Monarch Specialties TV Stand with 1 Drawer, 60″W, White

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Product details

Mounting Type Freestanding
Movement Type Fixed
Brand Monarch Specialties
Material Melamine, MDF
TV Size 60 Inches
Color White
  • Hollow Board (Mdf) / Melamine
  • Unique Art-Deco inspired TV table accommodates all TV sizes equipped with a center pedestal stand
  • Convenient storage drawer on the right of the entertainment center to keep certain books, cables or accessories at bay
  • This TV stand features three levels of wide and spacious thick panel table tops to place any decorative items, TV boxes, gaming consoles or more
  • The full media stand features a durable composite finish in glossy white on all sides for a complete and rich look
  • Product Dimensions: 60″W x 16″D x 24″H | Drawer Dimensions: 15″W x 11″D x 9″H | Top-Mid Shelf: 6.5″, Mid-Bottom Shelf: 9.5″
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Enhance the look of your living space with the contemporary styling of this art deco inspired TV stand. Constructed with thick panels in a brilliant white finish, this stand features open concept shelving and a storage drawer ideal for media storage solutions. This stand will accommodate up to a 47″ flat panel TV.

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Monarch Specialties White with 1 Drawer TV Stand

Product Details

Enhance the look of your living space with the contemporary styling of this Art-Deco inspired TV stand. Constructed with thick panels in a brilliant white finish on all sides and two sturdy round metal legs; this stand features open concept shelving and one drawer ideal for media storage solutions. This console unit accommodates all TV sizes with a center stand and will be a stand out in your living room, family room, den, or basement space.

Features And Benefits

  • Art-Deco inspired TV Stand
  • One convenient storage drawer for media accessories
  • Thick panel construction
  • Accommodates all TV sizes with a center stand
  • Finished on all sides

Additional information

Weight 64 kg
Dimensions 60 × 16 × 24 cm
Product Dimensions

60 x 16 x 24 inches

Item Weight

64 Pounds



Item model number

I 2573

Fabric Type

Hollow Board Mdf Melamine Pvc

Material Composition

90 Wood

Assembly Required


Number of Pieces


Warranty Description

1 year limited on parts.

