Olee Sleep Smart Wood Platform Bed Frame, Queen, Light Brown

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Product details

Size Queen
Material Wood
Product Dimensions 82.38″L x 62.38″W x 14.25″H
Color Light Brown
Brand Olee Sleep
Maximum Weight Recommendation 700 Pounds
  • Unique Sturdy design – the frame encloses the mattress to prevent slipping with ample under-bed space
  • Easy and seamless assembly – all the required hardware and tools are included/ headboard compatible
  • Assembled dimensions: 62. 38 x 82. 38 x 14. 25 inches
  • Available Dimensions for mattress and box Spring: 59. 5 x 79. 5 inches
  • Fast Furniture delivery/ 5 year limited manufacturer warranty
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100% solid wood frame and wood slats provides strong support for mattress. No wobbling or squeaking, realizing soothing night SLEEP. Chic style suits for any home décor.

From the manufacturer

wood bed frame

bed frame


queen bed frame

olee bed frame

Additional information

Weight 700 kg
Dimensions 82.38 × 62.38 × 14.25 cm





Light Brown


Olee Sleep

Assembly Required


Item Weight

54 pounds, 54.01 Pounds

Product Dimensions

62.38 x 82.38 x 14.25 inches, 82.38L x 62.38W x 14.25H

Country of Origin


Item model number


Assembled Height

14.25 inches

Assembled Width

62.38 inches

Assembled Length

82.38 inches



Date First Available

July 24 2018


Olee Sleep

10 reviews for Olee Sleep Smart Wood Platform Bed Frame, Queen, Light Brown

  1. Darren D.

    Worth The Money Good FrameI have only had this frame for about 2 weeks now. I am using a Molblly Queen size 10 inch matress. I used the matress immediately with a medal platform frame I had for my old memory foam mattress I was replacing. I was stuck using it until this wood frame showed up. Huge difference once I assembled this wood platform frame. The slight morning soreness from sleeping on a worn out matress and crappy medal frame disappeared. Wood is way friggin better then madal. This wood matress frame that was made in Indonesia with Legal Wood like it states on the box, Is solid wood. It does take a few hours to put together. Be sure not to over tighten and use the Allen wrench. It suggests a electric drill. I wouldn’t use an electric drill at all. It’s mostly pictograms so be careful. But overall great quality. The only reason I gave it a 4 star is because the legs come out from the fram a bit and it’s easy to trip on at first when walking by. I’m getting use to the legs being out a bit from the matress. When you put it together a couple wood parts may seem a tad off from the other dont worry. Most natural wood products are like this once slept on it settles and is fine and very sturdy from then on. I haven’t had this item very long so I have to see how it fairs in the long term. But as of now it’s a pretty dang good wood frame and fits the molblly matress perfectly. I analyzed this and scrutinized my purchase for literally 2 weeks solid because that’s how I am. I’m one of those people that wants the very best for every penny I spend. So far so good 4 stars. Good solid wood frame. And very supportive. Helped my back and body so much with the molblly 10 in matress. Very nice looking to.

  2. TheRealGarThor

    Looks great, but its a little difficult to assemble with just one person.This bedframe looks great, and feels pretty sturdy so far. We’ll see how it holds up to my kids inevitably jumping on it over the next few months/years/days/howeverlongitlasts… =pFeels way more comfy in my preliminary tests than just having the mattress on the floor (which is what we had been doing before this arrived).Maybe a couple things to note though:o The box the bedframe came in is inordinately small. My first thought at first was there is no possible way you could fit a queen sized bed in this box. Do not worry! They did in fact flat pack the hell out of the bedframe, and its (probably) all there. Even though the length of the box is half the width of a normal queen… XDo The instructions were a little confusing/contradictory, on the first page before you open them it says to leave everything loosey goosey until you have it mostly together, and then on the very next page before you start it says to cramp down on all the bolts with all of the ugga-duggas (even saying you might want to use a drill or something). It then doesn’t say when you should leave things loose, or even when you should tighten them up… only gives vague warnings that beams could explode if you don’t do it right. I ended up leaving everything loose until the last minute, and tightened them up with my impact drill… I expect most people won’t have one of those, and probably the included Allen key would have been fine, albeit slow… >_>o The cross-members were by far the most difficult part of putting the bed together. These are the beams marked C, D, and I in the instructions, and they go together in steps 6 and 7. Unless you have some weird jig on hand, or maybe four extra arms, you will probably need two or maybe even three people to hold C & D up, while you screw them into I, and then again when you screw C & D to the sides of the frame (a/a1 and b/b1). I had thing2 all the way through step 6, but then she abandoned me claiming she needed a break from building about 3/4’s the way through that step, and then thing1 came to try and help me through step 7, but also got distracted and ran off… Somehow I made it work, but without thing #2 on step 6, I’m not really sure how I would have made this work!I’d include a picture, but the room is messy, and I need to eat some lunch before doing anything else today… =DEdit: After a year and a half of use, it has held up pretty well. The one complaint we have that drops it to 2 stars instead of 4, is the thing slides all over the hardwood floor, and we like to do some light reading before we actually go to sleep. This means that the bed and frame slowly slip out from underneath us as we lean against the wall. If we had to do it again, I would have purchased the model with the headboard, but apparently the model with the headboard’s headboard is incompatible with this model, so I can’t just buy a headboard that fits.

