Office Star Breathable ProGrid Back with Leather and Mesh Seat Adjustable Black Managers Chair and Nylon Base

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Color Black
Brand Office Star
Product Dimensions 24.75″D x 26.75″W x 40.5″H
Style Contemporary
Special Feature Adjustable Height, Arm Rest, Ergonomic, Rolling, Cushion Availability
Material Engineered Wood, Foam, Alloy Steel, Aluminum, Polypropylene
  • Enjoy comfort and relaxation in this Dual Function Breathable Mesh Chair with one touch pressurized seating adjustments
  • Remarkably strong but lightweight mesh breathable back conforms to your bodies unique contours providing for optimal lumbar support
  • High quality foam seat affords for hours of cozy seating, minimizing fatigue and alleviating pressure on the spine; Designed to fit all shapes and sizes, the seat flexes and conforms to your body’s micro-movements distributing weight evenly
  • Three-way customizable arm pads that move forward, backward, and sideways
  • Overall size: 26.75″ W x 24.75″ D x 40.5″ H; Approved for commercial use – This chair meets or exceeds ANSI/BIFMA standards

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Enjoy comfort and relaxation in this Dual Function Breathable Mesh Chair. Perfect for individuals who spend extended periods of time at their desks, this durable chair is designed to support both your body and mind. While the remarkably strong but lightweight mesh breathable back conforms to your bodies unique contours providing for optimal lumbar support, the high quality foam seat affords for hours of cozy seating, minimizing fatigue and alleviating pressure on the spine. Designed to fit all shapes and sizes, the seat flexes and conforms to your body’s micro-movements distributing weight evenly while the one touch pressurized seating adjustments allow you to elevate to the perfect height. Black leather flanks both sides of the seat for a modern look that compliments any business office decor. With three-way customizable arm pads that move forward, backward, and sideways, your arms will always be comfortable whether you are typing or taking notes. Combine all this with the durable nylon base and dual wheel carpet casters for effortless mobility across tile and carpet floors alike, there is no doubt that this manager chair is an office favorite. Add to cart now for online savings on this durable office chair. Incorporated in 1987, Office Star Products has become a leader in commercial office and residential furniture. Office Star Products – Furniture for Your World.

From the manufacturer

The Pulsar Series Self Adjusting SpaceFlex Back Chair with Self Adjusting Mechanism by Office Star Products is intelligently outfitted with a firm yet flexible cut out style contoured back. Brilliantly constructed with a thickly padded 2-layer mesh seat and engineered with pressurized seat height adjustment, the easily adjustable seat wicks away moisture and allows for quick and simple seat positioning.

The Screen Back Armless Task Chair by Office Star Products features a modern two-tone design and built-in lumbar support. Our task chair is made of a breathable mesh material that allows air to circulate and keep you cool.

The Screen Back Task Chair by Office Star Products features a modern two-tone design and built-in lumbar support featuring silver accented flip arms. Our task chair is made of a breathable mesh material that allows air to circulate and keep you cool.

Office Star Products, established in1987, offers a wide array of commercial rated office seating, lounge furnishings and laminate casegoods that combat the rigors of commercial environments. Our office furnishings are ideal for both commercial workspaces as well as providing comfort, style and durability to your home office.

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Before you use any product for health care, we advise that you consult your physician or primary healthcare provider and seek the appropriate advice and supervision prior to use.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 24.75 × 26.75 × 40.5 cm



Office Star



Special Feature

Adjustable Height Arm Rest Ergonomic Rolling Cushion Availability


Engineered Wood Foam Alloy Steel Aluminum Polypropylene



Finish Type


Room Type

Office Game Recreation Room Classroom Library Study Room

Frame Material


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Back Style


Unit Count

1.0 Count


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Included Components

Chair Caster 5 Hardware Assembly Instructions



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Arm Style


Product Care Instructions

Spot Clean

Surface Recommendation


Seat Material Type


Furniture base movement


Item Weight

1 Pounds

Product Dimensions

24.75 x 26.75 x 40.5 inches, 24.75D x 26.75W x 40.5H

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Item model number


Assembled Height

40.5 inches

Assembled Width

24.75 inches

Assembled Length

26.75 inches


51 Pounds



Date First Available

January 25 2011


Office Star

10 reviews for Office Star Breathable ProGrid Back with Leather and Mesh Seat Adjustable Black Managers Chair and Nylon Base

