 months later and it’s still as comfortable as the first week I got it. Buy this one. Seriously.Update: 3 and a half months later and I still absolutely love it.I spent more time hesitating and procrastinating over which bed in a box mattress to by than probably any other purchase I’ve made in my life… I’ve had 2 lols of neuro surgery so a good bed for me is a health consideration. Probably, all in all, it took me two weeks to finally decide on this one. It’s certainly not one of the most popular ones but I thought I’d take a gamble on it because it does seem to have the most consistent reviews. The other mattresses especially the Zinus greet tea mattresses seem to have reviews that are just such a wash. One person will say that it was a really great firm mattress and then someone will say (about the exact same, mattress same width, same size) that it’s a great fluffy soft mattress. Some people will say that it was a terribly soft mattress and they couldn’t sleep on it while other people will say that it was a terribly firm mattress and couldn’t sleep on it. I was just getting so incredibly frustrated so in the end the reason why I decided to take a gamble on this particular mattress was the consistency of the reviews. I’d like to add my own here.I am really pleased to say that after letting it expand, which it did very evenly and very quickly, and that after getting used to it for the first two nights, I’ve decided that I absolutely love it! The best example I can give of how it feels is like a Tempur-pedic mattress at 1/8 of the price. I don’t know how long it’s going to last but after sleeping on it for only a week I can say at this point that I totally recommend it. It’s a traditional memory foam mattress in the sense that it is that squishy stuck in the mud sort of feeling but it’s not in anyway a bad or awkward thing… it’s just a style of mattress. It’s also oddly supportive on the heaviest parts of my body, like my hips, where I need to support the most. Just for reference, I am a 29-year-old girl who is currently overweight at 200 pounds. This will make a difference to some people… I’m not certain if a lighter person may like it as much (though I’d assume they would) but I really am very fond of it. Definitely would be a great mattress for pretty much any dude as most guys are, weight wise, usually in that sort of range.All in all… I adore it. It hasn’t given me back pain (which it would have by now if it was going to) and has definitely relieved the pressure from my hips. Buy this one. You won’t regret it.

  7. Sean P. Mitchell

    Satisfying on all levels.Thank you!Comfort

  8. Kumar Teelah

    I did the research for you….WOW! **READ THIS** short and sweet as possible. I considered almost all the memory foam mattress thats on Amazon even though I ruled out everything that was less than 8 inch in high and has springs in them. I was more interested in a FIRM back supporting mattress that would provide support and relief when I lay on it and that’s exactly what I got with this one. I was a little skeptical because this one had about 700 reviews as opposed to others with +4k reviews but I mainly went with this one because it seemed firm from review photos and now I can assure is firm enough to feel comfortable and support your back, but doesn’t feel like your laying on the floor. I’m a 23 y/o EMT, I constantly lift people and put strain my back and my traditional spring mattress was only adding to my back aches. I haven’t slept on it just yet to go into details about sleep quality but laying on it for a few hours..I know for my self that I can sleep comfortably on it.Shipping was fast with prime, about 2 days. Packaging was smaller than expected which is a pro. Item was rolled up and sealed in 2 pieces of plastic. After cutting off the plastic, it inflated and went to it’s advertise high of 8″ in a couple of minutes. It fits perfectly on my couch bed which is a twin size. There’s a very mild production oder but seriously didn’t grow on a tree. It was compressed and shrink down to fit in the packaging box. The oder should go away after a day or two. I personally didn’t notice it until actually checking for it.Well that’s about it guys. There’s really no cons for me because I got what I paid for and still am impressed to have a quality memory foam mattress for less than $200. I used to sell mattress and bed sets a couple years ago and I pretty much sold my self on this one. I would highly recommend this for someone that wants something more firm than plush and doesn’t sink in much. Anyways enjoys guys and have a happy holidays. I Hope my feed back helps you.


    excelentepara mi padre que tiene problemas de salud

  10. elysedavene

    Perfect for CamperVan Conversion! A+Attention Van Life People!I was looking for a firm mattress that could be cut to fit in my Promaster van conversion, so it had to be made of a material that could be cut, like memory foam. The bed platform in the van is a little more narrow than a standard queen, but the same length so this mattress sounded perfect. I found this mattress on a vanlife blogger’s top mattresses list.After reading so many reviews of different mattresses that *might* work, I chose this one and took the leap of faith. I was bummed though because it said Prime 2 Day Shipping and it actually took 4 days after I checked out. Oh well!The mattress arrived rolled up in a plastic sausage casing in a long narrow box. After pulling it out of the box, a small note “Read Before Opening” was inside the plastic wrapping. It says to leave the mattress on a flat surface for 48 hours to allow for full expansion and that the actual size may differ than the dimensions listed due to the expansion. The mattress is vacuum sealed so when I opened it it was much like those little sponge pills you put in water and a few minutes later you get a spongy TRex I had in the 80s. I was concerned because some reviews said it never poofed up to a full 6 inches, but this one did! In about 30 minutes! (Perhaps the lack of humidity helped? I’m in Phoenix…)I didn’t experience any chemical odor, like some people reported. The mattress comes in a zipable cover. I unzipped it to check the foaminess of the mattress. The top 1-2 inches in a blue softer foam and the other 4-5 inches is firm white foam. The blue layer cradled my body and took away some pressure points at my hip and shoulders that I experience with firm mattresses. It felt like laying on a cloud! The firm layer below kept it’s shape and felt like my spine was in a neutral position. My bf and I slept on it for three nights and no complaints! We were worried about back pain or stiffness, but nope! Nothing but a good sleep.As for cutting it…. I saw someone on a vanlife blog who used this exact mattress and cut it with an electric knife easily. So that is our plan too.It was a gamble to buy a mattress online that I haven’t tested out, but this was an A+ purchase!

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