Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress – Classic 150 Coil – 2-Stage – Non-Toxic Baby and Toddler Natural Mattress

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Size 27.25×51.62×6 Inch (Pack of 1)
Item Firmness Description Extra Firm
Brand Naturepedic
Product Dimensions 51″L x 5″W x 4″Th
Construction Type Organic Cotton / Coil
Item Weight 20 Pounds
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in USA
  • ORGANIC MATTRESS: Our 100% GOTS certified mattresses pass all government flammability requirements while maintaining UL/GREENGUARD certifications for low chemical emissions
  • TWO-STAGE SUPPORT: This breathable crib mattress offers 2-stage firmness to provide a firmer side for infants and a medium-firm side for toddlers
  • NATURAL WATERPROOF COATING: The organic cotton fabric has a patented waterproof coating made from sugarcane; this makes the surface an easy clean with just soap and water
  • 150 COIL INNERSPRING: Our heavy-duty innerspring core has reinforced border rods for strong edge support and is great for infants and heavy toddlers; weighs 19 lbs
  • STANDARD SIZE CRIB: These natural crib mattresses measure approximately 27 1/4″ x 51 5/8″ x 6″ for a snug fit in most standard cribs and nursery furniture

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Product Description

Naturepedic Logo with Mom and Baby - A Safer Healthier Crib Mattress

GOTS Certified

Eliminate harmful chemicals by going organic!

Many crib mattresses are made with potentially harmful chemicals that can leach out into your baby’s crib or off-gas into the air they breathe. These mattresses often contain polyurethane foam, flame retardants, glues, and chemical water repellent treatments. Replacing these materials with certified organic and non-toxic ingredients is an excellent way to avoid unnecessary exposure to these chemicals. With Naturepedic, you not only get organic cotton fabric and filling, but the entire finished mattress is certified organic so you know you’re baby will be sleeping on the safest materials!

Mattress in crib in nursery

Zoomed in on waterproof seams

Crib mattress in crib

Innerspring unit

Firm Support + Snug Fit

Follows CPSC and pediatrician recommendations for firm support and a snug fit. Also features strong reinforced edges to prevent baby from getting stuck along the sides and to withstand jumping toddlers.

Easy-To-Clean with Waterproof Seams

Our heat-sealed waterproof seams prevent liquids from seeping in along the sides while keeping dust-mites and bed bugs out. Easily wipes clean all the way to the edge!

2-Stage Dual Firmness

Firmer side for infants and a medium-firm side for growing toddlers. Switching over is as easy as flipping the mattress.

Heavy-Duty 150 Coil Innerspring

Features a heavy-duty 150 coil innerspring with reinforced border rods for strong edge support. Works great for infants and heavy toddlers.

MADE-SAFE Certified - Made with safe ingredients


Organic Cotton Ball Plus Sugarcane

Organic cotton fabric with Waterproof Coating

Our unique technology

How does Naturepedic make its crib mattresses waterproof? We coat an organic cotton fabric with an eco-polymer made from non-GMO sugarcane. This results in an easy-to-clean surface material that is truly waterproof, extremely durable, and so safe it actually meets food contact standards. The best part is that it wipes clean with regular soap and water.

A Waterproof Surface So Pure, It Actually Meets Food-Contact Standards

Made from organic cotton and sugarcane!

A waterproof surface is the first step towards a healthy and hygienic sleep environment and is essential for preventing urine, spit-up and other messes from penetrating inside the mattress. Nearly all crib mattresses are waterproofed with either vinyl or water-repellent treatments, both of which have serious chemical concerns.

  • NO Water-Repellant Chemicals (e.g. PFOA, PFOS)
  • NO Flame Retardants of Any Kind
  • NO Glues or Adhesives

Handcrafted quality you can trust

About Naturepedic

Naturepedic is proud to offer the very best organic mattresses—made right here in the U.S.A. We use a combination of domestic and imported fabric and components when crafting our mattresses. Since our inception, we’ve been on a mission to eliminate toxic chemicals from mattresses and bedding. While there’s an inherent cost to choosing organic, it’s ultimately in our own best interest and well worth it. At Naturepedic, we go the extra mile and don’t cut corners. We buy our materials from trustworthy sources, build our products with care, and stand behind them 100%. Health, safety and the environment are our top priorities!