  3. mallory

    Solid bedI got this bed frame in Feb 2020. I share my bed with my 8yr old daughter bc it’s where she sits in front of the tv to play her switch. She jumps on it and flips and dances standing up. This bed frame hasn’t moved in any way and no slats have cracked or gave way. I also assembled this frame by myself and it was easy, just kinda tedious. We’ve banged our knees, shins, and toes on the frame corners and it’s absolutely solid. It’s a good frame. It’s already lasted me a couple years and it seems brand new.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Well made and mostly well designedVery much like this bed frame/platform. The wood is hardwood, and looks nice and is well milled. All parts fit together very well.My ONLY issue is that the screws do not sit flush on the outside of the bed. The attachment method is fine and sturdy, but i think it should be designed to recess the screws for a sleeker look. The pictures didnt show that well. Otherwise its a GREAT platform.

  5. Amanda Noren

    SturdyNot too hard to assemble if you follow the directions. We are two larger people and the platform has no problem. Not a creak or groan to be heard from the frame.The square corners stick out a bit from the rounded mattress corners. So if comforter hides corner…..the shin gets it! But overall, quite pleased an worth the money.

  6. Bravo Whiskey

    Good for the priceThe sizing is a little off, it’s slightly bigger than a queen. This is probably useful with a square-cut foam mattress, but it does leave an odd gap with a regular spring mattress.A couple of the boards were slightly warped, but it worked out fine. I put them where they aren’t seen, but tightening all the hardware very snug took most of it out anyway.Overall very good, and not badly retail priced. Catch it on sale or at warehouse deals and it’s a steal.

  7. NCruz3

    Great bed frameI really liked this bed frame EVEN though I accidentally screwed into the wood and there were CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS not to. I felt ridiculous because su can’t even fault them for it. They put a warning sign on there to be careful with the sides!When you are putting together the sides of the frame please don’t force it because that’s what happened to me. Check our the caution notice they added about the sides of the bed. if I had looked at that beforehand I would’ve saved myself from screwing it into the other side! Boo!Overall a great bed frame though. No complaints so far and we bought it months ago.Updated review: I gave it one less star because the bedframe moves around. But overall we’ve had this bed frame for months now and it’s been great.

  8. Chupacabra AbaCadraba

    be careful when assembling1.) need a better tool to put together, like a mini ratchet quick tool. not everyone has a driver with the right head.2.) the middle pieces that have the metal braces on the end were all bent. i had to pull them into useable shape to put together the middle frame.3.) BE CAREFUL WHEN ASSEMBLING AT FIRST! you need to use the right size bolt with the mini washer first and the big washer second on all the bolts. If not, you will drive thru to far into the wood and ruin your frame!Overall, I am glad I purchased this frame. It is attractive, the right height, and heavy duty. But I just wish I was better prepared because it took me a long time to put together. The small washer with a big washer on each bolt is a new one for me. but it works.

  9. Rooster7

    Building may require clamps or extra hands if not skilledGreat product. Building got tough when I had to connect the center post to the intersection. Having an extra set of hands would have been a blessing. If you’ve never put anything together with similar complexity or without clamps I’d advise not trying to do this step solo as it would be easy to strip your screws. Other that that very easy to put together and it felt very sturdy.Update: After a few months I’m becoming concerned. I’ve had to tighten the screws 2-3 times now as the frame has become wobbly. Some screws have managed to unscrew themselves or fall out completely. Starting to worry I’ll be forking over the big bucks for a replacement.

  10. ECJ

    GreatAssembled alone in about an hour and a half. It wasn’t super difficult but I would definitely recommend having someone to help. I used some threadlocker, because others said the screws backed out easily, and we haven’t had a problem yet. We also had some plywood cut to fit over the slats because they did feel a tad flimsy. My husband is around 300 lbs and I’m 180lbs and it’s definitely sturdy now. Doesn’t squeak or make any noise. For the price, even with the cost of the plywood, we are very happy with this purchase.

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