Batteries Required


Included Components

1 Drawer


Monarch Specialties

10 reviews for Monarch Specialties TV Stand with 1 Drawer, 60″W, White

  1. LovEvos

    Glue, determination and patience.. A very thorough and honest reviewSo first off, I would like to say that the product has not collapsed with my TV on it (yet) – but I would not be surprised if it did at some point. I don’t know if this is a comment towards my ability to use wood pegs and glue, while following fairly bare instructions; or if its a comment towards the product and the manufacturer having too much faith in someone who is inebriated while putting this together.Delivery/Shipping — the box was kind of crumpled/ripped in spots, but it came with enough styrofoam to float the Titanic, so it wasn’t damaged in any way.Installation/Assembly — ok, buckle up or get some popcorn because holy mother of everything good in this existence.. I debated at times just giving up and letting this monster defeat me, but thankfully my stubbornness did not let me give in. I could not let a TV stand claim victory over me, no matter how intricate the assembly may be. So when you get the box containing the instructions, just light them on fire. But don’t actually do that, because you will need them to arrange this puzzle.I bet you’re wondering why the “Glue” in the headline, along with the rest — well this is why.. First of all, I am a 30 year old man who is inebriated and just wants to hangout. But no, this company will send you the testament that is a puzzle. Should you choose to purchase this gloriously complicated TV stand, you will be impressed with a few things.1) Seriously, why the glue and the wooden pegs? You are giving me way too much credit to be able to Arts & Crafts this behemoth of a balancing act.2) The instructions… I just.. I don’t know how to say it other than, they suck. I am an engineer and even I sat there scratching my head at this documentation.3) The labeling of the boards and basically the boards themselves. The non-painted parts are just straight up wood, beware of splinters or slight cuts. There is no consistent method of labeling the boards, so you are just flipping around every piece of this 68 piece jigsaw puzzle, looking for parts 4, 11, and 23 – and they’re all so similar, that you forget which pieces are which. Although, that may have been the inebriation helping with that.4) The legs. Why are there only 2? I could see 3, like a tripod of sorts.. But 2? The first half of the instructions, I was flippin this thing around every which-way (like the instructions depict) and it kept becoming unbalanced and falling over. It could use a third leg, no pun intended.5) When you do get to the point of fixing the back-piece, tread carefully. This flimsy piece of tree armor had one of the screws/pegs go completely Kool-Aid man (Oh Yeah! *bursts through wall*) on the back piece itself. I mean, it faces the wall – so not too bad; but then it when I did the next one, Kool-Aid man knocked on that one too! (Not all the way though, ty Kool-Aid man).6) The labeling and instructions of the different screws is confusing. I guess they give you a print-out of a ruler and tell you the dimensions/kinds, but I’m no Bob the Builder; and by this point I was wayy too inebriated to remember that you put an image of a ruler in the page for me to measure the hardware. Ideally to make it more user friendly, I’d label at least the packaging that the hardware comes in – so I don’t go guessing, or remember there’s a picture of a ruler and go play measuring man.7) The drawer just pisses me off. I had to re-assemble the final piece of this monstrosity like 20 times because it wasn’t clear how to assort/combine said rubix cube of a TV stand.Overall, I’d give it like a 3.2/5. That’s very specific you might be thinking, and yes I think it is appropriate. The look is pretty neat and modern, so it’s got that going for it. Quality of the tree armor they sent me is pretty top-notch, minus the one panel the wood peg hulk smashed through the back of – poor guy. It’s a decent value, it looks pretty modern and elegant and if the bigger TV coming doesn’t make it go full-on Jenga, then I think I’ll be pleased.Pros: it looks like it’s modern.Cons: you will wish you did better in Arts & Crafts, or whatever kind of class they have you working with glue in. This assembly made me question my own capabilities, life, and intellect. Oh also, you’ll hate yourself because you bought too small of a TV and now need to buy a new TV.If I had to make this decision again – I’m not sure I would. If you have another person help you assemble it, fake a bathroom emergency, and let them get half way through it and come back — I think it would benefit you. But if you are doing this solo – may you have the luck of 10,000 leprechauns and the patience of the most calm buddhist monk. You will need it. I definitely don’t recommend assembling this inebriated. I don’t even know if that voids the product warranty, but that’ll be our little secret ;).If this review made you laugh, you owe the next person you see (that you don’t know) – $5. Pay it forward :).

  2. Dee Garrett

    Buy itI am redecorating my bedroom, so I wanted a modern tv stand to replace my old one. I read all the reviews on this, and purchased anyway for my own experience. It was very well packaged, no damage, came with all the pieces, as well as an instruction manual for installation, and a parts list. Make sure you have enough room to work, assemble, and take your time. The pieces are heavy and doing it alone can be a challenge. Use a drill. It will save you time. I had a hard time fitting the two left corner pieces together, so I sat on it and it popped right together so I can insert and tighten the cam screw locks. I didn’t have issues with the drawer closing shut or being in track, as I read in another review. It all fit perfectly. This was a beast but I am overall satisfied. My star rating reflects it’s not easy to assemble. It will take some time. Also, since I just assembled it, I am unsure of durability (i.e. moving during room rearrangement or an actual move relocation). Overall, I am pleased.

  3. Barb

    Great retro stereo standLooks good, very sturdy, very heavy.Drawer was a little tricky to put together or maybe it was us.(Darrell and Darell 🤭)Very happy

  4. John Daly

    Love this!Been looking for something to display my consoles. Couldn’t be happier with this new set up.