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 6 × 27.75 × 52 cm
Product Dimensions

6 x 27.75 x 52 inches

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Dishwasher safe


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Is portable


Item Weight

20 pounds





10 reviews for Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress – Classic 150 Coil – 2-Stage – Non-Toxic Baby and Toddler Natural Mattress

  1. K S

    No longer a skeptic.Before my daughter was born, I had no idea what I should be looking for in a crib mattress. I had initially registered for an organic mattress, but my family pressured me to get a different mattress because the one I had registered for had “bad reviews” on another website. I ended up with the Safety First brand mattress, which cost about 50 dollars and had many ratings of 5 stars on Amazon.When my daughter was born, she slept in an Arms Reach co-sleeper, where she remained until 4 months old. Once she was able to roll around, we decided to move her to the crib.Before becoming a mom, I never realized how terrified I would be about SIDS. Maybe it was postpartum depression or postpartum OCD, but whatever it was, it was interfering with my ability to care for my daughter. I would wake up in the middle of the night to check on her every 30-45 minutes, even though she was right next to me in her crib. When she would fall asleep, I would stare at her for hours. I was afraid to fall asleep and I was afraid to look the other way. When I wasn’t staring at her, I was reading studies about SIDS. I couldn’t sleep. It was horrible. I knew the old mattress had to go — my gut was telling me to do something. I bought one of those impermeable plastic shields to wrap the mattress in case the mattress off-gassing theory was true, but once I did that, my daughter refused to sleep on it altogether. I sat there asking myself whether these theories were just marketing ploys to get distressed first-time moms to buy expensive “anti SIDS” products.One night, I ordered this mattress. I was tired of being up all night with a baby who wouldn’t sleep on her mattress. With Prime shipping, it came in 2 days. It has two sides to it: infant and toddler. The toddler side is slightly softer, but not noticeably so. My daughter is 9 months old and still sleeps on the infant side, but at this point, when she wakes up for that 4 AM feed, she comes into bed with me. On day one with this mattress, she slept happily. We have had it for several months now. Maybe it’s the placebo effect… maybe it’s because my daughter is older now… but I haven’t worried a single night since switching to this mattress. I even feel comfortable letting my daughter nap in her crib while I’m in the other room, and that’s something I was afraid to do before.The mattress is extremely comfortable, but heavy. I’m glad it’s heavy, though, because it’s made of cotton and it should be heavy. It is seamless, so it has a sleek look. It is easy to clean and standard sheets fit on it very well. I’m not the kind of person who makes big purchases like this, but I’m really glad I got this mattress. My daughter likes it just as much as I do.

  2. J.A.W.

    Happy with decisionI had decision paralysis. I knew I wanted an organic mattress for baby and this brand is one of the best for that – but I spent hours researching/comparing online. I felt like as I read the reviewssomeone would say something to make me question my decision as to what to get.I read quite a few reviews over various sites where people said this was too heavy. It’s not. I have pretty major back problems and it’s fine. I kind of wish I got the one with more springs because I can see how the center of this one has potential for sagging as some have said. It is a nice tight fit for the babyletto Lolly crib – no dangerous gaps and is comfortable for my baby. He is a happy little guy on this mattress. If you’re like me and can’t decide – just get it – or for a little more money get the one with even more springs.