  1. J. Williams

    A good chair for a great priceWhen I switched to working from home it quickly became clear that my old office chair (purchased from Office Depot) was not going to work and I started looking for a new chair and after a pretty lengthy search settled on the ProLine II ProGrid as the ideal chair and placed the order. Amazon Prime wins again by allowing me a $3 next day shipping!The chair arrives flat-packed and requires assembly. Two different Allen Keys are packaged allowing this to be done with only a Phillips #2 screwdriver being required for a final piece of plastic trim. The assembly can be done by one person and it took me less than 30 minutes.The chair features all of the adjustments you need to find that ‘just so’ position with seat height and pitch (forward/backward), seat back height and pitch (can be locked) and arm height adjustment with arm rests that can be pushed forward and back.With all these adjustments on offer getting the seat adjusted to a perfect position is a breeze.The arm rests are slightly padded meaning that elbows don’t get fatigued and there are no pressure sore issues from resting elbows and typing for extended periods of time.The seat area is quite large and should be able to accommodate a frame of 6 foot 3 easily. I weight 250 lbs (again! oh the humanity!!) and the seat cushion is comfortable for the regular 10+ hour days that I put in.The casters roll nicely even on a carpet, but I would highly recommend a carpet runner anyway because you will get a lot of tracks from the five wheels.So far no squeaks are apparent and all of the adjustments are nice and smooth. A bonus is that the chair does not smell of chemicals or oil or anything which is a real plus in a small home office.I’ve worked in various offices for over 20 years and had all manner of different office chairs and this one ranks right up there with the best chairs I’ve had.Update: January 23, 2013================The chair is performing well, however a couple of small niggles have appeared. While the chair still works perfectly well, the back rest trim has pulled away slightly from the rest of the chair. It would seem the screws are just slightly too short and they have pulled out of their holes. This has not impacted the comfort or structural rigidity of the back, and it does not look like it will fall off, but I thought it was worth reporting on.

  2. Space Hobbit

    A comfy chair with smelly plastic!So I’ve had this chair for about a month. I work from home, doing a 4 day on / 3 days off type of schedule, so I have to sit in this chair for at LEAST 10 hours a day on days that I work! That is a lot of sitting unfortunately. Even on my days off, I usually end up spending time at my desk, so this thing gets a LOT of usage.I’m satisfied with the comfort level of this chair. I used to have chair-induced back pain, due to a cheapy IKEA office chair I was using as a temporary measure. I do not experience back pain with this chair. Sure, my limbs and such get stiff and fatigued–but that’s kind of a given considering how long I have to sit each day.As a 5’5″ female at 125lbs, this chair DOES feel a little big for me. My S.O. is a big 6’2″ guy, and he “fills” the chair much better than I can. However, my feet do sit flat on the floor with no problem. I have somewhat longer legs though, so if you are more of a torso person around the same height, your mileage may vary.In terms of assembly, it was easy enough. The chair was well packaged and instructions were adequate. I was able to complete it solo as well.My biggest issue with this chair is that it still smells like plastic/chemicals. I did read about this in other reviews, but I decided to take a chance with it. It is my understanding that the smell is due to flame-retardant chemicals that are mandatory in CA (where the company is supposedly from). Unfortunately, while the smell has diminished significantly over the course of a month, it is still there and I can’t sit on the chair without laying down a towel so that my pants don’t smell like chemicals. :/Despite that, I’m satisfied enough; this chair is comfy even for 10-12 hours at time, doesn’t hurt my back, and was quite affordable. When it finally wears down and dies though… I doubt I’ll repeat my purchase. By the time this chair dies, I’ll have saved enough money up for an Aeron type chair and those are supposed to last a lifetime 🙂

