NILO Kids Activity Table Set with 2 Compatible with/Replacement for Detachable Double-Sided Baseplates/Boards/Mats Lego Duplo

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Product details

Product Dimensions 20″D x 32″W x 24″H
Color Blue Baseplate W/ Table Holes
Shape Rectangle
Brand NILO
Table design Console Table
Special Feature Scratch Resistant, Edge Banding, Flip Top, Stain Resistant, Water Resistant
  • Unlike other toddler tables for kids, our kid’s play table has over 27 years of craftsmanship, made with solid hardwood dado frame to support all level of play and activities for your master builder.
  • MULTI-ACTIVITY TABLE – can be used as train table for kids, arts and crafts, dollhouse, compatible building block table, puzzle table for toddlers, and more. It is big enough for multiple kids to play at once and low enough for easy access.
  • INCLUDES Nilo Small Activity Table w/Holes, 24″x32″x20″ and two (2) large (12inches x32inches) blue compatible Lego Duplo Detachable Double-Sided Baseplates – each building block mat measures 12inches x 32inches.
  • DIMENSIONS: 24”x32”x20” with large play surface 24W x 32L. Easy to clean double-sided melamine surface is great for train, cars, Play Doh clay, puzzle and building blocks.
  • Don’t forget to shop our complete line of NILO products, kids table accessories, storage, chairs, stools and storage bins, all made to fit under our tables.
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Product Description

  • Thick solid hardwood construction
  • Tall enough to allow your child to be comfortably seated while at play
  • The best in the industry, white, two sided easy to clean melamine table top. This makes your table a true, multi-use table, not just a permanent, hard to clean single use Lego table!
  • Our base plates are 2-Sided! They feature Lego on one side, Duplo on the other. They are total precision, perfection for the perfect “snap” fit.
  • Another great benefit for our design, having the base plates be removable is this: your child may start a project on the base plates, then later remove the base plates with projects in tact. Now do another activity on the table like puzzles, Play-Doh, arts and crafts, homework. Then later, place the base plates back on the table and continue to build the projects!
  • An additional benefit of our design is you may purchase an 24″ leg set to make this table taller…to grow along with your child!
  • You may purchase this table WITH HOLES in the framing for accessories as in N34. Or, you may purchase it WITHOUT HOLES in the framing as in N34N. Our top seller is WITH HOLES so you may take advantage of them with our Hammer ‘N Nails Set, Nails, Zoob, Fiddlestix and other things. See our Accessories to understand this benefit better….
  • Our design is timeless. It is simple. It is made like a quality piece of furniture.


Bag in the center: Table top is an permanent Lego top…cannot clean easily. Kids climb up onto the table and jump into the bag tearing it. Bag in the center limits that are for building legos. No melamine multi-use top for puzzles, Play-Doh, etc. Too low to the ground, does not allow seating.

Lego Dacta: Too expensive. Permanent Lego top, hard to clean. No melamine table top for multi-use.

Kidkraft: Too low to the ground, does not allow seating. Table top is lego…hard to clean. Particle board construction.

There are lots of other tables out there but if you study them and note these things we’ve pointed out here you probably will conclude that our Nilo table is the best thing going. Note, ALL OF OUR TABLES ARE LEGO/DUPLO tables since you can purchase the base plates separately to make them so. Its just that our N34 table we’ve always marketed with the base plates. We also offer the N34X which is without the base plates. You have to agree though, to be able to remove the base plates to clean them or to be able to do some other activity on the white melamine table top….what can possibly be better than that? Oh, and note that our base plates are MADE IN THE U.S.A., as well as the table top and packaging!

lego table duplo kids table storage arts crafts play table children toys trains table legotable

Keep Kids Active


Our design is timeless, clean, simple. We designed it so it appears like an piece of quality furniture…which it truly is! The Nilo logo is carved into the wood and painted! It isn’t stamped on, silk screened on, painted on or worse, just a sticker! Nope, I wanted that element to be as graceful as the rest of the table. It cost a bit more but I feel it is worth it. Don’t you?

lego table duplo kids table storage arts crafts play table children toys trains table legotable

Perfect Height


A few key points here. One, the raised borders are the perfect height, not too low, not too high. As such, they serve to keep manipulative on the table top and off the floor. Second, its the perfect height for wooden train use…the track is 1/2″ thick, our borders are 1 1/4″ high. This allows for 3/4″ of raised border with wooden track being placed on the table. Its therefore excellent to use as an WOODEN TRAIN TABLE. I’ve noticed many tables feature just 1/2″ or 1″ and others feature 2 1/2″ or more! None of these dimensions are ideal in my opinion. Thus, we feel our 1 1/4″ is the best out there. Its also ideal to use as an LEGO TABLE! Or, DUPLO TABLE, thanks to our wonderful baseplates or Block Mats as we call them.

lego table duplo kids table storage arts crafts play table children toys trains table legotable

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood, dado in frame which sandwiches the table top for added strength, solid “L” shaped legs and 1/4″ bolts, 6mm corner screws hold this baby together…for life! Best multi-use surface for a play table, namely, melamine. We chose to include a “two sided” top. If one side gets damaged you can disassemble one end of the table, slide out the top, flip it over and bingo, you have a new table top again!

lego table duplo kids table storage arts crafts play table children toys trains table legotable

Buy once, Buy Right, Buy Nilo

Our Nilo tables come with a 2-SIDED WHITE MELAMINE MULTI-USE table top! Meaning, white on two sides. Thus, if you ruin one side of the panel you can disassemble the table and flip it over for another usable, new side! There isn’t a better multi-use surface than melamine! If there was I would have been using it on our tables. The white top allows for super clean, super cool play with Play-Doh, Puzzles, Wooden Blocks, arts and crafts, you name it! Consider this very important aspect of a table!

lego table duplo kids table storage arts crafts play table children toys trains table legotable

Holes or No Holes?

