Olee Sleep 18Inch Dura Metal Steel Slate Bed Frame – S3500 Queen 18BF10Q

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Product details

Size Queen
Material Metal
Product Dimensions 81.5″L x 61.5″W x 18″H
Style Casual
Color Black
Included Components Steel
  • Steel
  • Sturdy steel slats can support heavier deluxe mattress, no worries from the slats breaking down
  • Round edge prevents you from bumping into the corners, additional safety feature for you and your family
  • Independent use only. Item not compatible with box spring
  • The frame is packed and delivered in a box, straight to your front door

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Just forget the weak wood slat bed frames and the squeaking. The Olee sleep 18 inch s-3500 steel slat frame is the answer to all bed frames. The new legs assures you and your family member bumping in the edges. We care for your comfort, and your safety. 18 Inch high profile allows you to make full use for under bed storage, and forget the box springs. It is just the right height for everyone easy assembly, yet strong bed frame can give your bedroom upgrade. All you need is to order and wait for the frame to arrive. All packed in a box, just waiting for you.

From the manufacturer

bed frame

black bed frame

steel bed frame

metal frame

olee sleep bed frame

Additional information

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 81.5 × 61.5 × 18 cm








Included Components



Olee Sleep

Furniture Finish

Alloy Steel

Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

81.5 x 61.5 x 18 inches, 81.5L x 61.5W x 18H

Item Weight

52 Pounds



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Batteries Required



Grantec CO.LTD, Olee Sleep

10 reviews for Olee Sleep 18Inch Dura Metal Steel Slate Bed Frame – S3500 Queen 18BF10Q

  1. Susi

    Great Bedframe!Okay, so I did just get this and havent slept on it, but it has already exceeded my expectations. I only saw one review, so I wanted to submit my own to help out other shoppers.- I got the queen sized 18″ version. I measured 17.5 inches with a digital measuring tape, floor to top of the rim. There is just about 15 inches clearance underneath.- The metal slats are 7 inches apart. There is about a 2 inch lip/dip from the top of the frame to the top of the slats, so if you decided to get some plywood or something for a platform bed, you could do that. Im not sure yet, if I will get some wood or not. You cannot really add additional slats, just the way it’s made.- The black is more of a soft black than a jet black. I am actually really happy about this. It goes much better and looks more high end than I was expecting. I was really unsure about ordering a black bed, but thought if I hate it…I can spray paint it a softer tone… but, so far I think it looks okay with my more earth toned other furniture.- This bed took about 20 minutes to assemble. I am not someone who is great at assembling things always, but this was easy! 13 screws total. They reccomend a drill. I used the allan wrench that came with it. I did have to go around the bed a couple times and tighten the screws… I will check it again in a day or so and tighten it up again. All the screws were there including extras. Instructions came with, but were mostly useless…Parts were labeled in the diagram, but no parts were actually labeled on the product, so this would be my one critique. However, like I said… it was very easy to assemble without labeled parts.- the slats just slide into place, so no additional screws are needed for them. Super easy!- there is a center bar and a short pole in the middle of the bed that touches the floor for added stability. The pole is thinner than the 4 posts on the edges of the bed, but just know that its there. You cannot say put another mattress under the bed.- I dont yet know whether or how much the lip will prevent the mattress from moving around. I have a memory form matress, so its a little heavier than some cheap coil mattresses. But, I cant comment on how secure the mattress will be.- you can attach a headboard as my photo indicates.- Quick delivery.- So far so good, will update if anything changes!

  2. MrFixIt

    Read this review if concerned over bad reviews, studiness or squeaks. Issues have been solved.I have 3 of these. Oldest frame is 2 years old. Everyone using them is 200lbs on up, especially if occupied by a couple. Nothing has bent, come loose, cracked or become noisy. The under bed clearance for large bins is very handy and why I bought.To address the bad reviews Re: bolts coming loose and squeaks, do this:1) Spray/clean hardware with something like brake parts cleaner. Hardware is packaged in a blister pack, but the nuts and bolts all have a very thin film of an anti rust lube on them. It needs to be removed.2) Use a thread locker on the bolt threads. (I used loctite blue).3) The most common complaints and bad reviews are about squeaks. They come from where the side rails plug into the end supports. At each corner, 2 bolts secure the parts. However, over time, a little movement (if not tightened down properly) can cause the paint to rub off where contact is made between the parts, resulting in squeaks. I was already aware of this, so I simply applied one layer of duct tape (see photos) over the very ends of the side rails. Don’t use more than one layer or it will be too thick to allow the parts to go together.4) If, based on #3 above you think it is necessary to also tape the ends of the cross members, it is not.5) If the blister pack parts were labeled, I could have assembled a little faster, but figured it out. You will have parts left over – exactly one extra bolt and nut of each size is included, but they don’t point that out.6) Don’t over-tighten. You will pull the internally welded nuts loose from within the frame rails. Snug bolts down, then 1/4 turn more worked for me.

  3. cattankerous

    Looks greatvery solid and can store much beneath it

  4. Caitlin Murray

    Very easy to assemble!I was able to build the bedframe entirely by myself, and I’m very short and very bad at building furniture. The frame does not move or squeak at all. Overall pretty pleased!

  5. Zach

    Sturdy and sleek!This frame is perfect for my wife and I. I’m 155 lbs and she’s somewhere south of that and north of 100 lbs (of course I’m not going to tell my wife’s weight!) I saw the review about putting duct tape around the parts that fit together to prevent squeaks so I did that as a precaution and I haven’t heard a thing from the frame!

  6. Jen Teal

    Slide to the leftStorage capacity is amazing, squeaks acting bit but I am a big person so I expected it. My only complaint is my mattress is way too small for the frame. My mattress slides all the time. I have to have someone stand on the opposite side to hold it in place so it won’t slide. It took about a hour to assemble. I didn’t personally do it. My strong brothers did the work.

  7. Rose Cameron

    No complaints at all, very pleased with this bed frameWe’ve been using this bed frame for several months now. Started out with a standard mattress now using one of the compressed mattresses. Had no problems with assembly, each of us is over 200 lbs and there have been no issues with bending, or cracking.

  8. Lady Fate

    GoodVery durable, not squicky. Wish it had round corners. Easy assembly and mattresses does not slide.

  9. Yolanda

    Great productEasy to assemble, very sturdy and so much space underneath that you can use for extra storage. It sits high if you have a regular mattress.

  10. Don R

    Sturdy & well designedVery sturdy product. It went together easily and looks good. No middle legs to stub your toe on. I wish the legs were more recessed but that is my only complaint! Great room for storage underneath.

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