  3. Mike Mathis

    Great chair for the price – good qualityI was looking for a office quality chair for my home office – it needed to meet the ergo standards for work, since I have to work from home for hours at a time. It is very comfortable and easy to adjust for my setup. The assemble does require some mechanical skills and reading between the lines – not the clearest directions or pictures, parts are not clearly marked – especially the Left and Right arm rests. Luckily the arm rests appear to be installed correctly, stull not sure – they feel right. After an hour of working assembling we had an office chair! As for sturdiness – the back rest wobbles to the left and right some – this is due to a single bolt used to attach to the main bracket.

  4. Amazon Customer

    The absolute best chair under $400UPDATE: Have had this chair for over 2 years now, sitting in it 10+ hours a day, sometimes sitting cross-legged, sometimes with a foot on it, and it still looks just like the day I bought it, and the cushion hasn’t deformed at all, and the back mesh is still intact.Pros: Incredibly well-built for the price, incredibly comfortable seat cushion (at any price!), back is very comfortable and mesh is right firmness (not too soft so you fold into it or hit the plastic behind, not too firm), tilt control is nice to keep legs from cramping, back “free motion” setting is nice in that it provides a bit of support but gives the chair an optional “free moving” feature, height adjustment is nice for different people, casters roll easily on carpet and are sturdy, adjustable arms (forward/back, in/out, up/down) are nice, arm-rests feel sturdy and don’t feel like plastic will disintegrate over time.Cons: Arm rests were squeaky and a bit too much movement, but I solved the squeaky-ness with some grease. No head-rest mount, but I bet you could bolt one on if you were determined. Seat-height pneumatic does not have a huge range (but it works to keep both a 5′ 3″ person with feet flat on the floor as well as a 6′ 2″ person with feet flat on the floor, so pretty good). Arm rests are “flat” across the top and so are not as comfy as “rounded” ones. The back rest in “free motion” setting doesn’t have *quite* as much resistance as I would like (but you can lock the back rest tilt angle at any angle you’d like).Conclusion: The absolute best chair under $400. Extremely well-built, more comfortable than chairs three times more expensive.

  5. Jeffrey Bell

    This is an EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE Office Chair!!! Buy this NOW!!!Click on my ‘Name’ above this review, and read the review that I wrote about the ‘Glider/Rocking Chair and Ottoman’. That will explain what I believe WE ARE ALL looking for in Modern Chair design…and what NO ONE is making!This is the only Office Chair worth buying. The seat TILTS FORWARD!!! This ALONE makes the Chair comfortable to sit in.Let me say that again: The seat TILTS FORWARD!!! This makes the Chair comfortable to sit in.If you put a small pillow under your bottom, it will be lifted so that there is nothing that is pushing against/pressing into the under side of your thighs. I wish that there was a Chair that I could purchase, that was half of the ‘Seat Depth’ design that all Chairs are plagued by. This Chair addresses that major and continuing design flaw, as well as doing an excellent job of remedying that.There is no other Chair being manufactured (that I’m aware of), that corrects the old design flaws that I outlined in my other review. This one, is AMAZING by current Chair building standards.You may also like the other Chair that I reviewed. I am very pleased with both of them. They will both ‘Tide me over’, until some company finally manufactures Chairs that we can all be comfortable sitting in for longer periods of time.As for this Chair: BUY IT! You won’t regret it!

  6. Kassi

    Best Purchase For A Hone Office!This hair was easy to assemble and comfy. I am not a skinny woman, and this chair has more cushion than I have ever had at a business office. The arms are a little short which is why I give it 4 stars, but its easy to get used to. The back has lumbar support. I had instant back pain relief once I got this put together and in my home office. Putting it together was a breeze and the instructions are clear, and everything was in the box. I highly recommend this chair if you work from home, or need a new chair at the office.