With Holes in Framing: The original reason for the holes was to hammer in Nails and construct off of the table with a toy called Brio-Mec. Our N99s Slide Hammer ’N Nails allows you to Hit the Nails INTO the table and then Hit them OUT of the table thanks to our dual purpose Slide Hammer design. The holes also interact with our Nilo-Jax (Extreme trestle set great for wooden trains and other track sets), Rok-Jax (Rokenbok use) and our Nails also work with Zoob (a construction toy), Fiddlestix and other toy uses! So if you want to add value to your Nilo table you may want to consider our #1 selling N51 (large full size) table or our N34 (half size table).

Without Holes in Framing: Basically, a cleaner design, not having holes in the framing. Obviously, you lose the ability to do the other activities above. Either way….your purchasing the absolute best quality table for your child!

lego table duplo kids table storage arts crafts play table children toys trains table legotable

About NILO Toys

It’s a fun American success story to tell. I am happy to share with you my personal experience with this company so that it may encourage you to “go for it” . . . both by making your own dream come true and by going out and purchasing a Nilo brand table and/or product!

As many companies are . . . it all started out of my garage in 1992. My wife and I didn’t find a suitable multi-use table for our two children, 2 and 4 years of age. So the wife says, “why don’t you make us a table, honey?” I did. As per my wife’s instructions, I increased its size to fit the Lego/Duplo base plates. Then, holes around the border of the table were added to accommodate Brio-Mec, a fun construction toy at the time. Bingo, the Nilo table was born. Shortly after its arrival, our friends started flocking over to our house to see this “table” in action. They couldn’t believe it. . . our kids and theirs were playing quietly around this multi-functional table. They watched as the children played in total peace and how our house stayed in order. WOW!

Additional information

Weight 33.9 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 32 × 24 in

Blue Baseplate W Table Holes





Table design

Console Table

Special Feature

Scratch Resistant Edge Banding Flip Top Stain Resistant Water Resistant



Room Type

Kids Room Play Room Game Room Living Room

Top Material Type


Base Type


Frame Material


Item Weight

33.9 pounds

Product Dimensions

20D x 32W x 24H, 32 x 20 x 24 inches

Country of Origin




Date First Available

December 19 2019



10 reviews for NILO Kids Activity Table Set with 2 Compatible with/Replacement for Detachable Double-Sided Baseplates/Boards/Mats Lego Duplo

  1. Caleb

    Great tableGreat quality

  2. B.K.

    Great solid wood activity tableI have been looking for a good activity table for my children and this table was recommended by a close friend. Table is on pricer side but comes with great quality. It’s made of thick solid wood and perfectly sand down so it’s nice and smooth. Table is nice and big for all sort activities like train, Lego, blocks…Etc. I also love that it came with two sided Lego board since my kids enjoy Lego playing a lot at their age.

  3. Diablo Blanco

    A great play table!Sturdy and the right height for a two year old. It comes with instructions and hardware, it should take less than 40 minutes to assemble. Read and follow the instructions as they are written!Children love the idea of having a play surface they can stand at. Duplo and Lego sets attach perfectly on the provided mats.

  4. CHaner

    Just the right size.We needed a play table for our grandsons Duplo blocks but only had a small area to put it in. This table was just what we needed. It fits well in the space we had for it and was just the right height.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Assembly confusingAs a single grandmother , I thought the instructions were not clear enough . I had to get help to assemble the drawers . I have no experience in wooden construction .After it was complete the kids loved it

  6. James Guyton

    Took care of problemThis product was delivered without the screws hardware and instructions I have tried to contact the manufacturer with no responseManufacturer did call. Had some email handling glitch. Very helpful and sent missing hardware. Thanks

  7. Julie

    Sturdy and well made, attractiveThis was a gift for a friend’s playroom used by her grandchildren and great nieces and nephews. This table was a hit with the kids (who love their duplos) and it will probably last into the next generation. Also in a couple of years when they grow into regular legos the mats can just get reversed and the table is good to go.I added some accessories found on the Nilo site that aren’t carried by Amazon, but start with the table. You won’t go wrong.

  8. Ada :)

    WOW!I looked everywhere for a kids activity table that had a thicker edge to keep in toys and legos. This one is perfect! It is just tall enough for my son to be able to sit and play or to stand over and play.

  9. sharon owen

    Love the multipurpose usage all in oneThis table has so many uses and will be able to be used for year’s

  10. Patrick Quaid

    Too expensiveServes its function. Too expensive for what it is. Do not get if you have a climber. The legs are held on by just a couple bolts with weak jointery.

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