  3. Luxy

    Good experience – but read reviewSo I was ULTRA paranoid buying this. As a first time parent you are really nervous to make sure you pick the right bed. I would say my daughter never slept in her crib until about 4 months. Everyone kept commenting that it was too hard and I should think about buying another one…I was like “this is one of the most expensive beds on the market soooo why would I replace it??!!?!”After doing more research and talking to more people it is important for your baby to sleep on something that is firm compared to very soft. So this is your mattress where it has a infant/toddler side where it softens a little on the toddler side. My baby loves her bed now and sleeps almost through the night. (The important thing we NEVER did in the beginning was getting her on a schedule. After we did that, DRAMATIC difference)The only thing I wish I knew before buying it is, the outside of the bed is wrapped in a thick(ish) plastic (easy to clean in case baby wets bed). It looked like a soft material online but I was a little disappointed it was a plastic liner over the mattress.BUT it has great springs and you can tell it is a quality mattress. So overall I have had success but before she started ACTUALLY sleeping on it I was a big nervous I was going to have to replace it. I would say if you want a firm quality mattress this is for you!

  4. Bill

    Top quality mattress. Worth every cent.After doing all of the research we decided to go well above and beyond on the mattress for our baby in order to gain some peace of mind. At first I thought it was maybe a little ridiculous to buy an “organic” cotton mattress, but this is the world we live in now. It seems everything around is processed and chemical laden. Thankfully, I did have the means to purchase new bedding, but also provide bedding that would help minimize exposure to my child’s tiny body. My baby is 2 1/2 now and we transferred the mattress to her toddler bed. This mattress is tough and easily withstood any beating my daughter could hand out. There were lots of times she used the crib as a trampoline.We are expecting another child in a few months and we just received our second Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic 150 Seamless Dual Firmness Crib Mattress. When you unbox this mattress, everything exudes quality. The packaging is top notch and the mattress is sealed in thick, fitted, plastic cover. The weight and feel of the mattress let you know this is a high quality product. Absolutely no hint of a chemical smell. Made in the USA by a company and workers who care.This mattress is slightly over-sized. I do recommend you buy the Naturepedic brand fitted sheets to ensure the best fit and reduce your headaches. This mattress fit very snugly into both our older crib and newer toddler bed. I prefer the snug fit, but you may have to work at it a little to get it to seat fully onto the rails.Absolutely worth the price over top of other brands. I do not regret buying this for one second

  5. Bruce

    Fits Pottery Barn Larkin 4 in 1 Crib perfectly!This mattress is a perfect fit for the Pottery Barn Larkin 4 in 1 crib! It’s a snug fit, and that is a good thing. Initially, we thought the mattress was too big. But, place it in the crib by standing in front of the long side – the front of the crib. Slide it to the back at a 45 degree angle and just drop it in. Perfect. It’s also easy to change the sheet, but again, lift the mattress up on its side, or just pull it out to put the sheet on it. I don’t know if a mattress pad will affect the fit of the mattress, but I really don’t see a need for one. If we need one, we will opt for a flat, non fitted pad which won’t add bulk to the mattress sides. I had read a lot of contradictory information online about the Naturpedic products not fitting Pottery Barn cribs, but this mattress is perfect for the Larkin 4 in 1. I was completely sold on the quality and features of Naturpedic crib mattresses. Naturpedic quality, as well as their Customer Service, is well documented in numerous reviews on Amazon, as well as other sites. This mattress is wonderful, and it is perfectly flat. We haven’t used it yet, but I expect no issues. I will update my review once we have used it for a while.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Discrepency in sizingI ordered the mattress despite size concerns and occasional comments about dipping. I thought, I’ll take my chances. The mattress arrived… The description on Amazon says the mattress’ size is 27.75 x 52 x 6. The tag on the mattress that arrived states 27 1/2 x 51 7/8. The actual mattress measures 27 1/2 x 51 2/8 to 51 4/8 x 5. I was thinking the sizing discrepancy is a manufacturing process defect but Naturepedic don’t seem to think so. Of concern is the length (51 2/8 to 51 4/8). When I inquired with Naturepedic, the CS rep kept referring to what cribs might not work with this mattress and that unfortunately things are not standard when that’s not the issue. The actual mattress size does not measure up to the stated measurements on the tag, let alone the Amazon description. And having tried it in two cribs (yes, I have two cribs at the moment), it comes up short anywhere from .5 to 1 inch short. But, ok let’s the cribs are not standard. What about the actual measurement of the mattress!?I worry that if a few months old baby rolls, his limbs might get stuck in a wedge. After a few back and forths, the final response from the rep is: “This is not a defect. Crib mattresses are not used measuring with a tape measure. For mattresses that use organic materials we have a device that the mattress is inserted into. The sizing allows for the curves on the corners and sides, etc. I’m not sure which crib you have? Typically our mattress does not fit Pottery Barn, DaVinci or Ikea. It will not always drop down in an Appleseed. I recommend is the gap is wider than 2” (the two finger rule) that you return the mattress.” Really? We don’t measure mattresses with a tape measure? I’m left wondering what to do, as I don’t have much time before baby arrives and don’t know if I should take another stab at another Naturepedic mattress.