  7. DK

    Love my new chair – so farThe chair has all of the features I wanted. It does dip slightly forward if you don’t lock the tilt, but only slight and might be better for my spine – not sure. I did put the arms on backwards at first and had to switch sides after I completed the install and noticed it looked a little off. The directions were a bit confusing regarding the arms and they weren’t clearly marked as right or left (at least not that I could see). I was super worried that the chair was going to have a strong plastic smell based on one review, but I really don’t notice much of a smell and I’m pretty olfactory sensitive. Almost all of the reviews for all of the chairs I saw while shopping said something about the smell of the flame retardant that most of them have – but so far, I’m not really noticing it much. It’s slight. Tomorrow will be my first full day of work in the chair. I work from home. So… I hope it’s still great after sitting in it for 8 hours or more. I’ll let you know if my opinion changes.Follow up: After my first 8 hour day in the chair, it was very comfy. However… I am noticing the chemical / plastic smell more today. I don’t know if it’s my imagination or not – but I feel like my eyes and throat are burning a little and I have a weird taste in my mouth. Now I worry if this smell could be harmful to my health? Hmmm…

  8. SassySue77

    Instructions are incorrectBeware that the order of steps in the instructions is not correct. Do not put the cover over the seat back plate until AFTER you have installed and tightened the “Long Back Support Screw”.Also, you will need a Phillips screw driver. And it would help if the Allen Wrench were about 2″ longer so you don’t need to repeated remove it to tighten the screws in the Mechanism under the seat.The seat back does slide up and down with a “ratch” sound, but does not stay in place for long.

  9. vanschlick

    wowI may as well have been sitting on some cinder blocks the last few yearsthe pneumatic height adjuster had gone out in my old Hon chair and I decided it was time to upgradeupgrade indeed! this chair is amazingly comfortable and so ez to adjustthe chair was well packaged and assembly took about 15 minutes – other reviews talked about the limited documentation for this chair, but I didnt find it a problemanybody who has ever put together a model in their lifetime should have 0 issueseven comes with a couple of allen wrenches so you dont have to go digging through your tools to find the right sizesand as always with amazon prime shipping was fast – a day early in fact!Proswide cushy thick padded seat with adjustable angle – checkadjustable height and width plus forward and back armrests – checkadjustable back height and angle – checkeasy assembly – checkprice pointmy back and legs (not to mention my butt) feel better already!Consmy only beef with the chair is the arm rests slide forward and back just a bit to easily – they should have a way to lock in place – though I think a piece of cardboard wedged in will stop this minor annoyance

  10. Andrew Fast

    My first Amazon reviewI read the Amazon reviews before buying anything. Here some of you failed me, some of you were spot on.1) The person that said the chemical smell was too much to bare…I laughed…until I had to bare it myself and it gave me headaches. I sprayed some Glade on it and covered the seat with a towel. It solved the problem but good thing I don’t care what people think since I have been told more than once that there is a product called “Depends” that will allow me to forgo the towel on the chair…I say cool, rather than explain the chemical smell of the chair gives me headaches as if I were some hysteronic nancy girl.2) Yeah, I don’t like the big California sticker on the bottom that says the product can cause cancer…especially when I can smell the friggin chems that probably cause it.3) Yeah, someone mentioned that the friggin back doesn’t stay in place and slides down…that is the deal breaker for me…that is what has made me write this, my first review, after all these years of buying stuff off of Amazon.No, I am not going to return it because I don’t have the box, and it really isn’t worth my time or effort. I will give it to one of my kids and they can deal with it…..this chair sucks.Why was I nice enough to give it 2 stars…..I like that you can adjust the tilt of the chair…..OH I better take a star off for the safety issue…..the arm rest adjust just a bit too easy and you can pinch your finger…I mean you will pinch your finger at some point and it hurts just enough to get pissed for a couple of seconds…..If this chair was priced around $50 like the one I bought at Walmart I might rate them equally. But $180! for this piece of crap….I hope I saved one of you, the person like me that reads reviews and runs away when two or more people say the exact same thing….pay it forward I guess so I guess this made the purchase worth something.

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