  5. Andrea

    Buena inversiónHermosa y súper práctica

  6. Autumn

    I wish I was a little bit taller!Had this been a few inches taller, it would be absolutely 💯 PREFECT. however, it only comes up, a little past my knees. Other than that…the design is so unique and creative. The sturdiness, thickness, & quality was way more than expected. It doesn’t scratch easily & the espresso color is sleek & beautiful. Instructions were fairly easily. And easier to put together with 2 people due to the heaviness. I blotted out names on “juice” bottles purposely so I wouldn’t violate any rules. Anyways, I love it! It brings such a nice, Authentic, boss-like style to my office.

  7. Jeremie G.

    Unique Stand with Excellent Customer ServiceSo looking for a more unique stand, I found this one. Shipped quickly enough, though when I received the box, it looked like it had been opened previously. After pulling everything out, I found that I was missing all the hardware to put it together. Bummer, but it happens.I contacted the seller via Amazon and got a response almost immediately. I told them the problem, gave them the part numbers I was missing, and they got it out ASAP, everything accounted for. The communication was great, they did exactly what they said they were going to do.Now that everything is put together, I will say the stand is unique. I was afraid it would be shaky with the limited support, but it’s surprisingly sturdy. One of the photos on the store page showed it having four legs- this is wrong, it only has two and relies on the backpiece to act as a long “third leg” which is fine.Cable management is an issue if you have a few things and don’t want to see the cords, as this stand has very little in the way of backing to hide cords. But, get yourself some zip ties and adhesive cable clips and you should be okay. I was able to put a Xbox series x, PS4, Switch, router and HDMI splitter on this stand and hid all the cables just fine. The vertical space in the stand is perfect for the xbox series x as it allows for about 6 inches of space between the top of the box for ventilation.

  8. Amanda G. Cash

    A nice piece, but hard to getOrdered Nov 29, Shipped December 3 with expected arrival of December 5. Never arrived. On December 11, I requested a replacement be shipped. Received a black desk instead of a white TV stand on December 14. Had to send the desk back via FedEx (no charge to me). Had to wait until FedEx picked up on December 17. Once the company confirmed that the desk had been picked up on December 17, they finally shipped the correct item which was received on December 20.The communication from the company regarding the mishaps was quick, I admit, and for that I give them high marks. And they did ultimately ship the correct product that I paid for. I suffered no additional charges, and, thankfully this was not a gift nor was it an item that I needed for any time-sensitive purpose.If one can ignore the frustrating shipping circumstances, I would say that overall, I like the look of the product, it is as advertised and is a very sturdy piece of furniture for the price paid.

  9. Jeremy Lantry

    Absolute Love it 🤩Only thing is the holes that were to screw the tracks into have the tracks sticking out to far so the drawer doesn’t close…….it’s an east fix and not that huge of a deal. Just an FYI………we love it in our living room ❤️

  10. The Alfonso Nation

    An absolutely AMAZING modern/contemporary piece! Looks even better in person!First of all, this delivered DAYS faster than projected. Literally 2 days and it arrived. I was shocked to see it show up so fast.2. The packaging is loaded with styrofoam panels to protect the wooden pieces so prepare to either remove the pieces outside, or prep for a cleanup after assembly. Very well packaged though.3. I had a power drill so the process was much easier. I recommend anyone use it. Package does NOT come with screwdrivers. But it has all of the screws needed for assembly. Standard Phillips (+) screwdriver/drill bit is all that’s needed.4. Overall assembly took about maybe an hour. But I did it alone. If you have help, it may go quicker. Instruction book doesn’t have written instructions. It’s pictures. The wooden pieces are numbered and you have to follow along the images. Not bad.5. The back vertical panel is really good for hiding the cables. I thought it would work from the pics, it REALLY works in person!6. In the end…WOW. Just an absolute aesthetically-pleasing modern & contemporary piece for any living space. I was initially drawn to this because of its unique and abstract design and am blown away and FULLY satisfied with this purchase.10/10

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