  7. Denise

    Love this purchaseI did a bunch of research on bedding for my daughter, and the more I did the more convinced I was that splurging on all-natural, organic bedding was well worth the cost. I’m a big fan of keeping my life as natural and organic as possible, but in this day and culture that can be a ton of work, not to mention confusing. My piece of advise? If you only have the time and money to go organic in a few areas, choose this one. Our babies spend hours a day (and night) in their beds. On traditional bedding this means they spend hours a day breathing harmful chemicals that are known carcinogens, hormone disruptors, neuro-toxins, and some doctors even believe may be linked to SIDS. This mattress is constructed of all natural, organic materials which means there are no pesticides involved in the growing process. The plastic they use is food grade quality and does not contain the chemicals possibly linked to SIDS. It also does not contain the harmful fire retardants that most mattresses do. Sure, it’s 3 times the price of a standard mattress I could pick up at any department store, but that extra money is well worth it to me and I can rest easy at night knowing my daughter isn’t being harmed in her sleep.

  8. homeschoolmom5

    … a night in his crib yet but I still love this mattressNot that my baby has spent a night in his crib yet but I still love this mattress. I’m concerned about chemicals and the effects they have so I feel good knowing his mattress won’t be causing him any of these issues. I love it so much that I bought the larger version for my 8 and 13 year old. They tell me it’s very comfortable and both sleep great on them so I’m hopeful that the baby likes his bed just as well. For now he’s still enjoying his sidecar sleeper next to mommy. It may seem like a chunk of change to spend on something you can find for 1/6th the price but health and safety are not something I like to skimp on. It fits nice and snug in our crib (that was used by my other 2 kids) and sheets fit it great. I love that is 2 stages so we will get at least 2 years use out of it before he’s ready to switch to a twin.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Nice bedWarning: it is extremely firm, so comfort is not a huge factor in this mattress. It also makes a lot of scratching noises when baby moves around on it. BUT it is the only fully organic crib mattress on the market, so in my opinion, that outweighs comfort. Adding a mattress pad gives it comfort. It truly is waterproof, baby has peed and pooped on it many times, and it cleans up nicely. I also love that it is manufactured in the USA, and the detail work that goes into making this product makes it one of good quality. Baby is 3 months old now. Because of the price and claimed quality, I am expecting this mattress to last for years to come. If it does, then it would be worth the price. Thank you, Naturepedic, for making a safe bed that I feel comfortable laying baby on to sleep.

  10. Jascher

    Worth every penny!This mattress is the best! I did a lot of research before choosing a mattress for my son and decided on the Naturepedic 150 primarily because of its low toxicity. I am sensitive to the smell of plastics (like vinyl) and aware of the dangers of off-gassing because of my profession, so I did not want my son to be sleeping on a chemical filled mattress and breathing these fumes. The organic cotton is great, but what sold me was the seamless polyethylene surface (safe and no smell!). I’ve been using it for about 6 months now with no issues. It is so easy to wipe clean that I don’t use a mattress cover. It is firm, flat, and high quality. Fits snugly in the babyletto Modo crib, which is what you want so there are no big gaps. I don’t find the mattress to be too heavy and changing the sheets is pretty easy with this crib. Highly recommend!

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